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  1. I haven't decided yet. I've been starting Christian McCaffrey, but he's on a bye week. I was thinking maybe Saquon Barkley as a replacement since he should be back, but I haven't set anything up yet.
  2. Daily fantasy PPR 100 player tournament: I like the SF-Washington match up, so for RB should I start Matt Breida or Tevin Coleman? Another choice is to have both and use one as flex. Any thoughts?
  3. Daily fantasy PPR tournament: Alvin Kamara @ Jacksonville or Dalvin Cook vs. Philly? Both cost the same amount of money.
  4. Some coach or players was saying that Burfict is upset that he was suspended. Too bad, so sad for him........He ignored the warnings the NFL gave him, what did he expect?
  5. teganslaw


    The 49ers look legit and they might go far. However, the real test will come when they play their division rivals. That will be interesting.
  6. I am so happy about the win that I forgot Hill wasn't playing and Watkins left the game. That changes things. I'm hoping that both players are back when the Chiefs play Houston. Mahomes needs to have a good game this coming week.
  7. The strategy is so simple: play man to man, pressure Mahomes and keep him on the bench. Why don't more teams figure that out?
  8. I don't know what happened in my previous post. Unfortunately, since it's SNF, Collinsworth will be there.
  9. Bold prediction: Buffalo victory over NE. Or maybe not so bold, as Brady sometimes struggles in games.
  10. @ Narcosys, I didn't originally have a question, but I'll ask one: what are your thoughts on starting Stafford? I also thought about Daniel Jones or Kyle Allen in another PPR tournament: which one would be better Jones or Allen?
  11. I'm starting Matthew Stafford in a daily PPR daily tournament this week; hope that works out. Mahomes is too expensive, as I have to stay under the salary cap and I have a feeling that Stafford will have to pass for a ton of yards to keep with KC. Melvin Gordon plans on returning next week. I don't draft my fantasy team as I only play daily fantasy, but I might have him in one of my lineups next week.
  12. I'm not sure about Anderson. He seems to be a solid rb, but why does every team release him? Something must be going we don't know about.
  13. Is anyone starting Antonio Brown this week? He is eligible to play, but there is no news if he will actually be on the field. I don't know what the Patriots have in mind, so I wasn't planning on starting him until I see what is going on. Things should be clearer in the next few weeks. I plan on staring Brady in one of my leagues, and will go with Edelman as one of my WR's . I'll also be using their defense. I don't care about the Patriots as a team, but in fantasy I'll use almost anyone who can get me points.
  14. I predict whoever bets on Miami (and if by chance Miami pulls a miracle), that person will win big bucks.
  15. I don't know what to think; I can't automatically believe any accuser until I get more facts. However, it wouldn't surprise me if Brown actually was guilty. Keeping an open mind here. She could be in it for money because the timing seems off since it first occurred in 2017. Why did she go back to training him? After the first time, she shouldn't have trusted him to change. As someone mentioned, it's the Patriots' problem now. let them deal with the situation.
  16. Mayfield didn't go anything, but my RB's David Johnson and Dalvin Cook scored points for me. I also had the Ravens' defense. I ended up doing quite well because of them.
  17. Vinatieri didn't look good yesterday, and I have a feeling that he might be retiring sooner than expected. Maybe he'll rebound, and I'll be wrong. I would give him a few more weeks, and if things don't work out it could be time to move on.
  18. Maybe it means that they deserve a break from criticism for their questionable actions? (which they bring on themselves.) They already get a break by being in the same division as the Dolphins and Jets! I didn't watch the whole game, so was it Collinsworth who made that comment? it sounds like something he would say.
  19. PPR tournament in daily fantasy: start Baker Mayfield vs Tennessee or Lamar Jackson at Miami? Miami doesn't look good this season, so Jackson could have a nice game. But Mayfield has OBJ and Landry for targets. I have to stay under the salary cap, and both QB's cost about the same.
  20. Those are good choices. Gordon is out for an extended time, so Ekelor will be the top RB for the Chargers. David Montgomery is the Bears' starting RB, and is bound to get a lot of targets. Nagy has implied that the other RB, Cohen was worked too often last season, and his workload could decrease a bit, putting Montgomery on top.
  21. Strange games today. I thought Jacksonville and Chicago were considered to be top defenses. What happened to them? 

  22. I'm not sure what to think about this season's "Blacklist." Red is great, as usual, but the show has gone way off with Liz going rogue. Something is bound to give; Liz can't keep this up without certain circumstances. I liked Tom, what am wondering if he is worth all the trouble. 

    1. southwest1


      Hey there TS, 


      Thanks for your views on "Blacklist". Out of respect for you, I need to checkout that show & give it another whirl. Perhaps, I was too hasty with my first look at it. 

  23. I've been reading Terry Pratchett's "Discworld' novels. They are recommended for anyone who enjoys fantasy mixed with satire. Strange characters, imaginative plots and very entertaining. 

  24. Science fiction fans: a recommended read is Dan Simmons "Hyperion" series. Starts with "Hyperion"; The Fall of Hyperion" ; "Endymion" and "The Rise of Endymion." It was written in the 90's, but should still be available. One of the best series I've ever read., just brilliant. It needs to be read in order; otherwise would be a bit confusing. 

    1. southwest1


      Thanks for the recommendation TS. I admire individuals who still read books in the 21st Century for leisure as opposed to say forced occupational reading alone that is. 

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