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  1. I dont know.... I mean at what point do players start taking responsibility for there actions? You can not blame the coach for everything. I do think he warrents his own blame but players not playing up to expection or pay is just flat out ridiculous.
  2. Reich needs to turn CW loose. I think he needed a change in scenery. I have a feeling he is going to be great here.
  3. If I could squeeze Lattimore in then I would get him too.
  4. True but with that front you could have a mediocre secondary.
  5. 1. JJ.Watt 2. Von.Miller 3.Ty. Hilton 4. Bring Rhodes back I dont know of the money is there, but that would be as close to elite as you could get.
  6. I dont think so. JB is just not that good.
  7. He plays in the NFL. you have to always be prepared to step up. That's all the Colts preach is next man up. Not being prepared is a player I do not want on my roster.
  8. The coachs actually have a great alibi. They can always sit jacoby because of his knee.
  9. I feel like they could at least get Pascal involved more.
  10. It's not gonna happen. But I would love to see Kelly get a shot to go out and sling it. I know this is gonna get alot of heat. But JB and I have tried to get behind is boring to watch and is not the answer.
  11. I will take luck on game day and Ballard in the off-season. I don't think this is a fair comparison. One has a shelf life the other really does not. One will score touchdowns the other will watch. Just my opinion though. But I would take Ballard over Polian
  12. In today's football that's what you gotta do. Get after the QB.
  13. I think Ballard is try to find guys who can put relentless pressure on QBs. When one guy gets tired the next guy is fresh.
  14. Why break the bank for most of these guys wanting huge multi-year deals that only have a few good years left.
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