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  1. 2 hours ago, 21isSuperman said:

    Multiple sources are reporting it.  The Pacers and Sabonis are pretty far apart on contract talks, so the Pacers are actively involved in trade talks.


    Unpopular opinion: I'd rather see them trade Turner than Sabonis.  I understand what Turner brings defensively at the rim and that he can shoot the 3, but let's just compare stats during the last 2 years:


    Sabonis (per 36 mins): 18.8 points, 12.5 rebounds, 55.3% shooting

    Turner (per 36 mins): 16.5 points, 8.6 rebounds (!), 48.3% shooting


    Sabonis (advanced stats): 19.8 PER, .600 true shooting %, 0.162 win shares/48

    Turner (advances stats):  17.3 PER, .567 TS%, 0.133 win shares/48


    Now just last year's stats, per 36:

    Sabonis: 20.4 points, 4.2 assists, 13.5 rebounds, 59.0 FG%

    Turner: 16.7 points, 2.0 assists, 9.0 rebounds, 48.7 FG%


    And last year's advanced stats:

    Sabonis: 21.9 PER, .630 TS%, 0.197 win shares/48

    Turner: 18.0 PER, .567 TS%, 0.144 WS/48


    There are obviously some stats where Turner outperforms Sabonis (eg. blocks, fewer turnovers), so I don't want to give the impression that I'm cherry-picking here.  Turner has a higher ceiling, is more athletic, and has more potential/talent, which is why I think the Pacers could get more in return for him than for Sabonis.  Sabonis has a higher floor and works harder; he maximizes his talent better than Turner.  Trading Turner also opens up more possibilities because of his contract.  If you trade Turner, you keep the less flashy, but more effective, player, while also getting more in return.


    I would have loved to see the Pacers target Beal, but now that he signed his extension, I think that's out of the question.


    I share the same opinion. Playing in the East, Sabonis is the better "big man" of the two. Sabonis would be a double/double machine if he got to start at the 5 full-time. 

  2. 3 hours ago, CurBeatElite said:


    Maybe.... but I still think he's a little slow to be an above average pass rusher, and at his college weight, he may be a little small to be an above average run defender.  Maybe weight gain is leading to his injuries though?  It seems like his injury last year was a foot injury and this year is a knee (both parts of the body which become more prone to injury if you're carrying too much weight).


    I said a variation of this in another thread. I watched Tyquan his whole time at Ohio State. He's not a guy who will "wow" with athletic ability. So I never understood the whole "add weight and make him a pass rusher on the inside" mentality. He was a decent pass rusher, in college, but at best he was going to be a strong side DE at this level. He can set/play the edge well, but as you said, he was never going to be a high profile guy on the outside. I still believe he could be a decent stop gap for Sheard if they decide to move on from him next year, but I'm not so sure that the team doesn't move on from Lewis first.

  3. 11 minutes ago, zibby43 said:


    Do you remember the podcast?  I'm going to have to respectfully disagree.  If he was doing his job, he wouldn't have his defensive snap counts significantly reduced.


    Furthermore, his PFF grade is an abysmal 49.4.  Hunt was absolutely destroyed in the Raiders game. 


    The whole DL was. That Raiders OL is no joke, and smaller interior guys like Hunt and Autry, were easily neutralized by that big OL. I think that's why we've seen Ballard bring in bigger DLineman these past 2 weeks. That's not really a knock on Hunt or Autry, but Grover is really by himself in trying to handle the interior during running situations because those other guys just aren't big enough. 

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  4. 12 minutes ago, Shadow_Creek said:

    so Marcus Hunt was a big favorite of mine going into last year and he played outstanding ball finishing with 5 sacks and a force fumble. However within 5 games so far this season he hasn't really done much which makes me wonder with the addition of Houston will Hunt be out the door after this year?


    I'm not sure what Houston has to do with Hunt. They play different positions. 

