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  1. The only thing that scares me is we get jumped by a team and they draft Lance and now we are stuck with Brissett. Maybe move up to pick 5 similar to what Jets did with us a couple years ago once the new year starts?
  2. Resign Philip Rivers, draft Trey Lance and work him in like Hill on Saints what they hoped jacoby Brissett could add
  3. That’s not why Luck retired! imagine A young Andrew on the team we have now! Probably be unstoppable.
  4. Yes he’s never traded up yet, but quarterback is that important! I don’t buy it’s not about one guy talk.
  5. How on earth can you say Ballard isn’t trading up? If it’s Ballards guy you do everything possible to get him it’s that important!
  6. Dish network has given CBS back I can watch the game! I had went so far as buying an out door antenna but haven’t mounted it yet.
  7. Well after reading this I won’t bother watching the game, clears up three hours tomorrow!
  8. Your boy last week was Moe, Lol anyway Blackmon looks good!!!
  9. I don’t get all the hate with time change, to me this works much better?
  10. That’s exactly what I was thinking Lol
  11. What would that get us in draft order?
  12. Basically watching a preseason game, with a team starting a new quarterback!
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