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  1. Might have been.....or maybe he was the janitor.....hmmmm......come to think of it, lol!
  2. Welp, sorry about the sweep guys, just wasn’t meant to be. Like you guys said, getting this far was great, anything else would have been the cherry on top, unfortunately the Nationals ate the cherry. Hope Harper feels humbled.
  3. Concussions suck. Had a couple back when I was an amateur boxer, both times ring Doc checked me and told my family to just make sure I was breathing throughout the night and that I got up in the morning, lol.
  4. Can the person afford both? Will both be beneficial to the persons health? Not necessarily wrong IMO.
  5. I definitely think having a great QB is beneficial to the team, as both Manning and Luck made everyone else around them(at least the receivers) better players. One could argue, though, that those elite QBs come with a high price tag and can keep the team from being able to afford other great players?
  6. Haha I didn’t even notice that!!! Love it!!!! Q is by far my favorite player now, was going to order his jersey, but got a B- day coming up this month so might hold off just in case...
  7. Harvesting Chiefs LOL!!!!!!
  8. Kenny’s a great man and on a great mission!
  9. Sorry not a Baldy breakdown, but great nonetheless. Q is really starting to garner a lot of attention......#Q4MVP???? Doubt an O-lineman gets it but wouldn’t that be awesome?! The comments are pretty good after the article too, including this image, lol! https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.stampedeblue.com/platform/amp/2019/10/10/20906857/film-room-quenton-nelson-establishing-himself-as-the-leagues-best-interior-lineman
  10. Ok I couldn’t stay away from baseball, my Cubs mourning period is over, lol. Wow Braves, and WOW Dodgers, lol! WTH was Roberts thinking putting Kershaw back out there, poor guy just does not have good luck when it comes to pitching in the post season. Sounds like Yu wasn’t the only one with bad luck for the Dodgers.
  11. Do our neighbors to the north have any outstanding DEs that they would like to share?
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