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  1. I believe he is out for year as they said it was broken and dislocated ankle and that will not be healed and rehab not completed before year ends
  2. Except he is not wanting to play multiple position thats why he is also wanting out
  3. And now Minkah Fitzpatrick is allowed to explore a trade
  4. Steelers are trading him to Jags after Foles injury Other guy is still starting
  5. I thought it be a run play, especially without Ebron in game, but then wondered if it was trickery since Ebron was not in game and they would assume we'd run
  6. Yes it would have been, it just wouldnt have been a recovered one. He sacked and stripped the ball, plus it would have been 4th down i believe as that was 3rd and 8
  7. Hadn't seen this posted yet, but Michael Badgley, former Vinny understudy, is doubtful for the game. If it comes down to a kick, could be a bigger deal
  8. Do you know a student in college? I am and get Sunday Ticket for a $100 for the entire season as they do a student discount and can get just sunday ticket
  9. He has been last couple years captain, and I think it is also due to his position as protector on punt. He is only one out there on punt who is captain
  10. As the other have said children museum, Even at 22 I still want to go back there and see it again.
  11. This is the real one, he just doesnt have a checkmark but i followed him for years and it's his
  12. So I do know they are also on NFL Sunday Ticket all games are, I think they decided that the 4th aint worth much why not let people watch
  13. Yes, they colts shouldve protected him more and earlier. But there also were a good amount of no call shots that a brady or a manning or a brees would have had and the flags would have been all over the place
  14. Why not believe, I mean Kurt Warner wasn't even good enough to be drafted? Tom Brady was a six round skinny guy pick. Jacoby has experience, has the love of his teammates why shouldnt we think he can do it. Unlike '17 the offense is made to do well in. He has had practice. Has other players why not
  15. Cuz brady actually was protected by the refs and didnt have any cheap hits. So was Manning. Luck couldn't catch a break
  16. And I am with you, it is not like he isn't capable. He has a team. And the guys love him. Now we back to being doubted, so lets have Jacoby go out there and show us why we will be paying him next year!
  17. Its rarely been called in past, and I think they are doing it more to try to even out some of the new help the offense is getting give defense a better chance to not jump on a cheap move
  18. It has always been the rule, not unnatural movement, if they clap in a flow it is fine. If they specifically change to clap its a false start. They can use their voice to draw offside but still cant jerk their head. It is same way a WR cant move on the line in a jerky fashion
  19. The one time I did BBQ Bash it was incredibly busy. I would say find your seat early and make sure at least some stays there.
  20. I would love that position! No fear of getting injured, get publicity of being a player, its even better than Punter and Kicker, and you know thats hard for me to say
  21. I would say this Unitas is only 67 and later so it was the end of his career which kinda knocks him down by not his best years
  22. Ya when his dad died in '97 he became the youngest owner in the NFL (History maybe) at age 37. He's the only colts owner I have known in my life
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