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  1. You rather watch teams like the Marlins who go out of the way to cut payroll and give their fans(if they have any) a inferior product year after year to root for? I get it, it's often unappealing to see the marquee players constantly going to the top teams, and I admit the Dodgers are a bit ridiculous A pitcher had some domestic trouble or something and they replaced him with Matt Schetlrzer lol.... but it's also bad to see the bottom dwellers continually getting rid of what few good players they have to save money and have no linterest in competing. I'm not really a Dodgers fan(but am luke warmingly rooting for them lately)i'm a lifelong yankee fan and like 90% of yankee fans are tired of Hal and his self imposed salary cap to fatten his bank account and tearing down the YANKEE BRAND.
  2. Ok, that's 7- 32-18..... I need 3 more for Lotto.
  3. I get a blue or white T Shirt and draw a 7 on it(white or blue) for Bert Jones. I use a pastel oil stik and then spray it with hair spray to seal it. I only use what's handy. That's about all pastel oil stiks are good for because I tried but don't like using them for art. They resemble crayons the way I use them.
  4. Well, he goes missing every year in the first week or two of Free Agency. It's rumored thats when irsay sends him to some remote locale on a paid vacation.
  5. I agree. Something behind the scenes?
  6. ....but his interviews after practice were so good lol. But seriously it's not a surprise, colts didn't seem to think he could do the job. I was pulling for him because I like a QB with big arm strength. Maybe he can learn and come back....hope so, atleast somewhere.
  7. Balance is nice especially cause one helps the other..... But this is a passing league and a good passing team is preferable over a good running team.
  8. 11-3 and more importantly both my plays won including a 3 team parlay! Very good $ week for me.
  9. I picked Titans in prediction thread even though I knew Buffalo is superior....and they sure looked it. Credit to Titans for just staying close let alone winning. Titans secondary reminded me of the way ours plays most of the time lol. Henry is a Force, the most physically Dominant player in league. And he affected the outcome despite not being used properly and/or as much as I thought they should imo. I'd give the handoff from the QB behind center every play...1st down, 2nd down, 3rd down and 4th The Titans will lose their share of games down the road....question is will they lose enough of them for colts to catch up to them?
  10. The description of "Bust" from a article online.I highlighted a couple sentences: ■"First, let’s define the word “bust.” Over the last few years I have always defined a bust as a player who does not play up to the level expected from where he was drafted. In saying that, it can be a lot easier for a player drafted in the top 5 to be a bust than it is for a player taken in the bottom 5 of the first round. Much more is expected of a top 5 player since he is supposedly one of the elite players in his class. Busts aren’t just players who fail that were first-round picks but also players who were former second- and third-round picks. After the third round I feel it’s almost impossible to label a player who didn’t work out as a bust" ■ It also stated, which I didn't cut &pastethat injury can also be a reason for a player to be labeled a bust. Paris Campbell was drafted in the 2nd round and has not played up to the level where he was drafted. I have no idea what Ballard's board was on that draft day, I mean if he didn't draft Campbell would he have drafted another WR instead or a player at a different position? .... But knowing he passed up on other WR's like Brown & Metcalf to draft Campbell kinda makes the decision to draft him and his failure to produce for us more frustrating. He may suit up for us again later this year or next season OR be released....either way hope he comes back and stays healthy and contribute to whatever team.
  11. Eberfus is doing the best he can especially with what he has to work with. He's a good man and your being tough on him.
  12. Actually it's the cheater who shouldn't look at the opposing QB's eyes from shame on his team winning suspiciously over and over and getting away with it.
  13. Tier 1's usually go quickly and are expensive. Not usually Ballard's style. Hope your right but a more likely scenario is a bargain FA CB and day 2 or 3 draft pick.
  14. It's not being rude or personal....it's just another draft pick that didn't work out. Happens all the time. The bad part is relying on him and not acquiring a top WR to go opposite of Pittman. I love TY but at his age he is also injury prone. I don't even want to think if something happens to Pittman.
  15. He's been on edge lately. Ever since he found out Jake from State Farm gives his insurance rate to everyone.
  16. Some things happened in that game that wasn't in the script and the cowboys walked away with the win. It happens sometimes.
  17. I would love to be there but doubt I will make it. Have fun....according to forecast you probably need a umbrella but not a puff jacket.
  18. ...then maybe the absolute Homer's & Ballard worshipers will come back. So many of them have been absent this season.
  19. Going to SF in prime time won't be easy. Their 2-3 but have lost to good teams. They play in toughest division in league while we play in worst. If this was a horse race you could say that playing us is like them being 'lowered in class' lol. It should be a very interesting game. Would be a great time to catch a colts road game.
  20. I haven't checked my record. I really only care about my plays that I usually really play. If some here can make a little scratch on my plays I'm more than happy to share my opinions.
  21. I knew too. I had colts in my Parlay and I rarely bet on them. A good day betting.
  22. So a good game vs the Texans defense ain't good enuff for you?........ you a tough cookie to please
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