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  1. If your issue is, do we move on after a 16 game schedule, then why are you asking after the first five weeks? There are plenty of players who you don't want to make a judgement on after 5 weeks. We don't have to make a decision on anyone after 5 weeks. Lots of things can and will happen. Just relax and let things plays out as they will. 5 weeks is way too soon to decide anything about anyone. Seriously. Honestly.
  2. I doubt the Jags are tanking. Tom Coughlin teams are not likely to tank. They may not win nearly as much, but they'll give max effort toward winning. Will they have enough is the question....
  3. The entire NFL saw him play this ore-season. Kelly was exposed to all 31 teams to claim. All 31 teams passed on him. We knew what we had, and not only did we risk losing him, we went out and signed Brian Hoyer to backup Brissett. Sorry, but your analysis is seriously lacking.
  4. The always entertaining (not deliberately) Pacergeek! We signed Houston ONLY so we could beat KC! Too Funny! We didn't care about beating anyone else, only Kansas City!
  5. People at ESPN and everywhere else said those same things last season during our amazing run. We were media darlings. People here forget that... one year is so long ago... If you want to get really juiced, go to NFL.com and see Adam Shine’s recap of the weekend. The Colt’s win is the number one story. And Shine can’t say enough good things about us! Go read that... you’ll be glad you did!
  6. Good catch! My bad! I see so many anti-Collinsworth posts around here... Fair enough... I’ll give myself an Oh, Dear God
  7. Al Michaels? You want to cut him? Cris Collinsworth? Him too? Oh, Dear God..,,,..
  8. Do you happen to know who the five team captains are for 2019! Brissett, Hilton, Leonard, AV... and... Clayton Geathers. The team knows who Geathers is and what Geathers is and they voted him Captain. So while you don’t think CG deserves a spot in the roster those who know him best respectfully disagree. Ballard disagrees. His teammates disagree. Why you think you know better is a mystery to me. Maybe Willis is the new starter? Maybe CG is now a situational player? I’d be fine with that. But I hope he stays on the roster and continues to provide leadership to this team.
  9. Yup... unfortunately facts are rarely important in this community. Opinions are much more valued.... Oh well...
  10. Thanks for this..... It’s one of my favorite plays of the game!
  11. Thats actually funny... reading threads here I get the sense that many consider Turay a big disappointment. Par for the course around here....
  12. Not sure some here even realize that last night was Smith’s 16th NFL start at RT. So Smith is literally learning on the fly. And he’s doing a decent job. And, because he’s new to the position, he’s going to get better. This off-season Reich called Smith the best kept secret in the NFL, so I’m afraid those hoping for s change are going to be disappointed. The moment we gave Glowinski the big contract he was set at RG and Smith was set at RT. Period. Debate over. Sorry... but this idea that either is a weak link worthy of being replaced is beyond silly. They’re solid players that the team is happy with, whether some here are satisfied or not.
  13. The Sins traded up for a DE, Sweet, the guy with the heart condition. Some people here were very not happy we passed on him. As for Gruden.... He wasn’t fired for playing the wrong QB. He was fired for losing and fighting the front office. The fill-in Head coach today basically said Haskins isn’t close to being able to play now. Keenan started, as he was signed to do, but got hurt, and McCoy was coming off a broken leg from last year. So three QB’s and they all have issues. The Redskins are a mess and have been since Snyder bought them.
  14. Yup... Walden popped for like 11 sacks his last year with us. That was a nice surprise!
  15. CB.... i think you're confusing Sheard with someone else. I don’t believe Sheard has ever had double digit sacks in his career. I believe he he had 5.5 last year and 11 total over two seasons with the Colts. Perhaps you're confusing him with Houston? I think he was at or near double digits last year...
  16. If you taped the game, go back and watch him before he got hurt. He was scary good. And he made us look silly at times. The fact that we kept him off the field, isn't a negative against Mahomes, that's not his fault. Mahomes was brilliant at times. He's the Real Deal and then some.... seriously. Honestly.
