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  1. Yeah, I don't think I could agree more. I was just thinking about how they could possibly go back to positional coach or something. I really don't want them here any longer.
  2. I think teddy ould end up being our linebackers coach and chud the tight ends coach. That's just my opinion. I do think Chud is why J Doyle had such a good year.
  3. I feel bad for Pep. Grigson gave him very little help. That oline was horrible running back was really bad. Kinda shows you how good Andrew really is.
  4. I think Chad O'Shea is the Pat's recivers coach and is taking Josh's spot on the Patriots.
  5. I'm going to laugh so hard if. Andrew comes back healthy and kicks Josh's butt twice a year knowing he could have had him as his QB. Imagine the look on his face...lol
  6. That statue is more then just about what Peyton did on the field. Its about what he did off the field for this state too. Peyton is what you call a true hero. Steven A. Is a jealous * and needs canned. Let him say that crap in Indy and he would be run out of town!
  7. I am really new hear but I think this thread is way off topic now. Although Andrews health is important. I think we are getting way to far into that coversation let's leave that for another thread.
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