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  1. The scenario that brought Buckner to the Colts is one you must deploy very infrequently when constructing a sustainable winning roster. You can’t load up on big contracts and trade away your first round picks repeatedly.
  2. 2018 1 & 2017 3 Thats the price for the swap to trade up. You don’t get to count the benefit in the cost.
  3. The Chefs moved from 27 to 10 to draft Mahomes for a 1 & 3...we can do plenty in the draft with a 1 & 2
  4. It doesn’t really work like that. There is no positioning this years R1 for next years QB1...at least not in real life.
  5. Interesting to me...not that you’re wrong, just how differently we see Autry. You’d re-sign Houston and Rhodes, players of similar age, but deem Autry expendable. For me Autry is the disruptive force to our defense second only to Buckner and Leonard. I’d re-sign Houston and Rhodes too, but only after Autry was secured
  6. No doubt about it...but he needs carries to get back in line at payroll...seems like a lot of teams out there with a better committee situation than a pairing with JT.
  7. I've hoped Mack would sign his inevitable 1 yr prove it deal with the Colts...but that doesn't look like his best choice at the moment.
  8. I like Rock too...but he’ll make it or not in this league on the same scorecard as every other cornerback in the league. It’s his second year. He’ll get a lot more time....
  9. Much respect...as always. I don’t post much here anymore...but your point of view is always insightful and balanced.
  10. Problem is...that’s not actually good technique...especially if you get caught...
  11. There are multiple layers of competitive authenticity in the NFL paradox that the audience for whom it exists understands. Those layers include what resources you’re willing to commit to win the current game in light of the overall war. Calling down from the press box to the field of battle violates the trust the audience places in the charade. You can argue, existentially, that it shouldn’t, and that’s OK...but some might think it does.
  12. The missing perspective here is that the Eagles situation has every appearance of a call made to the sideline from the press box...
  13. I’d sure like to be able to draft edge rushers from early to late with the regularity that the Ravens seem to...
  14. On the Dline, your described preference is pretty much what we do with Autry and Houston, before we kick Autry inside on passing downs. It’s the speed rushers that are lacking for our pass defense to get to the next level. We don’t need more 3 down EDGE guys, we need more speed in the second half when it becomes a passing game...
  15. There can be no doubt as to who will make the defensive scheme and hiring decisions for the Colts while Ballard is the GM. Of course Reich will have important input about staff compatibility...but we’re going to play player driven defense that Ballard can draft to from his scouting model.
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