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  1. Not intentionally. It was my projections for the Colts. I am giving the Panthers an A for this entire offseason. Scott Fitterer absolutely nailed it in his year. I am going to keep my eye on him; he has Executive of the Year written all over him. I love that the Colts traded for Wentz, but my top choice was Sam Darnold. I also wanted Tommy Tremble and Brady Christensen. He got both in the 3rd round! His entire draft was stellar from top to bottom. Thats going to be a solid team.
  2. Yeah. And I was just hoping that he’d get past the Steelers in the first round. I was almost convinced they were taking him. Even a lot of people on this board thought he was a late Day 3 or Day 4 prospect.
  3. One of the worst places to go for draft information. It’s your standard click-bait for attention.
  4. I said many times, that I did not feel we needed a left tackle as much as most people on this board, and even created a thread right after we signed Tevi and Davenport, that the signings changed everything. I'd rather not get into any I told you so bickering. We were all right on some things and wrong on some things, and in the end we are all Colts fans. I am posting this topic to add context to this offseason. Maybe if I explain how the totality makes sense to me then it might help others digest it too, or at the very least look at it from a different point of view. I felt all al
  5. I like Will Fries... He has played LT... Just saying.
  6. Watching a Mike Strachan game... He is very raw, and playing against some weak competition, but the first thing I noticed is just how much his body is very similar to A. J. Green. I am not saying he is that kind of player... He clearly doesn't know the route tree very well. It looks like they send him deep on a lot of plays... He goes in motion a lot too. He is a big WR! He has some speed too. He needs lots of work, but from the little I watched, he has some traits.
  7. WR, Mike Strachan.... I don't have him on my board... Big dude though.
  8. Just in case anyone is asking... Camaron Cheeseman was also... Not on my board... But it looks like I am going to have to start scouting long snappers.
  9. Just playing Devils advocate here... Had we taken Darrisaw in the first.... Does this draft look better? To me it would...
  10. I am good with it... When you get this late in the draft... Take a player who can help. Even if Sam doesn't make the team... He will push Eason. What's so bad about having Sam on the 53 or on the practice squad? I have no issue with this pick.
  11. Alabama is so good... Their Long Snapper just got drafted. LOL Can't make that up. And no... He was not on my board.
  12. My favorite pick of this entire draft for us was Dayo Odeyingbo. He is a first round talent.... A legit first rounder.
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