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  1. strt182

    Stupid T-Shirts

    The 1-0 mentality started way before the playoffs for the Colts. The other teams just trying to look special. It is a great mentality to have.
  2. strt182

    It all came down to this...

    Not having a healthy TY and for sure not having Jack Doyle in this game hurt alot. But still a great season.
  3. Mahomes is going to be a vegetarian today and get his full of eating GRASS today I hope
  4. I was wondering who else seen that. Looks like that animal is still HUNGRY and not ready to hibernate yet. Im sure he will wait another 3 weeks to hibernate.
  5. strt182

    I owe Quentin Nelson an apology

    Depends on the situation. There are a TON of IFs in football and lots of unknowns. This is why I prefer gut instinct over analytics in gametime decisions. But the majority of humans have a "told you so" mentality. Now if you are talking about the medical field then YES I agree.
  6. strt182

    Just found out I can't watch the game live

    I know how you feel. My family was set to test a new engine combination in our drag car (I'm the crew chief) and my then gf went into labor that morning I was so mad that my dad took the car out anyways. i told him " I hope you blow the damn thing up" because i had to be with the gf. So happens he blew the transmission up not the motor. I was kinda glad it was the lesser of the 2 that failed.
  7. strt182

    Andrew Luck's Touch Passes

    Although playing at a very high level Luck is still good for that ONE boneheaded throw each game. I'm not sure if its that still trying to do everything he can because he has had that team is on his shoulders mentality. I have said all season that Luck, although a veteran, we needed to understand that after the surgery and setbacks especially mentally we would see some rookie like mistakes and we have seen those. He had to adjust to not running for his life, having a defense, having a knows what its like to be a quarteback coach , and the feeling of the repaired arm. He has done great and we have seen him get better all year he just has to get rid of those plays. All I can say though is the AFC has to be scared now.
  8. strt182

    Oh boy according to chiefs fans

    #32 remember!! playing with house money they pocketed what they brought to the table as soon as they made the playoffs.
  9. I was just curious yesterday and looked at NE weather it looked ok during the week and then the bad weather came in on the weekend. I was like him the Pats must have their own jet stream. I just found it funny. I'm not worried about the weather in KC. Colts will be fine.
  10. strt182

    Texans TD

    Do you always take everything so literal?
  11. strt182

    Texans TD

    they gave them the touchdown due to the no call on the facemask on Watson. It was never confirmed but they said it stands so had it been called a touchback it would have stood also. Either way it don't change much except makes Texans look like they was a lil closer in this game then what they really was.
  12. strt182

    We're coming KC!!!!!!

    how is that when the Colts are 4-0 against them in the postseason?
  13. strt182

    Irsay post game

    Nothing wrong with what he said. He said I love you guys but you are leaving points out there and you are even better then what you showed today which is true IMO.