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  1. with backs 3 cone for me holds a lot of weight he's got some very quick rare shake to him. but he's not always looking for the edge he's slippery btw tackles very curious about this pick up. Might not be a this year sort of roster move i could see him on the PS roster for a year.
  2. This was directly from his interview yesterday. He cut back on the honeybuns and is eating right. Trust me the honeybun lifestyle is dangerous.
  3. He's got the feet and hips of a corner time will Tell.
  4. i thought it was somehow Hollywood Brown there was a delay after he was picked and then there was a trade. But Savage might have been targeted as well.
  5. would be nice seeing funch and dk blocking when one of our backs gets outside could be some long runs very long runs
  6. CB has been saying trenches, trenches, trenches and people are still looking and expecting a wr?
  7. 11'2 broad jump he's explosive and a very bright guy seen a bunch of him out here in Texas. I like the player. Hope he can get with mathis and houston and pull it all together. On this turf he will look like mathis coming of the edge.
  8. he's going to surprise a lot of people here
  9. imagine if they signed grant to a 3-4yr deal. i'm fine with this given if he performs well he comes back but i think this is build through the draft 101.
  10. Ok, thought it was more than that. He was hurt often though just played through it. With his size longevity could be an issue. I know some Dallas fans liked him a lot some felt like he was heading downhill and didnt expect him back even if they had money to pay him.
  11. that and its hard for him to stay on the field...he's been injured/hurt a lot lately.
  12. BUTLER has long arms and a great wing span. Affirms he will play over the top of a lot of people.
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