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  1. Agreed. That'd be like Rob Gronkowski being available in the 4-6th round.
  2. DK Metcalf reminds me of Dorial green beckham.
  3. I wouldn't put too much stock in what people say regarding their heights and weights. It's one aspect that plenty of people fudge in conversation.
  4. Dremont Jones. 60 lbs lighter, but still slower than Dexter Lawrence. No more likes of Montae Reagor and Raheem Brock at DT.
  5. rock8591

    Adam Thielen

    That'd be like trading a Lamborghini for a Kia and a bag of potato chips.
  6. I heard R. Kelly wants to take some time off to promote his rap album, much like Ron Artest.
  7. There is no such thing as LT depth. 100% of teams would struggle tremendously on offense if their LT hits IR.
  8. I stand corrected, would have no problem saying I'm a dumb MAROON when I am, just like last year when I thought that we drafted a 27 year old basketball player in Darius Leonard.
  9. Looks like he sucked in college. Would be disappointed anything before the 5th round. http://www.espn.com/college-football/player/_/id/3121634/khalen-saunders
  10. Contract year phenom. Did nothing in Dallas first 3 years, then very hot start past 2 seasons...cooled down considerably towards the end of both. In 2-3 years, he'll become a cap casualty.
  11. Not even going to respond to that ignorant remark. If it's offensive to call you ignorant, then don't be ignorant.
  12. I'm still of the opinion that Demarcus Lawrence is a contract year phenom. Last 2 years, he started the season strong and cooled off. Still, despite his massive contract, far from half the player JJ Watt or Von Miller was in their primes. 2-3 years down the road, you'll see a fat, out of shape, and complacent player who got paid, lost motivation, and will be a salary cap casualty. It's an undeniable fact. Look at Andrew Norwell...played worse than Mark Glowinski last year.
  13. Bah, this is nothing. Jameis Winston visited my house last night. How did I know? All the snow and king crab legs in my freezer are gone now!
  14. Rashan Gary - either the next Dwight Freeney or Vernon Gholston
  15. No to Terry McClaurin. Not ready for another Phillip Dorsett. If we draft him in the 1st-2nd round, I will take withdraw all the money in my bank account and throw it in the dumpster for the pigs.
  16. Agreed with overachiever type. Also is undersized, will be 24 when the season starts. Will be either another Grant Wistrom or a David Parry.
  17. Much like Ron Artest, he was tired and wants a month off to promote his rapp album.
  18. Wishful thinking on Dexter Lawrence. His 36 BP reps and fast 40 speed will keep him in the 1st-2nd round.
  19. Not a fan of Winovich. His college stats were not eye popping also is a 24 year old rookie, undersized. We have a clutter of DEs on the roster in Sheard, Lewis, Turay, Houston, and Autry to rotate in. Shoot, for obvious running downs, can have Hunt at DE and Ward at DT.
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