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  1. So I looked on Sunday and saw that he was active but did he make any meaningful contributions to the game yesterday?
  2. So I saw an article on Stampede about June 1 Cuts but it did not make mention of a ton of names. So my question is are there any Post-June 1 Cuts that the Colts could be looking closely at or you guys see us picking up?
  3. Black0ut117

    Favorite Colts Underdog?

    Pound Cake - Edwin Jackson (RIP) and Jerrell Freeman might be some of my favorites
  4. Black0ut117

    Are our DE's already here?

    Ya, with the cap situation it seems less likely that they are going to be able to keep him. He is coming off of injury so the jury is out right now as far as what is going to happen in KC.
  5. Black0ut117

    Are our DE's already here?

    I'm hoping that we can get a DE in FA like Dee Ford who isn't going to cost an arm and a leg but still has potential, much like what we did with Mingo last year. Ford had 10 sacks in 2016 so it isn't like he can't produce. I'm just hoping he can come back and produce after his injury. I think he could be a huge pick up for us and he is 26!