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  1. Congrats Clem-Dog. .....for me I have proven intense study (2018) gleaned as many points for me as (2019) blind guessing, better not quit my day job, but great fun either way.....thanks Doc for the fun!
  2. So rare to be right....so I am pimpin' it lol.....enjoy the draft.......as you were.....etc...etc....
  3. What about Ben Benaguo TCU Edge Rusher......probably didn't spell it right, but hopefully I got close lol..... fast and slippery with a good motor, the highlights I saw were impressive but he seemed a bit thin for an NFL end....maybe that's the knock
  4. The last two years I followed all the rhetoric closely leading up to the draft and failed miserably. So be warned, I am coming in this year (thanks to work) with no idea whatsoever in what I am doing so I expect great things lol Round 1 - #26 A: Christian Wilkins DT B: Brian Burns Edge C: Dre'mont Jones DT Round 2a - #34 A: Chris Lindstrom OG B: Josh Jacobs RB (although I don't know why) C: Jerry Tillery DT Round 2b - #59 A: Jonathan Abram S B: Joe Jackson Edge C: Parris Campbell WR Round 3 - #89 A: Julian Love CB B: Jachai Polite Edge C: David Edwards OT Round 4a - #129 A: Jamel Dean CB B: Kahale Warring TE Round 4b - #135 A: Tytus Howard OT B: D'Andre Walker Edge Round 5 - #164 A: Tommy Sweeney TE B: Miles Boykin WR Round 6 - #199 A: Shareef Miller Edge B: Kris Boyd CB Round 7 - #240 A: Sione Takitaki OLB B: Zach Gentry TE (just cause he is a physical freak at 6'-8") and given Coaches reliance on the TE position to eat people up....seems like a red zone no brainer.....but what do I know.
  5. Side bar factoid (ahem as it were:) I believe I read on MMQB, that 61.2 percent of "marquee" free agent signings never make it to the 3rd year of those contracts, thus supporting all the front loaded/guaranteed money by most players who fall into that category. Thought that was interesting to read.
  6. Ballard, said it best last year when asked if he ever considered trading Luck at any point. "I'm not putting that on MY resume"
  7. I can't say there has been a splash player signed yet that I would have been happy with the salary they got if it would have been a Colts move.....so I'm good.....
  8. Hey we signed Chris Milton to a one year flyer....if you say it slow, and in French....it might "sound" like a big splash.......warning disconnected thought on the same theme....read with caution.............What makes a big splash? A rock? what does it do right after that splash? sink straight to the bottom.....puddle jumpers for the win!
  9. I was an advocate of trading for him last off season, due to potential (and at the time his "I have grown up/reformed stance" ) but now that a season has passed nothing really changed for him....He could be a phenomenal force on the D-line for us......but he is apparently just as disruptive in his personal life as he is on the field......that's too bad.....sometimes those types of players eventually "get it" and it clicks, and they change, and sometimes they never get it......and its a train wreck signing.....if we could turn him loose on the field and then put him in stasis after each game and transport him to the next venue and bring him out of it at the start of the next game, I am all for it lol
  10. M.I.T. planning and sledgehammer tactics are needed to bring us to victory

  11. Conner, Holmes, Hughes......MIA!

    1. SolomonThomasFanAccount


      if talking about robert hughes the fb he is on ps with havilli as the fb. i a agree put holmes at c

    2. BrentMc11


      If Conner is inactive Manusky should be knocked out...Montori Hughes is eating Big Macs for a living, and Khaled Holmes has to be pretty bad if Satele continues to start....still would rather McGlynn start at center.

  12. If you always do what you have always done; you will always get what you always got...

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    2. Crunked


      That is one way to look at it....I personally look at it as, if you want to experience or achieve something more, you have to do something different...The same ol' same ol' just wont cut it

    3. Nadine


      you mean I will never win the lottery?

    4. Crunked


      Nadine your are probably statistically more likely to be struck by lightning twice while being mauled by a polar bear while standing on a Fiji beach LOL

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