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  1. strt182

    NFL vs Colin K settled

    Just my 2 cents. Lets see what the player(s) do with the money. If they use the money to help with their beliefs its a win for everybody really. I am against the kneeling during the Anthem because this is the ONE TIME (usually) everybody is UNITED. The public will probably never know the true numbers. As far as the "hush" money. In a current lawsuit company "X" asked to be removed from lawsuit but says they will stand behind Defendant 100%. Lawsuit against defendant x amount of dollars, with the removed co defendant XXX amount of dollars. Company X doesn't want their name attached to the negative situation for public and financial reasons (insurance rates, lawyers ect).
  2. strt182

    Quenton Nelson Played With 2 Bulging Disc

    Back pain sucks!!! Some bulging discs can be painless. As I was told just yesterday by a spine surgeon " I can't help the pain go away, I can only make it worse." However when it effects other areas such as arms, legs ect . That is where they come into play. With Quenton being the athlete he is I am sure he will get any and all treatment available. Sure hope we get 15+ years out of him.
  3. I hope to think the Colts players will be seeing some adverse practicing conditions this year. Luck had some good passes and some bad ones. Its hard to control a wet ball on every pass though let alone the receivers getting to where they should be in those conditions also. That being said I am sure they will keep working at it. Can't wait for next season!!!
  4. strt182

    Why do you think the refs didnt make the call?

    They all bet on the Rams to win
  5. Its only going to get worse with legalized betting on NFL games now.
  6. strt182

    Dallas Clark

    i think the Colts really missed Jack in the game against the Chiefs
  7. strt182

    Autry Slapped with 13k Fine

    Well with all the rule changes and ect. the NFL is becoming more ENTERTAINMENT (WWE like) then being a game of MEN compared to the past. Pretty soon it will be flag football or SIMULATED game play of practice dummies.
  8. strt182

    Autry Slapped with 13k Fine

    You may be surprised at how many actually do take dancing lessons and such.
  9. strt182

    Autry Slapped with 13k Fine

    I agree I feel as if it was an unnecessary penalty and he should have known better. I hope the fine kinda makes him think about the task on hand in the future instead of trying to get a tuck from the ref.
  10. strt182

    Stupid T-Shirts

    The 1-0 mentality started way before the playoffs for the Colts. The other teams just trying to look special. It is a great mentality to have.
  11. strt182

    It all came down to this...

    Not having a healthy TY and for sure not having Jack Doyle in this game hurt alot. But still a great season.
  12. LETS GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Mahomes is going to be a vegetarian today and get his full of eating GRASS today I hope
  14. I was wondering who else seen that. Looks like that animal is still HUNGRY and not ready to hibernate yet. Im sure he will wait another 3 weeks to hibernate.