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  2. Except for the Chiefs, all of those teams have aging QBs on the decline. It'll only be a matter of time before they plummet or experience a super bowl hangover, like the 2002 Rams.
  3. Bennie Logan, DT. Reminds me a lot of Booger McFarland, not because both attended LSU.
  4. Pre-season games are 100% irrelevant. Better to play vanilla, pretend to suck, and toy with your opponents than to talk a lot of trash and give your opponents bulletin board material ala Mike Vanderjagt. For all we know, Andrew Luck's calf injury is 99.99% faked, written off as "team taking precaution, not wanting another Kevin Durant situation" so opponents will underestimate the team. If I were GM or coach, that's what I'd do; list as many players as I could as doubtful/probable so opponents think the team is full of injuries when it's the furthest thing from the truth.
  5. Couldn't have happened to a better guy.
  6. Speaking of things...why would Clark ever be in competition with Lewis or Autry?
  7. There were also a lot of catches he should not have made. e.g. a catch within the 5-10 yard line with defenders all over. At best, it would have given him field position at the 5-10. At worst, a fumble for a TD. Better to gamble with it being a touchback, or even downed at the 1.
  8. Rogers is overrated by this forum. Anyone who watches the games, he was a non-factor in the return game. 80+% of his catches, he fair catches, or returns for minimal yardage. I'd rather take a chance at Fountain and fail, then settle for a mediocre former.
  9. rock8591

    TC Day 4

    No, that would be Ted Washington.
  10. That is 100% correct. NFL knows NOTHING about the incident; they didn't call any witnesses, didn't investigate or research the case, didn't make any arrests, press any charges, select any jury, conduct any polygraph or lie detector tests, conduct any DNA tests or interview hospital workers, etc. People need to stop thinking just because the league is run by rich owners, that they are the gospel when it comes to ANYTHING. The NFL knows as much as we know, and 100% of our knowledge of this case has been through internet websites and forums where anyone can post anything without any substantiation of the truth. That is why the league is engaging in "politics"; they're making decisions based on how an incident looks in terms of the league instead of whether or not the incident is true.
  11. Sometimes when I talk online after a few drinks, I overstate things slightly to make a point. What I'm trying to say is this; regardless if Tyreek Hill accidentally broke his son's arm, the fact that the government (and the NFL) trying to teach the people how to raise their kids is 10x the crime. NFL's "personal conduct" policy is a joke, and just a way for them to force their own politics on people, without ever a crime being committed (in the legal sense), charges pressed, or arrests made. Imagine a workplace that found out that you went fishing this weekend and the CEO of the company is a fish lover, finds your behavior to be abominable (despite no laws broken), and deciding to suspend you from work for that reason.
  12. Pathetic thread and topic. When I was little (growing up in the 80s-90s), my dad would give me bloody noses if I spoke Mandarin Chinese in the household and not English. It's very common for him to kick the chair out from under me if I was doing my homework too slow. Or take a belt, hit me across the back a dozen times for the same reason. One time (I was playing with a painting on the wall and ruined it), he punched me in the mouth, knocked out a baby tooth. Not once did I think he was abusive or thought about calling the police. Current generation is turning into a bunch of wussies who love to pile on others, smoke marijuana, and act morally superior. Suddenly in 2019, disciplining your kids has become a government (and NFL) issue.
  13. No you dumas, dafaq you sellout not like Tyreke Hill cannot read a tittle. (me imitating some posters in other threads, especially come FA time) J/K.
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