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  1. BOB doesn’t have to explain anything...but he does need to make it to the AFC Title game in the next 2 years. Short of that the Texans will be irresponsible not to replace him for the prime years of Watson.
  2. Unless QBs are loading up for max velocity suitable to game conditions...this is pretty useless, albeit novel, trivia. Throwing without touch isn’t necessarily a good thing.
  3. Brandt’s top 150 is significantly different, typos aside, from where you see players typically slotted. Would be quite a development if the second tier of receivers goes as late as he has them slotted.
  4. Pretty smart when you’re drafting 32. Wonder how much of that is the super bowl winning GM throwing his weight around a bit to influence the board a bit in his favor
  5. I do believe it’s likely we trade up to 22 for Love... I’d actually prefer we trade up from 44 with next year’s 2nd...but think your scenario is more likely.
  6. LDE in the modern NFL isn’t the high rep player it used to be...but I know you know that. We’re in good shape on paper for nickel pass rushers...we’ll either re-sign Sheard on a friendly deal and/or play Autry/Lewis outside on run downs. Maybe a day 3 pick as well. We played Hunt at LDE early in 2018 before we moved him inside, so there is plenty of precedent. If LDE is a top priority then we’re in great shape.
  7. Actually quite the opposite...there is zero reason to cut Brissett right now. The roster bonus deadline has passed. Any cap savings today can still be realized tomorrow....and we aren't cap strapped today.
  8. I think your point on Fountain here is pretty important to understanding Ballard's off-season strategy at WR. Initially, I hoped we'd sign a free agent and use a second round pick (preferably 34)...and now it looks like we'll only address WR thru the draft. Hilton is still young enough to expect a return to form this year. Campbell, despite the low reps, is expected to emerge and you have to leave space for that opportunity or he won't grow. Pascal caught 41 balls for 600+ yards....from Brissett. It's almost a certainty we'll draft a receiver in the 2nd round. Fou
  9. Have to let it all play out. Most great, even franchise transforming players don’t get to finish their careers with the team that drafted them. In the case of Leonard and Nelson...something would have to dramatically change about the current trajectory for them to not get generous second contracts that make them the highest paid at their positions. Leonards contract is trickier and Luke Kuechly is instructive. It’s less likely that Leonard makes it to the end of his second contract by nature of the position he plays and his tweener build for that position. Very littl
  10. Ya...not much chance of moving back into the top 15. Nor do I see Ballard parting with 34 - seems like the perfect place to get a WR...and he's conducting the off season as though he believes he'll draft a starter at WR. But 44 in a move up to 22 could be perfect to get Love.
  11. It very well might mean exactly what you say...that the Colts evaluated Love as less than worthy of pick 13...and I too believe that is the likely meaning of trading the pick for Buckner. However, it could just as easily mean that they think he's going top 12 and they weren't willing to trade up...or didn't think it was high enough in probability to forego using the pick on Buckner. Likewise, it could be that they observed the patterns of free agency and judged Love to be available later in the first in another trade up.
  12. Look (best Chris Ballard voice)... that's a great question. There are a lot of complicated variables to drafting a QB. We get the concerns of our fans. They just want to win at the end of the day. It's a process to get to draft day, and we will stick with it until the end. A lot of folks emphasize this factor or that factor as most important to them - and we're glad that they are so passionate...best fans in the league. But...at the end of the day, we're going to do the work and pick the best players we can to win games for the horseshoe...
  13. Sharing snaps with Herdman was a significant factor for Hopkins prior to this season, but his talent and complimentary productivity kept him on the field and he made a lot of plays. Herdman was a good TE, so it took a Heckuva good player to get so many targets with him in the line-up. Then, when Hopkins became the man...that's when the mental toughness concerns developed IMHO...all of which could be coincidence. Some say he had a stomach virus early in the year and others say it was nerves.
  14. Graded - as in the draft capital willing to give up to get him.... In those terms, I think he was probably top 15 to start the college year, early 2nd late in the college year, top 12 after the combine, and top 25 as of today - that latter is a factor of of what has transpired with the Bucs, Colts, Raiders and Panthers in free agency. I still believe that someone will trade up into the 20's to pick him if he slides that far.
  15. Players slide up and down draft boards throughout the evaluation process...so its possible that he is and/or has been all of those ratings. Mahomes wasn't Mahomes until he became Mahomes either. Free agency has also changed the number of teams picking in the top 20 who are thought likely to pick a QB.
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