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  1. Turay and Hooker. If they’re healthy the Colts defense will improve dramatically.
  2. Yup... situations like this typically favor the better scouting teams. And I think our staff has demonstrated that we scout better than most. So I like our chances...
  3. Do we know for sure that a player who opts out but doesn’t make a team next year actually has to layback the $150k? Just asking. Inquiring minds and all that.
  4. Has been a free agent and I believe he signed today with Tampa Bay.... Has been a free agent and I believe signed today with Miami....
  5. Wouldn’t it be MORE accurate to say no one is talking about Fountain? Or Patman? Aren’t those guys far more under the radar than Campbell who everybody is hoping he will live up to his draft status and raw skill set?
  6. Fine... I got that Reich context wrong. But when Reich says something good about JB, you responded with “who knows if that is true or not.” You don’t deny it. And there was no reason for you to go there, except that you didn’t like what Reich had to say. So you had to apply spin... “Reich likes to be positive”. it couldn’t be that Reich was simply telling the truth. You just had to explain it away...
  7. I’m basically in agreement here... but either way most teams (all?) have their QB2 by early September. So if we waive him with the intention of putting him on our PS, another team wanting Eason would want to have three QBs on their 53 and not many want that. Plus, I suspect we’d offer Eason a big bump in pay to incentivize him to stay with the Colts and not go elsewhere, just as we did with Kelly. It’s way too early to know anything, I’m just saying there are things that can work to help us keep Eason around the roster deadline. It’s not quite as black and white as some are making it out to be.
  8. No.... when Reich said Jacoby was ahead of Eason you said... “who knows if that’s true or not?” As if Reich had some reason to lie about it. You’ve been talking in circles ever since.
  9. I don’t think Eason getting picked up is the lock you seem to think it is......
  10. I think the new PS rule that allows the team to protect 4 of the 16 players INCREASES the chances Eason goes to the PS, not decreases.
  11. So Reich is lying when he says things you don’t like or agree with, but he’s telling the truth when he does something you like or agree with. Got it.
  12. You think I don’t know what round Eason was picked? I’m not predicting Eason is cut and signed back to the PS. I’m only saying it’s possible. That’s why I said 50-50.
  13. Eason ***may*** stay on the 53, but I wouldn’t bet the farm on that. I’d peg it at 50-50 at best.
  14. We risked not resigning when we cut Chad Kelly last year. How’d that turn out?
  15. Then why isn’t he putting a good spin on Eason?
  16. Why would you say “who knows if it’s true”? Why would Reich lie? What’s in it for him? And why would this be hard to believe? It’s the third year in the system for JB, so he has a huge head start over Eason. Wouldn’t you expect the veteran to be ahead of the rookie in learning and understanding the system? Does that seem unreasonable? It takes most rookies a long time to pick up their first NFL system. Remember... even the great Patrick Mahomes sat out almost his entire rookie season. He played one game. Even Lamar Jackson didn’t play much as a rookie and even when he did they prepared a small limited number of plays for him and that’s all he was allowed to do. That’s the way it is for MOST rookies. Guys like Andrew Luck are the exception to the rule.
  17. I’ve basically sat out most of this conversation. But I’d add this... No matter how many years left on Luck’s contract there is almost no guaranteed money, almost no dead cap money left to deal with. So even if the long shot happens, and Luck were to come back and wanted to play for us, I think it would be on a NEW team friendly deal. I think it would have little guaranteed money at the signing and loaded with incentives, and triggers should he perform at a high level and only modest money should he not be the same player. I think it would be a contract that would be structured so the franchise would not be hurt should the comeback go badly for whatever reason and Luck would retire again. The team would insist on protections and Luck would agree to them. I think the new deal would mean there would be little for fans to worry about. All that said... I remain in the camp that believes a Luck comeback is the longest of long shots and I’ll believe it only when more credible info is confirmed.
  18. I know what you’re saying, that he wasn’t always like this. But I think your timeline is way off. Two years ago, his craziness was taking him out of Pittsburgh. Last year was his craziest and he played maybe a game or two for NE after signing a big offseason contract with Oakland. 3 years ago he went live from a Steelers locker room which infuriated Tomlin. I think this has been coming on for some time, a good number of years.
  19. Thanks for the link. Honestly, it’s the first time I’ve seen this. Good link. That said... to be clear, the link you provided had another link. And it says that while prolonged contact (15 minutes) is the most likely, it does NOT at all rule out being able to contract the virus in instances of shorter time length, or in instances where the breath of an infected person comes directly into contact with an I infected person, such as coughing, breathing heavy, or, I suspect, with singing. That’s why so many church events turn into Super Spreader events.
  20. Roster weights are notoriously unreliable. Leonard gave interviews last year where he said he plays between 225-218. He’s trying to play as fast as possible.
  21. Technically, I don’t believe he was released. I believe his contract was up and we elected not to re-sign him to a new deal. If I’m wrong, I’m sure someone will come along soon enough to correct me and set the record straight.
  22. Ok... thanks... I’ve stayed out of this debate... when you get down to debating which Hall of Famer is best then it’s all about the personal opinion. And many (most?) cherry pick stats to support their opinion. These kind of debates don’t do anything for me. It’s like debating things like favorite music or group? Favorite food or ice cream? Favorite movie or piece of art? It’s rare when anyone changes their mind. Best RB? You can also make an argument for Walter Payton or OJ Simpson? Everyone has a favorite and there’s an argument for all.
  23. If you’re trying to say everyone is entitled to their own opinion, you won’t get a word of disagreement from me. But.... If, instead, you’re trying to say all opinion is equal, no matter who, then I’m going to disagree strongly. Those are different positions, and I’m not sure which you’re stating?
  24. First, I’m not sure it’s known just how much time you have to be near an infected to actually become infected yourself. Second, think of football this way... every huddle, and there roughly 65-70 of them each side, each game is an opportunity. Each play and tackle is an opportunity. Every time a player goes in the team complex is an opportunity. Every time you’re in the locker room, the weight room, the team meeting room, the positional meeting room, you name it, they are all opportunities. There are so many different opportunities to get infected. Plus, you talk about young people... those people have their entire career in front of them. The longer this drags out the more we learn that we don’t know as much as we thought we did. That even when you’re Covid free many still report issues with their heart and lungs. That’s not good for anyone, especially athletes. Young athletes are trying to protect their careers. These decisions are complex, but you have to respect and support every decision, no matter which way it goes.
  25. Sarcasm? Or Skai Moore opting out is enough to have you opt out as a fan.... EDIT: Green font equals sarcasm for you. Got it!
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