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  1. Colts were at the 46 yard line they needed 11 yards . They can complete a 11 yard pass and spike it in 19 seconds very easily.
  2. that is quite obvious because lamar cant throw or read defenses at all . But imagine if rivers had the mobility of russell wilson plus kept his pocket passing abilities . rivers would be much better and put up even better numbers . If you have a QB that has elite pocket passing skills plus can move then its unfair to the defense and hard to defend , that is why mahomes is so good.
  3. people dont understand what mobile means i guess . IF you want a mobile QB that means you want a pure running gimmick QB like hill with the saints . andrew luck was a mobile QB and in many cases his mobility won us games on key 3rd downs running for firsts when the wrs could not get open or running from a trash o line and making throws on the run. If watson was a pure pocket passer colts would have blown out texans by 40 points when we played them our defense dominated the line and a pocket passer would of been destroyed . When you have to win 3 games in a row in the playoffs against
  4. there is a difference between a mobile QB and a pure running QB like lamar and mike vick . andrew luck was a mobile QB who was a pocket passer so is pat mahomes and wilson . No one is saying pick a running QB who cannot throw out side the numbers and is a average passer . People are saying get a pocket passer who if need be can run from pressure and throw on the run or scramble for a first down once in a while like luck did .
  5. In today's nfl when you have a QB on the rookie contract is the best time to be champs . Sitting eason for 2 or 3 years can waste his small contract .
  6. would you rather get him started faster or waste another year ? If i thought we had a legit super bowl chance with a veteran i would take it , but if not you start the young QB. Sitting has its benefits but he still needs to play , he is gonna need at least 2 or 3 years starting to be great if he is gonna be great. i would rather get started right away so by the time he is great our core of leonard nelson smith and others are still here and in their prime . they have 5 years left of prime sitting eason next year and then needing him to play another 2 or 3 years is pushing it and will requ
  7. it should depend on who is available in free agency . Rhodes is good but is turning 31 next year, if someone younger is available we should move on and get younger . If the market isnt good then we should sign rhodes again .
  8. he is absolutely done with the colts . Ballard talks that way about many team leaders and they are gone . No way ballard brings him back and keeps eason at 3rd stringer next year . EAson needs the second string reps going against the defense .
  9. Its not just jacoby though any leader in the locker room is praised non stop even if they suck . Geathers was terrible and he was praised non stop same with mike mitchell . Look how the colts treat anthony walker and he ranks near the bottom in coverage among starting linebackers , he is so bad yet ballard non stop calls him amazing .
  10. jacoby is gone next year, same as geathers as soon as ballard could replace him he did . They are just being nice to him ,and he was the only option when luck retired it was the right thing to do . It wouldnt be right to make a starter QB make league minimum . As soon ballard could replace jacoby which was the very next year he did . I dont get why you think they are treating jacoby different from any one else they praise every single player .
  11. it seems like ballard is fine withe the colts wrs and tight ends . He loves pittman and cambell thinks ty still has good football left and loves the young guys potential like harris patmon dulin . Same with the tight ends . This tells me we are going for pass rusher corner and tackle early . Ballard also is high on eason but wants one more year to watch him more . I think colts will try to get a better QB then rivers in free agency or trades if not stick with rivers then move on to eason in 2022.
  12. coaches have been traded before its not unheard of . I wouldnt wanna trade frank ,but to act like its impossible is not being honest.
  13. I think eason is gonna be great he is a first round talent and only played 2 years in college . He only dropped due to rumors about him being lazy and not caring but ballard said it was false . Next year he will be second string that means he gets all the reps when facing the defense to help them. This year he only got mental help in scouting and watching film , but next year he gets tons of reps every day in practice a full offseason and preseason to watch him play . I think by 2022 he will be ready and very good . sign rivers for one year we were two mistakes away from beating the best t
  14. If the colts had better weapons i feel like rivers can have a 30 td season still and would of put up better stats. The main problem is his deep ball is short . yesterday standing on the 50 yard line he couldnt get the hail mary to go in the endzone it was 5 yards short he cant throw deeper then 45 yards .
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