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  1. Would have been nice to have gotten that easy 3 points earlier. Good stuff.
  2. Always like Notre Dame as long as they weren’t playing Purdue. I will even cheer for IU if Purdue is no longer in contention. Phinesee is a local product that went to school with my kids. Was hoping he’d pick Purdue!!!
  3. I’m sticking with them, the bandwagon fans can kick rocks. We just needed some time apart!
  4. I meant future as in rest of this season, next season so that we’re not stuck back in the lovable losers days again! Obviously this seasons in the toilet but would be nice to see them end on a high note, although draft position would suffer. I want to watch competitive baseball, and want to be excited to go watch them again.
  5. I work in West Lafayette and cover parts of Purdue’s campus, and I also live nearby….then my mom, brother, wife and now daughter have all been Boilermakers, so it’s kinda been forced on me lol! My sister is an IU grad, there’s always a bad egg!
  6. I know, IU thread……but…… Defense looked pretty good, QB needs work, I don’t think Plummer will last.
  7. Be interesting to hear Drew Brees as analyst for Notre Dame, wonder how long that lasts? Hoping he gets an offer to coach Purdue some day, that would be pretty cool.
  8. No names until this season that are starting to get a lot of attention, hopefully there’s a bright future with those 3, unless Hoyer deals them off too
  9. *feels weird flying it, I think that’s the first time I’ve done it since we lost the big 3,
  10. Aaaaaaaad just like that Rizzo hit’s his first homerun with the Yankees. can’t wait to see Bryant crush them for The Giants and El Mago work his magic for the Mets. And o yeah can’t wait to see Kimbrel shut batters down for the Southsiders.
  11. Huge fan of Rizzo, this just sucks. Don’t think it’s over either.
  12. So it begins….farewell Joc, loved the kids energy. Hearing rumors that Castellanos could come back next season for the right price…..who am I fooling we won’t offer the right price.
  13. Contreras pretty much called out the whole team…..he’s not wrong, although he also hasn’t been stellar as of late. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.chicagotribune.com/sports/cubs/ct-chicago-cubs-willson-contreras-david-ross-20210711-qgiixi3feffb5c3n5uuq24sddm-story.html%3foutputType=amp
  14. And here’s an idea, put the ball into play and stop trying to crank a home run every at bat, gets so old to watch them swing for the fences all the time. Fundamental baseball.
  15. I feel the Cubs are still in the same boat they were in with Madden, to layed back/relaxed/no accountability. I saw a glimmer of hope when Ross pulled Baez for not knowing how many outs there were the one game….but it’s not good. Buddy to boss is hard to accomplish. Hoping they find some fore to finish the season out and make it watchable at least.
  16. Unacceptable baseball being played right now by the Cubs, sickening.
  17. I was at the game today, awesome to they were able to get a W for all the fathers in attendance!!!!! GoCubsGo!
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