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  1. Kansas City would have had to forfeit the game if their equipment didn't arrive in time. I can imagine the outburst that would have caused.
  2. As Salieri (from the movie Amadeus) says: "Mediocrities everywhere, I absolve you."
  3. I had Jonathon Williams in one of my fantasy lineups. Of course, this is the week he wouldn't do well. I thought about starting Davante Parker, but changed my mind at the last minute. So now Parker has a career day. Things not going well for me.
  4. I went with Nyheim Hines instead of Williams. I thought that Hines might get more receiving yards, but the passing game was off last night. It's OK because I didn't lose any money (free game) and daily fantasy doesn't do playoffs since it's a different line up each week. I did have Hilton but he was on a pitch count and didn't add much.
  5. Daily fantasy lineup PPR for tonight TNF: Who best for RB? Hines, Williams or Wilkins? There could be a committee since Mack isn't playing, but I have no idea who would get the most snaps. Also, hoping TY is good to go.
  6. @ Chad, good luck! Robby Anderson does have a good match up, even though I don't really trust the Jets. Gesicki has been mentioned, so it will be interesting to see how he does. I also have Michael Thomas in my fantasy lineups.
  7. Daily fantasy PPR tournament: Josh Reynolds vs Pit or Calvin Ridley vs New Orleans. Reynolds has to share snaps with Cupp, but yet seems to produce. Julio Jones will be covered, so Ridley should get the ball often.
  8. Dez Bryant wants to play in the NFL again. I'm surprised there wasn't a thread on whether the Colts should try to sign him. Someone usually starts a thread like when a player becomes a FA. For the record, no I don't want him with the Colts. I think he's passed his best years and would want too much money.
  9. This thread is breaking the Trent Richardson thread, even though it is merged. Not many forums have over 30 pages about their kicker.
  10. It would be ironic if Cincinnati wins their first game against Baltimore. I don't expect that to happen, though. I still can't figure out how Cleveland managed to score 40 points against the Ravens.
  11. Christian McCaffrey is the man! I've had him in all of my starting lineups (daily PPR leagues) and he never disappoints. Even in his below average games, (like last week) he has manged to deliver double digit points. @ Narcosys, did you end up playing Mack as flex? Despite the result, he had a nice game.
  12. The Chargers are shutting out Green Bay after 3 quarters: 19-0. Phillip Rivers is having a good game, and Joey Bosa is making himself known. Can the Chargers continue to stop Rodgers?
  13. My first reaction to this trade was why are the Rams punishing Talib by sending him to the Dolphins? What did he do to deserve this?
  14. @ Narcosys, I thought about Edmonds but decided to go with Latavius Murray as my other RB and Even Engram as flex. I've been starting McCaffrey in all my lineups, and I don't want to bench him. Murray got me 32 points, McCaffrey 25, (he was the Panthers' offense today) and Engram didn't do too badly with 12 points. So I was better off with the players I used.
  15. Gordon hasn't done very well since he's been back, so that's why I thought Ekeler. Maybe I'll try something else: move Latavius Murray from flex to rb, and try TE Engram or Hooper as flex. Murray should get snaps even if Kamara is back (Kamara might be limited), and Engram is healthy and gets plenty of targets from Jones.
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