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    My Life is Music, playing Bass Guitar and Colts since 1958!!

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  1. Hey, how are you heart and music friend? I'm good just seeing how you doing?

    LOL so I don't have to type all over again how I'm doing you can read my post.

    Hope your music world is great. Rock on!!



    1. Gramz


      Nice to hear from you! 

      All is good here. We are keeping busy, playing every weekend.  How about you?

    2. southwest1


      Sorry to intrude on a conversation that never directly involved me, but I have a soft spot for musicians & those who sing for their supper even if it's just for fun or just some extra dough in your pocket Gramz & Cs4. 


      That takes some much courage to do that. Overcome stage fright & put yourself out there. It's brave to be vulnerable; it truly is & I admire that so much. Covers or original material it doesn't really matter.


      Entertainers never get enough credit in this world if you ask me. Making folks smile, dance, & forget about there troubles for a little while is just spectacular in my book.


      Kudos to you 2 & all the musicians & singers in this world amateur & pro. It's never as easy as it looks. There's definitely an art to it. 

    3. Coltsince4


      Here is a message I left for SW1, Gramps.. Think about it a little?!! And someone else that has been close to us over the years that play a instrument etc!!


      Hey Bro how are you? Maybe you will get a email of this message? Some reason I had Idea come to my head! Maybe a light bulb!!?? Do you have drum set? Have you Been Playing drums lately? I have a thought. I'm looking for a few around here to do a Collaboration video with me for YouTube you think you might be interested?? Like you Drums, me bass, Gramps singer and I think we have a guitar player etc around here?!!! I will do all edits etc from my studio on videos sent in video production etc. more on this later if you interested in something like this? I think it would be cool if we can pull it off. Think about it... If you come around maybe you get this to gramps if I don't first. Think on it guy!! We call our self's COLTS..  for the YouTube Video!!




  2. Hey Everyone Hope all is Good? Been away for awhile stuck in my music world but nothing wrong with that!!


    1. southwest1


      Hey, Cs4 is back! Groovy...


      Welcome back bass man. Just for you buddy. Jam on brother. :thmup:





    2. Coltsince4


      Hey SW1 That's a good one!! I Subscribe to him I check his vids almost ever day!! That songs on my list of bass covers to do!! Back to my 3 hours every day of music study before work!! 

      Did I ever say Musics my Life and my real jobs my hobby!! :) 




    3. southwest1


      Great to hear from you Cs4! I just love the bass line on that song brother. It's awesome! Yeah, I know what you mean pal. Most of us jam out to survive & go to work to pay the bills. LOL! Take Care. 

  3. Mrs. Misunderstood.... Heeee!!!! Heeeeee!!! :2many: There's one of my friends I can't 

    seem to find myself yet around here....Wooooooooooooo............

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    2. Coltsince4


      OK on the info!!

    3. Coltsince4


      Also if and when i play for things mentioned I will film and let you check it out!! Byeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    4. Gramz


      Please do.   I'll look forward to it.   We're not playing much these days.  Just about 10 shows  a year....  you know,  enough to still be able to enjoy it, but not too much.  We have way too many other things going on with family and traveling, etc.   

  4. Coltsince4


    Hope you had a nice visit? Welcome home!
  5. How do the big think they know it all people believe they will????
  6. Pats SuperBowl Ring, if they win...
  7. Coltsince4

    Oh, Oh!

    Just Oh,Oh.
  8. Redding Talks Facing the Patriots in Championship Cory Redding spoke with the media after practice on Wednesday about facing New England in the AFC Championship http://www.colts.com/videos/videos/Redding_Talks_Facing_the_Patriots_in_Championship/bb9522d2-9932-4969-970c-4ca335da27a9
  9. Cory Redding Talks The Win Against The Broncos Cory Redding spoke with the media on Monday about the Colts road win in Denver. http://www.colts.com/videos/videos/Cory_Redding_Talks_The_Win_Against_The_Broncos/42202c63-4640-4e3a-8b86-698c577d6cfd
  10. Sounds of the Game: Cory Redding Indianapolis Colts defensive lineman Cory Redding was wired for sound in the Wild Card win over the Cincinnati Bengals. http://www.colts.com/videos/videos/Sounds_of_the_Game_Cory_Redding/d45ceb14-f76a-4b27-bd09-aa7759663ba3
  11. Redding talks the Broncos Running Game Cory Redding spoke with the media after practice on Wednesday about the Broncos running game. http://www.colts.com/videos/videos/Redding_talks_the_Broncos_Running_Game/24a8f9d5-f9e3-42de-ab8e-53c59fd1f368
  12. Redding on Peyton Manning Cory Redding spoke with the media after practice on Wednesday about Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning. http://www.colts.com/videos/videos/Redding_on_Peyton_Manning/2a4af035-569f-4597-b6b4-87134e2a33bd
  13. Cory Redding Talks The Playoffs Defensive End Cory Redding spoke with the media after practice on Wednesday about the playoffs. http://www.colts.com/videos/videos/Cory_Redding_Talks_The_Playoffs/26084e0c-7e4a-4355-b4c2-69a09baad0e5 Cory Redding Talks About The Bengals Defensive End Cory Redding spoke with the media after practice on Wednesday about going against the Bengals in the playoffs. http://www.colts.com/videos/videos/Cory_Redding_Talks_About_The_Bengals/c729b503-6ddb-4689-88f2-7f2f1e03ce2d
  14. Hey Gramz if you lived a little closer that might be an option, Buttttttt.........
  15. Coltsince4

    New Group Members!!

    New members of my group!! We ought to get along just fine!!!
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