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  1. I kind of think they should do this anyway. Maybe not start Eason, but find a way to get him some reps in the last month of the season, especially if our seeding is locked up at some point.
  2. I don't think you remember the D'Joun Smith era accurately. Yeah he got hurt, but he never looked good in camp. Played four games in the second half of his rookie season, never looked good. Then got cut before the start of his second season, apparently due to some off field matters. The staff that drafted him got rid of him after one year. And it wasn't because he got hurt. Campbell has been hurt. His team hasn't given up on him yet. I don't think the two are remotely comparable.
  3. Playing receiver? He's a good ball catcher, fast enough, physical at the line and at the catch, and like I said, a decent route runner with room to improve. He's not Reggie Wayne, but he's okay. Also, he never missed games in college, and was very productive. He was a good pick, IMO.
  4. Not really, he's a decent route runner with room to improve. (I don't think DK will ever be a good route runner, but he's so big, fast and physical that if they use him the right way, he can still be productive.) Also, he hasn't been playing.
  5. Understood. I hope you see the irony, though.
  6. I didn't know you were joking. I sometimes get whooshed by online sarcasm, but I didn't detect a trace of it in that post. So my bad. I don't think my post was agenda based. It was pointing out that fans tend to overreact, especially when things don't happen the way they want them to. The OP is an example. Like you, I've been wrong plenty. I just referenced my pre-draft thoughts on DK Metcalf. I didn't want him, and he's exploding right now. I think he's being deployed perfectly in Seattle, so credit to their staff and QB. I'm also recognizing that our offense isn't re
  7. I never used stats to show JB was good. I was never very impressed with JB as a starter, and have been saying since 2017 that Colts fans overrated his value and ability. I held out hope that he would perform better in 2019, which he did, but I was very clear all along that I didn't think he was good enough. We disagreed on JB's contract. And it wasn't about whether we should have paid him what we did; I was surprised by the value of his new contract. I just understood and agreed with the strategy. Still do, but I don't think they needed to pay him as much as they did. In hindsight,
  8. This feels like the perpetuation of an agenda. Just want the record to reflect that I'm not on board.
  9. I don't want to abandon the run game either. I just want them to stop trying to force the run in an effort to wear down the defense. If you're not getting first downs, you're not wearing down the defense.
  10. Calling our OL average is kind of outrageous. Acting like your disappointment in the OL should be a referendum on Quenton Nelson, even moreso.
  11. Sure, I would have taken the right WR at the right price. Claiming the GM isn't balanced enough in a shouty post is another story.
  12. We need a more balanced fan base.
  13. We need to get first downs. Running without first downs isn't helping the defense. On the first three possessions Sunday, we ran on five out of eight first downs. Of the three passing plays, one was the Pascal trick play, so really just two of eight first down plays were traditional pass plays. On those first three drives, we gained 12 yards on 11 run plays. We gain six yards total on the five first down runs. You can be ball control and wear the defense down without being a predictable run team. You can even do it without being a run heavy team. Either way,
  14. I'm not disputing either of your bolded points. Only saying that you don't have to have a good rushing attack for play action to help your passing game efficiency. That doesn't mean that a better rushing attack won't increase the effectiveness of play action. It doesn't mean you can just go play action every down, and never run the ball. And it doesn't mean that play action doesn't help the run game. The point being made is that you don't have to have a good rushing attack for play action to help your passing efficiency. It's convention, but it's not supported by any d
  15. Good point, I'll look into that. It's not a surprising thought, Rivers is mostly a shotgun QB. Every time we have him under center, I'm a little surprised.
  16. Not my numbers. The numbers. And yes. That doesn't mean that PA isn't effective without a good rushing attack. More likely it's an outlier. For instance, the 2019 Chargers were a less effective running team than the 2019 Colts. Yards, yards/attempt, TDs, long plays, first downs, any traditional metric you want to use, the Colts were better. Yet, Rivers with play action in 2019 got more of a boost from play action passing than JB did. Rivers was +8.4 in completion %, +2.4 in yards/attempt, and +30.6 in passer rating. JB was +8.4 completion percentage, +1.4 yards/attempt, +21.2 in pa
  17. I think this is you being stubborn, though. The numbers bear out pretty clearly that, even for teams that don't have a good rushing attack, QB efficiency is greater on play action than on standard pass plays. You don't have to be a stat geek to see this. You just have to be willing to acknowledge that analyzing numbers with an open mind will sometimes lead you to conclusions that you weren't expecting. Rather than staking a position and being unwilling to adjust when the numbers lead you elsewhere.
  18. Warren Sharp has some numbers, I'm gonna dig into them and rewatch a game or two. Something screwy is going on...
  19. That's why I shared his 2019 play action numbers. It's not just him... But yeah, he's got some baby giraffe to him.
  20. I think it's a seven game sample of bad play calling.
  21. @Nickster @chad72 I'm kind of shocked at this. From PFF: In 2020, Rivers play action percentage is 24.3%. He has 58 play action plays, 56 attempts, 62.5, 6.5 yards/attempt, passer rating 84.2. He has 181 non play action pass plays, 175 attempts, 72%, 8.6 yards/attempt, 101.5 rating. In 2019, Rivers play action percentage was 20.7%. He had 131 play action plays, 121 attempts, 72.7%, 9.7 yards/attempt, passer rating 112.8. He had 502 non play action pass plays, 470 attempts, 64.3%, 7.3 yards/attempt, passer rating 82.2. I don't know how they accou
  22. That's kind of my point, without going to that extreme. Unless there's no real threat of a run, play action will have an effect on the defense. So if it's 4th and 25, play action probably isn't gonna matter. But in any neutral situation, it's probably a factor. Teams average something like 27% play action. The Cowboys were close to 50% in the first month of the 2019 season, then tailed off. I'm waiting for some team to go 45-50% play action for an entire season.
  23. More here: https://ftw.usatoday.com/2019/09/nfl-play-action-passing-stats-2019-cowboys-ravens-chiefs
  24. I can't argue with any of this. Wish I could...
  25. It's a myth that you need a good or even established run game for play action to be effective. Play action works whether you have a good run game or not.
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