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  1. As funny as it may sound, it is very true. Just like 1 time sexual intercourse very very very rarely brings about pregnancy on the first try like you see in the movies, though of course it *can* happen.
  2. I try not to pre-judge, especially those with different opinions. Except sometimes, those opinions are NOWHERE CLOSE to fact or reality, nor would video evidence of the truth would bring about that type of perception. I do not apologize for calling a fish a fish, when a fish is clearly a fish while someone else can say "no, it's actually a dog."
  3. LOL. Did you watch any of the games last season? Also, Okereke is 6-1, 235 lbs, basically the same size as Patrick Willis and Luke Keuchly, except with longer arms and also runs a 4.58 40. I’d take the increased arm length and athleticism over 0.0001 centimeters in height any day.
  4. Misleading thread title, very borderline troll-worthy.
  5. I'd read anything a person says about his/her weight with a grain of salt. It's an area where people, especially athletes lie about routinely. 215 lbs at 6'2'' with almost 35'' arms is insanely low. I'd say his most common playing weight is 225-230. He is 215 lbs just like Pat Williams (Vikings) was "317" lbs.
  6. If Ryan Kelly opts out, we can just sign R. Kelly to play center. That would be a comparable replacement, nobody would be able to argue that.
  7. I can 101% see Ballard taking Kelechi Osemele in the second round in 2012, essentially a poor man's Quenton Nelson; both have extremely similar builds, games. Coincidentally, both are exactly 6'5'', 330 lbs also.
  8. I have no clue when Covid-19 will end. I'm a doctor, not a politician.
  9. It only took him 22 years to get it between the legs.
  10. OP was very very correct. I am a Colts fan who happens to dislike the Pacers to some extent. I remember watching a game back in 1999 (when I was a kid) and he ran into a 100% stopped Clarence Weatherspoon, flopped, and bounced off. Officials called a foul on Weatherspoon despite the screen being 100% legal and him being fully stationary. Plays like that were very very frequent of Reggie; along the same lines of Vlade Divac and Anderson Varejao.
  11. No chance salary cap decreases. Deflation has never occurred with the currency in this country. Look at the cost of living now compared to 1990. There's a greater chance of the Cleveland Browns winning the superbowl in our lifetime.
  12. LOL. Buckner >>> Jones by far. If it was not for the former's play, Arik Armstead would be out of the league by now. Through 4 seasons...Jones - 136 tackles, 33 sacks In the same 4 seasons..Buckner - 263 tackles. 28.5 sacks
  13. 1+1=2 DougDew - You cannot prove even that 1=1. That is not proven, it is only a theory and postulate that we deem true because we do so. Have any of you ever of a time when up with which we will put not such?
  14. No way they can afford his food bill.
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