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  1. If it's strictly about the $, the Colts are unlikely to sign Collins, as most observant folks seem to get by now, this GM isn't overpaying anyone to come play for his team. The wildcard though is Collins may want to play for the Colts for less than other teams offer. Remember Ballard said that last year, some players wouldn't come to Indy because of multiple reasons that had nothing to do with money (no certainty surrounding #12, poor team, lack of direction, etc) and this year Indy has all those things locked down and more so there may yet be some players who sign here for less than they get offered elsewhere if they believe there's something special brewing here...we all believe that to be the case.
  2. Do you think the coaches and GM like the fact that Q does that to teammates? I suspect they like the 'attitude' change he brings.
  3. I've seen games where he was flat-out dominant and unplayable but he also seems slow, almost like a TE playing wideout sometimes. And many times it did seem like the corners just didn't have any idea how to play him in college where the NFL isn't going to lie down like that.
  4. I've seen mock drafts (inc. PFF) that have Risner going in the 1st round. Somehow I doubt he's there in round 3.
  5. You're trotting out so much old tripe, it's unreal. Holds onto the ball too long? What were his numbers there this year? When the offenses a QB plays in demand that he holds onto the ball, guess what happens? What are P.Mahomes release numbers? Force bad throws? He does that, I'll give you that. He has the habit of thinking everything is on him and forcing things to happen. Guess who used to be saddled with that label? Yup, Peyton Manning. For years, the talk was that he needed to learn to take what the defense gave him. You don't remember that now naturally. Forces throws to Hilton? Yeah, have you seen who the Colts trot out at wideout? Seen the All-22? Oh, and this is old tripe, how much was Hilton FEATURED this year? Luck's football iQ, yeah that's mainly a fiction of your imagination. I don't see anyone questioning Drew Brees' IQ and he was pretty poor the last quarter of the year inc. playoffs. Even Tom Brady had more than his fair share of errors v KC, he also had a TEAM that covered them up. Luck went to NE this season with a banged up team and still put up points on that defense. You speak of Pittsburgh, are you talking of the game the Colts let up over 50 points? My point is: when you speak of football IQ and all that stuff that has little metric or verifiable fact with it, the narratives are usually wrong and not well thought out. Those are individual 'feelings'. Simply not really fair and easily blown apart.
  6. I think if that was the Pats, they would 100% have put 40 up.
  7. Yeah, locked them up isn't something I saw either. KC pretty much marched down the field when they needed to. The one genuine time the Colts defense did anything was that Leonard fumble. Outside of that, I think the Chiefs knew that game was wrapped and bagged up. They could score at will.
  8. Nailed it. The Colts had to play the perfect game on offense i.e. mistake-free, taking points from as many drives as possible, dominating possession, etc. They had to be perfect just to keep it close. Anything else and it was always going to be a really ugly outcome. That 1st drive was killer, once that Ebron drop happened, you could see shoulders drop, you could see the disappointment. My biggest surprise was the Chiefs didn't get to 40, second biggest was that QB not throwing a TD.
  9. Your fears about the defense are creditable I think but first Houston awaits and we've seen that as long as the Colts don't make stupid mistakes, they can play with that Houston offense. A more dangerous passer like Mahomes or Rivers may present another set of problems but it's one game at a time and this defense should 'travel' well in Houston.
  10. Weird story, hard to tell what's what but a few things are known. - the Colts backed him big time after his brother's death - Bereavement is no joke, everyone handles it differently, best of luck to the young man - No need to knock his play, that shouldn't be brought up, like the other linemen, he had ups and downs. Heck, even Castonzo would be off the team if you listened to some know-it-alls - Not sure what Coach Gugs said to him but he's FAR from a failure, a 7th rounder sticking around this long is a success - There's definitely something lost in 'translation'. He left the team on good terms.
  11. Yeah, you don't know many Detroit fans do you? They describe him as all of that and more (More = he actively had a hate-hate relationship with that city). Fleener sucked in New Orleans, Ebron sucked in Detroit. Graham has sucked everywhere since he left N.O....is he terrible too? Fleener was not as bad as you make out. Ebron CAN be better for Indy, I say that because I know he has it in him. He's not shown his best yet!
