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  1. ty hilton in 2018 played through a horrible ankle sprained couldnt even practice all week and put up 100 yard games . i think every one is different but certain people just have high pain tolerances .
  2. kelly is better then any QB we have not named carson ; i would love for him to be on the roster right now . If kelly went in the game against the rams instead of eason we would be 3-3 right now . kelly is clutch and a winner no doubt about it .
  3. to be honest i would take cam over hundley or sam any day . a former mvp or a career backup ?
  4. its definitely season ending just like last year they said its a ten week injury he would be back by week 13 and he never did . cambell cant play through pain like nelson or wentz when he is a little banged up he sits out .
  5. That lose gutted our chances but if the Titans lose to a desperate chiefs team and we win next week and beat the Titans the week after we are in first place and both 4 and 4 .
  6. The Baltimore game will come back to haunt us no doubt about it . We would be 3and 3 one game back right now .
  7. titans look bad so far against the bills i think they go on a slump losing both games and being 3-4 by the time we play them .
  8. no you did claiming losing a deep threat has no effect on a team . comparing one of the greatest QBs of all time not needing great deep threats to carson .
  9. tom brady and carson wentz are two different styles . wentz is a home run hitting guy while brady fits better with the quick passing game . wentz can do good in the short passing game but sometimes is slow with progressions and holds the ball to long . wentz is ten times better with a legit deep threat .
  10. we still have pittman who was a elite deep threat in college and ty . mike strachan is a deep threat we need to develop him fast . use the combo of keke strachan and dulin we can get some production . cambell is only getting a couple targets a game anyway wasnt really productive outside the one big catch and a handful of medium range catches . we still have our 3 main starters from training camp and two solid tightends with gransen and hines who can play slot
  11. i think keke coute can replace him he is fast and has good experience and is only 24 years old he already had big games
  12. at some point it becomes a habit three years in a row season ending injury he is only averaging around 3 or 4 games a season at this point . even if he stays fully healthy next year its gonna be hard for him to get anything in free agency besides a 1 year deal for a million .
  13. injuries are just like that sometimes carson wentz tore his acl and stayed in the game for a couple plays . same with rivers
  14. I don’t know what Ballard was thinking hiring him without Brady he has a horrible record . His offenses are horrible with the rams Broncos and patriots without Brady . He is the original adam gase
  15. There is a rumor Watson refused to wave his trade clause for the eagles . I know the eagles were trying to get him in the off-season .
  16. Wentz is still on pace for 26 touchdowns 3 picks and over 4000 yards . I still think he keeps getting better and goes above his averages so far and hits 30 touchdowns 4500 yards
  17. anything can happen in one game we need to beat all the teams we need to beat plus beat some good teams . its a uphill battle still , it makes me nervous banking on the titans choking away so many games . they beat the bills by 30 points last year i hope they go on a losing streak . it sucks having to rely on teams losing to stay a float .
  18. yea but my point is if the colts lose next week we still have bills bucs , cardinals raiders so having 5 losses already going against 4 good teams plus the patriots is not good . it makes it so much easier if we handle business and can beat one of the big three elite teams .
  19. looking at the titans schedule even they lose to us the chiefs bill and rams that is only 6 losses . we need to win next week to have a real chance unless the titans just fall apart and lose to the saints and steelers also
  20. yea but going into the game with the same record and beating them could seal it early . We need to handle business next week no matter what . we have a tougher schedule after the titans game going against 3 elite teams plus the raiders who look good . After the saints game the titans schedule gets super easy . We need to win out the next two weeks and hope the titans lose out to have a chance .
  21. they have injuries on offense lance got hurt so did jimmy g , either way whoever starts is coming off a injury . they lost their running back for the year also . the bye week could hurt them also in being rusty plus jimmy g hasnt played in 3 weeks by the time our game is . i feel much better going against a bad offensive team than a elite QB with the way our defense has played .
  22. I am still optimistic about the playoffs because the titans i believe are overrated and due for a down year . However the colts need to still prove they are a good team by beating good teams . I just hope every game they start to get better and improve . if we beat the 49ers and titans the colts are back but still have to hit a winning streak and beat at least two playoff teams down the road .
  23. he was back in the game the next play got the wind knocked out of him
  24. the seahawks game was a garbage touchdown late in the 4th they were getting bullied most of the game they made it look close at the end . green bay light them up also . they are good but not great we have the same story as them basically playing good teams tight for the most part beating bad teams. their offense is their weakness without kittle they dont have tons of fire power . its a winnable game if the colts come to play
  25. 9 touchdowns to 1 pick is very solid if the colts were not getting chunk running plays and let wentz throw more he would of been even better.
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