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  1. rock8591

    What does Cox do better that Swoope?

    Equal as catcher, WAY better blocker, far less injured. Swoope was as useful in the blocking game as Muggsy Bogues would have been.
  2. rock8591

    Reality check

    Never got the love affair with Trey Flowers, he's never had more than 7.5 sacks a season. Would be a downgrade versus what we have now, not to mention costly. What the team is missing it its Booger McFarland, Warren Sapp, and Simeon Rice on the DL. We're doing leaps and bounds better than the old days of Eric Foster and Keyunta Dawson at DT, but not as good as the former.
  3. rock8591

    Grover Stewart

    No way Sheard is gone. Without him, the DL would be so lost. It's no coincidence that Madden has him at a 86 rating.
  4. rock8591

    Braden Smith vs Justin Houston

    Houston is very washed up.
  5. Unfortunately, lots of smart people are soft spoken...while the biggest fools are usually the most loudmouthed. I watch Stephen A. Smith for my news...and DougDew for my humor.
  6. LOL!!! Felt like bumping this, my sides hurt at times from laughing. Especially the basketball player part.
  7. Not at all. Make them drive the length of the field twice in the next 7 minutes, to tie. Don't give them free points.
  8. rock8591

    TY a clown?

    Go home and get your shine box.
  9. rock8591

    Would you trade for Antonio Brown?

    I'd trade a leftover bag of potato chips.
  10. rock8591

    Would you rather...

    WR by far. TE is basically a possession receiver, good for a 5-10 yard gain on 3rd down, but rarely do they stretch the field. For lack of better words, TE is amongst one of the non-premium positions; RB, Safety.
  11. rock8591

    mo alie cox

    I want to see Mo Cox. He's not undersized at all. He can play a much bigger, expanded role in our offense. He has big hands for catching and gripping the ball. Also, he's a good blocker. Lastly, he penetrates opposing defenses, especially soft zone coverage and scores on every play. He thrusts himself repeatedly into game action without dragging his feet.
  12. Stopped reading as soon as I saw $16 million for Trey Flowers. Never had more than 7 sacks a year. A poor man's Jabaal Sheard and a LOL idea.
  13. rock8591


    What about Ryan Leaf and JaMarcus Russell as quarterbacks coaches?
  14. rock8591

    Practice & Injury Updates 12/27

    Thought Boehm was horrible. Would rather have started Haeg at center, and play Clark at RG.