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  1. Another guy said that Cox is better than Ebron, but me, I wouldn't be opposed to seeing Mo Cox. Able to find soft zones in opposing defenses. Thrusts himself repeatedly into game action without dragging his feet.
  2. LOL, I thought I was the only one who saw that.
  3. Useless. Aside from his 15 sack season, he's been below average for the most part.
  4. I'm sure Quenton Nelson would be happy to see him.
  5. How did we end up with more people injured AFTER the bye week, than before?
  6. Another very overrated player, who has 0 stats in the league, has yet to be even active for a week, not to mention undrafted. Keeping a roster spot open for a 4th string, undersized TE is a luxury.
  7. Leonard Williams from the Jets. Expiring contract end of season, if there's a chance he doesn't re-sign with them or us, we can trade one of our expiring contracts for one of theirs. Plus, I'm sure Quenton Nelson would be happy to see him.
  8. Way too many picks in rounds 1-3 for depth positions. No reason to take 2 OLs in the first 3 rounds. Now, we need starter caliber positions at DT and WR. You need instant starters there. IMO, the following is needed: 1. DT or WR (big WR ala Mike Evans) 2. BPA among DT, WR, or OT 2. BPA among DT, WR, or OT 3. BPA available, and onward. 4. BPA available, and onward.
  9. Christian Wilkins, Davon Godcheaux.
  10. Very surprised to see him unsigned. I know he's had some character issues since signing his big contract with the Jets before his release, and his injury last year. But nothing flagrant, and certainly no worse than some of our players (e.g. Chad Kelly). Only 29 years old; his last fully season with 46 tackles, 3.5 sacks, better than anyone we have at NT/DT, seems to worth at least bringing in for a tryout. Unless he's really closer to 400 lbs and out of shape by now.
  11. Good find. Very surprised to get an average (actually meaning average, as opposed to mediocre) player on the waiver wire/PS of another team. Thought it was going to be one of those players with no stats for years, ala TY McGill that our fans overrate but he actually has 80 tackles, 2.5 sacks, and 2 batted passes the past 2 years, started 29/31 games too. http://www.nfl.com/player/trevoncoley/2556504/profile
  12. One word - INFLATION. It won't be long until $20 an hour becomes minimum wage in this country, starting QBs get paid $30-40 million, and backup QBs get paid $10-15 million.
  13. Now go home and get your shine box.
  14. Why would we trade a 1st rounder for a 37 year old QB? ;)
  15. Raiders suck, even a team full of Abe Vigodas would give them a game now. With that said, we shouldn't get complacent.
  16. Trade him to the Bears for Ha Ha Clinton Dix. Then our secondary will say Ya-sin, Clinton Dix Hooker?
  17. No reason for Rolan Milligan to be on a PS, much less an active game day roster.
  18. For a second, based on the link title, I thought that someone pulled an Aaron Hernandez.
  19. Did he break wind in Antonio Brown's face first?
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