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  1. you are right we are cutting jacoby and putting kelly in at second string . Let eason train and work on his flaws . kelly is ready to go if rivers plays bad
  2. no i didnt see them as that . i saw luck carrying them. allen only had one year with over 500 yards with the colts coby had two good years with the colts in 2013 and 2014 but the colts weapons were injured in 2013 and coby was one of the only targets left
  3. no fleener and allen did horrible under luck . fleener played scared and allen was slow and only average at best. ebron is athletic and gets huge separation , people over play his drops because once and a while he drops easy catches but if you look at the stats his drops are average among tight ends . its just the fact his drops look bad at times , but 15 tds and almost 900 yards is amazing . jacoby is just so bad big ben is gonna light it up with ebron . for 6 million a year we could have a pro bowl talent tight end who is a extreme mismatch for not much more money then we are paying trey burton who is a scrub and horrible .
  4. jason david from 06 superbowl team. He was horrible.
  5. jordon love will be the best QB in this draft followed by eason . i dont like burrow or tua or herbert
  6. robert griffin could not throw from under center he was a gimmick QB that could only throw from the run option into wide open throwing lanes . He had no anticipation throw , only could throw the ball if the wr was wide open like lamar jackson. eason is a pure pocket passer that can do back should fades .eason can throw guys open and make every throw on the field. Most of his pressure issues are from foot work he takes longer to make short throws because he takes long to set his feet . eason has trouble throwing if his feet are not set perfectly which is so much easier to work on then a QB who cant make all the throws . most of eason problems are due to lack of experience , he will be big ben 2.0
  7. ty is getting old for a wr . he is on his way out now we have pittman and campbell pascal . the rest are question marks.
  8. only one good one the rest are horrible . i wished we kept ebron for only 6 million he is a huge threat in passing game .
  9. tight end we only have one solid one after losing ebron we need a tight end bad
  10. I love the pick i am very happy with the draft now . I understand ballards picks better now , we needed a win now wr and a elite running back to pair with mack . The only issue i have is not drafting a tight end we are gonna struggle unless one of our young guys step up like ross or cox .
  11. i love that eason played in a pro system like luck . We need that because we are a heavy run team that loves using play action . If he only could play from shotgun it would hurt the run game . Our system will help him so much. Power run team and throw off of play action will help him with pressure and open up throwing lanes and give chances for deep shots to our speeding wrs.
  12. i really like josh allen . both can make all the throws on the field both big arms . i think eason lack of experience is the cause of how he handles his pressure . Handling pressure is one the the last things QBs learn to deal with , it comes with experience .
  13. the sad part for jacoby is jacob is already a better QB then him . I watched about 8 games so far of all his throws last year . jacoby could not throw guys open with 3 years college and 2 full nfl seasons . jacob already can . jacob can make every single throw on the field , jacoby can not at all only good on slant routes . Also i see people questioning his field vision but i saw plenty of tape of jacob looking one way then throwing it the other tricking the DB. where jacoby was a one read QB then would scramble with a clean pocket and cause a sack . Jacob can at least go to his second read , but after that he struggles to go to his third read . biggest issue is sliding up in the pocket like manning or brady so edge rushers can get to him easily. The biggest factor to me is jacob had horrible weapons last year . Plus i feel the system he was in did not suit him best. jacob would do best in a bruce arians type of system , as i feel like he plays exactly like big ben .
  14. i think the colts will keep 3 QBs just for next year. I think they will not want jacob to play next year even if rivers gets hurt. they would want jB . i think chad kelly is gone and jacob is gonna work with the QB coach and reich next season a lot in practice .
  15. he does remind me of josh allen i think that is his ceiling
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