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  1. Here's my opinion of what Peyton & Manning have in common: They both play the QB position. They both were drafted first overall. They both were drafted by the Colts. That's it.
  2. The Eagles are 1 year removed from being Super Bowl Champs and won playoff game last year with their backup QB. The Colts are 1 year removed from earning the 3rd overall pick in the Draft. I have no problem the Eagles are higher on the list.
  3. I think at least part of reason is we moved up in class. The Chiefs are much better than what colts been playing prior. Playing on the road and in the elements didn't help either. I think more Disturbing was why Luck played so bad? We can only go as far as he will take us.
  4. Unitas, Jones, and Peyton are awfully tough to beat!!!
  5. We'll be keeping 5 or 6 WR's. And why are you concerned about the cap hit if Funchess is cut, especially since we like a gazillion $ under?
  6. ....and don't forget the Steelers.
  7. Maybe Luck didn't make Curt Warner's Top 5 list but breaks the Top 10 on this list: https://coltswire.usatoday.com/2019/06/09/indianapolis-colts-andrew-luck-nfl-qb-rankings-2019/amp/#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From %1%24s
  8. Rathman & Rusty are 2 unsung heroes on this staff. Glad we have them both.
  9. I personally have to Disagree with that. Lol
  10. 50 yards I thought was a obvious figure of speech & exaggeration. Lol
  11. I'm not the greatest X's & O's guy, especially on Defense But how do you target a DB that usually plays like 50 yards deep? And when the corners usually give a large cushion themselves. The underneath passes are where most of the offenses attack.
  12. Perhaps the holdup in negotiations is that Okereke doesn't take 'no' for an answer.
  13. Chad Kelly will probably not make it higher than practice squad. If he does make it to the active roster he will probably be paid vet minimum. And even that will be pro rated. Suh got like $9 million from the Bucs. See the difference?
  14. I was talking about the mocks & threads here on the board by Colt fans who know the roster. But whatever, the Colts are a cost conscious team and are not usually going to throw $$ around unless they really feel they need to. I'm not saying thats a good thing, and I'm not saying it's a bad thing. It's just the way it usually is.
  15. It's good we're pretty stacked on the DL. But knowing that why were their so many mocks and threads before the draft of us using our #1 pick on DT?
  16. I agree with you. But It's hard to buy things in this world if your not willing to pay market value. Unless of course you shop in the 'Bargain Bin'. And usually 4 time pro bowlers don't wind up there.
  17. I agree with you but I'm guessing it was more about the cost. I think you hit the nail on the head a few weeks ago when you commented about Irsay's finances.
  18. I would love a Sirianni interview.
  19. Ballard compared to Polian so far is like Night and Day.
  20. God willing, I'd like to make a appearance in Tampa(250 miles from me) on Dec. 8 That would be a fun trip.
  21. I wonder how some of the '17 Draft class feels not being on the list?
  22. I agree, I think the WR group will be better. Hard to be worse than last years group wirhout TY. But we don't know how much better. There are some questions and inexperience at the position.
  23. Like I said this WR group has some questions and inexperience. And the Humpty Dumpty's didn't do so great vs KC.
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