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  1. Unsure but i remember watching and i dnt think the ravens player got a personal foul, dnt believe a flag was thrown (could be wrong, but doubt it)
  2. Since when is a DT, qb of the defense lol if anything he is, go figure the LINE of the Defense.
  3. Frank does suck ... he doesn't consistently beat the teams he's supposed to beat and he's pretty much out coached on a weekly basis ... i personally feel the titans suck & knew if we didn't win this game, they're were bigger problems to solve. 99.99999% won't
  4. it's been obvious that frank is closer to below avg than avg
  5. you're insecurities are glaring ... but the context of the article and the poster says JT shouldn't be ahead of JB ... signifying that if JT is ahead of JB, meaning Taylor has been better than JB. your retort was "JT not as bad as some think" he may not be ... that still doesn't clarify that en no world should he be above JB in any ranking ... regardless of your views of Taylor
  6. If yu think JT has been better than JB you're mistaken ... it's not even close really
  7. no it's not true bc our offense didn't score 40
  8. Glad someone here knows what's going on lol
  9. excuses, he's always injured that's part of being burton ... he sucks that's that ... undrafted for a reason lol 1200 yards en 5 years that's pitiful by any deductive reasoning
  10. explain how a receiving TE 5 year career going on 6 adds up to a good season and he's not below avg ... burton trash and this is enough discussing the bum
  11. trey burton has 1200 yds receiving en 5 years of a nfl career as a specialty receiving te ... he's definitely below avg your talent evaluation is on par w his career if yu think burton is anything other than novelty novelty - a small inexpensive toy/ornament
  12. Bend Dnt Break same things it's been since Colts been Coltin'
  13. for 1 burton sucks or for the hypersensitive... Below Average
  14. it's not Bills system it's Erhardt Perkins
  15. franks positives aren't sustainable
  16. you knw we were playing the Bengals ?
  17. agree to disagree. if yu cant see franks play calling & offensive philosophy doesn't put his team en advantageous positions to even look successful, i can t help you i'm understand. franks play calling and personnel packages actually help the defense stop the offense. but yea frank's awesome lol top of his class
  18. this is not personal just listen. What we who have a problem, is with the scheme and general nonsensical mistakes this team makes. tactical decisions and just amateur fails this team constantly puts stress on the final product. Reicht challenged a 10-12 yard play that was obscure that truthfully wasn't that big of a deal. on 2nd down just try another play to get half the yards back and move on. that cost is a TO for no reason. Boyd for the bengals 80% only runs slants from the slot. sit inside and make him beat you, not the route. and truthfully the constant
  19. thank yu. He was showing effort and not giving up on the play
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