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  1. On the out route he ran looks like he tore up that ankle didn't see the field after that.
  2. man child in that conf very physical i typically like wr like this you can get them in the later rounds and they could have a huge impact should be fun to watch at the combine.
  3. he's a football player we need play makers and people to stretch the field wonder if he will be graded like Flowers from USF
  4. Not sure if this is a TE deep draft but with our cap situation and CB's build through the draft approach. We might see a TE picked up with some draft capital in 2020 I think there are some decent FA TE's on the market as well. Hope Ebron gets well soon.
  5. have to capitalize on the chances you get...use the long week to take a long look in the mirror got some tough games ahead but if we had to go outside on the road and play some playoff football this team can do it. a loss like this sucks but i saw a lot to like from a lot of young colts. For posters here when Luck retired did you think this team was superbowl bound? the texans schedule is tougher than ours i have a feeling we can still win the div but we just need to play better we are close.
  6. wouldnt say the season is over heck the game isnt over but to each his own
  7. ZP has been playing well i think why he's liked is versatility at ODU he played all over the field. Very physical for a WR also very good on SP teams. He played all 4 sp groups for 4 years so he's got some dog in him. While i don't think this hurts Cain that much it could limit his usage along with Campbell as well. Can't wait to see Funch back soon also. But ZP has played well usually tons of talent out in the DMV area.
  8. So you work in a prison? Hahah kidding love this movie though.
  9. i've said it several weeks now why is there a need for a weekly thread? should be easy to roll these all into a single thread.
  10. too early it just take a few injuries to be on the wrong side of any of the seeding. we just need to take care of the Texans (1 week) at a time.
  11. seems like he was drafted to play in a 3-4 def and probably didnt play as well as expected to in that DEF. maybe they look at this as depth for Grover since they are similar in how they move.
  12. He was dealing with a neck and some back issues but what happened to his ankle isn't something that just happens. Its unfortunate but he should bounce back hopefully not ligament damage it could have been an acl but he should be ready for camp. With all the vids hes posted he looks dedicated so wouldn't be surprised to see him posting recovery stuff this winter and spring.
  13. adding the WR/RB/TE have to make plays I think its great to start throwing passes to Marlin so that it doesnt look so predictable when he's in the game. They went zero blitz several times JB had a good game was he great now. But why are we expecting great QB play from him so quickly. He's got the tools give him time. If you draft someone they will have to have some time in the system before they start to be good. why are these threads coming up every week now it makes no sense just lump them all into one thread. Give JB a break look at how Mayfield is looking out there.
  14. my do it all will fly over heads here so i will be more direct
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