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  1. Those guys always have something to complain about, especially the young one. We won by FOUR touchdowns so I'm not gonna complain much. I love watching our offense pound the ball, but man nothing beats watching Wentz drop dimes 50 yards down field. Just beautiful, chefs kiss.
  2. Just because you haven’t doesn’t mean they can’t.
  3. I can't tell if you're joking. I absolutely agree that they should be kicked off twitter though.
  4. It's football. You literally line up against someone for about three hours trying to beat him into the ground. Aggression and emotion is going to leak out from time to time. Am I happy about it? NO! Stuff like that's gonna happen though. It's a violent game. Heck I don't think I'm a dirty person and I used to do stuff like that. You just need to have a mean mindset and when you do this stuff will happen.
  5. Defense was hard to watch! Don’t really wanna overreact though. Wentz looks legit though.
  6. WHAT!! I live in Granger and CBS was playing the lions game. That’s ridiculous.
  7. So many questions??? Not enough answers. WE DEMAND TO KNOW!?!
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