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  1. Over how? There are 52 other guys who would completely disagree...
  2. /puke god no.. I'd ride with JB all day over Bridgewater...
  3. I believe in 5 or 6 weeks people around here will be praising the team and JB. Ballard has done a fantastic job at building this team to not be so reliant on 1 guy. Luck was a good player but he can't do it all. I fully believe this team will be ready to go week 1 and will surprise some people.
  4. Do you not understand the difference between a wrong and right way to do things? Integrity? Trust me I'm far from mad... I'm good with moving on and letting these guys go to work with Brissett.
  5. That's whomever's choice.. I sure as hell don't buy tickets to just go watch Luck play.
  6. Schefter could have given Luck the chance to tell his team first AND THEN let it out. Schefter pulled a typical main stream, look at me I wanna be relevant, * move. He can do his job, but at least have the nuts to do it with integrity...
  7. THAT is who people should be upset with. Schefter just became a certified * with airing everything out like he did. I'm good with Luck calling it, he nor, anyone on or with, the Colts owe anybody anything. There will be 52 other guys ready to go and ready to win the next 19 Sundays.
  8. He's fine. He was a participant in the Browns joint practices and has been fully practicing since.
  9. Lawrence is the only guy I would put any faith in. Honestly, I don't think Brissett has been given a fair opportunity. The incompetence at coaching that Brissett had to deal with in 17' was ridiculous. With Reich, and being the guy, I think he's going to be fine. They're are giving him a well built OL, plenty of weapons, and a very opportunistic defense. Let's let the kid go to work..
  10. For who..? I wouldn't want Tua or Herbert..
  11. I don't look for him to do much at DT. He played really limited snaps on the interior, really only when they game was far out of hand. Much like here in Indy, there were much better guys on that interior at Ohio State. Tyquan didn't get many "meaningful" snaps inside. Even now he's going to get limited snaps inside because Autry, Hunt, and Ward as just better interior players. I still think he would be a good, cheap replacement, for Sheard, if they got him back down in the 260's. He's good against the run and may get a handful of sacks a year against average RT's. I still scratch my head on why they insist on doing what they are doing with him now. Yea that's not the story. Him and J Bosa were the starting DE's until they left. Hubbard eventually took over for Bosa when he left and Chase was still sitting behind Tyquan, Nick, and Sam. Chase will be a stud though and I have no doubts he'll be a top-10 pick next year barring injury. 6-5 265 with stupid athleticism, and is equally as good against the run as he is rushing the passer. Maybe they were thinking Tyquan could turn into a Michael Bennett-type, who can bounce inside and outside on the fly, but I just don't see him being that kind of guy. He wasn't overly athletic at 260'ish, so he's definitely going be hindered with another 10-15-20lbs.
  12. To the bolded, and as a fan, no... Ohio States OL is far from why Zeke was productive. Urban's RPO scheme masked A LOT of deficiencies with that OL. Zeke is as good as advertised. There's a reason he was compared to Edgerrin James.
  13. I really hope Grover keeps building on the excellent camp he's had so far.
  14. This is just not said enough on here.. I shake my head, and laugh, when people have "they owe us", or some variation of entitlement, in any part of their sentence. Once the season starts and the Colts are running off wins, he'll be gone.
  15. Honestly, this group is by far one of the deepest on the team and I look for the DB's to be rotated A LOT, like the DLine has and will be, just keep to keep them fresh throughout the game and year. Being a "starter" may not mean much, when after the game is over, they all finished with similar snap counts. I'm totally good with that approach.
  16. BleedBlu8792

    TC Day 4

    Yea it had nothing to do with Haskins. Haskins can make every throw, and the other wide receivers on the team (Hill, Mclaurin, Victor, Dixon, Mack) were all used in different ways like Campbell. Campbell, again, was used as a safety outlet for Haskins, but it also allowed Campbell to get a lot of open space looks which was much more favorable to him, the offense, and especially Haskins with how bad the OL was. Campbell is going to hurt a lot of guys' feelings if he gets the ball in the open field.
  17. BleedBlu8792

    TC Day 4

    How would that have been on Haskins? OSU's O-line was one of the worst I have seen in years, and Campbell was used a lot as a safety valve for Haskins.
  18. I'll say I think it gets better for them now that Day is running the team and they will now employ more of an NFL playbook as opposed to Urban's run heavy/pass option offense. OSU has never had a problem getting 4/5 star WR's, and Day has already had a few commitments for next year and beyond, but I look for his incoming QB's to be much better than what Urban and Tressel brought in. And yes Parris' best football is still ahead of him and I'm glad it's with the Colts.
  19. He did, but Victor, Hill, Dixon, Mclaurin were all in that 400-500 yard range with him. JT and that RPO scheme that Urban liked really hindered the WR's. Haskins should have been the starter in 17' but Urban was loyal to JT, and again, he fit Urban's style of offense that he wanted to run. I think it was more that his play got to him mentally and he dug himself a hole he really couldn't get out of and it showed. The same thing happened to Austin Mack last year and he never seemed to recover either. He had a few bad drops in the TCU game and they yanked him and he never seemed to fully recover last year like Paris the year before.
  20. Yes I completely mis-stated about him being a punt returner. Campbell had a dreadful game against Penn State in 2017 (fumble and multiple drops) and I thought he had a fumble in the return game as well, but he didn't. He was benched not even half way through the game and Urban had him in the dog house, it seemed like, the rest of the season. JT Barrett graduating and Kevin Wilson getting demoted for Ryan Day helped OSU tremendously last year. Haskins and Day's offensive scheme really helped Paris become the WR he is now.
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