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  1. How's Andre Chachere doing in Philly? Is he on their 53?
  2. I thought that for while but then stopped to really think it through. Does it suck though? We're still trying to assess what Wentz is but he's young enough to be considered a franchise QB right? If we agree on that then the only question mark left is the ability. So far, he looks like one of the top 10-12 QBs in the league. Sure, we (fans) are possibly lamenting the opportunity cost i.e. we got this dude while failing to get someone like Mac Jones or Justin Fields. Is Wentz better than those guys today and moving forward? The Colts seem to be betting he is. I cant argue against that POV. Unless we got Trevor Lawrence, the odds that one of those other QBs was turning into Andrew Luck seem pretty slim. We can prognosticate and pontificate and all that jazz all day long but basically if this pans out (fingers crossed, and so far looking good), we paid a 1st and 3rd for a franchise QB. That's not the worst deal in the world if the kid turns out to be Luck of 2018. I'll take that deal all day.
  3. Even if we bomb, i dont think Wentz is getting shut down. I have come to the understanding that they paid a 1st rounder for Carson and valued that over any 1st round rookie QB because they think Wentz is better.....and that bet might not be wrong. The 1st round pick is going to the Eagles.
  4. Folks will disparage a coach without coming up with their alternative. Why? That alternative is almost always worse. Belichick isnt safe from fan heat and he's the goat. It is what it is. Lets bin the coach because he went aggressive on 4th down.
  5. The backup QB battle of summer 2021 will join a long list of other topics in the great halls of this forum's 'much ado about nothing' section There was some serious angst when Ehlinger started 'stealing' snaps from Eason. This result was like Thanos.....inevitable.
  6. The young man will get his time. He'll get his time but i wouldn't be surprised to see Dez Patmon get time ahead of Strachan when Dez comes back.
  7. Again, after the last game, i'm not sure this is the time to be complaining about a WRs usage. I get the excitement about Strachan but generally this staff operate with a host of pass catchers featuring on any given day so he may get his time yet. Though after seeing how it went for PAtmon last year, i wouldn't bank on that. Just be happy he's on the 53 then wait and see.
  8. Strachan will get his time. That gong isnt the one to be banging right now, not after that game in Baltimore where all the pass catchers and the QB showed up. Can Strachan play ST? Or defense? His time will come.
  9. For sure, we should have scored more. We scored 25, call it 32 if you add in the kickers missed chances. 32 in Baltimore will win 99% of the time. Heck, if we replay that game 100 times with same performances, i think the Colts win 99 times if ST just plays slightly better. Should score more, but over 500 yards and the way we moved the ball? Yeah that's hard to do. It was an ELITE performance from the QB, and overall offense.
  10. Elite QBs beat almost every coverage. That's why when you have games like Tampa v KC in the SB, or Brady v Belichick from two weeks back, they stand out big time. Those performances are not the norm in the league today. They require serious scheming, and more importantly, they require big time talent producing at their peak. You know that defense is merely a speed bump in today's league. I know you know that. I'm frustrated with the trend over the years but we've not had a pass rush at all. Last year 99 was the leading pass rusher.....and he's not done anything this year in the pass game. The stars on this defense are playing like league average players, while the others are doing even worse. Outside of Rock Ya Sin who probably took all that cussing and bad vibes personally and has morphed into Marlin Jackson. No one on defense is showing at all, i am not going to knock scheme when that's the case. If anything, maybe the scheme should get even more simple....that's what Dungy did very time his defense started teetering on the brink.
  11. It's an understated story because we lost, and lost from the position we were in but it bears repeating, we put up over 500 yards of offense on that team...in Baltimore. IIRC the Colts have not put out that kind of offensive production since 2014. Shame we lost but if we keep this up, again....i'm sticking my neck out as i've done from the start, we will win this division.
  12. It makes things far more complicated as @Zoltan said. However, if your players are not reacting as fast because they're not processing things fast, or are not performing as should then yes, your defense looks like it's simple and has blown coverages left and right. We can't say his defense is too simplistic then when provided with facts that he varies his looks, you pivot and say he doesn't change post-snap. When the numbers show he does, then what? For me, the players need to play better, period. The three big dawgs are Leonard, Buckner, and Moore, and none of them have shown anything this year. We don't love the defense, sure....but when last have we loved a Colts defense, and i ask...which defense is it that people actually love? No one is fielding the 85 Bears.
  13. His defense isnt that simple. This season, he's varied his looks as much as any other DC in the league. The fundamentals are not there, he's right. Forget the unit as a whole, and look at the pieces....outside of Rock, how many individuals have done anything on that defense this year? Blackmon woke up in the last game before getting hurt, who else? Maybe Paye. The big names have not done diddly poo. Before we crap on the defense, lets look at the players, they need to stand up.
  14. I love the confidence and belief though, he is owner and fan, good for you Jim!
  15. People need to check themselves, this is uncalled for. Maybe folks who do things like this should get locked in an empty room with the player they've threatened.
  16. I'd say take heart with the knowledge that we played one of the AFC contenders in their home and hung with them, and more importantly, we did everything to win the game but had a bum kicker. The context is we should have won with Carson's effort. We should have won by a TD
  17. In the league today, there are not that many teams who can stop those QBs. It takes some serious game planning, some good coverage, and a serious pass rush. I think we may have the game plan part but we don't have the pass rush or coverage
  18. Fisher was always going to need a long-is ramp to get into his groove. I don't expect him to be great for another few weeks.
  19. Sweat and Metcalf happened BEFORE CB said the locker room was ready IIRC. Plus, one thing folks fail to note when you drop names is the fact that DK Metcalk in Seattle might not have been the same player in Indy. It's not simply a case of great talent translating across the board seamlessly.
  20. I don't think that has anything to do with it. I think there're players who've had 'character' issues who've bombed. I think there're teams who've brought those guys in and whiffed. Plus CB said he thinks his locker room can handle those things better now so that's not likely a factor like before.
  21. It's an indictment of Chris Ballard, and the defensive coaching staff. However, this is exactly what we expected it'd be. We lost our top two rushers, didnt bring in, or were unable to secure cheap replacements. So here we are. It'll continue to be a struggle through the 1st two quarters of this season. The offense has to become a more prolific unit to balance things out.
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