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  1. Good post. And I completely forgot giving Collins a second chance last season. So Kelly is NOT Ballard’s first attempt at saving a troubled player. Collins is/was. Much appreciated!
  2. I was too. Many of us were. We're not alone....
  3. Irsay can afford anything Ballard wants to do. He can easily afford to spend up the limits of the salary cap and we’re far from being even close to the salary cap limit. What do we have to spend? $65 mill? $70 mill? The most in the NFL. We’re in position to extend the deals of guys like AC and TYH and others. If we DON’T sign McCoy it won’t be because we don’t have the money to spend. It will be because we decided not to spend that much money. Those are two completely different issues.
  4. I agree that balance is the key to winning.... and last year, we had almost 67 plays per game. 40 passing, and nearly 27 running. Not the balance you want. If you go over to NFL.com you'll see that most QB's are throwing 30-40 pass attempts per game. I think right around 35 is the sweet spot. Below 30 is putting a lot of pressure on the running game to sustain an offense for 60 minutes. You might get that for a game here or there, but not for a whole season. Here are the Colts stats for last year: https://www.colts.com/team/stats/ And here are the stats for the league from NFL.com Note of caution: There are lots of categories, and lots of settings to change for your search. http://www.nfl.com/stats/player
  5. Sorry, been meaning to respond to this point with a reminder. One year ago, Ballard was talking about the 19 draft by raving about the DL class we all just saw get drafted. So, I personally wouldn't read too much into his observatin that the wide receiver class looks very good. Ballard almost passed over the entire DL class, and didn't address the OL class until R7. Even as late as the week of the draft, Ballard stated that the Colts would always pay close attention to both lines. Then he turned around and almost avoided them. As for next year's great WR class? Maybe we take one in R1? Maybe. Or maybe R2? Or R3? Maybe. But I also read his comment as a subtle message to players like TY and Funchess and Rodgers and the 27 other nameless, faceless WR's who are also on our roster. That they shouldn't price themselves off the roster next year when looking for their next contract. That they should played their best or they could easily be replaced. Ballard doesn't do anything with a heavy hand. But he's not above a little subtle messaging to those who might need a reminder.
  6. Honestly, I still think we’ll throw 35-36 times a game... But that may lead to 4-5 more runs per game which I think Reich wants to help run the clock.
  7. The Colts threw the ball 40 times a game last year. I think that was either first or second in the NFL last year. If you think Reich wants to throw the ball 40 times a game this year again I think you’re mistaken. I think that number will be smaller. Let’s make a note if thus and check back in January and see who is right. Fair enough?
  8. I understand that by first appearance, it seems..... odd. And my concern level is elivated that we haven't read news that Kelly has gone and completed rehab. I would've guessed that would be mandatory for Ballard. And maybe he has, but if so, you would think the team press release could say so, or the kid would do an interview and say so. It's important that that message would get out. It's an important step to take. But so far, nothing on that front. But, I'm a second chance guy, and I'm a Ballard/Reich guy, so I trust them. I think the investment is so small that I don't see much of a downside. Except the reaction if it doesn't work out. As Ballard said in a recent interview, the league is about the noise that surrounds the team. But our noise level is among the lowest in the league, so I figure we can afford a litle buzz if things don't work out. Because if they DO work out, then the noise will be positive. And that's always a good thing....
  9. First. I had NO IDEA what you're talking about. English and communication are not your strength. Second. I was IN FAVOR of drafting Jeffrey Simmons. In fact, I was likely the leading voice here in favor of drafting him if we could. So again, you're talking out of your rear end. Again. My consistancy from Simmons to Kelly is perfectly straight. Third. Kelly is NOT banned from the NFL. He is not in jail. He's available to any team that wants to sign him. Ballard and Reich are considering him. And if he makes it, it'll be for the Practice Squad. This ISN'T a big deal even though you're trying to make it into one. This is a small issue. Because it's the off-season and there isn't much to talk about, people are spending way more time on it than is necessary. A mole hill is being turned into a mountain. There's nothing to see here, whether Kelly makes it or not. We can all move along.
  10. The reasons to make him an exception are several. One, it costs the Colts almost nothing. A minimum salary. Doubtful a bonus. Not a draft pick. Not a roster spot, we typically have four QB's in camp. Two, the upside is, he straightens out his life, makes the PS and does well there... Brissett signs elsewhere and Kelly becomes Luck's back-up in 2020. A win for both the Colts and Kelly. We get a back-up for next to nothing. Three, why spend your credibility on a big name at a key position? If Luck got hurt, why spend it on Jay Cutler, who is lousy in the locker room. Why spend it on trading for Jameis Winston, or Ben Roethlisberger? Talented, but maybe not who you want to lead your team? Kelly is a small investment and a small position. There's no harm if it doesn't work out. The team isn't hurt. Not so with a bigger name at a much more important position.
