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  1. I really hope that the KC game is wrong haha, I want it earlier in the season so that I could go
  2. Lester today, Darvish Saturday, Hamels Sunday I'll probably be watching it before dinner then at halftime probably go eat. This is if I am back from a conference
  3. I would too, it is interesting watching them play. First time since 2001 they made sweet sixteen That be fun one for you guys
  4. CF Alamora 3rd Bryant 1st Rizzo, SS Baez C Contreras 2B Bote DH Zobs RF Heyward LF Zaguinis
  5. Ya I am just in my dorm room. Kinda hated the timing of the game. You seen lineup? Andrew McCutchen first Philly At bat is a Leadoff Homerun
  6. Had classes, using MLB.tv to watch Phillies/Braves and then at 3 will watch Cubs/Rangers until I have to go to class at 4 and then keep track on my phone My college is Playing Stanford at 5 CST
  7. Ya anything that big is gonna be insane, but remember how much money they bring in. It changes of course
  8. I have a hard time adding Bonds, ARod, Clemens. And as you pointed out in the other thread a lot of these guys are before my time except. Rivera, ARod, Bonds, Jeter, Red's Griffey, Pujols. To me Henderson is still remembered as a speed guy, Ripken as a iron man, Boggs is only remembered for my generation for that story, Maddux, Johnson, Pedro I completely agree on them being ranked high. Jeter, I am mixed. Gwynn said in other thread. Pujols was high trajectory but once to Angels he kinda lost it. Interesting note with Pujols, I am friends with a second cousin of his, basically her grandmother was one of the aunts that helped raise him
  9. I agree WAR is flawed, but is much better to compare generations as it evens out so that one generation is not weighted to heavily
  10. You still trying to compare luck to trout. It is harder, think about the Cubs, they had Rizzo and Castro lost a hundred games. Bryant, Javy, Lester, Etc come and they win WS. It is easier in NFL to have a great QB take you to the playoffs, MLB you need supporting cast no matter how good. Look at some of the other top players. And again Batting AVG is so different now compared to then. Ted Williams hit over .400 at one point. WRC, WAR, these stats adjust for era and Ballpark and are much better than batting AVG. And I mean Tony Gwynn was great but he had a lot more going for him then just AVG if he only had avg it never would be enough for Hall of Fame
  11. You gotta remember WAR, that is why he gets ranked so high. It is baserunning, hitting, fielding, discipline. Why he is ranked high. Batting AVG doesn't show nearly as much, and remember some of the years he was injured for most. And use in context of todays game for homeruns, that is pretty high. And playoffs in baseball is team so much more than even football. Luck can signal handly change the level of team as we have seen. Baseball no matter who, cannot single change. If pitching staff sucks even the best hitter ever can't get that team to playoffs as he can only hit once every 9 times
  12. Not as odd as you may think. Both stars of their leagues that aren't big for the spotlight. Humbled. Kinda works for that reason.
  13. Will do, Just got the tickets, left field foul line. May 20 1:07 vs the Red Sox. I will be watching the beginning part of the Cubs game, but have class at 4 which I am leaving early to go to a dinner. Will watch weekend games for sure
  14. @NFLfan I am officially going to Toronto May 19-23 with Blue Jays game against the Red Sox one of the days
  15. The Cubs make a counter move by signing Kyle Hendricks to a 4 year plus a vesting option http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/26365496/cubs-starter-hendricks-gets-4-year-extension Less than 48 hours till opening day for the remaining 28 clubs!
  16. I like that he is not forcing his ideas on players. I like that he interacts and let fans know different things thats going on and supporting players. Also of course like his contest
  17. They want him to work on making contact. His 2nd half last year and now spring he's hitting under .200. They did this with Schwarber too so that hope is it will clear his mind and get him back to understanding. Also to give him some consistent time
  18. Ian Happ for the Cubs is optioned to Triple-A to begin the season Maddon announced today
  19. Has a heart condition. Considered low risk http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001023042/article/combine-tests-reveal-montez-sweat-has-heart-condition
  20. Haven't seen this posted but reported yesterday he coming for a visit. If he's healthy could be a good fit with knowing Reich and isn't he a bruiser more so than fast.
  21. I believe it was ankle, tearing a ligament. It was against the Jets on a return after the play. Guy tackled him out of bounds. Dude ended up apologizing I believe. (No Flag of course since it was a colt)
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