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  1. You've all nailed Venturi but I'll add this. Last week, he told the listeners exactly what would happen in the Oakland game if the Colts played the 'vanilla nonsense' they did v Atlanta. He was 100% spot on.
  2. Good news. It's a long season ahead still. Bad news. It's a long season ahead still. Bad news. Anyone who thought the Raiders would be 'easy' clearly paid no attention last season when the only thing that stopped them from beating the Colts was a turnover from Leonard and Luck turning it on to build on that turnover. Indy didnt stop them last year and this defense is no different (arguably worse). Good news. There're still deficient QBs on Indy's schedule. 10/11 wins is still very well within range.
  3. So far this defense reminds me of the Dungy Colts defenses. Same issues, similar style of D. The only problem is there is a KILLER attack paired with it. Might have been a great defense to pair with Luck but with Jacoby? I don't think it makes sense. *oh and that minor issue of lacking a #98 and #93
  4. Could have used Inman today for sure...
  5. Yeah, it's an amazing quality human beings have...we can find faults in anything. TY? Oh too small and not tough enough? Marvin? Ahhh we wish he were T.O or Moss, big and DOMINANT. Reggie? Too slow. Collie was in good company.
  6. I see your point for sure. I wouldn't call it cruel though...he was just committed to such high standards that if you didn't live up to them, you were toast. He didn't suffer B.S. at all. That's why he was who he was. The greats are almost always that way in virtually every work of life.
  7. He was a step up from Brandon Stokley, and those are words I never thought I'd utter.
  8. Laron Landry is the first that pops to mind. Djoun(sp?) Smith.
  9. It's weird to get dinged for getting that YAC, after getting knocked last year for not getting enough YAC. Just wait till they unleash Campbell. At the end of the day, as long as those Ws keep rolling in, I'm pretty certain Brissett doesn't care, and luckily he has a GM who won't use those stats against him come negotiation time.
  10. Right. Ebron hasn't featured yet. Campbell will get his day, I wouldn't be surprised if that doesn't happen till the second half of the season. He'll get his chance to put up 150yds but that's not going to be a weekly thing.
  11. Yeah, that's flat out wrong. Bring any sane metric and Luck improved on it last year. Heck, bring couch surfer SLOB's eyeball test metric and Luck beat even that garbage metric too. Like Manning, we all saw what happened when he was missing. Your comment is mind boggling.
  12. Luck did have inconsistencies but he also had seriously RUBBISH coaching. One day Jim Irsay will sit down and really beat himself up for letting that negligence carry on as long as it did. Luck's last game v the Pats was excellent. You may want to rewatch that one. He did EVERYTHING you could ask of him. That game reminded me of when Peyton finally broke his rough streak against New England, it was 04 or 05 when he went into Foxborough and smashed them 40-21 or something like that. All game they threw everything at him but he kept coming back at them. To me, that's the first game where Belichick realized, he had to treat this QB differently. That game is what led to things like the '4th and 2' call. The realization that you were not going to beat this guy. Yes, Luck's last game v the Pats was an L but rewatch that game and see the circumstances. It felt like Luck did everything and the Colts just did zero to help him. There were 40something dressed players, guys were dropping balls left and right, the defense was effectively a failure in progress (that Gordon TD, yuck), it was pretty much Luck and not much else. I'd have really loved to see AL play Belichick this season, with a full accompaniment of weapons, I really think he had that NE coach figured out. All that to say, yes Luck was inconsistent early on but in one season with proper coaching, he was the best QB in the league not named Mahomes. Elite mind, elite athlete. Dude was a gem. Brissett will never get to that level. JB7 may be more successful, heck he may go on to be like Tom Brady and win multiple rings but in terms of that pure mix of mind and physical ability, forget it. Luck was singular.
  13. Why? The point is a fair one. Maybe not the Pats of this year but the Pats of the early 2000s at the very least. Now the defense has to get better. Currently, this defense won't get Indy very far.
  14. Well you can say that for most of the local media though. Occasionally you'll hear them complain about how some national guy has more connections with the Colts admin than them. They know the Colts FAR better than any of the national media though. He has player quotes a lot but not any more than the rest of the local media, essentially 'liking' a local journalist seems to depend on whether you like his/her voice and the way they carry themselves. If Mathis jumps in front of the Colts bus and gets run over, you'd better be first in line to repeat that trick.
  15. The Colts are underdogs for most games this season I think. That'll change once the team strings Ws. It's not illogical for the MSM to pick against the team.
  16. Mike Wells of ESPN was with Holder, he repeated the exact same thing. Vinny had also said something almost identical to Zach Keefer and someone else. Heck even Pat McAfee went along with the whole retirement angle. Who do you think is closer to AV? Mac or Mathis? You don't like Holder, that's no problem but when you let your personal bias cloud your judgement of his work, how are you any different from him or the stuff you're accusing him of i.e. biases? Mathis is passionate and a ride-or-die guy but he needs to take the back seat on this one, he jumped the gun just like everyone else in their own way.
  17. Someone else in the national media actually corroborated Holder's story and added the layer that Vinny was definitely retiring but the Colts where trying to talk him into staying. That story sounds true. It's very plausible that Vinny was going to call it a day and Reich/Ballard convinced him to give it one more shot. We can kill the media for a lot of things but when they call it as it was said, geez lets use some sense here.
  18. Holder simply repeated what he was told. Not sure what you have against him but in this case, he did ZERO wrong. How people chose to interpret his tweet was entirely on them. Is a journalist not supposed to do his job i.e. report without bias? Same way people dogged on Adam Schefter for reporting that Luck news during the game. It's their job.
  19. The Super Bowl from 2017??? Irrelevan. I'd look more at what they've done this season, and focus more on what the Colts want to do (control the clock). The Vikings ran all over Atlanta, and didn't really get the screen game going (they may clog the middle but Cook got his carries and he got to the edges which Mack does well). I think that's precisely what Frank Reich will try to do. If the gameplay isn't run heavy then I'm thinking the TY and Ebron are going to get a LOT of work and yards. Either way, I doubt this is the week Hines sees heavy involvement in the offense.
  20. Yeah that's straight up wrong. In that time, he's stayed out of trouble, teams have suffered serious downturns in their fortune at the position, and Kelly (to his credit) has balled out when given the chance albeit in preseason, at worst he's proven he's better than the Colts QB3 (Walker). That's quite a bit that's changed. Much like you and many others, I thought he was brought in as a favor to Jim Kelly and he probably was, but the dude's taken his chance with both hands. He has value even if it's as QB2 for someone.
  21. The play book was pretty open in the first game. The offense did what it had to do and was enough to win the game. The defense is okay? If they play like they did against the Chargers, you can be rest assured that the Colts will get blown out. Book it. Your assessment of the team is a bit off.
  22. DEFENSE: Stop the run. Contain the screen game (Henry is dangerous but Dion Lewis-style backs have been threats to the Colts more over the years). Play physical. OFFENSE: Go after their cornerbacks Play action. Punish their blitzing. It'll be a big test but the don't underestimate what he did versus the Chargers...that was a GOOD defense and he played excellently. The Titans will offer a different challenge with probably a lot more blitzing...Luck was a master at handling Tennessee's blitzing, time to see whether Jacoby can punish them too....if he can handle their blitzing, it should be another big Colts win. If he can't, well....brace yourself for a slugfest.
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