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  1. I hope you stayed with Ryan; Darnold was a bust. and was benched. I wouldn't have Darnold in my fantasy lineup anytime soon. I won in my fantasy lineups this week. Had three lineups, and did well in all of them. Mostly because I had J'Marr Chase in all of them and also Kyle Pitts. My worse was the Jets defense in one lineup (a risk that didn't work out), but the other players bailed me out.
  2. I want to see the Lions win this game. Nothing against the Rams, but all the analysts were talking about Stafford and McVay. It would be nice to see them taken down a bit.
  3. I said the Bengals would win; the second week in a row I predicted correctly. Maybe I should try doing it with the lottery.
  4. PPR 20 players. Can't decide between Davante Adams or DeAndre Hopkins. Adams has a good connection with Rodgers, and I like the Arizona-Houston matchup. I'm not sure how many targets Hopkins would get, though, if Arizona has a large lead. They might go to the running game instead.
  5. Houston beating Arizona would be the upset of the week. No one is predicting that. I don't think it will happen, but it would be interesting. My prediction is the Bengals beating the Ravens. It's a divisional game, so it's quite possible.
  6. It's too early for me to think about playoffs. Anything can happen, so the only thing to worry about is trying to win games. It's all we can do for now.
  7. Mahomes' mother is the one who annoys me the most. Patrick is a grown man and a father; isn't it about time she let go? He doesn't need his mother's constant interfering. His wife/girlfriend (are they married or still engaged?) seems to have some attitude problems. I don't know much about his younger brother; only that incident about throwing water on fans.
  8. The only way the Titans don't win the division is if something happens to Derrick Henry. I wouldn't wish anyone getting hurt, just saying how I feel. Julio Jones isn't doing much for that team, despite all the early excitement of signing him. A.J. Brown can't be counted on to stay healthy, so Henry is the only player they rely on. With all the work the team gives Henry, they should hope that he stays healthy.
  9. That would be funny, but Rodgers would retire before joining the Bears. It's the one team he said that he never play for.
  10. The only prediction I made was Jacksonville winning, and I was right. So I'm perfect so far.
  11. I'm a Bills fan tonight.  I hope Josh Allen and company rule the Titans. 


  12. They are promoting Badgley from the practice squad to play tomorrow since Blankenship is out for awhile. I don't know what to expect from him. The Chargers released Badgley after week 1. In the first game he missed a field goal and extra point. Difficult to tell if that was the reason he was released.
  13. I play fantasy on Fanduel, so the set up is mostly weekly games. I've had Jonathon Taylor and Michael Pittman in my lineups, and both have done well those weeks. Fanduel also had a draft for the entire season, and those teams stay the same with no trades. I'm in several leagues, each with two other players. Each week the site calculates which players in your drafted team have gotten the most points. The only Colt I've drafted there is Jonathan Taylor.
  14. I'm usually not good with picks, but I think Jacksonville will win Sunday. London seems to be favorable to them. I'm hoping the Bills beat the the Titans. Go Josh Allen! I also have Chargers players in my fantasy lineup, so I want them to beat the Ravens.
  15. I don't know if TY Hilton is playing Sunday. If he does, would it be too soon to have him in my fantasy lineup? He does well against the Texans, but he might be a bit rusty if Sunday is his first start in 5 weeks. Go with him or not if he's ready? I don't know for sure who I'd have if Hilton isn't available. I have a day to think about it.
  16. I like the optimism, but right now I want to feel bad for awhile. I'll probably be better in a day or so.
  17. Justin Herbert helped me win 1st place in my fantasy league; he got me 42 points! Austin Ekeler did his part, also. Anyone who had Mike Williams in their fantasy team also struck gold. Dallas defense has been good. 12 points from that team , along with Zeke getting over 100 yards. It was a nice week of football.
  18. I never cared about Gruden, and don't think he's that great of a coach. Such a dumb move on his part; what he was thinking. About Urban Meyer: If the Jags were 4-0, would the reaction have been the same? Just wondering...
  19. Good luck, although not TOO good. You know this will be against the Colts.
  20. Alex Collins will get a lot of carries if Carson is ruled out, so I think he's a good flex play. Carson is a game decision, though, so you might not know who will be Seattle's RB until the last minute. If Carson plays, it's possible that he won't be completely healthy. and would probably share snaps with Collins. I like Kenny Golladay this week. NFC East games are unpredictable, and the Giants-Cowboys could be a hard fought, close one. Golladay seems to coming into his own lately and is more involved in the offense than he was earlier.
  21. New England defense got me 19 points a couple weeks ago. That's when they played the Jets; Wilson had 4 interceptions that game and was sacked plenty of times. So I like their defense against Houston. Maybe not as many points, but it's still a solid choice in week 5.
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