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  1. And to think- all that was in front of us after that was a Broncos team which we had literally owned in those days...And the Seahawks...No disrespect to the Hawks, but the 2005 Colts were heavy hitters in a league of their own. Loved '06, but man I never got over '05.
  2. That's funny you say that...I used to hate Hines Ward myself. Just last week I was finally able to watch the 2005 AFC Divisional game again...For years that game haunted me.
  3. Steelers are public enemy number one on my hit list...Every time I see that punk Antonio Brown's sickening smile, I want to get into the ring with him...
  4. ThaCaliColt

    Colts Releasing Denzelle Good

  5. ThaCaliColt

    T.Y. Hilton or Marvin Harrison...

    Can't touch Marvin homie...reppin 88 till I die. Still have my 88 away jersey from '03.
  6. ThaCaliColt

    Still Optimistic/Unsurprised Colts Fan Roll Call

    Agreed. Ballard is bringing in guys who have certainly established that they are natural leaders both on offense and defense. This starts the entire process of building a culture. Guys like Leonard and Big Q have an inspirational effect on the rest of the team.
  7. I think we have to realize that had Cain played this season, he could have realistically emerged as another legitimate top flight receiver alongside T.Y. His performance over the summer and the excitement he was generating- I think next year he will back with a vengeance. As far as Bell- forget about it. Signing a back with that much mileage to some huge contract goes against every principle that Ballard stands for...
  8. ThaCaliColt

    Quincy Wilson

    I'm growing weary of the guy personally...Either get on the field and be productive or be released. Not worth a second round draft pick. It seems like if it's not one thing with this guy it's another... Really impressed with Desir and Moore as well.
  9. ThaCaliColt

    Texans predictions

    Texans..... Let's see your fans come on here and tell us how this is gonna go...
  10. ThaCaliColt

    Texans predictions

    Texans are soft. all the money poured into that defense and the young Colts will still kick they butt. Good luck Texas...Our young defense will embarrass you...
  11. ThaCaliColt

    NE or Jacksonville??? Who are you rooting for?

    Yeah but they'll get pretty beat up in the process....that defensive front 7 of Jax will handle those fools. NE might win, but they'll get handled pretty good (smile)
  12. ThaCaliColt

    T.J. Green released

    Clark is done. Another bust of a Grigson experiment. More dead weight if u ask me. Good week. Unloaded Morrison and now FINALLY Green...
  13. ThaCaliColt

    The rivalry is back on

    A rivalry is a competition...Indefinite....
  14. ThaCaliColt

    The rivalry is back on

    Lol we got lucky that kook backed out. Worthless punk born with a silver spoon in his mouth...Probably got beat up on the playground. Let him take over the Patriots franchise in 2-3 years Lol... They'll be on the downward trend anyways.
  15. ThaCaliColt

    The rivalry is back on

    I know, right? Bring that game to LOS. I got some words for that dirt bag. I would love to hear him just get dissed to hell at the LOS. Lol