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  1. The Washington No-names? Washington Nameless? Washington To be Named at a Later Time? These are some other alternatives.
  2. Please don't diss fantasy football, (unless you lose.)
  3. I haven't heard that any games are eliminated yet. London games aren't happening, though. The Jags might be unhappy about that since London is like their second home.
  4. I liked seeing everyone's houses and families. The NFL did a good job with it. Belichick's dog, Nike, was working hard at the computer, also. If NE fans didn't like the draft, they can blame the dog. He showed up more than Belichick.
  5. I enjoy watching the XFL games. Walker's team, Houston Roughnecks, is undefeated. I read that the Seahawks were scouting Walker recently, might be interested in signing him as backup to Russell Wilson. Have to see if that actually happens.
  6. 20 million not enough? How much do you think he's worth? I hope he doesn't take it; ESPN has their own problems. I'm not able to watch Manning because I don't have the channel.
  7. Exactly. If one paid attention to the rumors, Brady, Carr, Rivers and Dalton are all headed to Indy.
  8. Bobby Fischer (is chess considered a sport?)
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