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  1. To the bolded, whether sarcasm or not, I agree. The game of football is bad enough right now and it would be awful if they made PI fully reviewable by the clear and obvious standard. None of us want the kind of football where every foul is reviewable...and that's why they are smartly communicating to coaches who want PI reviewed on a play "Go ahead and toss the challenge flag but we'll let you know if that is how we want the rule applied or not on a case by case basis". It was their only quick fix to the public fiasco last year...and I have no problem with it. They needed a path to fix something egregious on a historical level, and they have that now. They didn't want run of the mill PI reviewed, even if clear and obvious. Not every foul should be called in sports.
  2. K Moore is an underrated impact guy...especially in a game against a loose play QB where his tackling and blitzing moxie is tough to replace at the nickel position. He has become a player with particular set of skills...
  3. There is enough blame to go around for a such a large negative yardage play in that situation...but you can argue just as much that it’s a play you have to be able to call as part of your run mix and trust that your players will minimize the damage if it doesn’t work. Your QB might check out of it, and your RB might take the inside route rather than swing it outside and multiply the loss. It’s probably only a loss of a couple yards if he doesn’t try to bounce it and might have gotten back to the LOS.
  4. Having defenders in the area of receivers would catch any opponent of the Colts off guard...brilliant subterfuge...
  5. Seems to me we are just as likely to be picked apart again this year playing soft zone as we were last year by Carr...no thanks.
  6. Cosell had some pretty questionable takes on Luck in his predraft evaluation...not that everyone bats 1000 but still kinda ironic
  7. Giants, Cowboys, and Steelers get prime time...surely you're not really questioning the validity of this... Until further notice, it isn't yet hate speech for a corporation to honor it's commitment to its stakeholders by trying to maximize its profit opportunity.
  8. Just as nobody out pizzas the Hut...nobody out stupids the Brad.
  9. Didn’t see this coming with 2 years of contract control still ahead and only a year of performance behind...but very informative about Ballard’s approach.
  10. Neither the Browns nor the Ravens seem like good fits. If the Seahawks, Colts and Cowboys don’t become players for McCoy I’ll start to wonder if the market for him was as strong as media reported.
  11. I’m thinking McCoy might be swayed by the leadership opportunity for a team with a QB that’s won 4 playoff games...if we are somewhat competitive on price
  12. Legit playoff teams with scheme and cap space to accomodate McCoy: Colts Browns (risky) Seahawks Eagles (set at DT) Cowboys Chiefs (barely) Looks like a 3 team race to me.
  13. I'd be very surprised if the bidding surpasses the money Houston got during the first wave of free agency...and I would think we'd pay that. If he is limiting his search to a contender, then that eliminates a lot of the teams that have the cap space remaining to bid 8 figures. The Saints certainly don't have that kind of space without fancy footwork.
  14. There is something to the leverage Hunt plays with that is unique to his height and strength...no doubt. However, we’re using Hunt to aggressively penetrate upfield through the A or B gap - mostly the A in the latter half of the year. We’re not asking him to a NT job description. I’m sure we’d play McCoy at 3T like he has his whole career....that’s what he is and he’ll force some double teams from that spot...but you could also ask him to do the same thing through an A gap just like we did with Autry and Hunt in the double A gap looks we used frequently after Woods went out
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