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  1. I don't get all the negative remarks about Tebow. He has talent, not elite, but he did take the Broncos to the playoffs. He also does a lot of charity work. Maybe it's the fact that he's religious? If that's the case, it's on the critic, not on Tebow.
  2. Some analysts (don't remember the names) said that Cousins' future with the team might be in doubt because of them drafting a QB. It was mostly speculation from some sports writers; the Vikings themselves never mentioned that. After the draft, people come up with all kinds of things, and I just wondered if it was accurate or just another rumor.
  3. I don't care what Doyel says. How does he know the team has gotten worse if they haven't played yet? A lot of this depends on how well Carson Wentz does. If he can play well, and the team can avoid injuries, things will fall into place IMO.
  4. Where are people getting information about signing Eric Fisher? I haven't noticed any articles about this, and the Colts organization hasn't mentioned it. Maybe Twitter, which I don't have but is not reliable, anyway? Could be just wishful thinking.
  5. Does this mean Wentz is going to retire?
  6. Troy Polamalu has great hair, so since Shawn Davis has the same kind, he's in! Davis could be good on special teams, but they say he's also inconsistent. Maybe that will eventually improve.
  7. @NFLfan, what are your thoughts on the Vikings choosing QB Kellen Mond? Some players are stating that Cousins is just "signing a paycheck" and his future with the Vikings is in doubt. There are signs that they might be moving away from Cousins, and going to another QB. How accurate is that news?
  8. I had no idea who Dayo was when the Colts chose him. After reading about him and what Ballard's ideas were, he sounds like he could be a good fit. The only concern is his injury: will it affect his type of play? The Colts apparently don't think so, and I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. Still, I wasn't happy when Washington took Sam Cosmi or when Cleveland took JOK. I would say "curses" to those teams, but both teams have already been cursed in the past.
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