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  1. My first Colts game in 11 seasons...Last saw my beloved team with Reggie and Marvin at the wideouts and Peyton at the controls back in '08 at Qualcomm... Gonna be at the Charger game September 8th reppin 53...Gonna b with some friends who I gotta say are Chargers folks...But, it's all good...Got my 53 jersey, 4X of course, reppin the Colts west coast style!!!! Ha. Can't wait.
  2. McDaniels is a coward. If I see him on the street, you know the rest... No comparison whatsoever...
  3. Man, watching that conference I just wanted to sit in a dark room in tears for a week or two...Sure, drastic reaction, yes. But Luck to me represented the kindest gentleman and leader for this organization. He is the guy everyone loves to root for imo. This really is having an effect on me right now. It shouldn't, but it is. I mean, it is just football after all. Sometimes you take for granted that your favorite player is always going to be out there. He might have setbacks and injuries, but somehow he's always going to be back out there. Never ever saw this coming...
  4. I think we have the best coaching all around and best GM, yes. I think the Texans and Jags rosters can certainly rival us talent wise. I just happen to think they continually underachieve. A big part of that, imo, is how special Luck was and how the team wanted to play better when he was in the game and leading the team. I love the kid. It just rips my heart out man that this is happening. With that said, I think Ballard has done an absolutely amazing job in his short time here, and that the team WILL for sure be the best in the AFC South in another year or two.
  5. 6-10 3,150 passing yards, 6 rushing TD's (QB), 26 passing TD's to 17 Interceptions. I think we remain competitive in each and every game played, but struggle to win games.
  6. As much as I respect Jacoby, I don't believe he is a franchise quarterback. He is perhaps a solid backup and a serviceable, average to low-average caliber starting quarterback. Kelly looks good, but, again, there is little NFL experience there. I can't see a scenario where we aren't targeting a quarterback in next year's draft. This is the problem that plagues most NFL franchises for years. It is one thing to build a solid team on both the defensive and offensive sides of the football. To find a special, generational caliber centerpiece at QB is an entirely different thing altogether.
  7. Well, I'll be at the Chargers Colts game here in Cali on the 8th in my new Darius jersey...Was pretty excited a couple months back when I got the tix...For this year, the future... And now this... Feeling pretty depressed right now.
  8. No doubt. I need to see more of the pass rush...
  9. And to think- all that was in front of us after that was a Broncos team which we had literally owned in those days...And the Seahawks...No disrespect to the Hawks, but the 2005 Colts were heavy hitters in a league of their own. Loved '06, but man I never got over '05.
  10. That's funny you say that...I used to hate Hines Ward myself. Just last week I was finally able to watch the 2005 AFC Divisional game again...For years that game haunted me.
  11. Steelers are public enemy number one on my hit list...Every time I see that punk Antonio Brown's sickening smile, I want to get into the ring with him...
  12. Can't touch Marvin homie...reppin 88 till I die. Still have my 88 away jersey from '03.
  13. Agreed. Ballard is bringing in guys who have certainly established that they are natural leaders both on offense and defense. This starts the entire process of building a culture. Guys like Leonard and Big Q have an inspirational effect on the rest of the team.
  14. I think we have to realize that had Cain played this season, he could have realistically emerged as another legitimate top flight receiver alongside T.Y. His performance over the summer and the excitement he was generating- I think next year he will back with a vengeance. As far as Bell- forget about it. Signing a back with that much mileage to some huge contract goes against every principle that Ballard stands for...
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