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  1. when he tried to stand up and couldnt and then couldnt put any weight on that leg i had a feeling it was going to be bad news for him.
  2. there starting LT was carted off today not sure if he will play next week.
  3. in his post-game interview he said he was watching the qb's eye and saw the 7route developing and came back made a play on the ball.
  4. i thought he was listed at 180 as the official weight for him.
  5. Some of how he carries the ball attribute to the fumbles but if you go back and look at the tape a good share came on plays not solely his fault. QB on an option play. One he caught a ball one handed on a bad throw and a defender had a great angle to jar it loose. I'm sure the scouts werent overly concerned. His freshman year he had more fumbles but looks like it got better each year.
  6. He wears the 23 because he was a huge fan of Arian Foster. If he reminds me a lot of him in his run style. But doesn't look anything like him.
  7. they don't mind taking a gamble on players Hill/Hunt it works out sometimes but they don't mind taking a gamble at all.
  8. AGG is a dawg would be nice addition if we can get him. If we trade down we probably can snag him without taking him at 34/44 but i have a feeling he might not be there at 75
  9. Should be able to help out the TE room/group right away if he's healthy
  10. i'd need to see more data around it. While i understand you need to understand the play calling. Which the OC helps you with. Knowing when to get rid of the ball or to throw with anticipation doesnt equate to wonderlic scores. football success has to do with talent but lets not act like going to the right team under the right circumstances don't help with that. I'd love to see some baseball/basketball test scores as well we'd be suprised with our useless this metric is.
  11. He's got more wiggle than Burton and a lot more upside. It's a nice piece to have on our passing game with Rivers here and he would have an immediate impact in the pass and run offense day one. I like the big bodies because they are always open in a sense. What are your thoughts on Pittman in the 3rd and him having a Mike Thomas sort of impact for us.
  12. if he came in as a move TE how would you feel about that? do you think he'd have a hard time getting separation against a LB/S if you put a corner on him with him and Pascal you could have some runs really really break for Marlon and crew. The more i watch Pittman the more i like him its strange but i think he could be a steal at WR similar to a Mike Thomas.
  13. If Swift is there you'd have to really think about taking him at 34. I also like Antoine Winfield Jr in round two also maybe with the second pick depending on how it all plays out.
  14. i don't think this was posted but its a good review and sense of where Rivers is on 3rd down reads. I'd like to see how he looks when get better oline play.
  15. CB has been putting some dogs on this defense as well this should be a very very physical secondary.
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