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  1. that was super embarrassing almost as embarrassing as the jim irsay ring pic
  2. that is why i said a ring for rivers will matter . without it he is borderline hall of fame a ring pushes him into a first ballad pick . he still will get in without one but it will take a while.
  3. rings do matter though . if eli manning has zero rings does he get into HOF? Its only one aspect though as i said in my other post . dan marino is in because of the records and mvps. My point was if you a player is not a legendary player and is borderline hall of fame then rings matter . With Eli the rings will push him over the edge , same with rivers i said rivers is ranked in my opinion 6 out of 32 during his prime a ring pushes him even and makes him tied with big ben for 5th making with a first ballard pick .
  4. No you misunderstood my point . Dan marino no doubt belongs and he has no ring . To me if a QB does not have a ring he needs to be a top 5 QB in his prime for multiple seasons . i put rivers in the 6-10 range in his prime i would put him 6 out of 32 QBs in his prime which is really good . It depends what you consider hall of fame , if you think someone who is top 10 every year he played then yes he belongs . To me it needs to be the best of the best , for a QB it needs to be a players who was considered the best in the nfl for at least one season and a top 5 during his prime every y
  5. Rivers will get in considering how the voting is now . I think deion sanders hit the nail on the head when he said the hall of fame used to be for elite players now its just the hall of very good . To be a HOF used to mean being the best of the best . Its hard for me to say someone who was never a mvp or considered a top 5 QB during his playing time belongs . rivers is in a tough spot because during his career he had peyon , brady , rodgers , ben , drew , who were top 5 then wilson and mahomes come in . can you say someone who was never a top 5 QB during his playing time is the bes
  6. That is the point of a forum to debate topics involving the season . Its fun for people to debate the topics that is why people are here . Why is this so hard to understand ? The better question is why on the colts section of the forum are people starting topics complaining about forum members . this is not a colts topic but a community topic why not just debate the actual questions . if you think these points you brought up are wrong , go through each of them and say why you think they are wrong . You do not have to start a new topic to complain about people complaining .
  7. That is the point of the forum to talk about the colts , why do you come here then ? i dont get it , should we just say after every game no matter what " just keep chopping wood" . Why do you get so emotional when people say anything negative about the colts . The whole point of the a football forum is to talk about decisions the team made with signing players ,coaching decisions , drafting players . According to you fans have no right to question any decisions general managers make ,or coaches make because if they do they think they know better they actual professionals . sport shows
  8. there are different types of fans and that is okay . You think that is bad come to eagles stadium and watch how bad they are . Colts fans are usually very mild , i went to the old rca dome as a kid all the time when i lived in Indiana i used to think the crowds were rough but in reality they are so mild compared to philly crowds . When i moved out to jersey for college it was a huge culture shock . MY friends are eagles fans and i go to games with them they boo eagles players who get injured when the eagles are losing . Even when the eagles were 13-3 on the radio shows the fans call
  9. thats not true , when the run game got stuffed against the falcons and the texans last year jacoby throw over 300 yards and 3 touchdowns . frank held jacoby back by calling short passes and 40 runs a game.
  10. You have to pay to unlock the real stats . Are you sure your not looking at qb rating of opposing quarterbacks throwing his way . Pff has loved rock .
  11. Hopefully colts get the win next sunday . The jets will probably still lose during their bye.
  12. rock is ask to do a lot as a young player , he will be a stud . i am more worried about kenny moore he had games this year being targeted 6 times giving up 6 catches . QBs have a 115 passer rating against him .
  13. you wanna say rock is bad prove it , go through how many times rock is targeted at and how many times its caught . go through QBs passer rating vs rock . this is why pff grades are great for corners , they look at every single pass play and look at rock grade if he is in the right spot to break up the pass . If rock is getting targeted 10 times while giving up 8 catches and is leaving his man wide open all game then he is bad . getting beat once a game is no big deal
  14. rock is the colts highest graded corner what stats are you looking at . Its hard to grade a corner based on eye test during games . if burrow throws it 40 times and rock is in perfect postion for 36 times so burrow doesnt even look his way then gives up one bad play and another catch it looks bad to you because the camera is not on rock the whole game only when the ball is thrown at him. looking at the stats he is very good . people dumped on him last year but was rated the second best rookie corner by pff and made the all pro rookie team
  15. tons he is amazing against the run though . eberflus had some dumb calls though . i watch him put both walker and bobby at the line to pretend to blitz then run back to go into cover 2 but their back peddling as the wrs are just blowing by them and it created a giant hole . i get the point is to get burrow to freak out and throw a quick short pass but burrow did not bite stayed calm and throw it right into the gap left by walker and bobby
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