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  1. I like it a lot! The only change I would make is swapping NT Davon Hamilton in for Jordan Elliott. I think he’s a better scheme fit and he’s excellent vs the run. But your WR and TE picks would breathe new life into our passing attack.... and the Ezra Cleveland selection is a nice pick for the O-line. Good job!
  2. Yeah I’m a little skittish about those injuries but IF he clears his medicals.... I’d be a buyer in Round 5.
  3. I like Gordon as a 3rd or 4th round selection.... I just don’t think we’re going to make anymore moves at QB this off-season. Unless Ballard and that ex-CIA spook we have working for us decide that Kelly’s risk/reward level isn’t worth it and he’s on his way out.... then I don’t see a scenario where we would draft Gordon.
  4. The kid has been beaten like a piñata.... and it’s only gonna get worse. Aside from my belief that we’re probably done fiddling with the QB position... he’s medically off my wish list anyway, regardless of the round.... never mind a trade up costing us our two 2nd rounders.
  5. Agreed... My hope is that we can land Mims at #34 and Kmet at #44.
  6. That’s not a bad slate of players at all! I do think we’re probably done fiddling with the QB situation until next year.... so I like NT Davon Hamilton at the # 75 spot. But other than that I think you did a nice job.
  7. Thanks @NFLfan.... but I actually traded that pick to @VikingsFanInChennai.... so VFIC, you’re up for KC
  8. I’m partial to Draft B.... especially the Mims / Kmet play in Round 2. Knowing the likelihood of Rivers-Brissett-Kelly being our QBs next season I would instead pop in NT Davon Hamilton to the 3rd Round spot...although I agree that is where Gordon will come off the board... just not to us. And nice call on Michael Warren in all 3 drafts.... I see him as a good sleeper pick at RB this year.
  9. My preference would be Mims or Reagor at #34.... and Kmet at #44. But I could live with Mims and Claypool too. Claypool appears to have Vernon Davis-type measurables and I’d be jazzed to see how Reich would utilize him with Rivers pulling the trigger.
  10. Maybe they had to limit player salaries to cover Andy Reid’s meal per diem.
  11. By the way @csmopar.... the #156 pick in Round 5 belongs to @VikingsFanInChennai and the KC Chiefs.
  12. I’d like to see..... 34 - Mims or Reagor WR 44 - Kmet TE 75 - Davon Hamilton NT They SHOULD all be available in that range.
  13. That's why I picked him...... that's a 1st round mustache!
  14. With pick #138.... the 49ers select.... John Molchon - OG / Boise State @Zoltan and the Bucs are on the clock
  15. For the record... SF is on the clock... this pick was traded last night. Looks like the Round 4 list needs updating.
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