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  1. pacolts56

    5 quarters of offensive funk

    Could you elaborate? We haven’t discussed Leveon Bell thoroughly enough.
  2. pacolts56

    End of year record poll

    I’m sticking with my preseason prediction.... we finish 9-7 and eeeck out a Wildcard berth.
  3. pacolts56

    Kareem Hunt pushes and kicks a woman on video

    Evidently he belted some guy in the face a few months back as well. The last thing Irsay/Ballard should do is risk the excellent chemistry that Frank Reich is shaping by signing Kareem Hunt. Sorry... I’m not a buyer at any price.
  4. pacolts56

    Kareem Hunt pushes and kicks a woman on video

    All I can say is that the NFLs Rookie Symposium will now have ANOTHER example of a situation that could have been completely avoided by the wisdom and practice of self-control. This was totally avoidable. Slam the door.... call hotel security and/or the cops, let them haul the girl off to sober up.... and let it be a lesson about the combustibles of the $tar Pro Athlete+Late Night Party dynamic, since you’ve evidently ignored Symposium advice and probably plenty of other advice along the way regarding matters of domestic violence/violence against women. This is the lifestyle some of these guys choose, and yes.... it is perfectly with their right to do so.... but when, not if, when things go bad they HAVE to be able to handle things better than Kareem Hunt did.
  5. pacolts56

    A question on team identity.

    Keep chopping wood!
  6. pacolts56

    Most likely to pull off upset

    Same here.... and I picked us to go 9-7 and grab a wildcard berth. So I selected Houston as, hopefully, our only remaining loss.
  7. pacolts56

    Colts and actors who could play them

    Yes.... the make up artists can pretty much twiddle their thumbs on this one....
  8. pacolts56

    O-Line ID

    Luck’s Trucks
  9. pacolts56

    Aaron Rodgers

    He’s been a great QB, but no.... you’re not the only one. And who can forget him on Draft Day... smoldering over the “audacity” of 20 some odd GMs passing on him before.... Alas!!....the Packers finally ended his trial of desperation, his life of darkness, woe and torment!
  10. pacolts56

    O-Line ID

    IHOP ~ Indianapolis House of Pancakes Hey it’s breakfast time... I’m hungry.
  11. pacolts56

    Happy Thanksgiving. What I'm Thankful for.

    But I average 5.2 potatoes per carry! Thanks BHC and have a great Euro day!