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  1. Not really. We'd have to lose all 4 games, they'd have to win 3 of 4. Not happening.
  2. QB, WR, DT (no particular order) in the first 2 rounds. BPA afterwards.
  3. It's funny, back in 2017 I was heavily down against Tyus Bowser while many here liked him. Actually had a dream before the draft that he refused to leave the team building unless our team drafted him with our 1st rounder...and in the dream, he had to be escorted out by Joe Mixon and Arkello Witherspoon.
  4. Let's not pretend he's any good. Good WRs don't last until round 6. What will the team do without his 52 yards for the past year?
  5. Force him to play for the Cincinnati Bengals for the rest of his career.
  6. Have any of you ever of a time when up with which we will not put such?
  7. Are you 12 years old, or completely new to watching football? That's is completely Football 101.
  8. Courageous and cowardly at the same time. With that said, protest (peaceful or not) at a funeral possession like the playing of the national anthem before a game should never be morally acceptable. Notice I didn't say "legally".
  9. Piggybacking off this thread: 5 non-pro bowlers to the roster, and see if we can create a team that can get to the Super Bowl. The player must have never been selected for the pro-bowl. NT - Damon Harrison DT - Chris Jones DE - Bradley Chubb WR - Brandin Cooks OT - Trenton Brown
  10. Agree with all, except replace Jamal Adams with Khalil Mack.
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