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  1. IMO the biggest issue is not the owner, GM, front office, or the team talent. Our team is not below-average when it comes to talent; I would even go as far as to say that if we factor in simply the physical talent (e.g. combine numbers), our physical talent is superior to most teams. Biggest problem is team chemistry which is worsened by injuries, which has reduced the time available for players to practice and play with each other and get used to each others' playing patterns and tendencies. The analogy is very similar to a solved Rubix cube; shift one square and the whole puzzle is a state of disconnect. The second biggest issue is playcalling. Knowing the injuries and O-line struggles to begin the season, we should be calling FAR more plays like quick slants, screen passes, delayed RB handoffs to counter the opponent's pass rush.
  2. IMO high ceiling but also extremely high floor. 21 years old, 6'6'' 285 lbs. Not a tweener but can play both 4-3 DE, DT and 3-4 DE pretty easily. Long arms, meat hooks for hands. If his pash rush fails to be a success in the big leagues, I can see him at minimum being a good run defender at DE. Floor - Denico Autry Ceiling - Calais Campbell Likely scenario - Malik Jackson
  3. AI reference. If you remember his infamous rant on ESPN 20 years ago.
  4. Seems like there's been no update, at least not on this site ever since 2019. NFL.com and ESPN still has the same weights lists. Anyone have any links with information on some possible weight changes for players? For example, something like this, where Tyquan Lewis stated his current weight is at 265. https://www.heraldbulletin.com/sports/colts-notebook-sleeker-lewis-has-all-the-answers/article_804f7bb0-f3f5-11eb-9ca7-1709d508e93f.html
  5. It's better to be harsh on the grading than look through things through Blue and White goggles. Kenny Moore would probably be somewhere between Good to Solid/High Quality starter but plays NB and is not a #1 shutdown CB, so I left him at Good. Rodrigo is automatic within 45 yards, but anything further and is questionable. Okereke is Average-Good, but will not cause any players in the league to lose sleep the night before.
  6. Attached is my rough grade of the current roster; click to enlarge the view. Several things before I start: 1. I am out of town and using an old laptop with the most basic version of MS Word. (pardon the poor-resolution color codes) 2. This is not designed to take into account every bubble player nor every formation to be used (e.g. nickel, dime, goal line). 3. For players labeled with an *asterisk, it is to indicate they are not on the active roster to begin the season.
  7. Encouraged by the likely 3 preseason wins. It means the depth of the team is very good. Years and years ago, we'd be picking up scraps off other teams that nobody would sign (e.g. Mike McGlynn, Jeremy Vujnovich). Now we're making difficult decisions on who to cut and who to keep for spot #53 on the team.
  8. Wouldn't take a TE in round 2. This offense is based on a good QB and O-line. We already are loaded at RB. It's time to get by with average WRs and TEs.
  9. I am surprised BJ Hill did not win the award, especially considering he was a #69 pick back in the 2018 draft.
  10. Agreed 99.99%. There is no such thing as a "sports expert." The vast majority of sports broadcasters, commentators, and pundits are in reality 'television personalities' with no degree in anything sports-related nor have they played/coached the game on any semblance of professional level. i.e. if Erin Andrews is 250 lbs, still think she would have a job? There are some who work in the 'media' field that do have a sports-related background; e.g. Mark Jackson, Mike Fratello, Doug Collins, and Bill Walton. I would consider their word to be expert opinions but not the folks on ESPN for instance.
  11. I still blame you for hiring Dennis Nedry and ruining Jurassic Park.
  12. So who's better, Sean Davis, Shawn Davis, Dale Davis, or Antonio Davis? The answer is obvious. It is Davis.
  13. Top 3 easily. Other than Derrick Henry possibly, there is not a single RB that I would take over him. And I'm not saying that with blue and white goggles either.
  14. Floor - Denico Autry Ceiling - Malik Jackson
  15. Very similar to Malik Jackson in his prime IMO. 6'5'' 290 lbs, can play DE or DT, rush the passer. Insanely long arms and bear paws for hands.
  16. What about his brother Chris?
  17. Draft picks are vastly overrated. Most picks are out of the league in 2 years or end up being castoffs. For every Braden Smith in the 2nd round, there are 50 Quincy Wilsons. If we KNOW a player will be a success, I would easily trade an entire draft class for him.
  18. Give him a blank check and the keys to the city. He and Nelson are the soul of the team. Remove them and the team is easily 4-12 every season.
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