  17. Even on a night where we pull a big upset, we have the negative posters showing up..... I don't pretend to know how good Jacoby can eventually be, but I do know this, what we are currently seeing right now --- whatever level you think that is --- Brissett is not done improving. There's no reason to think that. QB's improve. He's played 5 games in this offense. He played 15 games in a completely different offense two years ago. He played 4 games for New England and played well. Whatever he is, he should get better. How much better, I don't know. But I do know this... no one else here knows either. If he levels off at a game manager level, the people calling him that now will scream "I told you so!"... Sorry, but you don't know squat. You simply guessed and came up right. If you guess the correct lottery numbers, you didn't know anything. You just got a lucky guess. None of us have seen enough of JB to know how good he is. Making an argument one way or the other on such a small sample size is silly. Brissett will get better this year. And, assumig all goes well, he should be better next year too. Some here are just too invested in being right. Just sit back and enjoy the season. We're still playing with House Money. Maybe tonight starts a magical run like we had last year. Maybe not. But I intend to enjoy it the rest of the way. Hope you do too.
  18. Happy to chime in here. I don’t think I made any negative comments about this game other than giving us an L when the schedule came out in April. Today, I told my wife the Colts were the nationally televised game and I thought we might lose... bad.... Mahomes was scary good until he got hurt. But we were really inspired. We won the game at the Line Of Scrimmage. We dominated. Really proud of everyone. Sorry to lose Turay, but we will have to find a way... Really enjoyable game.... Congrats to everyone.
  19. Please consider it a sincere compliment! Honestly! You’re great!
  20. Ok... For whatever it’s worth, I saw a headline in the last 24 hours saying that JVille wouldn’t trade Ramsey for FIVE first round picks. Not a typo. 5! Now that seems crazy, and I don’t believe it. I’m just sharing what the Jags are putting out there.
  21. One for the other is not happening. Diggs is very good. Ramsey is great. More would have to be involved.
  22. I know it was a long time ago, but Ballard was asked THIS APRIL if he was close to trading up in the first round... And while he said he’d never rule it out, he added he doesn’t like the idea of trading up there..... the cost is simply too high... Now, at the time we had Luck... so perhaps that changes the conversation? The cost of trading up for guys like Jackson and Mahomes and Watson wasn’t terrible. Much, much less expensive than guys like Goff and Wentz who went 1-2. So if we’re only moving up a modest amount, perhaps Ballard would be willing to make a move for a QB like Love, who maybe we could trade up from our 2nd round Skins pick to acquire like Baltimore traded for Jackson at the bottom of the first... Or, if we’re picking roughly 16th and some QB falls to roughly 12 or so, then perhaps the price isn’t too terrible either and we make that move for someone we like. Similar to Mahomes and Watson who I believe went roughly 10-12, give or take... I think as long as the price is reasonable, Ballard would be willing. He didn’t flinch spending two low-4’s to get one high-4 for Willis who Ballard thought had third round value. And so far, CB has been right. Its all about the price and the value.
  23. Costello has had a disappointing year... Hes either been hurt or performed poorly. Honestly the whole Stanford team has done poorly. Don’t want to blame everything on KJ. But the backup, a kid named Davis Mills, is shaking off about three years of rust and is beginning to look like something. He’s beginning to look like the future of the program. So while Stanford may have its first really disappointing season in more than a decade, we may have found a QB to build around... we’ll take our victories wherever we can get them these days! Thanks for asking.
  24. I don’t think AV us in the clear at all. I think he’s a long way from getting rid of his baggage. Doesn’t mean he won’t. But he still has work to do IMO.
  25. Do we have to decide the first week of October? By this point of his senior year, most here had barely even heard of Baker Mayfield. And on your list, Hurts is not an option. He’s barely even a decent college level passing quarterback. That’s why he left Alabama. Tua blew past him. He does not project as a high level NFL quarterback. He might in a few months, but that's a long way away.
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