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  1. This is a more involved problem than just 'he didn't see Cain,' though. He never looked to the right. He locked in on his primary read, didn't go through any progressions, and attempted a low percentage pass when he probably had a completion on the other side of the field. I also completely disagree with this having anything to do with trusting Cain. He threw Cain a deep ball into double coverage last week. He didn't know Cain was going to be open, he didn't go through his progressions, and never knew that it was an option. And ultimately, if the QB doesn't trust a receiver, that receiver shouldn't be on the field on third down, period. This is something that JB must improve on. Time will tell whether he can/will.
  2. I think the staff is being reserved with Okereke and Speed, but I think they have the same ability to blitz as DL, and I think Okereke in particular is an even better tackler than Leonard. I also think the loss of Malik Hooker has been more critical than the loss of DL, since I think the dropoff from Hooker to his replacement(s) is greater than the dropoff from Leonard to his replacements. But I'm hoping Leonard is back Sunday night, and maybe we'll see him and Okereke in there together.
  3. Bringing up McAfee's success with onsides is off base for a few reasons. First, McAfee was mostly successful with the surprise kicks, not the obvious kicks. In obvious 'get the ball back' situations, McAfee was just like everyone else. Second, McAfee isn't here anymore. So why wouldn't league wide percentages apply to this team? Third, it's silly to ignore the rule change. It has dropped the success rate of onside kicks to a third of what it used to be. It matters. That said, I'm all for finding a way to attempt some onsides if the team can sneak them in here and there. And if we didn't have three timeouts, Sunday's decision would have been a no-brainer, you try the onside kick. But the decision to kick it away is sound and logical, in that specific situation.
  4. I think the answer is better coverage. The young guys are struggling with their zones, and it's making a pass rush irrelevant.
  5. Of course. Getting your guy is about good evaluation and good coaching, along with the player doing his part along the way. There are a lot of ingredients needed to be successful.
  6. Thanks for the link. I just browsed that thread as well. It's interesting that Love has buzz as a special arm, and Ballard was in KC for much of the evaluation of Mahomes, and Ballard is said to love Love. I'll have to keep an eye out for him...
  7. More to the point, I'm not sure Rosen would be better for the Colts than JB, especially not to the degree that he would need to be to justify moving off of JB after committing to him so strongly over the last couple years. I also think Josh Rosen has some "Bo Callahan" to him, and I don't think I'd commit to him as a franchise QB in general.
  8. How many of those guys outside of the first round are good enough to make a deep playoff run? Three? (And I'm being generous with Prescott, since they haven't actually made a deep playoff run yet.) And all three of them landed in great situations where they were allowed to grow into a franchise role. My angle is not that if you take a guy in the first round that it's going to guarantee you anything. My angle is that you're way more likely to get a franchise guy in the first round. I think your list supports my position.
  9. That's entirely irrelevant. We're talking about the QB of the Colts. It doesn't matter what other QBs do or don't do. It matters what we need JB to do. Based on the composition of this roster right now, we need our QB to make more plays, to anticipate throws better, to complete more passes down field, to anticipate coverages pre-snap and adjust more quickly post-snap, etc. Maybe JB can do those things as time goes on. But if this team is going to make a postseason run, we absolutely need that level of QBing. For me, it's making excuses when someone says 'Brissett needs to have better anticipation,' and the response is 'what do you expect, the receivers dropped 8 passes, without those we might have won the game.' I think a lot of the discussion of Brissett and his circumstances is missing each other because there are some agendas that are competing. And make no mistakes, there are plenty of longstanding agendas with regard to QBing and team composition that are on display in this very thread, some of which pre-date Brissett by several years. Some of this goes all the way back to fans not being happy with the decision to get rid of Manning, some of it has to do with the poor job Polian did of keeping up the roster, some of it is about Grigson and Pagano, etc. But when I say I think JB needs to do certain things better, it's not because I'm unaware that every QB has flaws. And it's not because I don't like JB.
  10. I think Rosen with the Colts could be better than Rosen with Steve Wilks on the Cardinals, or whatever it is they're doing with him down in Miami. But I wouldn't give up anything significant to trade for Rosen at this point.
  11. Realistically, either way you're putting the defense out there, because there's such a small chance of converting the onside. It was 7.5% last year, which includes some surprise attempts that alters the likelihood compared to an obvious onside kick attempt. That's down from 23% in 2017 before they changed the rule. So if there's over a 90% likelihood that the defense has to get a stop anyway, do you want to give your team a chance at decent field position if you get the ball back? Or do you try the onside even though you're probably not going to get it, knowing that even if you get the stop, you'll have terrible field position, no timeouts, and about a minute left? I'm fine with kicking it away in that situation. The defense has to be able to get a stop if you're going to get the ball back. Ours couldn't.
