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  1. lol I didn’t think we could use the b word? That said I did really good on the Cardinals game!
  2. Looks like a storm is going to hit my house right around kickoff, not good for satellite tv and internet.
  3. We’ll Somebody’s got to win this game!
  4. Stephen Holder said Monday on The Ride with JMV he new for a fact Sam before injury had won back up spot.
  5. That’s what I was thinking if Jonathan Taylor can’t go or is limited might as well go with Mack maybe increase trade stock.
  6. I’m sure it’s been posted but Colts had Sam Ehlinger as the preferred back up before his injury, and now that he is practicing will probably jump both of them.
  7. I hear you but, if we somehow pull out a convincing win tomorrow maybe turn this battleship around?
  8. Colts are not going to bench Wentz and unless he gets injured and cannot play we are losing are 1st round pick. Wentz will be back next year, but the back up is yet to be determined.
  9. The hole team seems under whelming, not what I expected after last year.
  10. Who is the emergency quarterback? My guess would be Zach Pascal hopefully we don’t find out
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