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  1. WR by far. In this league, if you have a good QB, WR, OL, DL, the rest of the roster can take a backseat.
  2. Wouldn't take him with a 7th rounder. Screams bust ala RG3 all the way, except he is even more slightly built and will be more injury prone.
  3. Not to refer to myself in the 3rd person with the title, but too many threads; I figure I'll post mine. How would this draft look? Claypool - physical specimen size of a TE, speed of a kick/punt returner. Rivers will find a way to get the ball to him. Wilson - physical specimen who can play T/G. Only 21 years old. Body carries frame to continue gaining muscle and lose baby fat. Hopkins - true receiving TE ala Aaron Hernandez (without the extracurricular issues). Dillon - bruiser at RB. Would be great behind our OL and TEs. Would be able to start should Mack leave via FA next offseason. Davis - undersized DT at 6'1, 305 lbs and short arms...but has 4.75 40-yard dash, also 8 sacks last year. Would be a good sleeper pick. GayJr - low risk, high reward pick. Throckmorton - depth pick, ala Joe Haeg.
  4. My dream draft: 2 - Chase Claypool 2 - Neville Gallimore 3 - Brycen Hopkins 4 - Alex Taylor Anything after too hard to predict. Also hoping the team takes a flyer on Khalil Davis from Nebraska, will be a sleeper. 6-1, 305 DT 8.5 sacks last year 4.75 40 yard dash With that last measurable, possible it'll drastically raise his draft stock.
  5. Draft is too good, too many potential borderline pro-bowlers. e.g. Harrison Bryant the John Mackey Award winner won't last until round 4.
  6. Mo Cox not only has good size for the TE position as a blocker, but can play a much more enlarged role in the offense. Knows how to find soft zones in opposing defenses. Thrusts himself into game action at all times without dragging his feet.
  7. This all reminds me of Jachai Polite last year, not being polite at all with his interviews, lol.
  8. Speaking of things, whatever happened with Adrian Magee? Or was he just a 1 play highlight reel.
  9. Shelby Harris re-signs for 2.5 million with Broncos. That’s a joke, for 49 tackles, 6 sacks last season. Would have been worth 4-5 million easily, even if it’s a contract year phenom.
  10. Clowney - riding on coattails of being #1 pick. NEVER had 10 or more sacks a year, as a edge defender. If that doesn’t scream bust, I don’t know what does!
  11. CB with our first pick horrible especially in a deep DT, WR, TE draft. Swap with Neville Gallimore and I like.
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