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  1. i loved chucks chopping wood comments . Listening to chucks speeches made me want to put on a helmet and play . He fired guys up to play hard for him . He motivated the whole team . Chuck strong is legend top 10 coach in nfl when he was with us.
  2. chuck was one of the best head coaches we ever had. Grigson gave chuck the worst talent ever. How is it the coaches fault when players can't execute the plays .Chuck did try new things , when our defense was getting burned on man he would switch to zone . EVery thing he tried the players were at fault. Bottom 5 offensive line , defense , running game , wrs were all old . Andrew luck being hurt always . I remember luck going out and we still won 4 games with jacoby who is horrible a bottom 5 defense offensive line and running game. Even with a top 5 offensive line better defense and great running game this year we won only 3 more games . in 2017 jacoby had no offseason learned the play book in 2 weeks
  3. there is a reason ballard is going to all his games and scouting him heavy . ballard knows talent love has been linked to the colts since early last season even when jacoby was playing well. if he is there at 13 ballard will take him without question. we would be instant superbowl contenders with love .
  4. love is not making it past 20 at all . the patriots and saints will pick him up so will raiders at 18 .
  5. yes arm talent wise he has john elway arm. can throw dimes on the run. he is mobile , looks like arron rodgers coming out of college or a pat mahomes . the only reason people are down on him is because his team was horrible in college . put him on a better college team and he is the number 1 pick in the draft .
  6. how does the xfl favor running QBs basically same exact rules . just the play clock clock is shorter and kick offs are different .
  7. he is a future hall of famer . if we don't get him it will be the biggest draft mistake since people passed up on mahomes . this kid is better then luck and manning coming out of college.
  8. he was drafted in 2017 he is good better then brain check down hoyer. rather resign him and have him and chad kelly battle it out for the number 2 spot . we have 3 QBs now i rather have walker as the 3rd QB over hoyer who has been in the league for 10 years and is horrible . at least walker is 24 and can improve hoyer is at his peak and is horrible .
  9. the cfl does it . just shortening the game clock makes the game faster paced , its the same thing when teams run the two minute offense in no huddle . the who game would look like a two minute drill.
  10. they do though look it up in soccer the game goes on non stop they do not play for 8 seconds then reset after almost a minute. just by changing the game the speed of the game goes up. the game gets better because you can't run out the clock and we can have great comebacks when teams are down multiple scores with two minutes . instead in the 4th when the game is out of reach it gets boring watching teams run the clock out , take that away its a better game.
  11. soccer is the biggest sport in the world every country loves it but america. i love the nfl would love to see it be popular world wide like basketball and see it in the olympics .
  12. thats not the point . i want the nfl to go global to go global they need to speed the game up the is the biggest knock i hear from people in other countries who like football but get bored seeing 3 plays in 2 minutes
  13. we have paris cambell he was hurt but when healthy he has tyrek hill speed . he is going to be a game changer healthy and ty is still a probowler who has a couple years left. if we add a good wr in free agency we will have 3 great wrs and pascal is young and stepped up big last year he was our number 1 guy and he is a big body type . so we all ready have 3 good wrs and can add one in free agency because every year there are elite wrs on the market . you rarely find elite defensive tackles on the market and if you do you are overpaying by tons. defensive line won the chiefs the superbowl they were the unsung hero's they took over the superbowl and kept the chiefs in the game when mahomes played horrible for 3 quarters . the stopped the titans run game won that game came up big when down 24 to the texans coming up with big stops . look how the giants held the 07 pats to 14 points with their defensive line. our whole defense runs off of getting pressure with 4 guys that is why the defense went from 10th to 18th the defensive line aged autry and hunt had a down year and losing al woods killed our defense . how many superbowls did we win with all those weapons?
  14. here is where i think we need to look at ballards drafting style . ballard uses science in his approach he looks at all the pro bowl level athletes at any position and takes averages from their arm length leg length height weight speed to get a base of what athletic talent you must have to succeed . then he takes players who have a good mind set to work hard and get better , one the flip side by worrying about raw talent a lot of times the players are not fully polished and nfl ready . ballard loves rounds 2 through 4 because you can find tons of hidden gems with his style of drafting . the problem is these players need time to develop so bringing in a new young de when we have 4 young ones we are developing might ruin player development by limiting playing times. At DE we have a bunch of young talent i rather develop them and see how it turns out and focus on drafting spots that have aging players or spots with late round guys like tightend and defensive tackle and nose tackle have aging players besides grover stuart . hunt autry are aging defensive tackle is a must so is tight end . At least at wr we have a young stud in paris we drafted in round number 2 who looks good and can replace ty later on . i would look to go after a wr in free agency because ever year you have free agent wrs who are good on the market defensive tackle is much harder to get .
  15. i always said we should give him a try i remember him balling out in preseason with the colts he still is young we cut him to sign brain hoyer .........
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