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  1. Pryor has been playing pretty damn good. I'm not so sure I want Braden back.
  2. Great team win... On the road.... In the rain..... Love it. Gotta take care of business against the Titans now
  3. Maybe it's a bidding war or sorts. Perhaps Ballard is waiting for the best offer.....
  4. Maybe we can coax Antoine Bethea out of retirement!
  5. I think the colts plan for ehlinger to be the backup.
  6. They could probably make it happen if they want him.
  7. I'm sure he still has a lot to learn but the colts think he has the "it" factor.
  8. The Colts really like Ehlinger. I bet he's the backup next season.
  9. It doesn't look good right now but there are a lot of games to be played still. The Titans could go on a losing streak. We could go on a winning streak. I'm just going to sit back and hope for the best!
  10. Lol! Rubbing dirt on it or in this case eating dirt always works! Ask Peyton!
  11. Paris Campbell is hurt? Shocker! The dude is made of glass. Maybe he should change his diet. That vegan diet isn't doing him any favors. The guy can't stay on the field...... Time to start looking for his replacement.
  12. The whole team is looking better as we go. You can see the cohesion. You can see wentz getting comfortable with his receivers. In my opinion the wentz trade was worth it.
  13. Just checking in..... I see we have a pretty good lead. Is it time to go to prevent defense?
  14. I think the Colts should reconsider and keep Mack. What if Taylor goes down? Are you comfortable with Hines as our starter?
  15. I've never been impressed with hot rod. I wouldn't be upset if we replaced him permanently.
  16. I got rid of Facebook and Twitter quite a while ago. Just my two cents I think everyone should.
  17. Colts 17 Texans 13. Not sure if I'm going to bother to watch.... Losing interest... Prob just check the score now and then
  18. Yep... Their te was dominant. We couldn't stop him. He was a one-man wrecking crew.
  19. To be honest I was surprised we played as well as we did in the first half. If not for our kicker and our secondary dropping like flies maybe we could have held on. Really though there's no excuse to lose a game when you're leading 25 to 9. I'm pretty sure this Colts team will hit their stride about mid-season or a little after.... but of course by then it'll be too late. Can't even look forward to the draft when you know you're number one pick is probably going to Philly.
  20. Honestly I thought we had this game won. I can't believe all the injuries this team gets. Our secondary was dropping like flies And it's not like our starters are stellar anyway. We definitely need more of a pass rush as well. I could see this team really hitting their stride after it's too late.
  21. 1-4 And we're giving our first round pick to Philly. Nice.
  22. I saw a Colts team that couldn't cover the Ravens tight end to save their life.
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