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  1. I lol’d at the part of his comments about Twitter and people’s careers being evaluated one play at a time. Ballard probably ignores the Forum but nevertheless singled out Twitter instead of this bipolar and easily interchangeable peanut gallery of ours in his comment.
  2. Well.... I hope he’s okay.... sucks for the Packers though. https://www.packers.com/news/packers-placed-t-jared-veldheer-on-the-reserve-covid-19-list
  3. Trade down to the top of the 2nd round and take Eichenberg outta ND.
  4. Hats off to AC for his toughness and a nice career!
  5. Durex, Trojan.... ooops, sorry... Reed, Polamalu, Dawkins, Taylor and Thomas
  6. Watch.... he’ll play for 4 different teams on thru to the Super Bowl. Manwhore!!
  7. Knowing that we’re truly 2-3 players away from elite status in the NFL. The 2020 rookie class shows tons of promise and I can’t wait for next season. We draft or sign ourselves a legit EDGE guy, solidify the LG in FA if AC retires and we slide Q to LT.... and perhaps snag Stafford in a trade.... and I think we are right there with any NFL team. Even with Philip I see us taking the division next season.
  8. How bout THIS one! Washington trades this year’s 1st (#19), 2nd, two 3rds.... and next year’s 1st and 2nd for Watson. This restores the damage O’Brien did in this draft and loads Houston up for the 2022 draft. Washington rules the tattered NFC East.
  9. Great news... and that sense of wanting to fulfill “unfinished business” speaks to the culture within the organization. He’ll definitely get his shot at another GM opening.
  10. The Steelers are still resting.
  11. No question Watson is plenty fed up with the dysfunction in Houston. But do you think Houston would even fathom a trade to the Colts.... or that Ballard would ever consider the price tag for such a deal? Can and will a trade happen? It’s a distinct possibility for sure.... just not to the Colts.
  12. A good plan if Rivers hangs it up and Stafford isn’t an option. Because Deshaun Watson will never don a Colts uniform.
  13. LT EDGE CB TE In that order. If Rivers doesn’t retire then stay the course at QB.... bring him back @ 20m.... bring Jacoby back at 4m/yr for 2 years... and promote Eason to 2nd string and give him plenty of preseason snaps so we what we have. If Rivers DOES retire.... pursue Stafford and keep everything else the same as above as far as Jacoby and Eason.
  14. Jacksonville.... fresh stone crabs for the win!
  15. You’re correct.... he’ll never take a snap under center in a Colts uniform. I think Washington is the perfect landing spot for him. After the Haskins fiasco, and with Alex Smith’s career especially vulnerable to another leg injury.... Dan Snyder, the NFL’s version of a drunken sailor when we remember the RGIII deal.... would actually be getting a proven commodity for a change. WFT is pointed in the right direction.... Watson would immediately make them the class of the division for the foreseeable future.
  16. It could also mean they plan on shopping him. With the destitute state they’re in as far as draft capital they might as well. Offer him to Dan Snyder.... who knows?.....if anyone is capable of overpaying and offsetting OBrien’s stupidity, he is.
  17. Very spot on and balanced article.... If we win the turnover battle and run effectively enough to win time of possession, we have a legit shot at beating any NFL team.... including the Bills tomorrow.
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