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  1. All true.... Which is why my preference....if Rivers retires... would be a “Buckner-like” trade for Stafford. Offering Detroit # 21 straight up for a proven 32 yr old QB is fine by me... and would settle things down at QB for 4-5 seasons. And the Lions start fresh with whoever they can grab at #7.
  2. He was mobile ....but all too often his gunslinger’s balls got the best of him....
  3. Congratulations to the Pittman’s.....
  4. Hey... if he can get a shot at a starting gig and the $$$ to go with it.... God bless him. There’s always Dan Snyder!
  5. I’m not sure there’s much of a market for Jacoby.... and certainly none as a starter. The narrative of him getting a chance to start elsewhere or commanding anything higher at this point than MAYBE a 6th round pick is well beyond its shelf life. IMO... we should offer him 2yrs @ 4-5m per yr with the clear understanding that he is a backup regardless of Rivers’ outcome. Brissett is a solid backup and under tty circumstances he got paid 30m bucks he’d probably never gotten otherwise. With Ballard confirming what we already knew about Eason.... that we need to see him in game action.... I think it’s a bad idea to simply jettison Brissett. Ideally for me.... next season’s QB depth chart is... 1. Rivers or Stafford 2. Brissett or Eason 3. Eason or Brissett
  6. Agreed.... Ballard would never part with the draft capital necessary to make that move. I will ask this though.... would Urban Meyer possibly pull a “Kliff Kingsbury/Kyler Murray” gambit and take Justin Fields instead of Trevor Lawrence? Because IF he does then the Jets would be sitting on even more of a goldmine at #2 with Lawrence sitting there. And the Forum would explode with trade up proposals.
  7. I earn a 6-figure salary too! $6.75 an hour
  8. Yep.... I’m fine with Stafford.. no bueno on Wentz. And as long as we’re dreaming.... trade for Stafford and sign his pal WR Kenny Golladay.
  9. I lol’d at the part of his comments about Twitter and people’s careers being evaluated one play at a time. Ballard probably ignores the Forum but nevertheless singled out Twitter instead of this bipolar and easily interchangeable peanut gallery of ours in his comment.
  10. Well.... I hope he’s okay.... sucks for the Packers though. https://www.packers.com/news/packers-placed-t-jared-veldheer-on-the-reserve-covid-19-list
  11. Trade down to the top of the 2nd round and take Eichenberg outta ND.
  12. Hats off to AC for his toughness and a nice career!
  13. Durex, Trojan.... ooops, sorry... Reed, Polamalu, Dawkins, Taylor and Thomas
  14. Watch.... he’ll play for 4 different teams on thru to the Super Bowl. Manwhore!!
  15. Knowing that we’re truly 2-3 players away from elite status in the NFL. The 2020 rookie class shows tons of promise and I can’t wait for next season. We draft or sign ourselves a legit EDGE guy, solidify the LG in FA if AC retires and we slide Q to LT.... and perhaps snag Stafford in a trade.... and I think we are right there with any NFL team. Even with Philip I see us taking the division next season.
  16. How bout THIS one! Washington trades this year’s 1st (#19), 2nd, two 3rds.... and next year’s 1st and 2nd for Watson. This restores the damage O’Brien did in this draft and loads Houston up for the 2022 draft. Washington rules the tattered NFC East.
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