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  1. I was thinking the exact same thing. Now well probably have to watch the Patriots in another Super Bowl puke....
  2. I'm afraid that drive is going to come back and bite the colts in the was.
  3. Damn. They need points. Thats 2 wasted drives. There is no way they are going to be able to stop the chief offense.
  4. Needed points there. The little wr screen to ty killed that.
  5. Me too. against the team I grew up rooting for, the Raiders. Go Colts!
  6. what's really sucks I get to come in next week to watch the game but there ain't going to be anybody out there I can recognize
  7. We are going to see a lot of Julio in this second half.
  8. the Colts are lucky, Julio was widdddde open in endzone on 2nd down.
  9. I was just about to ask, where is houston?
  10. I I hope this doesn't come back to hurt the Colts they get the ball go down score and I believe they get the ball in the second half score than their up
  11. Touchdown I-N-D-Y! Adam good 10-0 wooohoo!
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