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  1. Met with Alabama running back Josh Jacobs. He may be an option for them early 2nd round. https://www.google.com/amp/s/coltswire.usatoday.com/2019/04/11/2019-nfl-draft-indianapolis-colts-josh-jacobs-visit/amp/
  2. Some stats maybe but missed tackles, yards allowed, drops and fumbles say a lot about a player.
  3. All the Hill comments nees to be moved to different thread in NFL General mods. This is not relative to free agency and wastes space.
  4. From a progression you place the player on PUP which I believe gives them 6 weeks before they have to move active roster or IR.
  5. I assume you mean place him on PUP which they may depending on his progress and game level conditioning.
  6. Didn't we hear the same thing about Sheard?
  7. So would you trade 26 and next year's 32 for for Clowney? I would consider that one.
  8. I don't see how they accomplish this given they are $2.5 million in the hole right now.
  9. Wow even with $10 million being added to 2019 salary cap Jacksonville sits at -$2 million dollars. Looking to see how that magic works out. Colts still at top obviously with $106 million. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001020137/article/nfl-salary-cap-for-2019-season-set-at-1882m
  10. Mbu had nice fumble recovery for 6.
  11. So I was at training Camp and saw first hand how he degraded the players. That was in public imagine behind closed doors. He was not the "Teacher" that Ballard and and Reich wanted to build their Culture around. Pretty plain and simple to me.
  12. Steelers need a QB so bundle a pick and Brissett and get instant explosion. Luck is not getting younger and frankly could decide to hang up football earlier than we would project.
  13. Must not have been that good since he drafted Hill twice . Did you mean to do that or insert a different player?
  14. Technically 3 score game with 3 2 point conversions, but I agree 4 score game in practice.
  15. I would consider Transition Tagging him as this gives you the option to sign a deal given to him or let him walk for a Comp pick.
  16. He has had some sick hits in special teams this year. I think there were a few in Preseason as well.
  17. Well if he can catch then I would sit Hines a game and tell him to hit the jugs.
  18. So using this for perspective, how many players away are we? Is next years Draft and a little free agency enough IF we can stay healthy?
  19. Let's discuss further as I agree 100% which is why I asked. So how far would they be able to go with those two? Playoffs? AFC Championship? SuperBowl?
  20. If these two were on our team now in 2012 form how far do you think we go? What would be our record right now? What would be our regular season at the end of the year?
  21. Doesn't have to be on our active roster but one day and can be cut;however, we pay him three games regardless.
  22. We would have scored 50+ yesterday with Bell catching out the backfield. Hines has worn thin again whether ST or catching out of Backfield his hands are below average.
  23. Shepman

    George Odum

    I have seen enough of Odum on ST to know he is our hardest hitter.
  24. I was at game and he walked off on his own. Doesn't mean anything but at least he wasn't carted off.
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