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  1. odum and willis at safety seem like an upgrade geathers is horrible in coverage and hooker is hot and cold
  2. when you only call screen passes or 5 yard passes its hard to get yards reich has zero faith in jacoby it showed
  3. he needs to be in florida at a old folks home not kicking
  4. i have a weird feeling the colts are going into this game with something to prove chargers o line is horrible d line will feast . rivers is a turnover machine could be a multiple sack and pick game . brissett is hungry mack wants to eat . i think we blow out the chargers then next week lay a egg to the titans
  5. If you live outside of America you can watch game pass games live . Connect to a proxy outside the USA and watch game pass games live
  6. People who live outside the us get to watch games live on game pass . Connect to a proxy outside the us and watch it live. Type on google proxy select location then type game pass and it will connect and you can watch live games
  7. tell me he is just a game manager look at them throws he was in a bad spot in 2017 .
  8. i wouldnt want him if he changed his mind right now and said he was healthy and wanted to play week 1. brissett is better and younger .
  9. ill be back to brag , how to you wanna cook your crow? because you and the rest of the andrew luck fan boys will be eating crow!!!!!!
  10. after being ranked 10th in defense with young players last year. this year guys like turray hooker lewis walker grover will improve and this years draft class will be better then last ben will get 14 sacks houstin will get 12 sacks , rock will be a shut down corner ej speed will turn into darius leonard . we are loaded at every spot on defense no weakness at all on defense . it will be the 2015 broncos defense good book it ! ill be back in a couple weeks to gloat
  11. we all are about to witness the greatest sports moment in history when brissett wins mvp and we win a superbowl with a top 5 defense best online and elite run game
  12. brissett is gonna shock the world put up top ten numbers we will be 13-3 with a first round bye. i been bashed so hard for telling people to trade luck and roll with brissett . people forget luck put up bad numbers his rookie year 23 touchdowns to 20 turnover under 60 percent completions . most of his wins were from low scoring games . brissett is gonna be a elite qB and im coming back to gloat after we go 4 and 0 after the first couple games .
  13. cant watch it since i moved to new jersey im not paying for preseason . nfl sunday ticket should include it
  14. i hope brissett plays he needs all the reps and game time action to get better.
  15. chad kelly you will get your chance if brissett bombs but its his job to lose. your not fooling anyone we know its you. all you talk about is chad kelly its obvious go back to work and prove it!!!
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