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  1. Reidm

    Tampering Day 2

    I'm not expecting leveon to announce anything soon. He is loving the publicity he is getting for his album from all the traffic through his twitter.
  2. Reidm

    The PatMcafee Show w/ Chris Ballard

    Here is the Youtube link
  3. Also might be worth pointing out Hooker and Collins have the same agent.
  4. Reidm

    Ballard admits they pursued FAs last year

    Amazing how quick this turned into another Bell thread.
  5. And that 21 missed tackles was on only 62 catches according to them. That's kinda crazy.
  6. To everyone saying its already over you make me sick. We have been beating the odds all year its not over till the clock hits zero
  8. Reidm

    The big mess that is the Steelers

    FWIW I saw today that Brown unfollowed the steelers on social media.
  9. I'm pretty sure they had a tic tac toe game last year for the kickers. They had a grid inside the uprights for the board.
  10. Reidm

    120 Million In Cap Space

    Id also throw in Andrew whitworth and robert woods as well even though it was in 2017. And id say Suh may not be having a stellar year but he has been taking pressure off Aaron donald. I do agree though, most of the guys they paid were their own but they weren't afraid to take big swings in FA. I feel like we have some solid building blocks on our team and some strong character guys in the locker room now. I Could see us making a few big moves in FA just like the rams but obviously we are going to continue to build from the draft.
  11. Reidm

    120 Million In Cap Space

    I know a lot of people want to use the Jags as the prime example of spending in FA not working but how about the Rams. They have been spending big while Goff is still on his rookie contract. I think the difference is that the rams have been able to manage the egos of the players while the Jags have not. I'm not advocating going all out in FA, I'm just pointing out that there are times when it works.
  12. I find it funny how @threeflight disappeared during our five game win streak, but now that we lost he's back.
  13. Reidm

    Rich Eisen Interview with Darius Leonard.

    The Two lines that made me laugh were "get off me Kinnnny!" "somebody get the GOAT i need some milk"
  14. Reidm

    Luck talks Football & Life with Joe Reitz....

    We need to track down this picture of him dressed as wolverine for Halloween