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  1. I don't know if TY Hilton is playing Sunday. If he does, would it be too soon to have him in my fantasy lineup? He does well against the Texans, but he might be a bit rusty if Sunday is his first start in 5 weeks. Go with him or not if he's ready? I don't know for sure who I'd have if Hilton isn't available. I have a day to think about it.
  2. I like the optimism, but right now I want to feel bad for awhile. I'll probably be better in a day or so.
  3. Justin Herbert helped me win 1st place in my fantasy league; he got me 42 points! Austin Ekeler did his part, also. Anyone who had Mike Williams in their fantasy team also struck gold. Dallas defense has been good. 12 points from that team , along with Zeke getting over 100 yards. It was a nice week of football.
  4. I never cared about Gruden, and don't think he's that great of a coach. Such a dumb move on his part; what he was thinking. About Urban Meyer: If the Jags were 4-0, would the reaction have been the same? Just wondering...
  5. Good luck, although not TOO good. You know this will be against the Colts.
  6. Alex Collins will get a lot of carries if Carson is ruled out, so I think he's a good flex play. Carson is a game decision, though, so you might not know who will be Seattle's RB until the last minute. If Carson plays, it's possible that he won't be completely healthy. and would probably share snaps with Collins. I like Kenny Golladay this week. NFC East games are unpredictable, and the Giants-Cowboys could be a hard fought, close one. Golladay seems to coming into his own lately and is more involved in the offense than he was earlier.
  7. New England defense got me 19 points a couple weeks ago. That's when they played the Jets; Wilson had 4 interceptions that game and was sacked plenty of times. So I like their defense against Houston. Maybe not as many points, but it's still a solid choice in week 5.
  8. There won't be another Manning broadcast until week 7. The Titans' message boards are imploding. Posters are trashing the team, and they want Vrabel fired. Derrick Henry is getting a pass, but he can't do it all. Some posters were comparing Tannehill to Dak Prescott and that set off arguments. It's kind of fun to see.
  9. I'm glad I had Jonathan Taylor in my fantasy lineup; 103 yards! I also had the Jets defense, mostly because they were the cheapest in Fanduel. They had 7 sacks, so it turned out OK. After today, the value will probably increase.
  10. The Titans loss was almost as good as the Colts victory. WTG Jets!
  11. I'm not watching the pre game show for SNF. I like Tony Dungy and Drew Brees, but it will be annoying listening to them talk about this game. Maybe I'll have to mute the TV during part of the game so I can't hear Cris Collinsworth.
  12. I'm not good at predicting scores, but this is a good week for the Jets to finally win. So I'm going Jets, Jets, Jets!
  13. I hope it's a close game; almost everyone is saying the Bucs will crush the Pats, so it would be good to see them mistaken. I will watch the game, but it's going to be difficult listening to Cris Collinsworth if he keeps praising Brady.
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