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  1. Maybe it's been discussed, but it seems we have one critical position (fisher), one very useful position (mack), and one high hopes position (odeyingbo) all hoping to return from Achilles injuries. We had some ties to mack but no reason to pick up the others. These injuries are not all equal presumably, but it seems like only 2/3 of nfl players return. It averages about 11 months, and most never return to form or full playing time. Maybe the colts docs and coaches know more than average, but this seems statistically crazy to bank so much on this many key players, especially since it blocks other players from being drafted or paid (I know it's not long contracts). Why do the colts love players with Achilles injuries more than every other team seems to? I was referencing this article: https://lermagazine.com/article/return-to-football-after-achilles-tendon-rupture I'd love to be wrong and want to be excited about all of them though!
  2. I once had a chance to talk with one of the colts physicians in 2006 about who was physically the most impressive player to see in person... He said without a doubt Bob sanders just stood out from the others.
  3. thanks for the videos, I love Bob Sanders! he looks like the only athlete on the field in those clips. remember the 2006 super bowl interception? that was awesome...
  4. That's basically just another term for football... he'll be fine.
  5. It may well be structural and is very unlikely to have anything to do with the brachial plexus... It will come down to his status on game day and likely the presence or absence of active correlating compression on an MRI. We have nowhere near enough information in the press to predict his status, but I'll gamble that he'll understate the severity of his symptoms and play anyway.
  6. That makes sense... we only get a first round draft pick once a year, but there is no limit on how many people you are allowed to propose to. Did your fiance go to an SEC school or have a good combine performance?
  7. You hit the nail on the head. We need to start a new league to counter-balance the lingerie league, do one with really nice ethical fan-favorites. Tebow could thrive in such a setting.
  8. This thread is like parking your pinto beside a porsche and commenting on how your pinto has a deeper tread on the tires compared to the worn tires of the porsche...
  9. It's funny but if this was some other team and we just named these 2 guys player A and player B, you'd look at the stats of fill-in player B and question if player A should be benched even once he's healthy... I realized Luck will bounce back in all regards, just funny how so many teams are grabbing onto different QBs every game by preference rather than necessity after a hot drive or a solid game. This "what if" falls apart pretty quickly when more is considered than just 2015 stats, I know.
  10. This is an off topic adult phrase... 1)WE = trying to get involved with the below theme 2)Bout = Autocorrect typo for LaBeouf, as in Shia LeBouf. You know he's totally into some inappropriate stuff. 3)That = Another autocorrect for a word we're not really to type on the interweb 4)Action = Exactly what you think it is. Ask Magic Johnson. 5)Boss = One who professionally supervises safety of #4, often for a hefty percentage of the overall fee. The author is requesting participation in the after-hours entertainment preferences of a professional actor. Not really a football phrase.
  11. I wonder what would have happened if we had picked up Blount in November... Probably just be down by 21 then.
  12. Honestly I love those bombs on 3rd and long at nearly mid field. Sure they are like crappy punts, but the defense doesn't expect them as much as a 13 yard pass, and in this day an age the chances of a completion OR a defensive pass interference are pretty darn reasonable, whereas an interception is somewhat unlikely and harmful only to qb stats (and equates to a crummy punt). The WR should know the ball is coming to him and be ready to tackle if it's picked, so there is not much chance for a long runback. I think this needs to happen much more often in the NFL.
  13. this thread is so far only 1 page long and 2 of the above comments are the same as earlier posts. attention span limited to text-message length...
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