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  1. 1. Unitas Manning 2.Bert Jones, Luck, Dallas Clark, D. Freeney, Wayne and Harrison
  2. Grade Wentz a B. We still wont know what we traded for Wentz til draft day or later to determine if it was a good trade. Wentz has proven to be a warrior. I don't believe the offense has "jelled" yet, and do believe better days are ahead with more continuity. The biggest flaw I see is Wentz has to get rid of the ball and not take a sack on crucial plays. Can almost feel its going to happen every time, more of an O line problem but he's got to do better in those situations.
  3. Never give Jackson the center of the field. He's not accurate enough to make consistent sideline throws. But there they were, giving him everything down the middle of the field. Tough loss but made it easier for a comeback than should have been
  4. Make mistakes and give chances.. Peyton will make you pay
  5. Didn't vote, know they have separate history but for me they are one and the same..
  6. I"m going with ...D. None of the above. Since training camp started there's been no continuity. I'll wait til this team is at full strength and "jells" to really answer this question. We lost to 3 very good football teams and weren't blown out by any means. Everybody's in a funk, let's see what happens
  7. All that is true. That track record tho. Desperate times (O line woes) lead to desperate measures and this appears to be one. Maybe I'm more of a "we shouldn't be here" 3 games into the season, but nobody could have predicted these injuries either.. Just frustrating
  8. Hate to judge but judging from his past...pass. Everything the Colts say they don't want in the locker room.
  9. I said he looked "lethargic".. meaning his feet looked slow on his drop backs. Slow to move out of the pocket. Slow on his releases. Did I not recognize the O line looked "overhyped" and was just as bad nor a part of the problem?
  10. Wentz looked lethargic. O Line looked "over hyped". Pass rush was improved. Secondary looked too "Colt like"
  11. 1. Kylen Granson shows up big time 2. The unexpected? Blankenship leads league in scoring..heard it here first 3. By end of year this defense will be top 3 overall 4. Cleveland Browns - limited options to pick from but its long overdo 5. Washington - defense is no joke and all depends on how far Fitz can lead them
  12. I'm going "old school" John Madden style.. however many times we score more points than our opponent..10 of those times?
  13. Rashan Melvin?..know we been there/done that and he's a couple years older now. Waived by Panthers
  14. He hits another gear once he sets sights on the QB..nice combination of power and speed
  15. Haven't seen enough of Eason to determine yet but looks promising. We've had some really bad backup QB's in the past, so right now that's better than knowing our backup QB is bad
  16. I remember awhile ago hearing the sign of a good football team is when you see your cut players starting for another team. Not because of a bad decision to cut but as you stated, there's not enough room and the in house competition is great. The Colts are definitely knocking on the door of that scenario
  17. Cant argue with that. Might be wishful thinking, was just wondering what kind of camp Fries is having and if he kind of popped off the screen to anybody else watching Sunday. I want to see more of the kid
  18. I was watching the game and was like who's that #75. Just stood out to me. Looked his draft profile up and see he only graded like a 5.8 projection. But still, he looked solid and has started both LT, RT and G. Given the problems at LT the Colts have it cant hurt to give him a shot
  19. Try and squeak this thought by. Any takers on trying Will Fries @ LT? Started a few games there for Penn State.. 6'6" 309lbs under current situation worth a shot?
  20. Hope they turn into the "Indy QB Unfriendly's"..
  21. 2006 vs Redskins..Peyton Manning got hit down low then up high ripping his helmet off. Years later in 2011 Tony Dungy stated he believed that's where the neck injury stemmed from. Little known play but it set into motion and changed the course of this franchise to where it sits today.
  22. Maybe I should have been more specific. If you grew up in southern MD late 70's/early 80's as a Baltimore Colts fan and were surrounded by Redskins fans
  23. Washington..if you grew up a Baltimore Colts fan you'd understand.
  24. What was your favorite NFL team growing up? If answer is "Patriots" it might sway my opinion of them. Some things are better off not knowing lol
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