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  1. It's early to predict the Super Bowl, but the Steelers look like they're headed to the playoffs. The Chiefs probably will make it, also. If both teams make it that far, I would like to see a Tampa-Chicago playoff, with Brady once again losing to Nick Foles.
  2. Antonio Brown wore out his welcome on three teams, so I won't consider this a good signing yet. I have to see how things work out in Tampa first. Brown is a talented player but not a great locker room presence. Maybe he'll settle down, maybe he'll continue with the same problems. Will be interesting to see how he fits in.
  3. Not a Steelers fan, but I hope they win this game. The Titans can't get too far ahead in our division.
  4. So far one of my bold predictions is proving to be right. Trubisky was benched for Foles ,but it remains to be seen how far Chicago will go.
  5. Aaron Rodgers is killing me in fantasy. No touchdowns, 3 interceptions, getting sacks. He was getting a lot of hype, so the day I have in my lineup, he plays badly. I think I found a gem in Chase Claypool, though. I didn't expect him to have a game like last week, but he is becoming an important weapon in the Steelers offense.
  6. The Ravens have been inconsistent. They almost let the Eagles come back to win. I'm more concerned about the Steelers. The Titans could give us a run for the money, also.
  7. This is sad. I'm going to miss the anti-Pro Bowl threads.
  8. I hope the Texans beat the Titans. Maybe coming off a short week will hurt that team. Tennessee doesn't deserve to win much because they violated protocol. Impressed that AZColt11 picked the Eagles to beat the Ravens. If Philly's defense plays well and Fulghim has a good game, it could happen.
  9. None of the analysts gave the Raiders a chance, so I'm glad they are winning. The Chiefs needed to come down to earth. WTG Raiders!
  10. Actually, the Eagles have played quite well against the Steelers. Pittsburgh is favored, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Philly pull out a win.
  11. Mckinnon is RB2. My other RB is Helaire, and FLEX is James Robinson. My other choices are Kareem Hunt, or Mike Davis vs Atlanta. Hunt is coming off a groin injury, so not sure. Davis faces a bad defense, so he could be an option.
  12. Weekly fantasy PPR tournament: I have Jerrick McKinnon in a lineup vs Miami. Raheem Mostert might be able to play this Sunday, but I won't know yet. My question: If Mostert takes the field, should I insert him in the lineup instead of McKinnon? Or ride with McKinnon no matter what happens?
  13. I think the Cowboys-Giants game would be entertaining. Dallas can find another way to score points yet lose. Besides, Daniel Jones might have a break out game.
  14. Very impressed with the defense. Rhodes is nice acquisition; Buckner is a stud; Blackmon is promising. The team could use some improvement in the red zone, but that hopefully will change. I like Rivers. He hasn't been elite, but is a leader and quietly gets the job done.
  15. I did some research. The last winning season the Browns had was in 2007, when they ended up 10-6. I don't know who the QB was at that time.
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