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  1. I have read a lot of Colts fans doubting the Colts chances this weekend and it's baffling to me. Yes, the Bills are on a hot streak. and a very good football team. But why do so many Colts fans automatically assume the Colts will lose to the Bills? Could the Colts lose? Of course. That can happen to any team. However, I ask people to look at the quality of teams the Bills have recently been blowing out (last 3 games). The Broncos.... The Patriots.... The Dolphins (with Tua).... The Bills barely beat the Jets both times. We blew them out. Of cour
  2. Well they do play in the AFC East. They learned from the greatest cheater of all time.
  3. AC has been playing injured a lot this year. So it’s quite possible that our running game is upgraded with Veldheer. That said, I would take a healthy AC over most LTs in the game.
  4. I was just reviewing those plays and knew Baldy was going to use the same ones. Baldy saw it the same way I did. Veldheer did an excellent job of releasing the hook to avoid a penalty on the game winning run. Veldheer is a legitimate LT folks.
  5. Before Sunday, I was very concerned about our LT play. Not anymore. Colts are currently 7 point underdogs on William Hill. I just laid some money on the Colts to win (moneyline). It would be a nice payout for me.
  6. If I were the Colts front office then that’s where I would be leaning... People keep talking about the Colts bringing in another QB... That said, we cannot overlook how the Colts feel about Eason. They kept him on the active roster all season (3rd QB) for a reason. The front office obviously sees something in him. He has an elite arm (on par with Josh Allen, Baker, and Mahomes) and if we can develop him then he is the future. I have felt for a while that it would be wise to bring Rivers back for one more year, and allow Eason to be his apprentice for 2021. But
  7. I guess that part remains to be seen. However, if you’re a LT and you have the opportunity to play with Q next to you, and for a Super Bowl contender... I think it would be hard to say no.
  8. Rivers pretty much said as much in his zoom meeting with reporters. He acknowledged that midweek he realized that Sunday could have been his last game.
  9. Veldheer had a nice game. I was very impressed with how quick he was off the ball. He had a couple issues in pass protection but his run blocking was terrific. Lots of Taylor’s big runs came from the left side. Great add by the Colts front office. Veldheer gives us a fighting chance in the playoffs. If AC does retire then Veldheer could give us a year to groom a LT.
  10. It’s a legitimate discussion. Rivers could have very well checked out of running calls sent in to him. Pittsburgh was definitely stacking the box in the second half.
  11. I got a Feva! And the only prescription is more Colts!!! Joking aside, we still have a chance to win the division. If Houston comes to play, they can compete with the Titans. I think Miami and Cleveland both have a chance of winning. The chances that both win are slim though.
  12. That was unbelievable. Can’t believe it’s not being talked about in the media. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but Vegas made a ton of money on that no-call. I’m sure money was laid on the Colts somewhere around 10-1. The game was even pulled from the line after the Bengals beat the Steelers. There was a ton of money put on the Colts when they were originally given 1.5 points. In the end, they didn’t even cover the 2.5. We should have ran the ball more in the second half and sprinkled in the passing game. Maybe took a couple shots deep on play action. Our pass protection was
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