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  1. if he came in as a move TE how would you feel about that? do you think he'd have a hard time getting separation against a LB/S if you put a corner on him with him and Pascal you could have some runs really really break for Marlon and crew. The more i watch Pittman the more i like him its strange but i think he could be a steal at WR similar to a Mike Thomas.
  2. If Swift is there you'd have to really think about taking him at 34. I also like Antoine Winfield Jr in round two also maybe with the second pick depending on how it all plays out.
  3. i don't think this was posted but its a good review and sense of where Rivers is on 3rd down reads. I'd like to see how he looks when get better oline play.
  4. CB has been putting some dogs on this defense as well this should be a very very physical secondary.
  5. Rough draft to address TE needs I rather see who is still there in 5th or 6th. Rather go Claypool and use him like they wanted to use Funchess
  6. He's better than the PFF rating. But it's a depth move but a move with some experience we aren't just going green. His Radiers tape looks good hard to hold him to the fire on PFF for his stint with the Browns.
  7. He's a play maker someone is going to get a really good football player when they draft him. Will keep an eye on him at the combine for sure. He doesnt look fast but he runs by people and has the type of shake Randle El had. Hopefully we come out of the draft with 2 Wrs that can make plays.
  8. In the video interviews after the draft I thought he said he wanted to stay in this role he was in. Had no intention on becoming a GM. We shall see.
  9. I don't find Adam Archuleta as a good broadcaster. The commentary for the most part is bad better off with play by play otherwise there is a bias. Look at Colinsworth yet people enjoy listening to him. I want to watch the game not be swayed by what they see or what they think they see. When the game started both of them seemed like they rather be covering a different game but had been subjected to broadcast this movie with a cast of B-list actors or looking for top talent on the Hallmark channel. Brissett has to play better but as Frank stated in the presser everyone has to play better. I'm excited about the team still got a long way to go but its not like they got blown out every week this year. Good ownership stays out of the way...He hired Chris to do the job CB just needs to stay at it. Got lots of talent on this team.
  10. he gets open very well has outstanding feet. wouldnt be a bad pick should be there at 13 but tons of other routes we could go with that pick.
  11. if you add talent at take a QB mid round i'd take a flyer on Huntley he can play has great feet and a good arm. Lamar Jackson is going to force people to take note of more play makers at the position.
  12. saw him an Robert Mathis talking after the game. we have the cap space to get him just not sure we will. I recall him on the first strip sack on the sidelines saying (I'm gone, and did the Manziel pay me had signs) I like his motor him and Kemoko paired with Justin and Ben could be a good wave of pass rush off the edges we need. He caused a bunch of issues for Glow at times inside as well. If we can get our pass rush sorted the back end will be fine IMO.
  13. i could have framed it better i know some posters have said they don't want EDGE we need more of a IDL/3Tech but if an elite edge rusher is there do we pass on them for a WR or RB if we don't go QB in round one. Since we do have Kemoko/Ben/Justin/Jabal/Tyquan there currently.
  14. just throwing it out there with 4QB that could be gone in the first 12picks if Epenesa is on the board would you pass over him for a WR?
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