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  1. Chris Ballard, Draft Justin Herbert!!! That is all. Thank you in advance.
  2. Never would have thought Luck would retire. Didn’t see it coming. I get it though and don’t blame him at all. I’ve studied Herbert for a few years and (besides Trevor) he has been my favorite college QB for the past few years. Ballard is a smart man. He has to see the inadequacies at Oregon. Number 10 is a stud, and in my opinion he is the best QB in this draft. I hope he falls far enough for Ballard to move up and get him. 5-10 is all we need. We are in striking distance. Imagine Justin Herbert and Frank.... Look what he has done with Foles and Brissett. Crossing fingers.....
  3. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet, and I don’t have the time to read through every little detail of every post. I was thinking about this last night though. Washington is 0-5, they just fired Gruden, and they’re probably going to play a rookie QB sooner than later. Long story short, they’ll likely be picking in the top 5, if not higher. It will end up being very close to an extra first round pick for us.
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