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  1. Kansas City Chiefs (11-13) final pick! Thanks everyone for a great year and can’t wait for next year!
  2. I’m going with what I want to happen, don’t have any money on this Lol to cheap, go Lions!
  3. I personally like soldier field and the location, hope they don’t move it.
  4. Ravens 7-10 Packers 1-3 Lions 4-6 Chiefs 4-6 I new I should have picked the Packers last week
  5. We could have moved up and drafted Jordan love. We had the extra second round pick that year.
  6. I hope you’re right about the Packers I’d love for them to beat the Cowboys!
  7. This year I just rolled with my picks and didn’t change any, next season will be different.
  8. NFC (2) Cowboy’s (7-10) (3) Lions (1-3) (4) Buccaneers (4-6) AFC (5) Browns (1-3) (6) Dolphins (1-3) (2) Bills (7-10)
  9. Thanks for all your hard work managing the weekly pick’ems !
  10. I have a DraftKings account and only put $25 a year on this account! I do the minimum amount per bet $.10 if you can’t win with this amount you’re probably wasting your time!
  11. That’s my thought for this game, prime time Saturday night it’s going to be loud! CJ Stroud will get rattled and Colts win by 10 points! Heck, maybe Lucas oil stadium puts up a banner for the 12th man!
  12. Week 18 Picks Pittsburgh Indianapolis Cincinnati Detroit Jacksonville New England New Orleans Tampa Bay Green Bay Las Vegas Philadelphia Seattle Kansas City San Francisco Dallas Buffalo
  13. I almost asked to switch my pick to the Colts this morning, I had a feeling 😫
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