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  1. Sorry my friend....I guess I could've title it the official dove eating thread but I get myself into enough trouble around here. Anyway..... a tribute to crows everywhere who, like yourself, get the short end of the stick with this old cliche'.....
  2. QB..... Left Guard.... Left Tackle.... 3 Tech.... Edge Rusher.... Mike.... Shutdown CB
  3. This^^^ And as long as we find ourselves in the same reality that most NFL teams find themselves.... without a “superstar QB”.... we really oughta be pleased and thankful for Ballard and Reich’s approach to building this roster. This new normal was bound to take some time (and wins) to sink in for a fan base used to having HoF-level QBs, especially in the manner with which Luck departed. But I see us having weathered that storm quite well so far and I’m sticking with my forecast for 10 wins, an AFC South division title, and a playoff win.
  4. A fun game to watch for our bye week and I’m hoping for a track meet with BBQ’d cornerbacks everywhere.... Chiefs 45 Texans 38
  5. My operatives tell me he's working for the North Koreans
  6. Outstanding illustrations of Big Q's dominance and versatility....thanks for posting it Hozer!
  7. Nice that he visited...and it looks like all is well with him. Now let it be done.
  8. They spent a lot of money putting talent around this kid..... and if it doesn’t work out it could set the Browns back for years. Oh wait.....
  9. I agree with your assessment....this was a good growth step for a young defense, and some of the best situational coaching under a string of injuries that I can remember as a Colts fan. Something to remember as the team develops....and pretty exciting since this "turnaround moment" didn't happen last season until we were 1-5. And that was WITH Andrew. Hopefully the bye week will allow them to study up Houston and be ready to give Watson the same problems we were able to inflict on Mahomes.
  10. Crap https://coltswire.usatoday.com/2019/10/07/washington-redskins-indianapolis-colts-hale-hentges/
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