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  1. ztboiler

    Justin Houston

    Not sure why anybody would have to prove water is wet. Houston is built just like our DE's and is asked to do the same things that our's do...and had 9 sacks in 12 games last year. If anything, we'd sharpen his focus on what he does best and stop with the occasional ask to drop into coverage. There are plenty of reasons not to pursue him, but scheme fit objections are just argumentative.
  2. ztboiler

    Jay Glazer on the Herd

    Did you mean to represent data for or against the Pats as active in free agency?
  3. ztboiler

    Should we extend Kenny Moore right now?

    While the logic of doing so would be easy to follow...so is the logic to let the next 2 years of performance and injury risk play out. So many things can still happen while he is still under Colts control. Probably makes sense to pay the bill when it comes due rather than early...even if it comes due at a premium.
  4. ztboiler

    Colts sign Devin Funchess (Merge)

    It costs more to rent than own. Always has always will. Yet... Some assets are better to rent than own. We’re renting this one.
  5. ztboiler

    Tampering Day 2

    I’m legitimately unclear about the source of your excitement and validation. Is it that we are mentioned as one of 5 teams by media speculation? Surely I missed a post or news article about something concrete that you must be referencing as an answer to all the doubters?
  6. It’s difficult not to chuckle at how easy it is for zero reputation twitter accounts probably run by 10 year olds to get quoted this time of year
  7. ztboiler

    Antonio Brown to the Bills.

    Not saying you are wrong...and I take up no cause for AB...but do we really know that much about the whole story aside from the player's public actions and statements? I do not want AB on any team that I am a fan of...but the body of evidence suggests that the management/coaching dynamic in Pittsburgh has failed here as well.
  8. ztboiler

    Antonio Brown to the Bills.

    Whether you are the monster or created the monster...there’s enough fault to go around
  9. ztboiler

    Antonio Brown to the Bills.

    I get the tendency to pile on. AB is easy to vilify...but this isn’t very balanced. An all-pro accustomed to playoff football who doesn’t want to play in Buffalo is not further evidence of his character deficiencies.
  10. Well...at least you know he’ll be available!
  11. ztboiler

    Bring em on!

    I read this article earlier in the week. It felt well thought out in terms of positions and performance...it felt poorly thought out in terms of knowing the thinking of our GM...and it’s click bait to project Lawrence anywhere but staying in Dallas.
  12. I’m not sure we’re talking about the same thing. I’m not expecting Brissett to be part of a trade with the Broncos...though he could be but that’s a separate transaction. I’m thinking the proposal is we get a 3rd by taking Keenum and his contract plus a 4th for Brissett from somebody or the Broncos if they want him. Maybe we send a 5th or 6th to the Broncos too...all of which seems like a good deal for swapping out a viable backup for a viable backup. The Keenum guaranteed money isn’t bad this year...and you always have the option to extend him if you can get a deal done.
  13. The picks are only a wash if the players picked become a wash. As an alternative to letting Brissett walk and netting a comp pick in 2021, it's pretty attractive. The value of Keenum vs. Brissett is a relevant piece of the equation that would require additional discussion, but the value of 2 extra picks in 2019 vs. 1 extra pick in 2021 is a significant delta.
  14. Yes...Especially in the Case of Keenum...and trading of Brissett. You net two mid-round picks and retain an experienced back-up QB that could win you some games at a cap # that is reasonably close to his market value.
  15. ztboiler

    Edge Rushers

    Will be interesting, should Flowers hit the market, what type of premium Ballard will pay for the traits and fit you just described.