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  1. Aaron86

    #2 receiver

    Agreed. If we keep bringing free agents in we will really never quite know what we already have. Trial by fire.
  2. I think your a bit paranoid. Anybody in this game is one hit away from being over. Andrew has been throwing just not footballs. I don't think soreness is going to be a big deal at all.
  3. Aaron86

    2019 NFL Division Winners

    Why the Texans? I mean at this point I'd put the Jags above them. But I do think the Colts will surprise alot of people.
  4. Aaron86

    Henry Anderson Traded To Jets

    Hold your ratings for 2 or 3 years or at the very least wait til the end of the season.
  5. Aaron86

    Henry Anderson Traded To Jets

    When you only win four games and cannot stay healthy you are not safe except Andrew but it would take Irsays okay to be able to unload him.
  6. Aaron86

    Andrew Luck will speak with media tomorrow

    Andrew will be back. You don't put on weight and size like he has and still have a bad shoulder. I have said it a few times already, I had the same injury Andrew has. You don't look happy and like you have been benching 400 pounds with a bad shoulder or throw anything at all. Him not throwing a football is for his mental. Focus on rehab and not trying to push and get impatient with the process.
  7. Aaron86

    Andrew Luck will speak with media tomorrow

    I agree with you except the last paragraph. I have followed this forum for years. But I just became a member. Alot of the regulars on here have % spewing out of both ends. So just because I don't post on a regular basis makes me less informed or incorrect?
  8. Aaron86

    Offensive Line Take Two.....

  9. Aaron86

    Offensive Line Take Two.....

    I think alot of people did not realize either Chuck was stubborn and or could not move on from what was not working. I think you have to give Andrew the reigns and let him take control. I know alot think Grigs tied Chuck's hands but I also think he could not see what was right before his eyes. I'm almost positive alot of our comebacks and wins came from when Andrew had the reigns and went up tempo.
  10. Aaron86

    Luck is Throwing

    So ready for this season to start!!!!
  11. Aaron86


    I think you need to upgrade any and all positions possible. Getting over the top takes a team to do it and great cohesion.
  12. Aaron86


    I really don't understand this concept. I know you can find other stud backs in the later rounds. But the way I understand it is you draft best player available and not for need. Barkley and Luck would be electrifying. Winning a title is about putting the the best team on the field not just o-line or d-line. Not picking Barkley because we have bigger issues will be a huge mistake. I will take the 04 colts over the 2016 and 2017 colts anyday of the week And for what it's worth I just want one of the three or trade back for more picks.
  13. Before this thread gets locked. It's not the message the players were trying to get out it's the way they acted. I agree with their stance but not the way they brought it across. I mean the the guy who started it was wearing a Fidel Castro shirt in a presser. What kinda of hypocrisy is that!?!?. And I am in that certain group that believes you should respect the flag no matter what! The flag is a symbol of freedom. Why the hell would you kneel to that. If your going to protest do it outside of the police stations and government buildings like you should. These players have the opportunity to raise awareness and try to help our community and all you can do is have a silly interview and kneel on Sundays. I mean most of them have already moved on shows you how much it really meant to them. That being said it would never stop me from signing a player..