  12. Rosen with Andy Reid on the Chiefs? Might be a different story. And of course, the criteria is that it's a QB the staff loves. And how much more likely is that you hit on a guy you love in the first round, versus coming across an elite QB with a mid round pick? That only happens once every few years. While teams are doing a better job of getting production out of young QBs, we still don't have enough evidence to suggest that you'll find a franchise QB outside of the first round. I think, if JB isn't good enough in 2019, 2020 is the right time to grab the next guy, since JB is still under contract and the rookie wage scale is still in place (new CBA in 2021, things might change). But if you can't get a guy you really like, don't force it. Keep building the rest of the roster and trying to make up for any deficiencies at QB. But I think we're seeing a league where high level QBing is still super important for championship teams. It's still rare for a team with an average QB to make a deep playoff run, and when it does happen, it's because they have an elite defense. By the way, even with an elite defense, that "average" QB has to bring something special to the table, at least for a couple games. Nick Foles was special in the SB. Joe Flacco was special on deep balls, and did so without turning the ball over at all in the playoffs. Peyton Manning was still a cerebral master who manipulated the Patriots' defense in the AFCCG. I'm okay with focusing on the rest of the roster if moving up for a QB just isn't in the cards, but I'm not shutting my mind off to the possibility, because I think it's still important that you have a really good QB.
  13. I don't like calling other fans homers, and it's not something I make a practice of because it has a negative connotation to many. But I also don't post here just to cheer for the team. I'm here to discuss the team, positives and negatives. There will be honest disagreements, but it's annoying to me personally when those disagreements get boiled down to 'we're fans of the team, stop being critical.' And yes, that's an oversimplification of what you've said in this thread, but some of your comments do have that flavor. Back on topic, I'm in JB's corner, and I want him to succeed. But I do think there are legitimate concerns about his play and abilities that it's okay to discuss. Doing so isn't a reflection of anyone's fandom. It's just an honest evaluation of the person playing the most important position on the team.
  14. If Brissett still looks like a low ceiling, above average starter at the end of the year, I have no problem giving up a future first for the right prospect. I don't know how it will all shake out this year, but if we're in striking distance for someone, it might not take as much as you think to get him. In 2017, the Chiefs gave up #27 and #91, plus their first rounder in 2018, to move up to #10 for Mahomes. Similar situation, they had a good QB that they knew was limited, they weren't bad the previous year, but they knew they wanted to strike while the iron was hot, so they made the big move while they still had a veteran in place. Then they traded the veteran for a young starter on defense and a third rounder. I'd just let it play out, and make an honest evaluation at the end of the season. I'm definitely not gonna tank to get a higher draft pick. Even if I wasn't completely opposed to that strategy -- which I am, for the record -- there are other teams already tanking. And like you said, they aren't going to move off the top two or three spots this year without getting a huge ransom, so it's a bad strategy anyway. My pipe dream that the Broncos/Dolphins/Bengals all hate Justin Herbert, and we can find a way to get him.
  15. I hate being accused of not being a Colts fan on a Colts forum. We're all Colts fans here.
  16. This is a strawman. I am and have been judging the overall quality of JB's play, and not just his completion percentage, TD/INT ratio or the team's win/loss record. Unlike those who complain about evaluation of JB that isn't always flattering, even though the Colts might have won the game. I am NOT and have not been focusing only on smaller areas that are all critical of JB. His staunch defenders are cherry picking only the areas that are flattering to him. And there's been nothing unclear about my comments regarding JB. I haven't even made very many, because it's obvious there's no point in discussing him right now. For whatever reason, every thread about JB is dominated by people either posting garbage about how he's trash and it's time for Chad Kelly to play, or by people acting like anything that's not entirely glowing and two-thumbs-up about JB is unfair to him. I don't even know why I'm responding now, other than complete frustration with the mischaracterization of this discussion over the last few weeks. But how about this: Jacoby Brissett is a slightly above average NFL starter who appears to lack the playmaking, instincts and anticipation to be a top ten QB. To win the division and have playoff success with him starting, the run game needs to be way more consistent, and the defense needs to be much better. He's also an excellent teammate, appears to have the heart of a champion, and is still very much a work in progress, so he could theoretically get better as he plays more. But right now, he has obvious limitations that will cap this team's ceiling. How clear is that?
  17. "Critics" Do you realize that the people who have reservations about JB are not consumed by the win/loss record, or by the outcome of one play in one game? Saying 'we didn't lose because of Brissett, we lost because of X, Y and Z, and Brissett played good!' totally misses the point. Stitches made some film based observations of JB's QBing a few days ago, which were met with the same 'why are you nitpicking JB when we won the game?' kind of defense.
  18. He's a replacement level player who got replaced.
  19. No offense, but this is a ridiculous post, and it totally overlooked my point. The ones continually bringing up how other former backups have excelled in the league are those who are rabidly defensive of JB, even when others are simply offering legitimate evaluation of him. How about we stop comparing him to Luck, Rodgers, Brady, Mahomes and others, and just talk about his play? And how about we do so fairly, without making excuses for his shortcomings, without claiming safe harbor behind his stats, and without holding him up to a HOF standard?
  20. Everybody has their quirks. Ballard's seem to really stand out though. Might be his accent. But I think he's a thoughtful interview so I always enjoy when he's on. Reich's big quirk is he repeats himself. His big quirk is he repeats himself, while he's preparing his next sentence in his head.
  21. I love the anecdotal fallacy. Just because you can name a handful of backup QBs who went on to be great doesn't mean that it's statistically likely for a backup QB to wind up being great. I also love the genetic fallacy. Just because a QB wasn't drafted in the first round doesn't mean he can't be a really good QB. Everyone knows these two things. I don't understand why this discussion always has to be argued in the extremes. JB threads are becoming the new Trent Richardson threads around here.
  22. Some of these passers will regress to the mean, but the fact that rookies are stepping in during the second quarter of Week 1 (and the like) and completing better than 65% of their passes is different than what we're used to. They're throwing more and more, completing more and more, and still not turning the ball over.
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