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  5. 3 hours ago, CurBeatElite said:

    Personally, I thought Lewis was a couple steps slow last year in terms of being an edge pass rusher.  Could be due to the face he was coming off an injury and didn't really see his first action until ~1/2 through the year.  Seemed to me like he was best suited to either play in running situations on the edge, or help push the pocket back in the middle on passing situations.  


    Until he can show he can stay healthy, I have very little faith in him being a savior for this team, especially as a pass rusher.  I think with the speed with have at LB (mainly Leonard, Okerere, and Speed), our best bet at helping Houston get to the QB is to have some schematic blitzes with some of the bigger guys we just picked up hopefully eating blockers to free up our LBs.  Hopefully Banangu steps up sooner rather than later as well.


    He needs to be back down at his college weight of 255-260 and left alone playing behind Sheard. Trying to add weight to him and plugging him inside obviously isn't working. 

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  6. 1 minute ago, Mitch Connors said:


    Thats the key right there. 4 of their D linemen are 1st round picks (3 from the 49ers and 1 from the Chiefs). 


    In my mind the 49ers D Line = the Colts O Line. You get what you pay for.


    Actually 5... Buckner, Armstead, Bosa, Thomas, and now Ford

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  7. On 10/11/2019 at 6:53 PM, indyagent17 said:

    I disagree, Lewis COULD be special. High motor, full speed player. 


    As a Buckeye fan, Lewis was over drafted. Even if they kept him at his original weight, around 260 with his athleticism being limited, he wasn't going to be long term solution on the outside. I don't know what Ballard and those guys were seeing, especially when they wanted to add weight to him and play him inside. Again, he's not really that athletic/agile at 260, putting ~20lbs on him just hindered him more. I wouldn't be surprised if they moved on from him next year.

  8. 1 hour ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Against Oakland our pass rush was non-existent. Not being negative but that is fact. Did Carr even get touched?


    Denver couldn't get to him either. Vonn Miller was really vocal after their week one loss about not even getting close to Carr. It happens, but I think people underrating that OL.

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  9. 9 minutes ago, ColtsBlueFL said:

    I'm glad JB7 isn't "forced" to go deep right now. (Being behind multiple scores). But comforting he has before (2017) with some success.




    I think Frank is setting up the league and achieving his top 5 rushing team goal at the same time.  We will see what transpires over the season.



    Granted the Colts do get at least 8 indoor games, but come January, when the weather is not so great playing outside, the intermediate/deep passing game kind of goes out the window anyways. Frank, Chris, and Jim have clearly stated, from early on, what they want from this football team, regardless of who is QB, and it's been dead on. I think people are having hard time of accepting it per se. 

  10. 31 minutes ago, Myles said:

    You are not paying attention.   You are throwing exceptions out to try to prove an invalid point.   

    I did not "contradict" myself because I never talked in absolutes as you have.  I am talking trends.   Trends are what we have to go off of.  The current trend is that Jacoby is a good QB who takes care of the ball but will never constantly throw for high yardage.   I am good with that and have said so.   He could prove the trend wrong, but he hasn't.  




    "because I never talked in absolutes as you have"


    "Jacoby is a good QB who takes care of the ball but will never constantly throw for high yardage"



    Well done.. 

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  11. 10 minutes ago, waka waka said:

    adding the WR/RB/TE have to make plays I think its great to start throwing passes to Marlin so that it doesnt look so predictable when he's in the game. They went zero blitz several times JB had a good game was he great now. But why are we expecting great QB play from him so quickly. He's got the tools give him time. If you draft someone they will have to have some time in the system before they start to be good. why are these threads coming up every week now it makes no sense just lump them all into one thread. Give JB a break look at how Mayfield is looking out there.


    But but... Mayfield was great and had "stats" in college.. 

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  12. 46 minutes ago, Myles said:

    Nope.   Once again, you are wrong.   That is also becoming a trend.


    Brissett could end up being a different QB than what we have seen.   However, all we have to go off of is his college stats and his NFL stats.  They all tell us he is a good leader who takes care of the football but will rarely throw for high yardage.   He is capable of throwing for 300+ yards, but it isn't going to happen much.   Perhaps Reich know his limitations.  


