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  1. I studied Statistics in college and have some knowledge of how medical tests are conducted; long story short, it is much easier to have a false positive compared to a false negative, especially if a person gets back several consecutive negative tests. e.g. the following is just the tip of the iceberg. http://mathcenter.oxford.emory.edu/site/math117/bayesTheorem/
  2. RUN THE BALL WITH TAYLOR. 3 DTs for the Browns out or injured and not at 100% right now.
  3. Concerned about the Akiem Hicks matchup. Usually players of his size (6'4'', 347 lbs) aren't good at rushing the passer, but in his case, is crucial to the Bears defense. Their entire defense is dominant when he plays well and struggles when he's out.
  4. rock8591


    Trade Hooker to the Bucs for Orenthal James Howard.
  5. It's funny, I actually have a friend named Rodrigo. He looks nothing like the kicker though; he is 5'0'' and 250 lbs. I told him if he misses a kick again this game, I will need to have a talk with him.
  6. Buckner did not have a bad game at all 6 tackles, 1 TFL That is basically like 96 tackles on the season, which is high for a DL. That number means nothing for a LB or DB, but for a DL, it indicates that he is stopping plays near the line of scrimmage and is making plays in the run-game, despite not having any obvious sacks.
  7. LOL, 1 game, 2 catches for 39 yards. Hardly enough to lose sleep over or have hindsight in a draft, especially this early in the season.
  8. Should have brought in both Pinter and Clark as extra OLs, and kept Roosevelt Nix...
  9. Watson is not a good man, but a great man on a * team headed by a stupid front office that is barely qualified to clean toilets.
  10. OL depth not bad at all - Pinter, Clark, and Green form a solid backup OL group, with Pinter being able to play all positions and Clark and Green being able to play both T/G. That's why they're backups and not starters.
  11. Despite your attempt at sarcasm, if you're not at camp and witnessing what's going on, then you have no knowledge on what happened. For all we know, McLaughlin could have missed 200 kicks in a row.
  12. It's funny, the forums here used to "automate" his name to "Clinton-Dix", no joke. I guess it thought that 'Haha" when typed out equates to the smilie.
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