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  1. Well what new mistake did Kelly make? Currently he is only suspended 2 games.
  2. Sarcastic update ahead : While Luck has been seen practicing we are sorry to report after the Browns game Luck was bitten on his big toe by the mean green turf monster at LOS and will miss 8 games. again this was just for fun but could happen. I hope and expect Luck to be ready game one, but nothings official until its official .
  3. Sorry I should have been more direct with quoted response, which was just the first paragraph. The rest of my post was just general statements. Sorry for any confusion. I guess the " ON A SIDE NOTE" wasn't obvious.
  4. Have you ever tried to explain to doctors what you are feeling? They call the medical field a "practice" for a reason. Granted Luck does have the best doctors and care money can buy. I'm no athlete or anything but I have issues with problems that have taken YEARS to diagnose and some they still don't know what the cause is or there simply is not a fix for it. On a side note rather Luck plays week 1 or even at all this season or ever again ( sarcasm) the SUN WILL rise tomorrow. The world will still function and the Colts will still play football. Theres more to life then football and even the greats will tell you that. Enjoy it and relax. There is alot of things in this world that causes stress, who plays on Sunday shouldn't be the cause for us FANS. Granted Ballard or Irsay may lose a little sleep but in reality I HIGHLY doubt even they lose sleep.
  5. I think Luck needs to get himself some squirrel oil and he will be just fine.
  6. Just my 2 cents. Lets see what the player(s) do with the money. If they use the money to help with their beliefs its a win for everybody really. I am against the kneeling during the Anthem because this is the ONE TIME (usually) everybody is UNITED. The public will probably never know the true numbers. As far as the "hush" money. In a current lawsuit company "X" asked to be removed from lawsuit but says they will stand behind Defendant 100%. Lawsuit against defendant x amount of dollars, with the removed co defendant XXX amount of dollars. Company X doesn't want their name attached to the negative situation for public and financial reasons (insurance rates, lawyers ect).
  7. I like them alot. I think i would like them more if the helmets were blue with the white horseshoe.
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