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  1. The new PFF Mock Draft has the Colts selecting Toledo CB Quinyon Mitchell. The first CB off the board in their mock in the upcoming draft.
  2. I am hoping that the Colts draft a coverage linebacker fairly early in the draft - the Colts defense desperately needed one ever since Okereke departed for the Giants.
  3. I could see Ballard selecting CB Terrion Arnold with the 15th pick. Colts are very thin in the secondary. Ballard has already alluded to the need to solidify the safety position, and Arnold transitioned from free safety to CB at Alabama. He was a 1st Team All-American who had 63 total tackles and, led the SEC in interception in 2023. He can also return kickoffs. Hoping foremost Bowers slips as the Top 3 WR’s will be gone. If not, Arnold would be a versatile day one starter with high potential.
  4. I would like to see Ballard stand pat at #15 this year. The Colts need impact players. Having one on a rookie contract is a big plus. If you consider that up to 5 quarterbacks may be selected before the Colts pick, the Colts may have the equivalent of 10th pick of non QB talent in the draft. Prime position to draft a day 1 starter and impact player. As a fan, I love the extra picks, but the Colts have enough JAG's.
  5. Aikman just mentioned the Eagles offense misses Shane Steichen
  6. Sign Pittman and hope Odunze falls in the draft. Harrison, Nabers , and Odunze are likely all gone before the Colts pick. It is possible 5 quarterbacks are drafted before the Colts pick which would help the Colts select an impact player. Some have Bowers lasting into the teens ; which would be an excellent pick for Steichen’s Offense. There are no Safeties or Linebackers graded out in the top half of the first round. ‘Ballard is more than likely to have better CB , DE, options at #15 without moving up. So Ballard’s board may dictate the Colts go defense first for the upcoming draft - if he stays at #15.
  7. Puca Nacua’s Relative Athletic Score -RAS was 5.17. NFL Rookie Receiving and Yards Record in 2023
  8. Hard to imagine that this game could be anymore personal for these two QB’s tonight. By far, the best game of the weekend.
  9. I don’t think the Lions care what others say outside their own organization and are happy with the contributions of this draft class. They are after all finally in the playoffs.
  10. Yes, they got dinged for taking a RB high - according to some, But Jack Campbell was the 2022 Butkus Award winner as the best linebacker in college football.
  11. PFF gave the Lions a B+. ESPN and the NFL Network gave the Lions a B for their draft.
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