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  1. As Tony Dungy used to say “The Best Ability is Availability”. Cannot see how these players that are continually unavailable or living on IR will get a second contract - despite their potential.
  2. Failure to get pressure with 4 DL is crushing this team. When you add depth/reserve secondary to the equation it is tragic. Our linebackers cannot cover for that length of time in space while in cover 2. No lead will ever be safe with this scenario.
  3. Yes definitely, the next replacement on the OL needs to be on the their first contract. The team is in real need of a true longterm #1 WR and # 1 Cornerback
  4. Yes, I guess I was thinking that they still need someone to stretch the field, which is still lacking with TY out.
  5. I believe the offense will open up even more if we can better establish a slot receiver presence. It would give a Wentz a more consistent check down option and create mismatches with linebackers. Anything to help get the ball out of Wentz's hand quicker - especially with a beat up OL. Keke Coutee?
  6. Some of the issue may still be Wentz's chemistry with his receivers. There are very few plays where Wentz throws a receiver open by getting the ball out of his hands immediately on timing routes. Would also like to see the offense establish a slot receiver presence. I thought the team would have attempted to work in Keke Coutee into the lineup by now. The pass plays called in the Redzone are still slow developing. Possibly integrating some-no huddle to limit defensive personnel substitutions.
  7. Could very well be, however I thought Leonard was moving better, and hopefully Okereke is settling in as a starter.
  8. Hard to Say; I think Rock has been playing well. I also thought the Dolphins could have completed the short stuff on Rodgers whenever they wanted today. On a different note the linebackers were playing better in coverage today.
  9. Good to see Frank properly used the TE’s well in this game. Good news about Ryan Kelly- Whew! Autry and Rodgers are playing well for the Titans
  10. Rodgers played soft, lacked ball awareness, and played with too much cushion . At this point I would rather see Marv Tell be given a shot. I was suprised he was not picked on more than he was. Good road victory for the Colts!
  11. I agree Reich is 100% the issue currently, he comes off as low energy, his team is not nearly physical enough, and there are questions about talent evaluation. He is supposed to be the QB guru!. After evaluating Eason for over a year how do you get to the point that Hundley is taking first team reps game week, and not prepared much earlier. Cannot blame loss of practice due to COVID! Based on his play calling, teams are really going to load the box on us.
  12. Red Zone Oline play and 3rd down defensive Pass rush - Game over! We lack a physical identity. That is not Ballard - that is on the coaching staff. The players that got paid and should be carrying the team are just not either 100% healthy while playing or cannot stay on the field. Also, agree on Rock - good for him.
  13. Mr. Irsay has done a noble and commendable job leading the Mental Health Drive. Hats off to his efforts in this area. He may need to access this support program if the Jacoby led Dolphins defeat the colts this coming weekend.
  14. Has Granson been targeted yet? Why was Strachan inactive? Teams will be loading the box until we can show we can stretch the field. Granson was supposed to be a fit for this offense. Our promising running game is going to get stuffed on lees we display a legitimate downfield threat, and the ability to stretch the field. Opposing teams have done this very thing to the Colts.
  15. Epic meltdown if Jacoby leads the Dolphins to a victory, and the Front Office knows it. The Colts paid Jacoby 30 million dollars for a 2 year contract. The Dolphins signed him for 1 year at 5 million. Third down pass rush, and redzone Oline play are destroying the this team. Ballard has repeatedly said the foundation of the team is the OL & DL. Many players have been paid at the top level of their positions - not much to show for it so far. We lack a physical identity. Teams are really going to load the box unless we can show we can stretch the field - Granson/Strachan? Honestly, the best the Oline has ever looked was with fired Oline coach. Team identity begins with the coaching staff. Really a bad look here knowing the team has been evaluating Eason for over a year now - Why would Hundley have not been the Backup QB since the preseason; instead of this very strange game time shuffle. Really makes the talent evaluation look inept.
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