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  1. The talk has been Mack for a pick. But all things considered, I think it’s now more likely Mack for a corner or a safety. Our secondary needs HELP!
  2. Unlikely. We only got $2.3 million of salary cap relief. At the time we redid TYHs deal the NFLPA said the Colts were dead last in available cap space. Last! We did the restructure to get money to make transactions that we do every week. Every time we get a player injured so we have to bring up a player from the practice squad, that costs more salary. These moves are for the last 10 weeks of the season. Doesn’t mean we can’t make a trade, but the salaries would have to be close. So, maybe Mack for a cornerback?
  3. Why do you think we drafted Pitt 34th overall? His reputation is he catches high passes better than most other receivers. We niw have a quarterback capable of reaching Pittman all over the field. Rivers had limitations. Wentz missed almost the entire training camp. They’ve now had time to work together. Pittman knows what he’s doing.
  4. Do you know we wanted him to stay? We made an offer. Tenn offer was a little bit better in Y2. Teams can’t keep all the good players they want. The salary cap bites all teams. As for the his Prime, I believe Autry is 31. He signed a new 3-year deal. Let’s see how he does in Y2 and Y3? Before we re-did TYHs deal, the Colts were said to be dead last in available salary cap. We re-did his deal so we can make roster moves for the rest of the season. We have spent a fortune this year.
  5. How did “we let an injury happen so early in the season?” I guess there’s a first for everything. Never seen that question before.
  6. How is it you decided to post this AFTER one of our better defensive efforts? Maybe you can arrange a meeting with Flus so you can explain things to him?
  7. Boy thank God we won last night! I’d hate to see your rant today if we had lost. To answer your question, the answer is money. There’s a salary cap. You just can’t spend because you want to. Have you not noticed we’ve restructured several deals already to pay top players, and to have enough money fir roster moves over the course of the season. Every time we bring up someone from the PS to the 53, that player makes more money. Right now, we have among the least amount of money in the NFL, and the money we do have us because we re-structured TYH’s contract. No NFL team can keep all the players it wants. There is a salary cap. Teams make tough choices. It’ll happen again next season too.
  8. No, he’s not. You missed it. Pittman played 13 games his first year. He’s already surpassed his rookie marks in 7 games. That’s not a reach on any level.
  9. We won tonight. Feel free to take one whole night off from worrying. Really. It’s now a worry free night. You can go back to worrying about everything tomorrow. Enjoy! Be happy!!
  10. Strachan didn’t play last year at all due to Covid. When he did play, he was facing very low level competition. So his jump to the NFL is much bigger than most rookie receivers. There’s nothing wrong with him that time and experience won’t fix. He’s still a very promising young talent. Your patience should be rewarded.
  11. Excellent post about the field. It held up really, really well tonight! Props to SF!
  12. I always love when fans explain how professional players coached by professional coaches are not doing it the “correct way”. Those never age well…. But it is what it is. Tonight we get to enjoy a SWEET Victory!
  13. You woukd say the Colts are in Panic mode? And we are not halfway into the season. Apparently you don’t follow the team very closely? No crime, but that’s a petty shocking claim based on nothing. Panic?
  14. I don’t know if anyone has posted this thought…. But considering this is likely to be a field position game and you hope for the fewest possible mistakes, I’ll be holding my breath on all field goals and punts. Each could turn into a wild adventure!!
  15. For what it’s worth…. Those watching tonight’s game expecting to see some type of biblical-like flooding, I’m not sure it’s going to be that bad. But I suppose it’s possible. But I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you have experienced these kind of conditions yourself. Terrible rain in Northern California may not be terrible in Indiana or in most any other state. It’s somewhat relative. But for Nor Cal, this is expected to be among the worst ever. We’ll find out in a few hours…..
  16. BOTH TEAMS are playing in bad weather. We play in the fall and winter. Mother Nature can be fickle. You just have to hunker down and gut it out. For what it’s worth, the Colts practiced outdoors this week to simulate conditions. Said they had a great week of practice. You gotta hope for the best.
  17. This is an “exception to the rule” storm. Some records will be set. It’s going to be bad. Tough game for both teams.
  18. The plans for Dayo at DE aren’t long term? I have no idea what that means, but we’ll just play this out as it does. Nothing you and I say could possibly change a thing….
  19. Yes…. I’m glad we drafted him and I hope we don’t rush him back. I’m a patient fan and don’t mind waiting for the payoff even if it comes next year. I was pleased on draft day and said so. And I’ve been pleased with the pick ever since. As for the rest of your nonsense…. Par for the course. Let’s be clear, you oppose this philosophy for this team. But if it works, you’ll try to find a way to claim you supported it all along. You being you. Clutch that!
  20. Regarding the “delayed gratification crowd, lol” you commented on….. Say what you will about the crowd, but the three people who are the originators of this view are named Ballard, Irsay, and Reich. This is their view. When I linked the Ballard story from late May a few weeks ago I had a pretty good idea who would understand and accept the concept…, And who would reject it, and mock it. The fact you’re in this group is not the least bit surprising. Attack me all you want. I’ll simply say if you don’t like it, take it up with Ballard, Irsay, and Reich. I’m good with that. Lol!
  21. Yeah…. I saw those too later on, after my post. I confess they caught me a bit off guard. Over on ESPN, Louis Riddick, who I really like, blasted both teams for even considering doing this now. Basically said one, or both sides could be making a huge mistakes because neither side knows enough to know what they are getting or giving up. He urged patience and doing it later. Later in the day, I heard an interview with John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. He thinks this deal is getting done. He thinks it’ll be done by the trade deadline, the only question is what Miami has to give up? He thinks it’s at least three first round picks, but what else he doesn’t know…. Wowza!
  22. Thanks for the heads up! I’ll make a note of it!!
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