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  1. Matt Ryan threw 19 picks his senior year at BC and went #3 overall..
  2. Where who was ranked by PFF last year is completely irrelevant because all 3 of those guys will be late round or undrafted guys. At worst, Love will be a 2nd round guy.
  3. For the people in the back as well, LA has nothing left contractually with him. He is no longer apart of the organization, so there is no "releasing" him, he's already listed as a FA. Olsen is irrelevant because he was released while under contract. AGAIN, FA's can't be communicated with until the start of the new league year. Come on guys.. this stuff has been talked about endlessly on here and is easy to look up as well.
  4. His contract ended at the end of this past season. This has nothing to do with LA, and due to league rules, he nor any other FA can do anything until the beginning of the new league year.
  5. ? His contract was done with LA, and now(March 18) will be an unrestricted FA.
  6. Marcell Dareus is all but gone. They can cut him and save 20M this year, which can go to Ngakoue. Bryan isn't good enough to keep Jax from drafting Brown. They still have Josh Allen and Calais Campbell, and I doubt they let Ngakoue walk for nothing. The have some fat (DJ Hayden, Marquise Lee, Foles - if they can get someone on board to trade for him) on that team they can cut to create cap space.
  7. Those "other" QB's could make the throws on both sides of the field and up the field without much issue. As I stated in the post you quoted, go and look at Fromm's passing charts from 2018, which is his best year. His play dropped off bad this past year. He's bad throwing to his left, and anything longer than 15 yards, his %'s drop tremendously. That's with playing with multiple 5-star guys and one of the best OL's in college football. I don't think his football IQ is that great, nor is his attributes as a passer, or Kirby would have tailored the offense more to him instead of being more run oriented. Again, if Fields had stayed in Georgia, NO ONE is talking about Fromm right now. I would be indifferent if the Colts grabbed him in the 3rd, but anything earlier than that, I think the pick could have been used for much better value. I would be fine if he happened to drop to the 4th and the Colts snagged him then, but I'm pretty sure someone will take him before then.
  8. His mechanics weren't that bad. Having watched some of his limited time at OSU his Sophomore year, he didn't look to be far off. If he had gotten the nod over Haskins his Junior year he would have been fine. Ryan Day would have done for him that he did for Haskins. The HUGE difference from Joe's junior tosenior year was the overall passing scheme/offense that he was in. Orgeron's offense for Joe's first year was awful. That offense was a cluster-f... and that was with the majority of the same players he had this year. Insert Joe Brady, who revamped that whole LSU passing offense, and the rest is history. Sure, I believe Brady helped Joe on some of his passing mechanics, but that offense as whole, was just dismal until Brady got there last year. I'd wager, that had Brady not been on board this past year, Joe might have been slightly better than he was in 18', and Orgeron probably would have been fired by now. And about Fromm, if Fields had stayed in Georgia, he's undoubtedly the starter. Look up passing charts on Fromm from 2018 (his best year). Look at how he does going to his left, and up the field 15+ yards. It's inexcusable considering the talent he had around him.
  9. His arm is more than good enough, and I watched that guy outrun numerous LB's and corners. Orgeron's offense before Joe Brady was awful, so I'm not sure why you are knocking Burrow for exceeding with an NFL mind. As much as I liked watching Haskins at OSU, Burrow would have done just as well with Ryan Day, who also had time in the NFL. I doubt Jefferson goes first round, and it's possible Ja'Marr could go first round next year, but I don't think there is another Joe Burrow on that roster, right now, to help him replicate what he did this past year.
  10. Considering Hunt will be gone, the Colts really only have Stewart and Autry under contract, and the Colts could do WAY BETTER than those 2. So I'm not sure how you don't think the Colts need at least 2 more guys for the interior, especially when Autry shouldn't be inside to begin with outside of obvious passing downs. Side note - I don't think Jones hits FA, nor does Brown make it to 13.
  11. The Colts couldn't pick in the top-10 this year with Brissett hurt, and falling off a cliff production-wise, so I'm not sure how, with added assets from the draft/FA this year, the Colts finish in the top-10, let alone top-3, next year.
  12. For his asking price I think you would want him to be...
  13. I don't think the Jags can afford to release him and eat that much dead cap. I'm also not in the Foles camp, he hit a good streak of games in Philly, but I don't know if we see the Foles again.
  14. Ballard isn't taking a non-rush end, non-3T d-lineman in the first round...
  15. I don't even think Hurts is that great of an athlete, at least not from a "running/elusive QB' perspective. Obviously Tua wasn't asked to do what Jalen did because he was that much better of a passing QB, as well as also not being as physically built like Jalen was either. However, I did admire how Tua was more hesitant to run, when he could have, and decided to continue plays from the pocket. I also don't think its fair to compare completion % when one was good at completing intermediate/deep throws (15+) across all 3 sections(L, M, R) where the other was really only good 10 yards and in and was borderline awful on throws outside of the numbers. Now I couldn't find Hurts' passing charts for this year at Oklahoma, but having watched him I didn't notice much of a difference in his actual play there compared to Alabama. Of course Riley's offense is very QB friendly and BIG12 defenses are far from good, so certain % across the field may have been better, but I doubt it was because of him having gotten better.
  16. No, and as the other poster stated, Thomas nor Armstead haven't lived up to their draft position. Also, SF isn't starting 270lb DT's either..
  17. Has the coaching staff done that though? You know the answer, and there is a reason they haven't. So the fantasizing on what the coaches should do with Grover isn't going to get you far. Point blank, Ballard isn't spending money, nor high draft picks, on a position within the scheme that is low priority.
  18. Haha you're own argument used against you and you make an irrelevant observation.. well done
  19. If you've have read my responses, I've said NUMEROUS times Autry only needs to be on the field on passing downs. You do understand not all 300lbers are the same? Players like Brown and Kinlaw can play both the run and pass, so they never have to leave the field. That's where you maneuver Stewart and Autry around those guys depending on the situation.
  20. Have you looked at the 49ers DL? None of their starters, nor their back ups, are over 300lbs..
  21. Hurts played with those same guys and isn't half the QB Tua is... He's as good as advertised and helped make those "elite" players even better
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