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  1. There I was, in the hospital delivery room 25 years ago.... saying "this kid is a DE, not a DT".
  2. A dead body evacuating its bowels has a higher commitment than Luck. Well...maybe not that bad.
  3. Cmon now.... Ballard is doing the best he can with the hand the snowboarder dealt him. But I'm not bitter!!
  4. I agree.....seed all teams after the regular season. And if that means a 12-4 "Wild Card" team gets a bye week then so be it.... they will have earned it in the win column.
  5. Well....at least I've had my viewing choice decided for me..... I was agonizing between watching that or the Bulgarian crop report.
  6. If and when we are mathematically eliminated from playoff contention.... which I don’t think will happen.... then and only then should Reich consider a switch to Eason. Not a minute sooner.
  7. Excellent and accurate context.
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