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  1. Was not a big fan of the rotational strategy and the thinking that all the RB's were the same in any situation. Saw Taylor numerous times getting it rolling then not see the ball again. Sometimes same for Hines.
  2. I was 14, it sucked for me. Grew up with Redskins fan all around and a bunch of Colts haters after the move. Don't forget, the MLB Orioles were pretty good at that time. The Colts had become perennial losers and didn't have the backing like the Orioles.
  3. About every kid has a boyhood hero, Bert Jones was mine.
  4. Wish you the best and stay healthy. If Colts can do the same the sky is the limit
  5. Remember Blue doing those hip thrusts last year after a late in game FG, timing was perfect lol
  6. Would love to see Fountain pick up where left off..following his twitter feed the dude is hungry
  7. Going to be some sour looks on AFC South faces next year when the Colts "run the damn ball" right down their throats..Taylor hits that next gear he's gone..gone..gone!
  8. Bad situation..anytime wife and kids were relocated for their safety. In some ways lucky it hasn't turned out worse
  9. A lot of "unknowns" at this early stage to be debating on if SB contenders. Like the free agent additions and what looks like could be a great draft. Still yet to be determined..
  10. Stinkin Cowboys, guarantee they'll be shoved down our throats every week
  11. Long shots and lost causes..my kind of guy to hope makes it. Maybe he does, maybe he doesn't..Ballard sees something in the kid
  12. How does that work? Correct me if I'm wrong..If a player is put on practice squad by "Team A" and another team "Team B" is interested in signing that player, does "Team A" have the opportunity to bring that player to active roster first? This and the waiver process has always confused me
  13. Was just a highlight reel but Windsor from Penn State..cant wait to see if that motor and enthusiasm is real. My pick is kind of weird too
  14. Watched some of the Packers vs Patriots Super Bowl game last night. AV was the kicker for the Pats. Brett Favre was the QB for Packers and former Bears QB Jim McMahon, who played in the 1985 SB was his backup. AV been around a long... long time!
  15. Mid 70's..Bert Jones was my childhood hero
  16. What a great family and story. That's a wise young man..
  17. Maybe when Peyton sees Brady in a jersey other than the Patriots it will take some of the sting away for him. Change.. Just a part of life
  18. Alright.. big question is, who's wearing #99?
  19. Can an NFL team such as the Colts grant a player permission to go play in the XFL? Let them gain experience and still hold the rights on the player to return. In Kelly's case it might be a good thing for both he and the Colts
  20. Prolly wrote first one, with hope, after he reached out to Luck. Luck responds "no thanks" and then Irsay writes second one to save face..
  21. If Love is there at 13 and Colts pick him, next question..does he start from day 1? Hate to use 1st round draft capital on a player sitting the bench for a year with other holes (DT) to fill
  22. Yep, have the lamp! Disappeared for many years up in parents attic, then was given back to me as a Christmas gift a few years back
  23. Blue- Unitas #19, Bert Jones #7, Manning #18, Harrison #88, Luck #12 White- Freeney #93, Clark #44
  24. Hind sight is 20/20 but sometimes it seems GM's will pass up on players we fans think they should have drafted. The Xavier Rhodes, Landon Collins types. The Colts traded that #26 pick to Washington who then took Montez Sweat, 7 sacks - 2 forced fumbles in 2019, and came on strong to end the year. The Colts got Rock Ya Sin and a high 2nd round pick. Sweat had a great rookie combine running the 40 yd in 4.41. Still too early to see who won that deal, Ya Sin showed flashes and the 2nd rd pick isnt on the team yet.
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