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  1. Giants, Cowboys, and Steelers get prime time...surely you're not really questioning the validity of this... Until further notice, it isn't yet hate speech for a corporation to honor it's commitment to its stakeholders by trying to maximize its profit opportunity.
  2. Just as nobody out pizzas the Hut...nobody out stupids the Brad.
  3. Didn’t see this coming with 2 years of contract control still ahead and only a year of performance behind...but very informative about Ballard’s approach.
  4. Everybody is soooo eager to write something decisive in the off season. Column inches have to be filled and sold
  5. I think you’re giving McD too much credit for Flus...not that McD wasn’t involved as he clearly was, but Flus was always a Ballard choice and Ballard always had a definitive vision for the defense that Flus was the guy to come implement.
  6. Neither the Browns nor the Ravens seem like good fits. If the Seahawks, Colts and Cowboys don’t become players for McCoy I’ll start to wonder if the market for him was as strong as media reported.
  7. I’m thinking McCoy might be swayed by the leadership opportunity for a team with a QB that’s won 4 playoff games...if we are somewhat competitive on price
  8. I’ll admit that I do this exercise after every draft....can’t quite help myself and it helps me realize how little information and applied experience we all have compared to the professionals...still I do it anyway. I can see why you like AJ Brown, Rapp, and Snell but I felt like were outside the athletic metrics Ballard is using. Brown is tempting but ordinary as an athlete... At 34 I’d have taken Taylor, Little or Ford. BPA sure looked like there was some premium Oline talent available. 49 and 59 I’d stand as is. Wanted those guys based on pre-draft commentary...I’d have been good with Campbell at 34. At 89 Okereke wasn’t on my radar at all...nor was anybody else drafted until the 4th round. I’d have gone with Chauncey Gardner-Johnson or Anthony Nelson at 89... By the 4th round I usually cry uncle and admit that I just don’t know anything...
  9. Legit playoff teams with scheme and cap space to accomodate McCoy: Colts Browns (risky) Seahawks Eagles (set at DT) Cowboys Chiefs (barely) Looks like a 3 team race to me.
  10. I'd be very surprised if the bidding surpasses the money Houston got during the first wave of free agency...and I would think we'd pay that. If he is limiting his search to a contender, then that eliminates a lot of the teams that have the cap space remaining to bid 8 figures. The Saints certainly don't have that kind of space without fancy footwork.
  11. There is something to the leverage Hunt plays with that is unique to his height and strength...no doubt. However, we’re using Hunt to aggressively penetrate upfield through the A or B gap - mostly the A in the latter half of the year. We’re not asking him to a NT job description. I’m sure we’d play McCoy at 3T like he has his whole career....that’s what he is and he’ll force some double teams from that spot...but you could also ask him to do the same thing through an A gap just like we did with Autry and Hunt in the double A gap looks we used frequently after Woods went out
  12. I know what you mean...but the way we are playing Hunt it appears we might have to rethink what we know about NT in this system.
  13. McCoy fits Ballard’s gauge...but he will probably command more attention on the open market than Houston did by comparison. Considering his health, leadership, and production he’s a different age 31 star than usually hits the market. He has 2 or 3 high level seasons left in him. Interior sack production despite being the focal point of blocking schemes has to be taken into consideration as well. While I don’t think Ballard wants another player this age on the defense...I do think he’ll recruit him hard and make a square bid.
  14. It’s so cute to have a fan base in love with their GM again... Let’s say the Colts go 8-8 next year: Luck’s still a great QB. A franchise QB. Ballard missed on some guys, but he can do better next year with some course correction. Year after that Colts go 8-8: Luck’s still a great QB. A franchise QB. Ballard’s a bum. There’s your answer. That’s football
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