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  1. I will take luck on game day and Ballard in the off-season. I don't think this is a fair comparison. One has a shelf life the other really does not. One will score touchdowns the other will watch. Just my opinion though. But I would take Ballard over Polian
  2. In today's football that's what you gotta do. Get after the QB.
  3. I think Ballard is try to find guys who can put relentless pressure on QBs. When one guy gets tired the next guy is fresh.
  4. Why break the bank for most of these guys wanting huge multi-year deals that only have a few good years left.
  5. No the team in general needs to step up!
  6. You put a franchise in a bad situation by taking your key players and just tossing them to the side. As good as Mahomes is how do you even know if he would fit in?
  7. Well neither has Mahomes. So your point is invalid. You just don't like Luck.
  8. Why is it there is a problem with me being a fan of Luck. Nowhere have I ever said I'm a bigger fan of Lick then the team. I moved on from Manning and I will do the same with Andrew. I just like Andrew better then Mahomes.
  9. Logical? He had one great year on a team loaded with talent. Im not buying into your argument. Luck beat all the odds and was mentioned in the MVP conversation and I still think he is. I will take Luck blind emotion or not over Mahomes any day.
  10. It's not blind devotion. It's called being a fan. And the point your trying to make is not proving anything. Change a few words around and you can make anything sound right.
  11. You just want to start an argument. What's the difference really with excpected or the what if sanerio. Everybody counted luck out last I mean even the numbers said we wouldn't make it to the playoffs but look we made.
  12. Luck has more playoff experience then Mahomes. With way less help the also. Saying Mahomes has 6 more years then luck to reach a Superbowl is a what if scenario. So yes let's work within know parameters.
  13. Ballard is going to give Luck more shots at a Superbowl then Mahomes is going to get at in his entire career. I believe in Luck. And who's to say Mahomes has 6 more extra years to reach a Superbowl? I mean the injury bug can happen to anybody the team can fall apart anything can happen. It's just my opinion though.
  14. I wouldn't make that trade. Mahomes is going to come back down to earth this year.
  15. Wilkens can play ball. I think you are being a bit harsh.
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