    I can live with that.  With the current Colts team, that could work fine.    


    Those QB's/stats I handed you, to which you still don't seem to comprehend the point of, weren't "made up" by me, so I'm not sure where I'm wrong. It's historical data that you can look up for yourself, but you keep wanting to throw absolutes around as if because a guy performed a certain way in college that's how he'll be in the NFL, which is completely FALSE. 


    "Brissett could end up being a different QB than what we have seen."


    You even contradict yourself in your own post. haha 


    Is he going to be what he was in college or not? You're speaking out of both side of your mouth.



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  13. 12 minutes ago, Myles said:

    Yes they do.  His college stats were not huge with yardage.   They are not huge  with yardage in the NFL either.  That is a trend.   He took care of the ball very well in college as well as the NFL.  That is also a trend.   


    Wow way to deflect and go the simpleton route because you know what I was referring to, and with the QB's (which there are tons more) I named, because they completely go against this^^^ 

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  14. 8 minutes ago, Myles said:

    I understand the point you are making, but he also makes a decent point.  

    Since Brisset has played similar in college and the NFL, it stands to reason that he is what he has been.   Is it cut in stone?   Nope.  He could prove us wrong when and if Reich decides to open it up, but the safe bet is that what we have seen is what we get.   I'm pretty happy with it as long as the defense is good and the O-line is good.  


    No he doesn't. The "stats" don't create any trends that point to that being consistently true. Again there are just as many guys with pedestrian college stats that have performed very well at the pro level as there are guys who blew it out of the water in college that never could make it as a pro.. 

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  15. 7 minutes ago, aaron11 said:

    brady was in college from 95-99, things were a little different then 


    Ryan Leaf nearly accumulated 4 years worth of Tom Brady's stats in 97'... College teams didn't just start learning to throw the football.

  16. 30 minutes ago, Rebel said:

    So normally if a player isn't great in college then he's not going to suddenly become a Hall of Famer by going pro.


    Yet he's a really good game manager and popular in the locker room.


    You're commenting on something you've done zero research on.. Go and look at Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady's college stats. The whole basis is irrelevant and there are plenty of college QB's who had outstanding stats in college that never made it pro. It's a horrible argument that you're on the wrong side of..

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  17. 29 minutes ago, NannyMcafee said:

    Isnt a reason you have a guy like Hooker so that you can play more man to man? He has these elite ball hawking skills why not put them in their strength? 


    I really thought with the Rock pick, Wilson, and Desir (bigger/physical DB's), they would play more Cover 3, with like you said, Hooker playing the middle of the field and letting the corners man up on the outsides. Hopefully this was the turning point to letting them loose and letting guys be in better position to make plays.

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  18. The first TD pass by Mahomes, was bad. Houston had his arm and shoulder grabbed not once, but twice, and literally pulled back while the back judge was watching Mahomes run around. I just shook my head and was wondering why was he watching the QB and NOT the line play. As I said earlier, they could have called holding on KC's OL almost every play. The DL was just beasting last night. 

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  19. 5 minutes ago, CaptainColt12 said:

    I'm a very pessimistic person so the only thing I could think of is that if we had just beaten the Raiders (who aren't a very talented team) we could be 4-1.


    The Raiders have to get some credit. They aren't a great team but they are good enough to be in most games they'll play in, much like the Colts. 

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  20. On 10/5/2019 at 11:31 AM, Lucky Colts Fan said:




    The NFL has a 12-team playoff and there are only 32 teams in the league.


    How are you only gonna have 4 teams in the playoffs when there are 100+ fanbases that want a piece of the action?!?  (That being said, I can't really complain.  ND will probably get in again if their only loss is to Georgia by one score)


    The loss to Georgia, with a soft schedule, and no conference title game, I don't think there is any way ND makes the playoffs. There are a handful of teams ahead of them that could lose a game and still be in over them due to strength of schedule. ND's schedule is Charmin soft the rest of the way. 

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