  11. To the best of my knowledge this is Ballard’s first attempt at saving a Colt. After two plus years, not sure one player competing for a spot on the PS somehow makes Ballard’s message inconsistent. Of course, your mileage may vary....
  12. What in the flipping world are you talking about? Would you like to try again simple plain English? And who are “certain people”?? Who? And how do you know things don’t matter? And what does ESPN have to do with any of this? What are you trying to say? Then say it! Goodness gracious....
  13. I think he’s talking about Ben. But I’ve never heard anything about BR leaving his wife...
  14. I don’t think it’s much if an insult to say Luck is 6-8 on a list of top QBs. Thats where been on many lusts for much of his career. Somewhere between 4-8. And I’m fine with that. We all hope Luck has a great 2019 and maybe next year he’s top-5 on most lists.
  15. By the way.... for those worried about this signing.... why? We’ve got next to nothing invested in him. Likely NFL minimum with little to no up front money. If he acts up we cut him straight away and it costs us nothing. Nothing. What’s the downside? If he makes the team he’d replace Walker as the PS quarterback. He’s not a likely candidate for the 53 on 2019. Maybe in 2020. Ballard has said he thinks he can save troubled players. I think this is his first attempt with the Colts. I support his effort. It he succeeds the Colts might someday come out of this with a backup QB. I’m happy to take that.
  16. And here is the actual NFL draft profile that was alluded to, but NOT linked. I'm linking it. And, Kelly had a solid draftable grade and was called a possible low-level starter. So, clearly he might also be considered a decent back-up, which is all anyone is talking about here. Kelly's profile. Not a first rounder, but not a camp body either. Possible Brissett replacement in 2020 if he leaves. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2017/profiles/chad-kelly?id=2557869
  17. But... but... but... but.... but.... This can’t be! Most people here believe Hooker just isn’t that good. And everyone here knows posters here know better than the Colts front office or coaches or PFF... they must be wrong! Malik Hooker just might be good?!? Wow, what a concept!
  18. Think if it this way... When he’s talking about the running game what he’s really saying is that he wants to make the passing game even better! Honestly! Seriously. We threw the ball 40 times a game last year. We don’t want to do that this year. More like 36. Just 4 fewer pass attempts per game. That’s all. If we run more effectively we will also pass even better this year.
  19. Dud you know we had 10 D-lineman most of last year? Not sure why we wouldn’t this year. That’s 10 on the 53, 8 on the game day roster of 46.
  20. You may be right. With Kelly’s troubled past, the odds may be against him. But as far as raw talent, don’t be fooled. Kelly has loads of it. The only reason he went in the 7th round is because of his off the field troubles, not on the field. Put another way, coming out of college Kelly had far more raw talent than Phillip Walker ever had. If he stays clean, Kelly could beat out Walker for the PS QB job for 2019. And if Brissett leaves in 2020 then Kelly might be ready to be the Colts backup in roughly 14 months. I’m not saying it will happen this way, I’m only saying it could happen this way.
  21. Ahhhh.... another classic Irish post and I’m calling nonsense... again. Do you know who said we wouldn’t take a wide receiver in the early rounds? Almost nobody. Seriously. I’d guess Day Two was the most popular answer the vast majority of posters offered. The only raging debate was about round one. Period. There was considerable debate about round one. You and I especially. There were a handful of posters who guessed round four. But not many. Day two was by far the most popular answer. So unless you’re prepared to argue that rounds two and three aren’t early, your assertion is false. Completely.
  22. You're entitled to any opinion you want, but in my 7 years here, you might be the first person I've seen blame Dungy.... Most blame Polian for focusing too much on offense and not nearly enough on defense. You had two HoF talents in Freeney and Mathis, but everyone else was just a nice complimentary piece. Even Bob Sanders only played in less than 50 percent of the possible games... The second person people blame is Peyton himself. As you know he had a very poor track record of playoff performances for 8 years leading up to his first Super Bowl. And the third person people blame... mostly on general principle and, well, just because, is Ryan Grigson! He's also responsible for the stock market crash of 1929 and the kidnapping of the Lindberg baby. But if you want to blame Dungy, you go right ahead.... have fun with that one!
  23. So, we're now determining that McCoy is wanted in Cleveland because a player gives a thumbs up to GM coming to the team? That's all it takes these days? Wake me when there's a little more smoke.... a little more substance...
  24. If I read you correctly... Tony Dungy added NOTHING to the Colts. And that’s your.... opinion?!? Holy Cow!! Well... there’s always someone. Always one in every crowd... And I thought I had read it all here... Shaking My Damn Head....
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