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  1. Yeah, with so many credible people -- including Schefter -- speaking about it as if it's a done deal, it's hard to see this not being the case. Doesn't mean I agree with it.
  2. Not by all. I said before FA that I didn't want either of them for big money.
  3. Mac Jones = Jared Goff, right? People are kind of hard on both of them, a little undeserved, IMO. Neither of them are going to drag their teams to success every year, they're not dynamic enough. But they're pretty good, top 15ish guys. Also, I think Mac Jones is probably more accurate than Goff was, and a little more athletic than he's getting credit for. He's no Lamar Jackson, but he moves well enough for the NFL, IMO. I wouldn't take him #3. I wouldn't take him ahead of Trey Lance or Justin Fields. Especially as the Niners, when you still have JG (assuming they want
  4. I'm not crazy about moving down eight spots, but there's value in that trade. Maybe would ask for their 2021 4th + 2022 3rd, rather than both 4ths this year...
  5. I wouldn't be excited about Jenkins at LT in Year 1, but I think he has the potential to move over eventually.
  6. I watched a little bit of Jenkins a couple weeks ago, and this is what I remember seeing. He has potential to be a good starter, but needs to refine his pass pro sets and keep his hands disciplined. Susceptible to speed rushers, for sure. Not that I have a particularly good handle on this draft class, but in a vacuum I saw him as a 40-60 pick kind of guy, not a 20-30 guy that we should draft in the first. Darrisaw is MUCH better overall, way better movement and in space, but not as physical. Interesting that Cosell says it looks easy for him, maybe that's why he seems less aggress
  7. One could make that argument. They'd be wrong, IMO. The Bucs added several contributing players in 2020, not just Brady. It was also Bruce Arians' second season, so that's a major contributing factor beyond Licht's team building. They weren't getting incrementally better in previous seasons, they were stagnant. And they drafted a would-be franchise QB who didn't work out. Licht did not intend to have a six year build, which is why the QB and the coach were replaced. And let's say, for argument's sake, that this angle is legitimate. That would suggest that the ideal team building ap
  8. This is a gross mischaracterization, and it's common in this thread and on this board. It's much easier to argue against the extremes, so the strawman gets propped up to be knocked down. My point was very simple. Jason Licht is now being used as a model GM, when his team had achieved zero successes through six seasons of his oversight. He signed a few FAs in 2020, they won the SB, so now there's no room to talk about his underwhelming first six seasons? It's not minimizing anything he's done to say that he had no success for SIX YEARS prior to Tom Brady, and you can define "success
  9. I'd just like to point out that the Bucs hadn't even made the playoffs before 2020 under Licht's watch. Six years, five losing seasons, 14 games under .500. He drafted Noah Spence and Justin Evans in the 2nd (for all the 'Ballard misses 2nd rounders' folks), Roberto Aguayo in the 3rd (yes, a kicker). He has his hits, for sure, but before 2020, he was a mediocre GM with a mediocre record, over six seasons. And that's after drafting a would-be franchise QB. Then Tom Brady comes to town, they win the SB, and now Jason Licht is the model GM in everyone's eyes, and we're nitpicking Chri
  10. Some of you guys act like losing Autry is equal to the Raiders trading Khalil Mack. Autry was average, and he'll be 31 years old before the season starts. I do think they want to wait and see on Wentz, which makes sense. But if Wentz works like they hope, this team is definitely better than last year's team. And judging a GM by playoff wins and division titles without acknowledging the bad roster/coaching in Year 1, or the QB carousel ever since, is intellectually dishonest.
  11. I'm not talking about pay, I'm talking about contract structure. The Colts don't use backloaded contracts with big signing bonuses and low initial cap hits, which is what it would have taken to get a big signing this year. Buckner didn't get a signing bonus. He got a roster bonus, and his Year 1 cap hit was $23m.
  12. It would have meant a significant departure in the way the Colts structure contracts. I didn't see that happening, but yeah, they could have spent more this year and still had cap space to keep their young guys, if they wanted to make that adjustment to the way they do business.
  13. I mean, we don't scout box scores. Projecting how a player will perform in the future is not just based on statistical analysis, especially when projecting a college player to the NFL. We agree that sacks are unreliable in a lot of cases, while pressures tend to be more stable. But we can't just replace sacks analysis with pressure analysis, because there's a ton of context missing when considering pressure stats alone.
  14. I don't think Lawson's a top ten edge. He gets a lot of pressures, and there's value in that, but top guys also sack the QB. I wouldn't pay Lawson $15m/year because I think he's far more replaceable than a top edge player. (By the way, I think Bosa's contract is kind of outrageous, but the cap is set to explode so the Chargers are biting the bullet.) He's a good player, better than anyone we have on the edge, but still not a good enough pass rusher for what he's getting. All JMO.
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