  12. Yeah, he had almost a thousand yards in two seasons IIRC. He had a season with over 700yds and 8 TDs. That's decent production for a TE in a TWO TE system. I don't love Fleener but this narrative that 'he sucked' is false.
  13. I think the positives outweigh the negatives too. I didn't think Fleener was a bust, I thought he produced for the Colts when asked to so comparing Ebron to him isn't a negative comment on my part. I rated Fleener, I thought he did his job while also being a bit annoying. Ebron has been that too.
  14. Not dropping so many balls he didn't. There was a beast across the field on the opposing team who is clearly a better TE. Kelce is also a better player. He did good, on a shaky receiving day by the Colts ball catchers, he did fine (probably the best of the shaky lot) and put up numbers. The Pats couldn't handle the mismatches he created. Ebron is basically Fleener 2.0.... Lots of big play potential, subpar blocking, infuriating drops, spectacular catches. He's the BIG NAME on the team right now, he's going to get held to a higher standard than guys like Chester and Pascal and even Swoope (who's amazingly doing everything you want from him and hasn't shown himself to be inferior to Ebron).
  15. He can be a star. I'll leave it at that. Let's see how it all shakes out.
  16. Before we even begin to look at his on-field performance, the Colts don't have the locker room strength or winning culture to withstand bringing in an element like him who has massive off-field issues. Same reason bringing in Dez would be a mistake. Chris Ballard has spoken time and again about getting the locker room right, that's his first concern, building guys who battle and fight....that's his foundation. Like it or not, Gordon doesn't fit that. Onto the actual on-filed stuff, yes he's better than Dez, and yes he may still have ability but I've not really seen it this season with Cleveland or New England. If he stays focused and clean, I think he can probably dig deep to produce it over time but lets not act like right now he's a superstar WR, he isnt.
  17. It's not a matter of being too good for him, it's a matter of Gordon being wholly unreliable. Colts couldn't afford that risk level. The Pats can. Also, Gordon didn't show much last night on field. Sure he had a TD but you should be livid at those DBs for letting him come down with that ball, they were atrocious on that play.
  18. For me, Chester from Grambling is the biggest disappointment of the receiving corp. I know he's a small school guy and all but he's been around for a while. The team cut Dorsett loose partly because of belief in Chester. He's just teased and teased and never grown to be reliable. I think he'll be lucky to be a Colt next season.
  19. Dez Bryant? No. Did you guys not watch him with the Cowboys on and off the field? Did you not watch All or Nothing? Did you not learn the lessons with Andre Johnson a couple seasons back? Bryant isn't for this team. Maybe....MAYBE Rishard Matthews who's actually still productive and not disruptive. The wideouts have been largely disappointing here. Marcus Johnson, Paschal and especially Chester who's been here a while but has never hit the next level, will all likely not be here next season. Looking at the way this draft class has performed, I think Deon Cain would really have been a star but we'll have to wait till midway next season to really find out. An early round wideout will probably get drafted. Fountain needs to step up too. There were too many holes to fill all at once and there're just growing pains that have to be taken in. Next season will be a good one. Oh, and IF the Colts can get a run of good health this season, I think they win double digit games THIS season or close to it.
  20. Who wudda thunk it? A Hall-Of-Fame GM knew what he was talking about.
  21. The O-Line needs health AND consistency in personnel. That's the biggest issue there. The tackles were bad yesterday but don't forget Kelly was at fault for that ridiculous defensive TD that got Houston started. Also as far as guards go, Nelson was terrible yesterday. The line as a WHOLE was dire yesterday. The good thing is the got better in the second half. Once health improves, watch the line become much better. Also, keep in mind, these guys have faced FOUR monster defensive fronts to start the season.
  22. Running the ball had nothing to do with that loss. Poor tackle play, multiple dropped balls, and poor play calling from Reich (esp in the 1st half) were more culpable. If anything, it took the coaches too long to realize that running was a waste of time. This is 2018 not 1992.
  23. Lighter injury report this week, good.
  24. How strong is Drew Brees arm? Who cares about arm strength??? Can you get the ball where it needs to go in a timely manner? That's all that matters. Tom Moore once said he didn't care how pretty Peyton's throws were, as long as they got there when they needed to. This is a crazy debate. Venturi is right, it doesn't matter. He knows very well that having a howitzer means nothing.
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