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  1. Good post! Heckuva good post!
  2. In case you haven’t figured this out yet — and you clearly haven’t..... The status of AV on this team isn’t just a decision by Frank Reich. He doesn’t have final say. Chris Ballard does. So he has more input than Frank. And when it comes to future Hall if Game players, even Jim Irsay gets to have inout in the decision. So please stop with the coddling nonsense....
  3. Before too long, there will be an anti-Ballard post... remember, some here think he’s only meh..... In 3.... 2.... and 1....
  4. Who is mocking him to go in the first? I haven’t seen very much of that....
  5. You have concerns about a Jefferson? May I ask you to share your concerns? I confess I’m a little surprised....
  6. I don’t think the majority of your players will last to the spots you have the Colts taking them. I think they will be long gone. It would be great if you were right, but I think the computer system you used is filled with some bad info. It’s not a you problem, it’s a website problem.
  7. Here’s the problem the league faces... In the summer the virus is supposed to go way down.. maybe almost disappear... so the good news is the season could, in theory, start on time and play for two months, September and October.. But here’s the problem... cold weather starts coming in November and colder in December... a second wave of the virus is expected back... how bad is not clear yet... and of course, the weather is even colder for the playoffs. I can see everyone balking. You’ve got more than 100 guys in the normal day to day locker room. 65 players... coaches, trainers, ball boys, locker room support staff, execs, the owner, etc. This screams trouble. Who potentially wants to put their life in danger? April is predicted to be the worst. May should get better, but it may still be bad. June should get much better.... and continue to get better throughout the summer... but once we clear July, August and September, we have to hope progress has been made on test kits. This is key. And maybe a vaccine? But that’s likely way too soon. Probably 2021 for that, but we can hope. Honestly, I think the season is 50-50 right now — at best. A shortened season is possible, but it’s still very iffy. Lots of moving parts this far away... hopefully things will change for the better... I don’t expect the NFL to say much until after the draft. By the way, the official schedule is being announced AFTER the draft. Normally it’s about 7-10 days BEFORE the draft. The league is buying time... hopefully we’ll have some answers in May...
  8. What in the world would make you think that? What has happened this off-season to make you come to that conclusion?
  9. To move down in the second and get back a 2 and a 3, the Cokts would have to move down roughly a half round. 16 spots, give or take. The difficulty is finding a team that wants to Jay that price. Many teams will not spend a 2 and a 3 to move up a half round. Some will, but not all. In other words, this is easier said than done.
  10. I guess it depends on how you define later rounds? Im not sure he will get past R4. And certainly not past R5. But if healthy, he’s a Day 2 pick...
  11. More slightly built than RG3? I think you have that backwards...
  12. Remember... Ballard wants 10 DL on the 53 man roster, and 8 DL on the game day active roster. So, if not Sheard coming back, someone has to fill the spot? Ballard wants his DL so fresh all game long to keep constant pressure on opposing QBs.
  13. Remember, I believe this stay to be true.... That 85 percent of the population if the United States lives East of the Mississippi River. That helps shape lots of opinions.
  14. Are you asking who is the greatest quarterback? Or is the poll open to other goats like Jim Brown or Jerry Rice? Just asking... it’s your poll...
  15. If I had to guess... scouts like multiple seasons of success.. a longer track record to examine. I think Claypool has only one great year. The rest were not nearly as good.
  16. I suspect the rest of the money will be based on making achievable incentives.... So Rhodes still has a good chance of making $5 mill (or whatever the final number is).
  17. The rest of the draft is fine... but I hate, Hate, HATE the idea of Jalen Hurts at pick 34. Just terrible. If you love him, then I’d guess you trade down from pick 44 to the 50’s and take him him much later.
  18. Carry both?!? WTH?!? Ballard doesn’t even like carrying three QBs, so he’s not carrying three kickers (two kickers plus one punter). That’s one less player for special teams. I don’t think that’s a viable situation for Ballard.
  19. Where have you read that thus is “a historically bad TE class.” ??? Not saying you’re wrong, only that I haven’t seen that anywhere. Can you share a link? Thanks...
  20. Yes.... I’m completely wrong on this. 100 percent. I didn’t fully appreciate the nature of the discussion. Sorry for the confusion.
  21. It wasn’t. I was simply wrong. Sorry for the confusion that I caused. Not intentional. I thought I was clearing up confusion. Turns out the opposite. Whoops! Carry on!
  22. So you’re saying they all had the same idea at roughly the same idea? Oh-Kay..... Ive been wrong times before and I know I’ll be wrong again. Perhaps thus is one of those times. I guess we will find out tomorrow.... Perhaps you’re right. There have been no tweets from players or media to confirm. You’d think that would’ve happened. OK, I’m wrong!
  23. He is more mobile than you think he is. You're remembering the JB who played with a huge knee brace after the Pittsburgh game which seriously limited his mobility. A healthy JB has some mobility. He’s not Lamar Jackson, but the kid can move around.
  24. Where are these posts? Huh? They're in this thread! Just scroll up. Superfly says cut and signed by another team. John Hammond says cut and signed by the Pats. Scott Pennock says traded to NE for a 21 pick with some details. Scroll up and see for yourself.
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