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  1. Public commentary by GM's on players is a unique language...even moreso for QBs. Jury is still out is a very specific response by a GM...and it means the verdict has been reached but the jury hasn't returned to the courtroom yet. Ballard didn't say what Reich said about JB. Ballard is clearly giving us all a public acknowledgement that he sees exactly what we see, but he doesn't yet know what options he has yet for 2020...and that he reserves the right to trot JB out there on opening day if that's still the best option.
  2. No, we don’t have the personnel immediately, but it wouldn’t be all the tough to add the pieces we’d need...we certainly have the stand up rushers, and Stewart is a nice piece. Hunt and Autry could both do well in a one gap 3-4 but we’d need 2 or 3 more DT sized pieces for depth at the point of attack than we currently carry. Our off the ball LBs could probably do it, but Leonard probably wouldn’t be the impact guy he is for us in any other scheme....and that’s the real issue. Impact. Everything about the draft capital we’ve invested for three years is optimized to the current scheme. It’s a scheme I hate...but it’s one you can clearly win with when optimized...it would take at least 2 years to optimize impact in a scheme change...so we’ve got to simply do what we do at a higher level... And somehow draft Warren Sapp
  3. Without even consulting the chart, that trade back has been done similarly in years past for much less compensation than a 1. The Chiefs got all the way from 27 to 10 in 2017 for just a first and a third. Kinda makes the Texans look bad by comparison for netting merely Deshaun Watson by moving from 25 to 12 for a 1 when they could have easily had Mahomes... Then again, evaluating QBs is just that difficult and imprecise.
  4. Odd comment to me. The trade compensation to get from 13 to top 10 is quite doable historically without giving up a future 1. It all depends on how you value available players and what it costs to get there. There are players in this draft, not just QBs that Ballard will make offers on to trade up for...doubt his offers will be accepted, however.
  5. I question the fit for our scheme and not whether he is worth a premium pick but whether he is worth a premium pick to us. As a 4-3 DE he could play either side, but he's more of a power rusher with good hands. He'd be a bigger, less explosive version of Justin Houston from a rush style perspective. He's probably a very dynamic interior rusher if he wants to make the conversion, but has never been played in that role. As is, his natural fit is as an every down strong side DE, and the premium spots in our scheme are at 3T and weakside DE.
  6. But if you watch the whole Chris Ballard press conference, you will know not only that we have leadership at GM seldom seen, but that there is a pretty transparent future available to us fans in terms of a vision for what will and won’t work to win it all as a franchise. Really worth your time to listen as a fan of this team or just a fan of life.
  7. Could be a better market than Garrapolo, certainly...we’ll all find out soon enough. His passing efficiency numbers are the best if his career. No surprise since playing for Gruden - same guy who turned Rich Gannon into a pro bowler. But he’s still only thrown for 21 and 19 TDs these last two years, and has failed to emerge as the guy who can carry a team yet in his 6th year. I’d be surprised if Ballard parts with more than our high 2 plus JB...and we can be pretty certain that Gruden doesn’t want JB.
  8. Cmon now... The price may be too high at the end of the day, and Gruden may want something silly like that...but Carr has only had one year in 6 where he looked like a surefire franchise QB. There is no market for him to generate that kind of trade compensation. Maybe a 1. Maybe. But his market is probably more like Garrapolo’s was. Potential to be a franchise guy but unproven.
  9. Poor comparison. Carr played stellar football in 2016, leading the Raiders to 12 wins and the playoffs before suffering the devastating injury against us in week 16. Things didn’t comeback together for the Raiders in 2017 at the same level...that happens in the NFL....and we all know that the team was parted out in 2018. Simply no comparison to JB on any level.
  10. Nobody is available at 13...meaning we have no idea who is available when we’re on the clock anyway...it’s just as uncertain as the trade compensation to get Carr or whether Gruden will trade him or not.
  11. Drafting at 13...nobody is available. It’s all hypothetical. Brissett and Hoyer are quite dispensable, yes, and neither have contracts designed to be burdensome if cut. Of course it depends on compensation for Carr...trades always do...
  12. Seems like the best path if Oakland wants a fresh start. @chad72 has championed this idea and I don’t know why it doesn’t have more traction
  13. I haven’t followed this particular thread about JB all season...but if your point is that playing Chad Kelly the last 2 games could have only convoluted an already difficult situation for Reich/Ballard... then I agree. Sample size is too small and the stove is too hot.
  14. @chad72 Great post by you and perfect complement to the historical reality of the 2019 season. I’ll always remember this as the Colts team that played its way through the adversity of losing its franchise player preseason into the driver’s seat for the division and top 3 playoff seed, only to invent a new method to squander it weekly by melting down against the weakest part of the schedule... I believe fans of teams mired in perpetual mediocrity are familiar with the above scenario...but it’s still new here in Indy.
  15. To the bolded, whether sarcasm or not, I agree. The game of football is bad enough right now and it would be awful if they made PI fully reviewable by the clear and obvious standard. None of us want the kind of football where every foul is reviewable...and that's why they are smartly communicating to coaches who want PI reviewed on a play "Go ahead and toss the challenge flag but we'll let you know if that is how we want the rule applied or not on a case by case basis". It was their only quick fix to the public fiasco last year...and I have no problem with it. They needed a path to fix something egregious on a historical level, and they have that now. They didn't want run of the mill PI reviewed, even if clear and obvious. Not every foul should be called in sports.
  16. K Moore is an underrated impact guy...especially in a game against a loose play QB where his tackling and blitzing moxie is tough to replace at the nickel position. He has become a player with particular set of skills...
  17. There is enough blame to go around for a such a large negative yardage play in that situation...but you can argue just as much that it’s a play you have to be able to call as part of your run mix and trust that your players will minimize the damage if it doesn’t work. Your QB might check out of it, and your RB might take the inside route rather than swing it outside and multiply the loss. It’s probably only a loss of a couple yards if he doesn’t try to bounce it and might have gotten back to the LOS.
  18. Having defenders in the area of receivers would catch any opponent of the Colts off guard...brilliant subterfuge...
  19. Seems to me we are just as likely to be picked apart again this year playing soft zone as we were last year by Carr...no thanks.
  20. Cosell had some pretty questionable takes on Luck in his predraft evaluation...not that everyone bats 1000 but still kinda ironic
  21. Giants, Cowboys, and Steelers get prime time...surely you're not really questioning the validity of this... Until further notice, it isn't yet hate speech for a corporation to honor it's commitment to its stakeholders by trying to maximize its profit opportunity.
  22. ztboiler

    My take on our draft!

    Concepts are great - you are all over the significant needs. Not much chance that we'll end up with the windfall of picks you suggest - we are going to be a much better football team than that - but I get that it is an interesting and plausible scenario. Believing that this will be the highest we'll draft in the Luck era - my priority is the D line if there is a stud available. Over the years, we've proven that big athletic DT type bodies are the most difficult to find outside of the top 10-15 of the draft. They rarely are available thru free agency as well. We can pick up a quality RG and even RT through free agency, but I'd hate to pass on the opportunity to draft our version of Ngata - if one exists and is BPA. There are several projected DT bodies that could classify as top 10 talents.
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