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  1. Like you say the Defense has issues with balanced offenses. It certainly capable of playing well at times, but considering all the resources Ballard put in it it would be a crying shame to be a bad unit. A problem is the scheme. Why put so much resources in Defense and then often play a soft, un-aggresive style? Totally opposite of what Polian did. Ballard has it totally backwards, most of resources in a soft Scheme D and stingy on Offense in a High Scoring passing league.
  2. As you see it was a very good day for my parlay. My 2 team parlay is not official but the packers are rolling over the bears at the moment. The Titan/ Colt game was the other game in the 2 team parlay. I felt the Titans were a strong play today, not just because of covid. If you played you would have had 85% of days bankroll on it, about 3 to 1 odds. The 7 team Parlay is of course very difficult, which is why it's only a 15% bankroll play, but odds are about 80 to 1. It lost when Brady logically lost but I thought the Football Gods would smile on him. I guess they have him
  3. Already predictions? Can we at least hear what Dakich, JMV,coach Venturi say first? Seriously, I like listening to Venturi. Does anyone know which days he comes on Dakich or JMV???
  4. I think we'll split against Houston and beat Jax. We'll need to win vs Vegas OR Pitt to get to 10-6. I don't know if 10-6 will get us in?
  5. Ah.... my first Dog was a racing greyhound named Golden Years(David Bowie song), raised him at 8 weeks and my second and last dog was Rocky, a beautiful English Setter I took from my father. Both were great and loved them dearly!
  6. What you say is totally understandable, a case can be made he's currently one of the better GM's. But it's the ones that say he's Best by far and the greatest of all time etc... that comes off as total fantasy to put it nicely.
  7. I didn't post Turkey Day picks so I will only post Parlays: 2 Team Parlay: 85% of Days Bankroll Titans 24. Colts 20 Bears 17. Packers 23 7 Team Parlay: 15% of Days Bankroll Titans 24 Colts 20 Bears 17. Packers 23 Dolphins 33. Jets 17 √óRavens 26. Steelers 23 √óBrady 38. KC 20 ***Saints 24. Broncos 3 ***Seahawks 29. Eagles 16 *** denotes total mismat
  8. Yeah I'm picking against colts too after backing them previous 2 weeks.
  9. That's good. There's a pretty good chance Hooker or Mack won't be resigned so Grover may be the only '17 draftee on roster for '21. Congrats to Grover.
  10. I understand there's a lot of homerism here and seeing things through rose colored glasses and ignoring things that aren't great and making excuses about inheriting Griggs roster & Pagano, and blaming '17 draft class on not having his scouts AND Luck retiring. There's probably similar bias on every teams forums. And that's fine, Fans is short of Fanatics. And that's what we are. Here's the thing tho, are we good? .. Yes. We're tied for 1st place(record). So why does our 7-3 record make Ballard the King of GM's of all time like so many say around here? We're 1 of 8 di
  11. Let's wait for Ballard to get to a .500 overall record and maybe make a playoff run before we crown him king of all time. Lol. The key to Ballard's/colts success is how our QB situation will be rectified in 2021 or 2022 depending if Rivers returns. The AFC is full of good young QB's and the Jets & division rival Jags are poised to add Elite talent to the position. Trying to compete with them for Championships with a average/below average QB will be uphill struggle.
  12. Decision probably came from above Polian. The league seems to frown on Shula's perfect season being matched. Though it seemed fine if the Pat's went perfect, but senator Specter voiced his displeasure of the Pat's cheating and then Foles played lights out.
  13. tonight at 1am eastern on NFL Network. I don't want to spoil outcome to those that missed game, just dont freak out if we go down by 2 scores.
  14. I'm sticking with Steelers at Brady. I do think KC is better but it's Steelers turn.
  15. Yeah, a season ending injury sucks. Especially for #1 overall franchise rookie..... But he's NOT DEAD! He'll probably be back 100% next season or close to it. I'm sure Bengal fans are glad they had the pick and used it on him AND Jet fans will be happy tanking for Lawrence(assuming he comes out) even if he misses part of a season to injury. What would suck for bengal fans and organization is if Burrow all of a sudden took the money and ran and abruptly retired with no warning.
  16. If he did win a super bowl he probably would want to come back for a chance to defend the title lol. Bottom line is as long as he's physically able to play why walk away from a NFL paycheck. Doubt he earns as much after retirement. I can't blame him. I wish him well, his longevity is awesome.
  17. It's hard to say. I would guess if there was a conspiracy the officials would want Packers to lose because it would help their boy Brady's seeding if they were to catch saints? The replays showed that the colts were indeed holding, but then again the saying is the refs can call holding on every play if they want to. And at the end they indeed did that.
  18. Maybe that 50 yarder that was short was a brady ball(under inflated).
  19. If Luck had hurt his toe he would have gone to a unknown place in Europe and had a secret doctor treat it.
  20. That 1 minutes in game clock took like 15 minutes in actual time.
  21. Hines is a Star in the making! He runs the best routes and utilities his great acceleration & agility. Nice TD by Doyle.
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