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  1. Hey all, I am now living on the other half of our planet and can’t follow our colts quite the way I used too.. I have always loved the draft process even starting this early. I’d love to hear anyone’s thoughts on DTs that could potentially upgrade our DL which is where I think our weak link is. We need a dominant NT. So my question is: is there one we should be taking next year?
  2. I think maybe he is reading a little into it. I think as far as QB play goes he is about the same as Aaron Rodgers but has a far better team around him. They both have a knack for making BIG plays. When either one of them get out of the pocket it’s game over.
  3. My pick also isn't very popular but I think Nyheim Hines hasn't really shown me much..
  4. I think we are still kind of in that Defnesive Rebuild. We keep getting 2nd round talent and building the base of the roster. I think in the future when the foundation is absolutely set we will see less draft movement and taking the BPA at our pick. Like Ballard said there were still some of his guys there at 26. I think this is a great strategy by him for the next couple years.
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