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  1. Better be trading for a big DT/NT to fix the run.
  2. I said to my son-in-law that shouldn't apply to injuries. However, then it happens for a different reason and a player fakes an injury to get out of it. Gotta be black and white I think to maintain the integrity and spirit of the rule.
  3. No disagreement but doesn't mean we didn't offer it.
  4. What about Jamal Adams we need a Strong Safety better than Geathers?
  5. Could be leveraging Kelly in a trade which might be the only way they would trade within Division
  6. I believe they have to pay them 2 game checks though even if cut next day. Of course I may be wrong.
  7. Respectfully I disagree. In order for someone to get Chad Kelly during the season they have to put him on active roster for 2 games. This is a very good strategy by Ballard as it makes it more difficult for other teams and better for us.
  8. This is a good move by Ballard as it sets the stage for Brissett if he comes out and has a backup type year. Here is what he offered Hoyer let's negotiate there if you want to remain here competing but in a backup slot. Obviously the hope is he balls out and we are negotiating starter contract with Hoyer here to backup.
  9. I have a feeling based on Phillips performance and team reset that Sheard will be cut.
  10. More than ever we need that top 5 running game. We also cannot rely on what is backing up Mack. He is one play away from his next injury. Who could we legitimately get Even if it cost us as we will have more money to spend moving forward. Invest imo is better placed in RB than Vet QB right now.
  11. Timing of this is suspect. Wonder if he failed a test or if he said something negative about recent events which got him booted. No real advantage for him or team to release him today.
  12. So I will take a small bite. There are thousands of people that literally work themselves to death enduring extreme medical conditions and get denied Medicaid. I have personally experienced a 40 year old father die of heart congestion as he was forced to work for his families welfare. Additionally, tons of talk recently bashing running backs that are upset about their physical welfare and their compensation. I have heard many many people bash them saying they signed a contract etc etc. Luck signed a contract which is a two way agreement. We compensate you for your services, for this duration, at this price and upfront money. Why is it ok to bash the running backs and yet Luck is exempt? Now if he is really breaking mentally then perhaps that moves things towards the exempt category. If he just isn't "into it" and "no longer loves football" then by all means honor your commitment and don't treat him special. I wish Luck the best and if he is truly struggling with mental demons I hope he gets well. I so appreciate what he brought to the team. If he just doesn't want to put the work in and doesn't have to because he is a millionaire then that means to me he just quit on the team, fan base, and doesn't honor commitments.
  13. So spread across 5 years we are talking about range for 6.8 Mil to 8 Mil which if he stays healthy will be a steal 5 years from now.
  14. Hines becomes the other slot guy especially out of the backfield
  15. Shepman

    Day one OTAs

    Is this referencing his route running or was he doing a little Wildcat and/or trick plays?
  16. Shepman

    Ben Banogu

    Bjorn was the poster child for Loafing which our DC does not tolerate.
  17. My opinion is if T J Hockenson is there you take him and run regardless it being TE. He gives you line protection and a receiving threat. It's like drafting two positions in one.
  18. Met with Alabama running back Josh Jacobs. He may be an option for them early 2nd round. https://www.google.com/amp/s/coltswire.usatoday.com/2019/04/11/2019-nfl-draft-indianapolis-colts-josh-jacobs-visit/amp/
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