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  1. i really dont believe luck can win in big games at all only wild card week like the texans . we would need the broncos defense to have a shot
  2. what a pathetic game the defense is burned out they know luck cant do anything this team played with some heart today luck let the team down he needs to say sorry to the team and carry there bags
  3. this team for 15 years has done nothing but break our hearts i feel bad for all of us
  4. we could of won this game if luck scored one touchdown in the first half and we made the kick its a clsoe game
  5. cut adam he is to old we would be one score down he blew the game
  6. that is on the QB you have to find lanes wilson is 5 10 and never has passes tipped
  7. it was dirty to cut manning . i would love it if luck turned out to be better then manning but what me and others were saying is mannings are hard to come by so its best to keep him. luck would be so much better to learn from manning . manning would of helped luck a lot
  8. true luck has been untouchable on this forum he needs to play better he has 12 picks in 7 playoff games . tony romo throws 30 plus td passes and 4000 yards every year and he was bad . its a passing league that is what happens. we need to move on we have talent ballard is great
  9. luck is just not playing good he cant make a throw every throw is off . he is struggling so hard to get one first down
  10. i have no faith in luck . i would love to eat crow but i dont right now.
  11. our defense played well enough to win we are shutting down the chiefs in the second half
  12. it is really a good thing people dont get it when you overachieve nothing gets done when this happens the team knows we are not good and does something .
  13. we had a couple chances before half time . at the third we have been 3 and out on all drives except 2 . its the jags game all over again . theres been warning signs all year that the offense has struggled bad at times
  14. i am not a troll i am so mad , i looked forward to this game all week . now i am so mad . how do you get shut out by the worst defense in the league luck has under a 100 yards his QBR has to be at 20
  15. lucks arm is shot it looks so bad . i feel bad he is a good kid but he looks like manning in 2015
  16. when he was in his prime when did he get shut out by last ranked defense . even the bad games against the steelers with a made kick we go to overtime and the chargers game he never got the ball back
  17. i think brissett with his legs would have at least a touchdown by now we need to put him in
  18. brisett came here a week before the season started and we lost a couple games that were really close with a full season and this team which is much better we could have the same record
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