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  1. waka waka

    Keeping Brissett at #2

    i think you want 3 very solid QB's....Brissett has a lot of upside and if given the opportunity to stay in a clean pocket with some QB friendly reads should be more than solid. He's got all the arm talent you want. He doesn't need to run like Mike Vick but he's pretty slippery in the pocket when he needs to be. i think some undervalue the position during the season the backup QB is doing tons of work. helping your DEF get better week to week. When i think of the Pats they had there DEF going against Brady and Jimmy G so i could see how that defense would play well against QB's who could make accurate throws and throw deep they saw a lot of it. To me Brissett has a lot of Luck in his game. Good and bad parts of it like extending plays when needed but also holding on to the ball entirely too long. I think he's better than Bortles and if i was the jags i would have offered up a decent package to acquire him.
  2. waka waka

    Biggest rookie defensive impact?

    i think all of the def players taken in the 2nd round can make an impact a big impact at that. While its easy to say Leonard since he's going to likely be the WLB and get a ton of reps there but maybe the biggest impact could be one of these late round LB or FA LB's picked up. I will be keeping a close eye on who's turning heads on special times during camp.
  3. waka waka

    Culture Change

    i think most players want to be showcased. this new system (not sure what it will be) but it looks like it will highlight mismatches and focus on what the players do well. i like chester he just needs to work on skill number one (availability) if he can stay healthy he can be a great addition to the offense. good hands runs routes very well can play in the slot and outside (in a pinch) and hes still very young. With any management change, you get behind the movement or get moved or rolled over. i don't find anything said in an interview about whats new too alarming at this point.
  4. waka waka

    Nyhiem Hines our Dion Lewis

    the 4.38 was quoted by Hines as his slowest reported times he's ever been clocked at while running the 40. The numbers are what they are but if used properly he should be fun for luck and this offense.
  5. waka waka

    Anthony Walker Jr.

    Walker looks a lot more fluid at that weight moving around it would make sense for him to be the Mike in this system he seems to diagnose plays very well solid tackler with some range. I think him being trim in this system helps since they likely want a gang of players meeting to the ball speed is a premium. I won't put much stock into the LB's and where they might end up. In all cases, they need to know all 3 spots in the system.
  6. waka waka

    Simple question. How do you not take Courtland Sutton?

    has a lot of versatility to it on paper i think it should be fun to watch. can't wait for camps to kick off and we start to see how things look like on the field for these guys exciting times for the fanbase again.
  7. waka waka

    Jason Witten to retire

    if you don't want to coach the broadcasting scene seems pretty ideal the money is a lot better as well. (starting out in most cases) If anything it should allow for a more flexible living style transitioning from being away from his family at times.
  8. waka waka

    right tackle

    its build through the draft lucky for CB there are a number of good tackles coming out next year along with interior DL so we should be able to solidify the line a bit more of none of the other folks on the roster are up for it. I'm hoping with the interior getting better it makes Clark & Goode step up to the plate.
  9. waka waka

    Darius Leonard & Skai Moore

    i think he didnt get drafted because of a few things that compounded his draft status. The kneck issues/ medical concerns, playing weight even though he showed up at 226 at the combine, and slow 40 but he plays way faster to me than the 4.7 sub 40 he ran at the combine. as other have stated very good in coverage can have an instant impact there right away in sub packages. If we can get some Telvin Smith out of him he's a steal.
  10. yeah if he turns out like Forte he'd be the bell cow and get the lion share of the carries. When Forte was drafted by the bears the only knock on him was health. If he's as good as Forte in pass protection he will play early and often.
  11. waka waka

    *** Colts UDFA Tracker ***

    reminds me more of Pierre Garcon not talking about the mouthpiece either i think Garcon was like a 6/7 round pick in the Polian years. I like attitude and personality he's got a bunch of that.
  12. waka waka

    Colts Draft Matthew Adams LB Houston

    has to be in great condition its hot as heck in Houston add the humidity. So many good players come out of TX anyway.
  13. waka waka

    Colts Draft Matthew Adams LB Houston

    i posted the video as a joke in response to folks saying depth. folks that love Ed Oliver will know him the Houston program turned things around big time and they are putting out some players. I'm just trying to find out why he slid or maybe scouts just didnt see a scheme fit for him? either way he's got a shot since we have 3 open spots at the LB position he will get a shot at one of them. He's a workout warrior as well. I feel like this was an older Poilian pick Tyjuan Hagler but he's more instinctive
  14. waka waka

    Colts Draft ZAIRE FRANKLIN LB Syracuse

    He can run there is a new theme this guy also caught Nyheim from behind on an angle so you should know he got wheels. reminds me of Cato June (go figure )
  15. waka waka

    Colts Draft Matthew Adams LB Houston

    He can move and will punch you in the mouth what else do you want in a 7th round MLB?