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  1. Pascal on the up tick Cain and Campbell Both rookies showing promise, some guy named Funchess poised to come off IR and play in a few weeks......why bring in a #1 with work ethic problems that would have to work hard to get up to speed (see how that doesnt make sense) , trying to figure out why that would even be a "thing" to do....might as well trade for a starting LG while were at it.....This is a talking head to lazy to research a situation, and wanting to connect obvious dots (Reich formerly in Philly) thing.......
  2. Run heavy Colts, peppering the field periodically with short quick passes, and a WR who has consistently embarrassed a group of professionals.....The professionals will eventually over do it to stop the embarrassment.....my magic 8 ball says "chances are" Hilton will put up ok but not highlight reel #'s.....
  3. The "Wait and see if they earn a namers too soon to tell squad" inc.
  4. I dont know if he (EBRON) had a foot elbow or pinky finger down or not before bobbling. For me I get the "spirit" of this rule, but I just have a problem with the rule in general. Was he bobbling it? Yes, but for me I would like to see the rule consider, did he ultimately lose control? AKA did the ball touch the ground at any point? If no, that would mean "he has possession" albeit dicey possession, but if it doesn't come out of your hands/touch the ground then you have possession....dont know how that would be implemented or what have you....but I just remember watching the replays thinking come on, yes he bobbled it but he never lost it.....so doesnt that imply possession if you have something and never lose it? I dunno, I just think the rule needs some tweakage....
  5. Crunked


    I have no idea what to expect......I will stay optimistic until the team gives me a reason to believe otherwise, and I hope they don't change my mind.
  6. Little surprised by Tyquan Lewis.....and I am still convinced Clark only made the team because there was no one else who could play T. after Haeg.
  7. Playing arm chair GM I would NOT extend him now, there is no upside to that action, other than a warm fuzzy factor to his team mates by saying look how they took care of JB. And since I would anticipate no negative backlash if they dont sign him now, I say let the season play out and make your determination from there... As far as what #'s this year would he need. I think it's relative to win's and losses and how they occur. If he proves to be a competent "game manager" type, does enough to win, doesnt give away games, that is obvious the low end of the offer scale, and anything in a shade better than that, all the way to pro bowl mvp super bowl winner is another.... I think the last reason/reasons (and I would hope the least likely to occur but still a statistical possibilty) is what if he totally melts down on the field blows it, gets a catastrophic injury loses his mind in an off field incident or any of those "thank GOD we didnt extend him" reasons...... Let it ride and adjust at seasons end....
  8. I wish Luck nothing but the best. And I respect his decision to retire.....as a fan, I do still feel a bit betrayed, and it will take time for that to fade. It wasn't so much what he did, but when and how it went down......both in regard to the timing and the future of what the Colts "could have been". And the hap-hazard way the Colts thought they were planning to "manage" the announcement. Didn't leave me feeling any warm fuzzies, or that I could fully trust what comes out of 56th st going forward.
  9. M.I.T. planning and sledgehammer tactics are needed to bring us to victory

  10. Conner, Holmes, Hughes......MIA!

    1. SolomonThomasFanAccount


      if talking about robert hughes the fb he is on ps with havilli as the fb. i a agree put holmes at c

    2. BrentMc11


      If Conner is inactive Manusky should be knocked out...Montori Hughes is eating Big Macs for a living, and Khaled Holmes has to be pretty bad if Satele continues to start....still would rather McGlynn start at center.

  11. If you always do what you have always done; you will always get what you always got...

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    2. Crunked


      That is one way to look at it....I personally look at it as, if you want to experience or achieve something more, you have to do something different...The same ol' same ol' just wont cut it

    3. Nadine


      you mean I will never win the lottery?

    4. Crunked


      Nadine your are probably statistically more likely to be struck by lightning twice while being mauled by a polar bear while standing on a Fiji beach LOL

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