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  1. He’s turned over a new leaf.
  2. Ballard: Tis' but a flesh wound....
  3. First Steve Keim and now this guy.... maybe they need a couple months wearing pink underwear and eating grey baloney sandwiches in one of Sheriff Joe’s hot, smelly tents. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27368128/cards-exec-minegar-arrested-dui-citation In other Cards news.... Darius Philon pulled a gun on two strippers and was summarily cut. https://www.foxnews.com/us/arizona-cardinals-release-player-after-aggravated-assault-arrest
  4. Yep.... he sure is the consummate professional.
  5. He’s been a great WR and who knows?.... he might be the nicest guy in the world... but what he did was just plain stupid and/or negligent.... and it hurt him and his team.
  6. Oh.... well if he's "day to day" then I guess he'll be back within 7 days. He's still a blithering dunce and recklessly irresponsible for getting himself in the situation he's in.
  7. I wanna see Parris Campbell light it up.
  8. Looks pretty nasty if you ask me....
  9. You knew what you were doing.... you’re a gaslighting narcissistic psychopath.
  10. And IMO those are fair numbers for what JB is.... a very good backup QB capable of keeping us afloat for a 3-4 week stretch if necessary. What he is NOT is a sure fire, penciled in Day 1 starting QB for any NFL team whether they be a prospective trade partner or the beneficiary of him walking in free agency. So the window, IF there ever really was one, in which a 2nd round pick was available in a trade for JB.... has closed. I hope we can sign Jacoby and keep him in the $6-8m per season range. And Kelly, who unfortunately is an unknown and needs to earn trust thanks to his extracurricular nonsense, can compete for the #3 spot.
  11. For the longest time I hated (sports hate) Namath with the fire of a thousand hells. His personality and schtick far out-matched his career production, and in light of NFL history he's pretty much a one-hit wonder.... but it was a big hit that shook the league up and he called his shot, so I gotta give him credit for that. Ba$*!@&#!
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