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  1. people were way harder on jacoby then rivers . lets be honest there stats are not that far apart jacoby missed two games last year . jacoby is 18 touchdowns and 8 picks rivers is 15 touchdowns and 9 picks with 3 games left to compare apples to apples there stats will not be far off in 3 games . rivers will have on or two more touchdowns but 3 or 4 more picks
  2. that is not really fair to jacoby though , frank did not let him throw it . he has more trust in rivers and lets him throw 40 times a game . jacoby was around 18 touchdowns to 3 picks when the colts were 5-2 before getting injured . also the running game did better with jacoby because he is more mobile and has a stronger arm . looking at the stats teams are stacking the box way more this year . jacoby had pascal as his number 1 last year and was injured . rivers has a better team this year i believe with jacoby we could be 7-4 or 6-5 . the run game would be better and with a top 3
  3. texans are not as bad as their record shows . they dropped 30 on titans almost beat them . they have a powerful offense that puts up points and a good defensive line that will make rivers dance . people are over looking them when they are gonna be looking to play spoiler nice and relaxed next week .
  4. i have a bad feeling buckner made grover look good . good thing is after two years colts can back out
  5. AC has a mcl sprain he might be gone for a month or more . that is as bad as losing buckner
  6. i didnt blame rivers for the game . i said the colts have to keep teams under 30 to have a chance because rivers is old and cant carry a team anymore . that is not blaming him its blaming the defense . a QB pushing 40 cannot win shoot outs any more look at brady with 4 pro bowlers on offense looking average .
  7. he doesnt suck but is limited due to his arm strength . most of his picks come from under throws . its hard to win the the nfl when your QB throws 15 touchdowns and 10 picks in 11 games . in his prime rivers is elite and top 5 but now he is in the 10-15 range you need a defense and run game to win without a top ten QB
  8. people call me a rivers hater i just never believed in him being able to get us to a ring . teams can press the colts and blitz and rivers panics even with out pressure and cannot stretch the field . well see if he can rebound its looks like for the colts to win they have to hold teams under 25
  9. not counting turnovers i said . 6 points came on turnovers where the colts offense took over and kick a field goal
  10. has the colts offense score over 30 all year? not counting special teams and pick 6s and safeties i dont think they hit over 30 by themselves all year . the colts to win have to hold teams under 30 the offense cannot save the defense .
  11. rivers is just going to the check down every play i bet none of those plays had the primary receiver being hines for a check down . rivers just throws the check down every time he sees it open
  12. rivers is captain check down . i miss lucks deep ball to hilton
  13. this is what the rivers fans dont get his arm is not that strong . he under throws deep balls and cant stretch the field . it makes it easier to defend
  14. it might be the play calls the offense doesnt throw down field at all . its under neath routes all the time then the ten yard throw down the middle with the down field pass coming only a couple times . i wish they would juts unleash rivers to see what happens . you cant play it safe down so many points
  15. the defense stopped them 3 times the offense just has no gas today
  16. if the colts miss the playoffs does anyone still want rivers back ? i would only if they make the playoffs this year .
  17. its not losing that sucks its getting blown out this bad . this late in the season i thought the team was coming together . i have a bad feeling texans will steal a win and raiders and steelers win putting the colts at 9-7 and out of the race .
  18. they are playing good as of late and on a roll . they are not as bad as you think they have a good defensive line . its gonna be hard to sweep them they will fight hard .
  19. this makes the both texan games close to must win games . unless the colts beat steelers or the raiders . the colts have to go at least 3-2 to have a shot and hope teams lose . the killer is that the titans only have two tough games left and the tie breaker now since colts lost to jags . so really puts them almost two games up with 5 left
  20. the sad part is the defense came to play and held them straight on two drives if the offense wasnt dead and scored one touchdown we would be back in the game .
  21. now we have to hope ravens browns and raiders lose . or the titans lose 3 out of the 5 games left . with games against raiders and steelers we can still go 10-6 unless the colts lose one game against the texans
  22. nelson shouldnt play hurt , he is getting destroyed so bad . a healthy player would be better guys health should be number 1 stop forcing them to play hurt
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