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  1. ? He missed 8 games in the past 10 years, all of them in one season. https://www.espn.com/nfl/player/stats/_/id/12483/matthew-stafford You must have thought of Samuel Bradford.
  2. I love going to Cracker Barrel. Whenever my server forgets to get me saltines for my chili, I tell her "where my crackers at?"
  3. Love of Chad Kelly is sickening. Last pick of a 7th round in a draft and everyone acts like he can be a Baker Mayfield when he's a Jamarcus Russell at best. Rap sheet is as long as Richie Incognito. 1 step away from cleaning toilets at McDonalds.
  4. Kyle Pitts TE. Will bring an elite TE factor; let Burton walk.
  5. 6'4'' and 269 lbs, has size and speed, definitely has size for a 4-3 DE. Definitely not a Jerry Hughes or Bjoern Werner tweener type.
  6. My little pug is having twins this weekend. Now I can finally call her a mother pugger.
  7. Sack numbers themselves are misleading. Michael Vick was once one of the most oftentimes sacked QBs in the league; does that mean he's one of the fattest and slowest? A sack does not necessarily mean a blindside hit followed by a QB on the ground in a fetal position. A sack is a QB tackled behind the line of scrimmage. If a QB scrambles 20 years east and west on offense while attempting to find a receiver but ends up getting tackled for a 1 inch loss, that is considered a "sack." Watson's "sack" numbers are not surprising, especially given how much of a
  8. Yo momma so fat and stoopid, the only exercise she every done her entire life was jumping to conclusions!
  9. Mr. Hammond...after careful consideration, I have decided not to endorse your park.
  10. Season needs more games... No sport has such a short season (September - December), 4 months out of the year while the offseason gets more fanfare.
  11. Shoulda ran the ball more on 1st and 3rd down. Every running play becomes an automatic 2-3 yards fall forward, even if it seems like a TFL.
  12. So would a running play behind Nelson be audibled as "move witch, get out the way? Get out the way witch, get out the way!"
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