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  1. I usually just inject it right into the blood stream. Don’t knock it till you try it. One day I wish to be able to breathe under the sea. Maybe in an octopus’ garden.
  2. I’d be more worried if nobody wanted our coaches or scout. So this is a good thing to me. Sure on the surface level it’s a bad thing, but what this means is we have a well built and well run organization.
  3. Oh I know he’s winning the one from this off season. I’m talking about the one from last off season. I think Jordan love was leading it or something like that. I don’t know it was like a year ago.
  4. Yeah I remember that poll. I remember reading through all the names and seeing Stafford listed and was like wait, he’s gonna get all the votes and was surprised to see he barely got any.
  5. Wait you haven’t been to my house!! How did you know I have pictures of him all over the place?
  6. I’m sure he’s just waiting for the “perfect” opportunity. Kinda like how Ballard only took interviews from teams in the midwest if I remember correctly.
  7. Actually he did call runs, but they were in base defense so those runs were checked to passes seconds before the snap.
  8. This has nothing to do with anything, but I’d rather have Rodgers than Mahomes.
  9. I mean he’s still one of the better off the ball linebackers in the league this year.
  10. I actually think Frank is a really good HEAD coach. I think he’s a really good play designer. I think he’s a really good game schemer. I even think he can be a good play caller. I just think calling plays and managing the entire game might be too much for him at the moment. I would love it if he handed over play calling duties to Siriani. It would show some humility and it would allow him to shift all his focus to managing the flow of the game.
  11. So the Saints get fined and lose a draft pick for celebrating, but this is perfectly fine. Makes sense
  12. The funniest thing about it for me is my brother is a diehard Bears fan and he wasn’t shocked about the penalties at all
  13. And I’m not even mad at Frank for passing I mean we’d be in our own end zone before too long.
  14. That’s the thing. Technically they were all holding. My frustration was that it was all stuff that happens every play. In my opinion they were nothing more than what the packers left ankle was doing the whole game. So by the books holding, but still ridiculously to be one sided.
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