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  1. our first 5 games are against teams that went 10-6 or better last year
  2. that is based on last year records ....... teams like 49ers lost all their pro bowlers and starting QB when healthy they are a super bowl team and the patriots re tooled heavily . teams like texans jags and jets make our schedule strength look easy but playing 10 games against playoff caliber teams is not easy
  3. i believe we are a good team ....... but looking at the schedule its gonna be so hard making the playoffs we have about ten games against very good playoff teams and then 3 against bubble teams add in jets and jags huge QB upgrades . every game except texans without deshaun is a hard game
  4. I rather have the easy games early on to give wentz time to get I rhythm. Also it would give fisher dayo, and Mack time to heal up .
  5. First game of the year we host Seahawks. I saw it on colts Twitter page. Very hard first game for us . Seahawks have a good offense but their defense has been going down hill . They have weaknesses on their offensive line and defense.
  6. when buckner was out he looked completely different . i wonder if the reason he looked so good last season was because of buckner . dont get me wrong he was very solid and good in 2019 his breakout year but this year he took it to a new level and became a beast . marlon mack is so underrated he is only making 3 million . he was a monster 2019 people forget how good he was
  7. still if a elite tackle is available teams would cut players to get him signed its a extremely hard position to find . there are many teams still in need .
  8. the only reason a premium position player would be cut in his prime is because he is not that good . many on here have overrated leno if he was on AC level he would have teams battling over him
  9. with the new break through in the surgery its 6 to 9 months to be able to play when it used to be a full year to be cleared to play . it will be 8 months by week 1 even if it takes the max 9 months that is the 4th game of the season and that is the max; he could be cleared week one . ballard has to know fisher is healing well and on target to return in 8 months to sign him
  10. we just got a younger upgrade over AC who ranks higher in both run and pass and a better tackle . He will be ready colts know he will only miss 3 or 4 games in a 17 game season . we lost AC for many games last year and with bad backups did fine still 2nd least sacks allowed in the nfl . now we have much better backup depth and tevi was a starter and holden played great last year shut down the steelers . we will be fine and get a elite tackle be happy our oline is better now than last year by far with much more depth and a better elite tackle . trust in ballard .
  11. Fisher is probably misses half the season that is why he only gets 9 million when tackles who are elite are making 18 to 20 million so the contract makes sense . He have tons of depth and can try different options q moving to tackle if tevi and Holden fail . The biggest deal will be the last half of the season and the playoffs . Ballard must think colts are a lock to make the playoffs to sign fisher .
  12. I saw on Indy star article Lewis will be starting left defensive edge and paye the right . Looks they colts need a new backup to Buckner
  13. Fries was so bad at tackle he was moved to guard .he got beat by speed rushers so bad he is slow back peddling .
  14. i watched a show about the sport science of guys getting faster and stronger . It seems like technology in gear footwear and surfaces play the biggest role in speed . when it comes to track they used to run on cement blocks which steals energy now they run on high grade material that is designed not to steal energy . same with nfl most teams got rid of regular grass for high speed abilities . also body type plays a huge role they did not have the science on what type of body runs faster or is suitable for each position now they know based on leg length and arm length if you can make the le
  15. i watched some of lenos film at pass blocking he seems just as good as AC was . the problem i see is his run blocking is very bad and way worse than ACs . the colts being a run first team and having a bad run blocker scares me .
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