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  1. I can hear moderators bursting out in laughter! Ive been banned repeatedly.
  2. Believe me, if you’re stupid, then we’re related! I’ve posted worse. Much worse! And there are thousands of posters right here who would swear to that!
  3. Bubba Ventrone. The Special Teams coach. He made comments.
  4. I think we moved up 2-3 places to get Lewis. I think we gave up a 5 to get him. Why this is an issue for you 2.5 years later is a mystery known only to you. But here you are bringing up a non-issue.
  5. The nomination for the most over dramatic, over written piece of garbage goes to...... What a dumpster fire.
  6. I’m not sure you realize just how false and misleading what you wrote actually is? You state that Campbell failed to connect with JB while lesser talents like Pascal and Johnson did connect. Yet you didn’t say a word about all the injuries he suffered his rookie year. I think there were four separate injuries. And you didn’t mention them. And it’s those injuries that kept Campbell from connecting in a way that other receivers could. Care to explain that? Because otherwise it goes to your credibility.
  7. For whatever it’s worth.... on his weekly day after interview this week, Reich admits Clark struggled in the first two series. But he said the rest of the game he thought Clark was decent. Not great, not terrible. And certainly not as bad as many here are screaming about. I have no idea what the staff will do this week, or in the off-season. I’m just sharing what Frank said for the record.
  8. I’d add one thing to your very good post. He made it to Canton on the first ballot! You may find a GM who you think is as good, but it’s highly doubtful you’ll find one who is better. Just my two cents, and it may not even be worth that much!
  9. For what it’s worth.... This week, after we got spanked good, the Colts are now ranked..... 9th. Last week we were ranked .... 8th. Yes, we lost bad and yet we only fell one spot. Just posted this to show you what the outside world thinks of the Colts. They still like us. Ranked behind us are the Rams, who are 10th, the Ravens, who beat us, are 11th, and the Browns, who also beat us, are 12th. It would appear the people who cover the NFL for a living like the Colts more than many in this fan base. Just saying.
  10. No. I wouldn't say a lot. I'd say only on days of the week that end in.... d-a-y! Or only when the sun is up, or the sun is down. Other than that, Doug and I are almost in total lockstep agreement!
  11. Doug ... I’ll put this as simply as I can... The roster that Rivers has is better than the roster that Luck had. You may disagree. Maybe others here might agree with you. But that’s my view. Otherwise, We are so far apart, we’re going to have to agree to disagree and let it go at that. Fair enough?
  12. No Doug! No one in the Colts front office has ever thought of this. In fact, no other poster has ever thought of this. You, in all your unique skills are the first person to EVER think of this. I'm sure some intern working in the front office and closely monitoring this website for great insight, is going to flag this, print it, and run it into Ballard's office. I suspect he'll have a V-8 moment and slap his forehead! Genius! Brilliant! Why didn't anyone else think of that?!?
  13. Not skipping a beat? Tell that to the Titans. It's not like they're 10-2. It's not like we didn't just beat them a few weeks ago.
  14. No pretend here, Doug. I'm genuinely and sincerely confused. You have a unique way of explaining yourself which often leaves me more confused than when the discussion starts! That's a gift! Good luck with that!
  15. Regarding your first sentence... Is there a single franchise, even one, that doesn’t hinge on every single move a GM makes?
  16. Here’s another great post! Sorry I can’t give it multiple Likes and Thanks!
  17. Well.... I literally wrote the words that maybe I don’t understand you. And even THAT seems not to register with you. So I see by the clock on the wall that our time appears to be up. So I want to thank everyone for playing and say Good Night Everyone!! See you next time!
  18. Not sure why this generates a GM debate? If I understand you correctly, and maybe I don’t, you’re stating that this team is roughly the same as the Luck playoff level teams. I think it’s false. And I think it’s a false argument to suggest they are. You think after 4 years of rebuilding this team, Ballard has equaled a Grigson talent level team. I think that’s false and we can break it down by draft and free agency, but I don’t think that’s necessary. I think the facts are pretty obvious. The Grigson teams had Luck. He covered up numerous flaws. The B
  19. In his itinerary, Phillip Rivers was never as good as Andrew Luck. And Rivers us no longer in his prime. But Rivers is still good enough to take a good, but still flawed roster (mostly due to injuries) to the playoffs. Luck dragged inferior teams to the playoffs. And when that team got old and less talented dye to bad drafts and free agents, he dragged bad teams to 8-8 records. If you sincerely think this team is roughly the same as the Luck era teams you are (A) harshly criticizing Chris Ballard (B) lavishly praising Ryan Grison or (C) doing both. I don’t think ANY
  20. If you think this team has roughly the same level of talent, then I don’t know what to tell you. Congrats, you have me at a loss of words, and we all know that doesn’t happen too often! Sorry, but we see the same thing differently.
  21. Remember , the Luck years were mostly during a previous administration. The current administration are not the same guys. And this is not a 7-9 to 9-7 over achieving into the playoffs. This is not deja vu all over again.
  22. If I may ask... Why do you doubt the statement?
  23. Apparently you’re not following the info coming out. It’s a week to week thing. Not a career thing. So says the head coach, Frank Reich.
  24. Huh? This happens to Phillip Rivers? No! This happens to every quarterback in the history of football when their left tackle. Thus isn’t a Phillip Rivers thing, it’s a quarterback thing. I get that Rivers is a statue. I get he’s not mobile, he’s not going to spin out if the grasp. But come on..
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