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  1. I can’t speak for the front office, but logic says Brissett is not the answer either, Eason is not ready to throw in the fire, and Rivers buys us time to figure the QB position out.
  2. Rivers was never meant to be the final piece to the puzzle. He is a stop gap QB. So I’m not sure why so many people are expecting him to be our franchise savior. Rivers is what he is. He brings veteran leadership to a young team. He has very little mobility in the pocket. We knew this when we signed him. I do believe Brissett would have given us a better chance to win today. However, in other situations Rivers is a better choice. And it’s because of Brissett’s mobility. We were missing our starting LT, who is arguably one of the top 10 LTs in the league and we were linin
  3. Wilkins is the real deal. He is just stuck behind a lot of excellent backs. Yes. He could start on some teams. He has had some big time NFL runs. Especially the run that won us the game in Tennessee last year.
  4. We look good in some areas. Need to improve in other areas. We’re 1-1 and in the mix. Call me after week 6.
  5. It’s week 1, and no preseason. 15 more games to play. Call me after week 6 and we’ll talk.
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