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  1. Taking notes.... I’m THAT old
  2. "A Commitment to Excellence Excrement"
  3. ...... where it was probably made for pennies on the dollar.
  4. I'm surprised John Schneider gave up that kind of draft capital for anyone.... he's been a very astute GM. I get the whole "win now" mentality... but is any team ever really "a safety away" from a Superbowl? Because that's what this price tag implies.
  5. And he'll STILL keep that flip phone and drive a '69 ash Rambler with Kentucky plates.
  6. Can you blame him??!! He was left to rot in the Draft Day green room for a full 22 picks!!..... do you not realize the devastating effect that has??!! (to a full blown narcissist)
  7. I can hear the Eagle fans now....
  8. In other news... Bill O’Brien has been named the winner of the Jack Daniels award.
  9. What week is the banner ceremony?
  10. https://nypost.com/2020/06/12/pirates-pitcher-dock-ellis-bizarre-no-hitter-while-on-lsd-50-years-later/
  11. If Reich would have given Kelly even so much as 1 set of downs in Week 16 or 17 last season.... and Ballard not selected Eason in the draft.... I might agree with you. But Reich didn’t and Ballard did.... so I don’t. We can whip up all the sentiment we want here on the Forum for Kelly.... but Reich and Ballard’s actions speak a tad bit louder than our words.... or their own.
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