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  1. 1962 for me.... and it’s been the Colts ever since. I was wasn’t from Baltimore and had already moved to the west coast so when they moved I just sorta shrugged my shoulders and said “okay... Indy it is”. Favorite player? Edgerrin James
  2. First of all.... I prefer that we NOT make any sort of “king’s ransom” move up in the draft. For me it’s dictated by two scenarios..... 1. We make the playoffs. a. Sign Rivers for 1 more season. b. Shop Jacoby for a 5th or 6th rounder. If there are no offers.... release him. c. Promote Eason to backup. d. Draft a 2nd-4th round QB prospect. 2. We miss the playoffs a. Release Rivers b. Promote Eason to starter for 2021. c. Offer Jacoby a 2-year “mid-tier BACKUP” contract. If he declines, release him and seek out a
  3. A combination of time of possession thru the run game.... some key sacks and a couple of turnovers.
  4. Well....maybe we can cancel out those 2 losses with a couple surprise wins. A win against either Baltimore or especially Pittsburgh would really help..... and of course a sweep of the remaining division games. I think we can do it and eek out an 11-5 record.
  5. I want a season where every team in the league finishes 8-8 so we can watch Goodell flip coins for two days. Playoff and Draft Day tiebreaker hell
  6. Check that....1 loss was to the Browns
  7. That’ll teach ‘em!! https://www.google.com/amp/s/syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2914956-titans-reportedly-expected-to-be-fined-at-least-300k-for-covid-19-violations.amp.html
  8. My all-time favorite Colts player. Great read.....thanks @Colt.45
  9. There I was, in the hospital delivery room 25 years ago.... saying "this kid is a DE, not a DT".
  10. A dead body evacuating its bowels has a higher commitment than Luck. Well...maybe not that bad.
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