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  1. XFL CEO and Commissioner is Oliver Luck Its that simple I do believe I have a post around here somewhere BEFORE Luck retired stating my previous statement about Luck to the XFL even if not as a player as some type or role.
  2. if he does unretire it will be to go to the XFL.
  3. It could be worse https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/titans-are-first-nfl-team-since-1987-to-miss-more-field-goals-than-they-made/ar-BBY6dIT?ocid=SKY2DHP
  4. I hate to say this but this is the world we live in today. Now with legal sports betting its only going to get WORSE. Everybody feels entitled :(. Good, bad or ugly I'll still root for the Colts every Sunday and expect a win but not lose sleep over a loss.
  5. Nah Vinny kicking a game winner would be epic.
  6. If he was a defender maybe with a club. However i doubt a ball carry would want to do that especially in the hand. But i could be wrong
  7. That kinda resembles a certain NBA game in Detroit :O. The malace in the palace i think it was called.
  8. When Rudolph ran towards MG when they got up He entered what they call MUTUAL COMBAT at that time. He should be fined/suspended , not as severely as MG, but had he not came at MG the " getting clubbed" would have probably not happened. Not to mention the KICK to the groin that probably upset MG also. As protected as Qbs are in the NFL, you would thing Mason would have not tried to escalate the issue. Rudolph still contributed to the situation alot. I am saying this and I don't even like MG.
  9. Did anybody see the locker interview with Vinny after the game? He was asked by a reporter if he was having any problems in practice. He replied " I have made everything except a 61 yarder" . If a guy is checking all the boxes during practice he plays usually. I know that you cant win games in practice though. The whole purpose of the NFL changing the length of the PATs was to make it more challenging. We are starting to see this happen across the league. It just so happens that its more magnified with the Colts because they are playing such close games. I do see Vi
  10. I'm going to say between 5-11 and 12-4. sarcasm I root for a win every week but I also realize this is the NFL and the saying " Any Given Sunday" is a thing. I forget what i said at the first of the year but i'd stick to that I think it was between 10-6 and 12-4.
  11. I highly doubt he is chasing records at this point. He even stated that he had no desire to play that long. It just so happens that his current status and career can be linked to his next career. Those that " Trophy Hunt" are always looking for that next " trophy" or record. If you read about his ranch you will see there are for sure "record breaking" trophies to have had. This is why it is named "Record Breaking Ranch". However, as being the GOAT, one could try to correlate the two.
  12. That list is way way longer of talented players with ZERO SB wins or even appearances.
  13. if anybody knows about Vinnys Balls its Pat. Pat called it right from the hold.
  14. Watching Vinnys locker room interview he is taking full blame and not throwing anybody under the bus or making excuses. Even though he could. He is a real PRO. He is upset but as a stand up man his shoulders are big enough and thats the thing about football and most of the athletes that play football.
  15. The thing about football is you win as a team and LOSE as a team. I am sure nobody here is more of a critic then AV is on himself.
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