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  1. So nice to see that more familiar names have been active again since I was last here. :grouphug:

    1. Nadine


      Hi Megan! How you been?

  2. :ninja:




    1. Megan


      So nice to see some familiar names still active (or had been active since I last popped in).

    2. Nadine


      Hey Megan! So good to see you here!  Hope all is well!

  3. Hey Megan, have you heard?

    1. Megan


      hahaha I'm getting messages everywhere from everyone. I did hear! I pretty much knew it would be this year, but this retiring a Colt thing was a really pleasant surprise. ;)

    2. Nadine


      Sure is a pleasant surprise! Good to hear from you!

  4. So there's a thread here about Dallas Clark and I don't see you in it. #weird http://forums.colts.com/index.php?/topic/8180-dallas-clark-expected-to-sign-with-the-bucs/

    1. Megan


      haha! I read it though, don't you worry. ;)
    2. Nadine


      Phew! All is right with the world.

  5. Long time, no see. How is everyone? I like the new (to me) look you've got.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. southwest1


      Welcome back Megan!!! Perhaps, you can tell us once & for all...Did Dallas Clark officially retire or is he still trying out for other NFL squads? Maybe he is pursuing a career in the broadcast booth. I have no idea myself. Love your Addai & Clark artwork though. Will you be drawing anymore players in the future? You are incredibly talented Megan!!!

    3. Megan


      He's not officially retired yet. He worked out and took a physical for the Kansas City Chiefs this week. No further word from that. Thank you. I don't have any plans to draw anymore yet. I'm pretty busy right now. Too scattered to sit down to draw.

    4. Megan


      I think I hit my photo limit on here already anyway.

  6. I am just a sad human being right now. Thanks for everything Dallas! You will forever be my favorite.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. southwest1


      By the way Megan, you are a fantastic sketch artist!!! I marvel at your drawings of Joseph Addai & Dallas Clark in the Gallery Section of Colts Forum. Wow, do you have an amazing talent!!!

    3. Nadine


      I'm sorry megan! Dallas is awesome!

    4. JlynRN


      I'm sorry Megan!!! Dallas was one of my favorites, hard to believe they let him go :(

  7. If you remember me from MyColts or ColtsDirect please send me a friend request. I tried to add everyone but names have changed so much. :)

  8. I think the top part (that you didn't say) is their response to the first quote and it just got mixed into the quote box for your post.
  9. Some people are questioning his wrist and/or the brace. And everybodysgotone asked about the procedure he had done in another thread. So I'm just giving some information here, please don't shoot the messenger! I'm not throwing my opinion into this thread. lol Source So, I guess we should see soon if that brace is going to come off this year and if his play gets better if it does. Here's what the surgery was... Source Make of all that what you will.
  10. Supposedly, the wrist brace is an extra precaution only. The full recovery is approx. 1 year. One year will be up sometime this month, so we'll see if it really comes off or not. There's an article out there that got a little more detailed about his surgery (not much)...I'll see if I can dig it up for you. Edit: Found it. I'll post it to the Clark thread so I don't pull this one off topic.
  11. Not only do we not have the power to block access to a visible thread, we also would have no reason to do that if we could. The only actions we are able to take are to move, merge, close, delete, or edit problematic threads/posts. If you can see a thread on the board, it has not been deleted and that would be the only way you wouldn't be able to access it. What you have most likely run into was either a glitch of some sort or you tried to access them while the board was momentarily down (it does that from time to time). I can see them fine and the last reply in the thread was after you posted this. There are ALWAYS posts here that are negative towards people in the organization from the smallest tier all the way up to Polian and Irsay. They go unedited as long as they are within the rules and don't get deleted just because it's someone of importance. What you're implying is completely false.
  12. At first, when I saw this title I was like . Then after a few replies it was more like :whew:. Little further was like this ok, ok, I'm following :yes:. Get to reply #14 about the Browns . Aaaand now I'm silently sobbing in the corner. ...lol
  13. Not worried about him. If there is a problem there, I'm still not worried because McAfee is itching to kick field goals.
  14. The negative 1 on this post was my bad. Accidentally bumped it since I'm on my phone. Can somebody +1 that for me to cancel it off? Sorry presto, totally agree with your post!
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