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  1. How is Turay progressing? Will he be back this week?
  2. How has Paris Campbell progressed since last season? Has he developed more of a route tree?
  3. Not saying anything against taking Chinn, but Quincy Wilson did a very good job at taking out TE if I remember right from the KC game. If we need a Safety matchup for TE maybe that is where Wilson fits into the roster.
  4. First off, nice-mocks. I do however think that the Kiko Alonso trade would never be feasible. The eagles traded McCoy away to get him and I really disbelieve that they would value him as a 4th round draft pick. One bad season will not take away the value they got him at. Just look at Luck. He had a down year however we are about to give him a contract worth 20 mil/year.. I know a quarterback and linebacker don't necessarily line up, but you get the point.
  5. I wouldnt mind Lawson but i like his teammate Kevin Dodd. I think we might be able to nabb him in the 3rd or somethin like that depending on his combine results.
  6. Well either way I wonder if the coaches and staff put any stock in PFF values and rankings. It seems to me that it is a useful prediction of what kind of production players might have at the next level, (Yes I know there will be stats that are padded by bad teams) but from what I can tell it seems to be useful.
  7. Dang I feel pretty stupid, that is the most used source on here. I swear there was some sort of test that was used to predict players as being successful at the next stage though other than PFF.
  8. I remember last year reading a few articles on Henry Anderson and Louis Trinca-Passat(Iowa) which rated Dlineman based on a type of test coming out of high school. I cannot remember what this was but I think it was related to how hard they worked. I know this is very vague but I do know it was not the wonderlich test. I rember in the article it had a few of the higher draft picks like the guy out of USC last year who had better college stats but now in the NFL he is not producing as much as Anderson. It had a couple of these examples from past years as well. Again sorry about the vagueness of
  9. Desmond King, Iowa was leading all cornerbacks in the nation with interceptions this year and he is a senior and he is not listed as top 10? Cmon man...
  10. This isnt grifball... otherwise he could
  11. I think our DLine has looked better in the first two games than they did last year minus our OLB. If we go defense first round i would prefer we get a stud in the secondary S/CB but I think we need to go the Dallas route and grab a 1st round OT and convert to OG or OC...
  12. So being week-to-week... we have Arkin and no name. Did anyone watch Good in the first preseason game? Is it possible that he could drop to the interior or is it better if he stays outside and develops?
  13. Has anyone heard or seen anything special about this guy? I was so happy we drafted him but Id like to hear more news or somethin about him. Who knows maybe it's good he's flyin under the radar.
  14. The Donnie Avery touchdown and the orange gloves by my man #87. Let's GO! Missing the twisting touchdown by Ballard 2012! would make this video even better.
  15. Why wouldnt we want them in the lineup if they have good games left in them? They are highly paid and we should get our moneys worth out of them if they can show they are capable still... Maybe Im just hopeful they can return to being the players we signed them on to be..
  16. I know its early.. but from what we have seen in players we had last year are there any that stick out to you with more than average potential?
  17. Who in your guys' opinion, other than Jack Mewhort and AC, has the best chance of becoming a star on our O-line this year?
  18. Louis Trinca-Passat is still on the board ya? He might be a solid option inside too if we are to take an additonal Dlineman this year
  19. Since we were already in need of depth at DLine this should surely shore up the idea of taking a Dlineman early in the draft. Who are your guys picks? or do we end up finding Dline help in FA?
  20. I have been hearing names like Kendricks, McKinney, and Perryman over and over again. If we were to take a different position during the 1st round, who are other ILB that we should take instead... say in rounds 3-5? How about Stephone Anthony, Clemson?
  21. I think DLine should be a top priority as it is the anchor for the rest of the defense. If we dont have good blocking up front then of course our linebackers cant get through to make the tackles. I dont understand why everyone wants us to take ILB over a solid DLineman when this is a poor ILB class.
  22. If we upgrade our O-Line our already existing RB will get better. Everyone on here seems to know this already. At the end of the season we had some success running the ball with Zurlon Tipton even with a wish-wash O-Line. I think if our line gets better he could potentially be a workhorse back. He has the size and moves to get it done.
  23. Jordan Phillips is likely to fall to our pick and I would rather have him then Eddie Goldmann from FSU because of the unsuccessful pick we had in Werner. I still think Werner is progressing, but we need impact players straight out of the draft.
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