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  1. Hopefully it was just first game back jitters....IDk he’s definitely not the same player he was in 2016. Still happy they won the series and Hendricks kept the damage to a minimum while he was in. GoCubsGo!
  2. Had to follow the game on phone when I could while traveling deep in the heart of Texas today. El Mago did his thing once again! And how special is the story of the boy who is recovering from cancer that asked for a moonshot yesterday, and Rizzo delivered with a grand slam!!! Awesome!!!! So glad they’ve been successful with Contreras injured, although it looks like he was taking batting practice today so should be back soon. Russell had a rough game again, and Madden was a little critical of him after the game. His days might be numbered. Hope the Cubs can get a sweep tomorrow, and start their road trip with some more momentum!
  3. Most of the games they lost were within a touchdown or so, other then the beat downs they received from Minnesota(didn’t show up)and Auburn (waaay outmatched) in the Bowl game Should be an interesting season.
  4. NO WAY!!! Purdue has some very nice firepower this year, although QB might be a question, hoping Sindelar gets his interceptions under control and remains uninjured, that’s if he doesn’t get beat out in camp. I predict Purdue will go 8-4 and to a little more prestigious bowl then they have been recently. Can’t wait to watch Rondale Moore go off again this year!
  5. Cubs Win! And Yu finally gets a win at a Wrigley!!!!!! He’s starting to heat up, hope he can keep that trend going!!!
  6. Back to pre break form tonight. Lots of runners left on bases, lots of dumb mistakes. Put MVP back at third, Bote doesn’t belong there. Contreras needs to get healed up need him out there.
  7. Cubs win again!!!! 10-4, I like it!!!First series win in over a month!!!! Lester hit a homerun, Contreras hit a homerun, Schwarber had a great day at the plate and an amazing catch! Then an amazing play by Baez/Russel/Rizzo to end the game!!!
  8. Definitely, even when we get a little , we always find a way to get past it and enjoy this great game of baseball!!! There are some great people on this thread!
  9. Averaging 17 pts a game in limited action too!!! Word is Celtics are working on a guaranteed contract for him, not common for second rounders! Pacers had a chance to sign him but traded the pick, that’s too bad!!!
  10. Colts- Peyton Manning hands down. Spurs- The Admiral David Robinson Cubs- This one a tough. Rizzo is probably my favorite player due to his team leadership and toughness, as well as his philanthropic activities.
  11. Well the Cubs are up to a good start after the break!!!! Yu had a good game: 6 IP,2 Hits,1 BB, 8 Ks, and 0 ER. Not too shabby. Strop about blew it though Let me dust this thing off....
  12. They are a great group of guys, and I’m sure Rizzo and Lester share a special bond due to both of them being cancer survivors. Rizzo is all about helping children, it’s great. Lester made the same offer to Tyler Trent, who was not only a Purdue Boilermakers Superfan but a huge Cubs fan as well, but sadly Tyler didn’t live long enough to take him up on his offer. Sad.
  13. Lester is a great human being.... https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.desmoinesregister.com/amp/1707707001
  14. I know there’s been a lot of talk about the balls possibly being juiced, but wow I didn’t know the MLB owned Rawlings and is being accused of changing them! Wow!!! Heres the MLBs response..... Hmmmmm.... https://www.google.com/amp/s/sports.yahoo.com/amphtml/rob-manfred-mlb-juiced-balls-justin-verlander-221558721.html
  15. Feels like deja vu from last year for the Cubs. Inconsistent bats, and they keep making a lot of silly errors. They are better then the product they’re putting out there, and I really hope they get back on track. Super lucky to be leading the division, it’s going to be a scrap to the finish against some very scrappy teams. Reds making a lot of noise. Cards are dangerous. Pirates play like world beaters against the Cubs. I’m not impressed by the Brewers(other then yelich). Really hope Zobrist returns, his locker room presence is missed as well as his clutch batting. I think Russell is a goner. Should be an interesting second half.
  16. I am not Maddon. I am not Baez. I am not a representative of the Cubs, just a fan. Why do you keep making this about the Cubs? They weren’t even involved in this situation? A former player that I am a fan of was. I’ve already said that they do dumb stuff. They are not perfect, I criticize them all the time. Maddon has done that in the past, and I think it’s dumb to get yourself kicked out of the game. Say your piece and move on when warned. He needs to be there in the dugout making decisions, not in the clubhouse sipping wine.
  17. Your video did not show up the first time I read that. I see it now. I believe he would have if they wouldn’t have stopped him. Completely different situations, IMO. 1. No one was hit. 2. No one was ejected(that I recalled) 3. Garret acted like he just won the World Series for getting a strikeout and jawed at Baez, causing him to react. 4.Garrett went after Baez too, Arrietta jawed but did not actively pursue Frazier. 5.Frazier was ejected after being warned and not stopping, Arrietta was not. 6. Did I mention that I know the Cubs have done dumb things in the past? Are you skipping over that part?
  18. Not following??? Did Baez rush the mound after being hit against the Reds? Was Baez ejected recently? I did mention that I know Cubs players have done it in the past, no? My original statement pertains to all baseball players, not just the Cubs, you brought them up. I was talking about Arrietta vs Frazier. Frazier was hit, acted like he was going to rush Arrietta, and Arrietta said if he wants to handle it in that manner then he will defend himself, at least that’s my take on it. IMO it shouldn’t take someone getting hit or ejected to fire up a team. Should always play with that type of ferocity. I hate it when the Cubs wait until something like that happens to get motivated to win a game. Maximum effort all the time, but that’s just me.
  19. Then why? Because opposing pitchers just want to hit Mets players? This is why I asked if you think it’s some type of conspiracy. Yes, there have been Cubs players that have retaliated, never said they haven’t. Of course they should be angry, it hurts, and could even put you on the IL. Say your piece and take your free base. Rush the mound or press the issue, and now you’re out of the game, and no longer able to help your team. Not smart. It’s stupid for pitchers to purposely hit anyone, you’re giving up a free base, risking someone’s health, and essentially walking someone. Then there’s some pitchers who admit to pitching up and inside to try to throw off batters, but not hit them. Sometimes crap just happens.
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