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  1. ^^^ Isn't it amazing what can be achieved when one actually reads another poster's comments? That's not my stance. Earlier in this thread: Another thread: I don't see Rivers as a solution to any of our problems. Another thread: If we sign him, I'm on board. Just skeptical. Another thread: He's a good fit. I can see this working well. But I have some concern about his ability to play at a high level, given his age and recent history. Anyone acting like I've been out here cheerleadi
  2. Sprinkle in some 'Cam Newton is better than everybody the Colts have had" and I think that's probably it. But it feels like there are better ways to approach that argument.
  3. So. What. The question about Rivers is whether he can regain the balance of efficiency and production he played with in 2018. You keep muddying the waters with nonsense.
  4. I love the "independent thinker" fallacy, the whole 'I don't need other people to tell me who's good, unlike you' angle. Apparently, you also don't need current information. To the bolded, I didn't directly address a lot of the things you said because they're entirely irrelevant. 1) Cam winning a national championship in college is irrelevant. 2) Cam winning MVP five years ago is irrelevant. 3) The Panthers going to the SB five years ago is irrelevant. 4) Luck's career is irrelevant. (We're talking about Cam and Rivers, right?) Cam brute-forc
  5. You said maybe they should be paid more. I was just making the case for Brady specifically having multiple suitors who might have been willing to pay him more. I don't think he went around looking for the most money, he just wanted to find a good fit.
  6. Weak. First, the Panthers went to the SB five years ago. You know who else got MVP votes that year? Carson Palmer. Cam having a good year five years ago is irrelevant. Second, Cam's efficiency and ability to get wins in 2015 was pretty much an outlier year. Because QBs being physically similar is all that matters when it comes to in game performance... Cam and Luck had a lot of similarities in the way they played QB. Also a lot of differences. Anyone who watched them play knows this. I'm not sure what this comparison has t
  7. If they wanted more, they could have gotten more, I think. The Raiders would have paid Brady whatever he wanted, Titans would have gone pretty high... Brees was never leaving NO, so I don't know what kind of bidding war he could have sparked.
  8. If he's bad, it's a bad signing, even if he signed for $5m instead of $25m. This team might be just a good QB away from being a real contender, and if we signed the wrong one, we're blowing a shot in a year where the AFC could be wide open. But for a veteran QB with some statistical accomplishments, $25m for one year isn't hard to justify. Prime-age QBs were already coming in at low to mid 30s. Teddy Bridgewater got $21m. Ryan Tannehill got $29.5m/year for handing off to Derrick Henry. Two years ago, Alex Smith got $23.5m/year. Drew Brees and Tom Brady seem like the best comps for
  9. Irsay did say Luck was walking away from half a billion... I assumed he was exaggerating, but maybe not.
  10. They probably overshot their mark with the JB deal, by quite a bit. I always agreed with the cap strategy fo extending him, but I thought they'd give him something like $12m for an extra year, not $28m. They probably also could have gotten away with a different guarantee structure that didn't lock them in for most of that money. Worst case scenario, cap-wise, is he lights it up in 2019 and they tag him for $28m anyway. I don't think he had a market to justify that extension. They also considered some intangibles, like the locker room and culture, and paying JB after Luck's retirem
  11. I had forgotten about that. He was awful for us in preseason and didn't make final cuts. He really hit a rough patch for a while, and he's only 29. I wonder if he'll ever make it back on the field.
  12. This is my angle. I could be wrong, but I feel they want to play more Cover 1 and Cover 3 variations than they have the last two years. Even if you have a great pass rush, you have to vary your coverages. Any Cover 2 is easy to confirm post-snap, so you throw hot and average 7 yards/attempt, control the clock and win with 24 points. You can do that with 6 blockers all game long.
