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  1. More like makes no sense. DB that is not tall (the kind that Ballard likes), slow.
  2. Has Jachai Polite fell due to his impoliteness off the field, but politeness on it?
  3. AJ Brown by far. Reminds me of JJ Smith Schuester, not the tallest or fastest, but has a good mix of both, and can make plays, as well be a good blocker at 6'1'' 230 lbs.
  4. Any notion that Sheard is a potential cut is utter rubbish that does not dignify a response. I already wasted enough darn time just typing this and find it rude to do so.
  5. rock8591

    First draft pick?

  6. rock8591

    The 3 Tech position

    Who is Williams at DT?
  7. rock8591

    Jihad Ward Video

    Looks like he was trying to work the triceps.
  8. Blatantly untrue to the point of hilarity. 59 tackles, 4.5 sacks. Right now, he's playing in Wade Phillips one-gap 3-4 defense, not 4-3 three technique. It's no coincidence that Aaron Donald had by far his best year with Suh in the lineup, and DOUBLED his number of yearly sacks.
  9. My sides hurt from laughing. More like 3-4 years with 3-4 million a year. 0 career INTs. With all respect, the defense was far improved when Mike Mitchell stepped in; hope the latter gets re-signed.
  10. rock8591

    Ballard's Team Building Vision

    One thing's certain...he won't make any trades with Houston for Mike Tyson, and then draft Elijah Holyfield. That would be disastrous to the locker room.
  11. What if we make a trade with Houston for Mike Tyson, and draft RB Elijah Holifield? Would that be a good locker room?
  12. My top 3 picks: Jerry Tillery, AJ Brown, Jaylon Ferguson.
  13. IMO the closest match is Laroi Glover. Jerry Tillery - floor Stephon Tuitt. Ceiling Richard Seymour.
  14. Fixed. Jacksonville's a hot mess, releasing a ton of players for cap reasons. Tennessee acquired Tannehill, Adam Humphries, hardly players to fear. Houston - gained Tashaun Gipson, Bradley Roby, lost Kareem Jackson and Tyrann Mathieu. Just spend 17+ million to franchise Clowney, leading to a fun offseason next year with his next contract projections. None of those moves to remotely lose sleep over.