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  1. I have Hulu Live now, and it's fantastic especially since you get the 4 major local channels as well. I also have used Sling TV and it was excellent as well. With no contract, I'm kind of trying them all to see which one I like the best.
  2. How anyone still has cable, outside of it's use for internet, is a head-scratcher to say the least.
  3. There is still Ridgeway and Ward as well. I still say Ward is going to be our starting 3T. I'm starting to warm up to Lawrence, and I agree with what some others have said, I think he needs to be in the 320's and not the 340's. I think he and Ward would be a heckuva tandem inside.
  4. They'll meet their target pretty easily with the extensions of guys this year and next, 2 draft classes, and whatever FA they continue bringing in this year and next.
  5. The one I hope we don't get Never been an Ajayi fan.
  6. The guy I wanted last year when it was said he was on the trade block. He and Mack would have been an awesome tandem.
  7. The heaviest he ever played at Ohio State was in the low 260's, and even at the weight he wasn't an elite athlete. Putting another 20'ish lbs on him has me really scratching my head. In my opinion, they need to keep him at 260'ish and prep him for taking over Sheard's position, which I think he could do extremely well. I really hope what they are planning with him works out, but I just don't see it.
  8. I said exactly that he wouldn't be. Re-read my comment. We are trying to put him in a slot we already have better talent at. On obvious 3rd and passing situations, I fully expect Ward/Hunt and Autry to be playing inside with Houston and Sheard outside. Lewis WILL NOT be inside on early run downs. I don't look for Houston to come out much either outside of 3rd and short where our "big" packages are needed, where Lewis would fill in like he did last year. Again, why are they so persistent to try and force this guy inside when they have 3 interior guys, minimum, who should be on the field before he is even considered. The only way I see him getting an exclusive role inside is if there are injuries, and then that bad situation just got worse.
  9. He came in close to 280 last year before camp, but I still don't think that's a good weight for him. I still don't understand why they are doing this with him. Autry and Ward are both better interior pass rushers, so how is Lewis going to get any time there. Lewis is going to have to get a whole lot better before he should even be considered playing ahead of the other 2 guys.
  10. I'll wager that Ward will end up being a primary on the inside. I think Autry and Hunt end up losing snaps to him if he stays healthy.
  11. One of the guys on here had it figured out. I think we were around 50% before the start of this year, but don't quote me on that. I can't remember the thread that it's in, but Ballard was quoted as knowing where they are now(obviously as he should)and how much they need to spend through next year to meet the 89%. This and next years' draft class, whatever FA's that we pick up through next year, and some extensions this year and next with our own, I don't think we'll have much problem meeting the marker.
  12. That is over a 4 year period, this is year 3. It's not a yearly thing.
  13. I think he was giving you a Madden'ism....
  14. Houston and the Colts have said he will be a DE in the Colts system. We don't play a SAM much if at all.
  15. Who? There isn't a guy on the roster ready to do that. I'm a big advocate for Lewis eventually taking over, but why rush the process when you have a guy (Sheard) that allows those younger guys to continue to develop. Next year (2020), I fully expect Lewis and Turay to be full on contributors to the defense, but with guys like Sheard and Houston, you give them time to fully develop into NFL DE's.
  16. Huh? Who's he going to lose his snaps to? There isn't a better strong side DE on the roster, and Ray nor Lynch would change that if they were brought in either. I HIGHLY doubt Sheard loses snaps, let alone being cut.
  17. Houston is definitely a stop-gap. Does he make the team better? Obviously. However, he's not a top tier pass rusher anymore, but I'm good with that because he fills a huge hole in an area we desperately needed help at. Turay simply is not ready to be a full time starter and he's our only pure pass rusher on the team from the outside. Muhammad is ok as a rotational piece but he clearly isn't the answer either. On top of that, where the Colts are picking, we won't get a day one starter there either. I'm sure Ballard could have made it work like last year, had we not landed Houston, but now, Houston takes the pressure off these guys to try and be something they just aren't right now.
  18. His knee injury was almost 3 years ago.. In the last 2 years he's logged over 2000 snaps and performed at a high level. Your right, he technically hasn't played as a 4-3 DE but he's played with his hand in the dirt ~70% of his snaps. We just made his job easier in that he won't be asked to drop in coverage like he's used to.
  19. He's about 6th in line in who I want to see playing inside, behind Stewart, Ridgeway, Ward, Autry, Hunt, and whomever we draft. He's got a better chance of seeing time outside than he does inside. I get it, Ballard said what he did, but I don't agree with ballooning a guy who played 15-20lbs lighter in college, and trying to force him in the middle to which he played maybe 5% of time in college.
  20. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/indianapolis-colts/jihad-ward-18993/ I'm not sure why he's listed as a FA and under contract on Spotrac. Looks like a mistake on their side.
  21. Interesting.. Yea if he wasn't signed he wouldn't be in the Colts complex busting holes in the wall with a medicine ball Spotrac actually shows something different than what you posted. It shows he's signed through 2019 too.
  22. He signed a 2 year deal last year with the Colts last year. I like Muhammad too... I don't see it with Lewis. I think they halt that experiment this year and get his weight back down to what he played at at OSU (260'ish) and let him take over the Sheard's strong side spot next year.
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