  13. I don't know how to do this without over-complicating it. History has proven that Grigson didn't draft well, and I think that's a mix of his draft philosophy and scouting, plus not being on the same page with his coaching staff (and part of that is the not-fully-backed approach of Pagano and his assistants, plus the changes on the offensive side of the ball). The jury is still out on Ballard's drafting. He's had some major successes, but also has a number of misses. So I don't think it's realistic to go back to 2012 and attribute best case scenario drafting to Ballard
  14. Adams is a really good player. I don't want to pay $17-20m/year for him (his reported asking price), and I don't want to add in premium picks on top of that. For the value, no thanks. Then there's his attitude. I have no problem with a player wanting a new contract, even after Year 3, or wanting to be traded, or both. I don't even have a problem with a player being upset because there were reportedly trade discussions previously. Whatever his issues are with the Jets, it's his prerogative to be upset. But he comes across as being very self-centered, to me. Somewhat unyi
  15. I have some thoughts on Arians' offense and playcalling, but Leftwich is the playcaller now. And I think they'll tailor things to fit Brady's strengths and maximize the weapons they have. I don't think Brady is as dangerous a passer as he once was, but it was only a couple years ago that he threw for 500 yards in the Super Bowl. Arians' calling plays for Ben and Luck (and even Jameis) -- who thrived in a downfield passing attack, who liked to hold on to the ball and shrug off tacklers -- probably doesn't have a whole lot of significance for the 2020 Bucs with Brady. Arians might b
  16. Ehh, I don't know if they invested any more time in him than they would another late first / early second round guy on their board. They spent a bunch of time on Pittman, right? Doesn't mean they changed their mind on Love, just didn't have a high enough grade on him to take him at #13. It was the hype train that suggested they might, not really anything the Colts did.
  17. Right. The Colts liked Love. No revisionist history is going to change that. But we learned in March that they weren't head over heels for him, because they wouldn't have traded out of the first round if they were. If they spoke to him the day before the draft, they were likely finalizing their board, and probably would have taken him at some point during the draft.
  18. He was big and strong, but I never thought he was good. To be honest I assumed he was out of the league.
  19. I wouldn't say "feasting." More like digging through the scraps... I'm amazed that Jonnothan Harrison has started 18 games for them over the last two seasons. Yikes.
  20. Maybe not, but we're definitely not going to have a $50m combined cap hit for QBs moving forward. The Dolphins will have a ~$15m QB room, and that's with a strong veteran and the #3 pick. Both teams saw a window and went after it hard, with a measure of success. The Rams really went after it. They also made the decision to sign a RB with a significant injury history to a top of market contract, something I don't think the Colts would do (I hope). And we'll see how it goes for both. But I'm assuming the Colts don't dig themselves into that kind of hole.
  21. Ehh, I think guys like Walker have their place, but at the right price. Especially when he's probably not good enough to be on the field in sub packages.
  22. If you're talking about a strict adherence to "pay your own" then you're right. But no one said "pay all of our own," so I think we're okay. Let players walk when they don't fit in the long term view of the team, or when you find them to be easily replaceable. Especially if you identify their potential replacements in advance.
  23. Starting with comp picks, we probably aren't getting any in 2021. Check this: https://overthecap.com/draft/ While we probably qualify for two, only 32 comp picks are awarded. Our would probably be #38 and #40, as of right now. We're $120m under the 2021 cap (using a conservative $215m cap). They have plenty of work to do, but plenty of flexibility to get it done. They're going to let replacement level players walk if they want significant money. They'll figure out what to do with the more highly valued guys. And then they'll fill the roster with lower priced guys. You'
  24. I'm really not sure where all the concern comes from. We're in great cap shape, we don't have a a QB who is going to be resetting the market anytime soon, and we have a bunch of young guys on rookie contracts who are playing major roles, on both sides of the ball. Also, the cap is getting ready to start bumping up pretty strongly in the next year or two. Of course we can't keep everyone. And truth be told, we don't want to keep everyone. Probably aren't re-signing Mack or Hooker, right? AC might retire soon. Kelly, Autry, Houston, all kind of 50/50 depending on how 2020
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