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  1. tell is better than keyes and that other practice squad guy who played in the ravens game . they need to bring him up to play safety and rotate to corner .
  2. Probably because it affected the salary cap . Money could of been rolled over or spent in free agency
  3. This is why I was mad at letting hooker walk … he signed for so cheap with the cowboys for basically nothing. When healthy he is a ball hawk .
  4. We are in still much better shape than the rest of the league most teams have multiple starters out for the year we only have 1 starter out for the year so far . Two backups in Campbell and tevi . Ravens have like 5 starters out for the year .
  5. I like the idea of converting tell . He has shown promise
  6. as long as he didnt rupture it or tear it bad he should be back .
  7. odum is solid can play fs he is athletic but tj carrie is the second string safety he is out another 3 weeks .
  8. 49ers have a terrible passing game so its okay for this week to let rock rest . without kittle they have one solid weapon and jimmy g is gonna be playing injured without taking a real snap in weeks
  9. yea but that means he got injured in practice he was fully healthy today before practice . limited means you played limited amount of snaps . so he could of been practicing got hurt and left practice injured which would be limited .
  10. if he tore his achillies i think he would be on ir already headed for surgery ... but with how the colts handle injuries they will wait for saturday and announce it
  11. The great news is besides tevi no one is out for the year yet . Campbell has a chance to come back and so does everyone else . If Braden rock and Nelson come back we can have all 22 starters on the field . Only Campbell and tj Carrie and turray would be out and they are not starters
  12. The frank hate is way over the top frank had Andrew luck having his best year and cutting back on picks . He revived rivers career after he looked washed up . Frank even had jacoby at 14 touchdowns to 3 picks before he got hurt . Now he is reviving Carson wentz’s career . The only real issue I have with him is situational awareness ,sometimes being to conservative or to aggressive. He needs a better balance which is easy to fix .
  13. There is really no point to hear him speak same with reich . He could talk for two hours and give nothing valuable just coach speak .
  14. ty hilton in 2018 played through a horrible ankle sprained couldnt even practice all week and put up 100 yard games . i think every one is different but certain people just have high pain tolerances .
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