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  1. Maybe this will ease your heartache.... they may have cheated again.... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28261318/nfl-probing-patriots-video-crew-bengals-browns-source-says-was-feature-shoot%3fplatform=amp?ved=1t%3A45442
  2. Need some advice..... I have a "win and I'm in" situation with my FF team today. My FF opponent is starting Russell Wilson @ the Rams today. I have RB Rashad Penny and I can pickup DK Metcalf off the waiver wire. Do I start Penny and DK Metcalf and stack 2 of Wilson's weapons to offset what could be a shootout with the Rams in LA today? My alternatives are my starters as follows.... WR - Mike Evans v Colts (NOTE: Winston is my QB) WR - John Brown v Baltimore RB - Mark Ingram @ Buffalo RB - Davonte Freeman v Panthers TE - Mark Andrews @ Buffalo WR/RB/TE Flex - Marlon Mack @ Bucs Available subs... Penny / DK Metcalf (FA) / Hunter Henry (TE/Flex @ JAX) / AJ Brown WR @ Oakland Leveon Bell my usual starter at RB is OUT
  3. JB plays an efficient and mistake-free game and the Colts defense wins the turnover battle. McLaughlin goes 4-4 on FGs. Colts 33 Bucs 16
  4. Same here.... he retired for valid enough reasons IMO.... but if he has 2nd thoughts and wants to play again I prefer we trade his rights. How long do we reserve his rights by the way?
  5. Neither do I.... I could be wrong but I think it could make for some less than ideal team chemistry. If he were to decide to come back in 2020 I would prefer we trade his rights... at least salvage back a couple draft picks out of it?
  6. My aunt's dog's vet's proctologist saw the same tweet.
  7. That report says Campbell had an injured hand..... I thought it was his stomach?
  8. Whatever the strategy to this McLaughlin signing..... I'm glad they made the move.... it's brutal watching an all-time great like AV struggle at his craft.
  9. I have the diSTINKed dishonor of having thrown up.... I mean grown up in NJ just a couple miles outside Newark.... and then spent most of my adult life in the Lancaster/Palmdale area of SoCal. All 3 cities are noted and ranked in this article on the “100 Most Miserable Cities in America” Sewerk ranked #5 on the list and Bloodcaster and Cripdale came in at #42 & #50 respectively. HOWEVER!!.... hanging the championship banner at #1 is none other than stinking, festering Gary, Indiana https://www.foxnews.com/us/california-new-jersey-well-represented-on-list-of-miserable-us-cities
  10. I applaud your optimism and root for that 10-6 record.... but this will be the typical reply to your post....
  11. Colts 24 Titans 16 Brissett..... 23/32..... 238 yds..... 1 TD Pass Williams - Hines - Wilkins..... 35/174 yds..... 2TDs
  12. We could always trade his rights to New England!
  13. Yep.... that bandwagon goes from 0 to "we suck" in about 10 seconds.
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