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  1. Andrew Luck and Jon Snow is a good comparison. I also like the Samwell Tarly connection, as Sam is one of my favorite characters on GOT. I like Daenerys, (love those dragons!), but can't think of any Colts reference to her.
  2. What's a pass rush? J/K. I like this signing; didn't even know the Colts were talking to Houston. WTG Ballard?
  3. Is Kraft not listening to his lawyers? It would seem that the lawyers would try to talk Kraft into accepting the plea deal. I think refusing this would be a huge mistake. He thinks that he really didn't do anything wrong.
  4. Peyton Manning would never show it, but if I were in his place I'd be annoyed with ESPN. They just don't give up; he already told them "no", but they keep bugging him. Peyton would help their ratings (which must be low); why else would they be so desperate? If Peyton does change his mind, it would probably be on his terms. It sounds like ESPN is begging, so they'd give in to almost anything he would request.
  5. I'm not impressed with the signing, but I'm not in charge. I'm thinking that Ballard has to know what he's doing. Cam Newton was off his game, so there was no way Funchess could have high stats. Now he has a different QB, and who knows what might happen? Luck is healthy-hoping he stays that way- so this could give Funchess a chance to prove himself. I'm willing to let him do it. It's basically a low risk deal.
  6. Why would the Redskins inquire about Brown? They have a QB situation and not much cap space. The team has needs other than WR. Maybe ESPN is correct in the report, but it doesn't make sense. I would like to see him go to the Raiders. He can let Jon Gruden know that Gruden has to play by Brown's rules.
  7. Jacksonville will be looking for a quarterback, and Manziel is now available....j/k It would help the Colts, though.
  8. I agree with some other posters that Inman provides stability and understands routes. He isn't a star, but IMO has the ability to make large plays if given the chance. I like his enthusiasm, and Indy seems to provide the right atmosphere for him.
  9. Humphries would be a good fit, but I hope that they can keep Inman also. I don't know if Trey Flowers would be end up in Indy. His price might be more than Ballard is willing to pay.
  10. The Texans had a better season record, but the Colts won the AFC South because Twitter says so.
  11. Fort Wayne, IN. I was interested in the Colts when Peyton Manning was drafted.
  12. Trent Richardson ran for 91 yards and scored the winning touchdown against Salt Lake. He looks more fit and in shape now. Hackenberg doesn't look that good; maybe he'll get better. I also recognized players who used to be in the NFL.
  13. I thought the settlement was confidential. Where did the reports show it was 80 million?
  14. This proves that Brady isn't the G.O.A.T. These are pictures of real goats, case closed.
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