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  1. ztboiler

    Rick Venturi on JMV

    Discontent really equals malcontent when there is a pattern. Malcontent has no known cure.
  2. ztboiler

    Rick Venturi on JMV

    You couldn't be more wrong...unless continuous coaching employment in the NFL for 25 years is flaming out.
  3. ztboiler

    More Positive Ideas....

    Andrew Luck is tied for 12th all-time with 20 game winning drives....with Aaron Rodgers. Luck got his Mojo back this year as one of the best closers in the game. Young playmakers like Darius Leonard and Kenny Moore have emerged on D. Our offense is multiple and our Defense added complexity to its core simplicity. Regardless of what anyone thinks they saw on Saturday from a discombobulated offense where Luck looked hesitant and the Oline looked average ...the body of work is compelling and there is a firm foundation for winning in place.
  4. I think you’re right overall and the numbers support it. I think we’ll still find exceptions with the occasional hot defense and playoff weather. The 2015 Broncos probably make it thru this year. But who knows.
  5. I wouldn’t imply that the analytics aren’t in your favor, but there was way too much good defense in the second half of the season around the league which stifled the new age offenses a plenty.
  6. ztboiler

    Good Read on Smith and Glowinski

    I’m starting to think Glow is going to get more free agent interest around the league...maybe a lot more than we’d have thought mid season. Ryan Jensen grabbed a $10 million deal last year...and we were among those in pursuit. Glow has a better body of work overall. We have the money but I’m not sure that Glow is a $10 million chess piece yet. It’s the market, and Glow is young...and we’re still years away from having to re-sign Nelson, Kelly and Smith...so I guess you sign him and keep this group together.
  7. ztboiler

    Ladies and Gentlemen

    Moreover...both require boundless optimism.
  8. ztboiler

    Coaching Matters

    Couldn't agree more...with all of this.
  9. ztboiler

    Coaching Matters

    This is circular
  10. ztboiler

    Coaching Matters

    Ahhh, I see now. OK. You answered your own question. This is what bad coaching looks like in 2017. Verified by numbers and results. This is what good coaching looks like in 2018. Verified by same. Andrew Luck produces results with either staff...the analysis works well independently but not comparatively.
  11. ztboiler

    Coaching Matters

    No. We completely agree on the facts. I completely agree with Sharp on the facts. Last year was unprecedented. We were poorly coached in 2017 and we are well coached in 2018. Those conclusions are easy to support numerically, schematically and in the W-L column....but independently. You just shouldn't do it comparatively. It's bad science.
  12. ztboiler

    Mack Attack

    Today all the talk is about Trust, Toughness, Team...and its working...and there are some who think there is even a remote chance that Ballard/Reich would bring Bell into this locker room?
  13. ztboiler

    Coaching Matters

    Absolutely, and the point stands on its own. It's hollow and weak to come back and say I told you so when this staff is 7-1 with different personnel at the most important position in sports. There is no further point to be made, and he is merely grandstanding numerically for his own commercial benefit. I'm fine if he sells that info to someone...we've all got something to sell.
  14. ztboiler

    Coaching Matters

    Of course....but that story has been done. Its obvious...and you don't get to make yourself look smarter as a writer using contrast without deference to the context of coaching with an elite QB and without.
  15. ztboiler

    Coaching Matters

    Coaching matters...but this is incredibly lopsided in an effort to make the point more dramatic. One team had Andrew Luck and the other one didn’t.