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  1. The Colts just got our hopes up the last couple weeks but deep down we all know this team is a pretender. We'll be looking at a mid round pick in the draft.
  2. Tbh I forgot we drafted the guy! I was like who's this Grover dude?
  3. Colts come back down to earth. Ravens 28 Colts 17
  4. Wilkins was a monster! Loved that carry where he split the defenders and then carried three more for a total of about 12 yards. Fantastic!
  5. I wonder if the cowboys would be interested in trading for Brissett?
  6. So do you think it's pretty much a given that Brissett won't be on the team next season? I believe this is the last year of his contract and I know he wants to be a starter somewhere. I just don't see the Colts resigning him. What say you?
  7. Yep. We are going to get beat by the Ravens, packers, twice by the titans, split with the Texans and then the Steelers. So an 8-8 season and maybe worse bc imo the Lions and raiders games could go either way. Just don't think this Colts team is good enough to beat the top tier teams and it's a toss-up with mediocre to bad teams.
  8. Wasn't he our leading receiver this game?
  9. I just don't see that happening. I think the Colts have hitched their wagons to rivers till the end of the season.
  10. Maybe people are just expecting too much of rivers too soon. He's on a new team..... didn't have any preseason games...... And it seems the oline isn't as advertised. Just saying..... Maybe it's just going to take some more time. On a side note I think Reich should hand over the play calling duties.
  11. Well good because we know he isn't the answer either.
  12. Yep and get rewarded with picking late in the draft.
  13. If neither Rivers or Brissett can get it done than we might as well see what we have with Eason.
  14. Yeah I agree. I hope Eason gets some playtime this year.
  15. I think Rivers could really use another legit wr. After Hilton it drops off quite a bit. When is Campbell suppose to return?
  16. Bengals W Lions L Ravens L Titans L Packers L Titans W Texans W Raiders W Texans L Steelers L Jaguars W
  17. I think we could use another playmaker at wr. There's a huge drop off after hilton.
  18. I don't know....I bet they might.
  19. We've seen what Jacoby can do and he just isn't good enough. I'd rather throw Eason in there if we aren't going with Rivers.
  20. Rivers or Brissett.....Either way I have a feeling we are heading for 8-8.
  21. Unfortunately if the colts decided to bench Rivers it will be Brissett taking his place.
  22. When are we supposed to get Turay back?
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