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  1. strt182

    Darius Leonard

    I thought so, lol . Hes not signed yet , guess i jumped the gun .
  2. There are topics on here confirming the signings. After further review i stand corrected on Leonard. I misread the post about Leonard.
  3. Jared is going to sleep like a baby tonight!! Both are now signed
  4. strt182

    Darius Leonard

    JC can sleep a lil better tonight i guess finally. LOL
  5. strt182

    90 Man Roster

    Without averaging Vinnie in the age drops another year to 23.6
  6. strt182

    90 Man Roster

    is that with father time factored in or without ? probably makes a pretty big difference one way or the other.
  7. strt182

    Indy Special

    Maybe he walked outside and something landed on his shoulder as an eagle flew overhead?
  8. This is what FANS do right? We try to respect other teams but we will ALWAYS root for our team. Are you looking for a new middle name? NewTexansFan? NewTitansFan? NewJaxFan? Just busting your ball bro.
  9. strt182

    Colts Minicamp 6/14/18

    If Nelson is keeping the guys at bay, and not letting them into the backfield then whats there to worry about? also the defender don't have to be moved that much really to open up a hole. If Nelson was to move the defender too much then thats illegal man down field right?
  10. Not to be a downer but through my observations i don't think its the Colts wasting your time. You my brother have choices. Can I recommend yoga or meditation because unnecessary stress is very bad for you. I can explain more on that issue if you would like to PM me . We as humans wanna know all the details RIGHT NOW these days and if we don't get that info somebody is doing something wrong. Unfortunately that is the society we live in these days. I hope things calm down for you. I just think you are thinking into this too much.
  11. strt182

    Top Ten McAfee Moments

  12. strt182

    NFL adopts new Anthem policy

    You said a mouthful there. Needs a little fixing but you are on the right track.
  13. strt182

    NFL adopts new Anthem policy

    I kinda wish that these kneeling players would ride along with some of the cops in these areas ( i know some players have and they are not typically the ones kneeling). We are all human and we all make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes may cost a life. I'm sure there are plenty of innocent whites, hispanics ect also killed. Military and First Responders are paid PENNIES compared to what NFL athletes make and risk their lives daily. Maybe they should tell their followers to follow what the authorities ask of them. What if all the military and first responders decided today im going to boycott this call. So people of this country take things for granted and we as a country are still learning. I am very sure IF we instituted some laws and actions of other places in the world there would be ALOT less crime and "violence": in the country. However this is what makes us the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. Rant over.
  14. strt182

    NFL adopts new Anthem policy

    UNITY has to start SOMEWHERE.
  15. strt182

    NFL adopts new Anthem policy

    Lots of people protest in lots of ways and for the most part its either the wrong way ( negative publicity, riots ect) and then they move on. The protests come to an end and then its old news or in the wash. Some people will even protest and not even know the reason why they are protesting. What they fail to do is to continue the process in the right and constructive way in my opinion. I personally quit watching the news because rarely do you see anything POSITIVE. There are lots of positive things in this world and country but what we get fed is mainly negative. And what i have seen is negativity breeds negativity. Even in a perfect world there will always be somebody who doesn't feel equal FOR WHATEVER REASON. I believe it is just us as humans.