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  1. Not saying anything against taking Chinn, but Quincy Wilson did a very good job at taking out TE if I remember right from the KC game. If we need a Safety matchup for TE maybe that is where Wilson fits into the roster.
  2. I think CR91 is right is wanting a 1Tech DT. We really missed Woods early in the season. Having a big DT really helps out everyone else... if he demands 2 blockers every play then that means 1v1s for everyone else. And it means that the LBers should be more free to play in space. Having an interior monster helps everyone else... I will say that Stewart really come on as the season progressed and Autry maybe isn’t the long term answer at 3T but having someone good next to him should help him out drastically! I haven’t had the chance to sit down and look through the the DT prospects but I think there is a good chance we take a DT round 1. I don’t see Ballard reaching for a QB even if we really need one this year. I think we will stick to value.
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