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  1. When can we sign players without affecting comp picks?
  2. That’s what I was thinking Lol thought it was code for wine!
  3. I flattened out some boneless chicken breast, stuffed them with cream cheese, jalapeños, mozzarella and wrapped them in bacon. I have them in my smoker basting them with barbecue sauce now!
  4. Muscat grapes,Don’t those have seeds and normally used for wine? just asking Lol
  5. He retires two weeks before the season starts
  6. Me either when I was a janitor at Harvard, I liked to solve math problems left on classroom boards!
  7. He isn’t any better than most forum members, it’s very rough at best.
  8. Well Nick Foles looks like Napoleon Dynamite heck we may come a full circle!
  9. Yeah I don’t get the assumption that Wentz is available, Sirianni went to Eagles to rejuvenate Wentz’s career not trade him to colts.
  10. The snow is going to be very wet it will make a nice snowman!
  11. He’s going to pull a McDaniels!
  12. The only thing that scares me is we get jumped by a team and they draft Lance and now we are stuck with Brissett. Maybe move up to pick 5 similar to what Jets did with us a couple years ago once the new year starts?
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