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  1. Who out of Ohio st that Colts drafted that has been successful in the nfl more than 3 years? gotta be one
  2. Last time I looked record is 1-4 that is good enough for you?
  3. Ravens gave us every opportunity to win and we failed Time to bench Wentz. He did play well though not good enough Wentz is not a mobile QB. ALLEN,HOLMES,JACKSON, they are mobile QBS And we have no depth like we thought
  4. And to see if the scouting dept is as good as they say?
  5. After 2 games this year and last? How many times has Wentz did that? And how many times did Rivers do that in the first 2 games? When Eason came in with 2:15 left to go in the game he had Hines in the flat for a gain of 7-8. yards and out of bounce instead he threw 30 yards down the field and INT. Why haven't we utilized RB in the flat helps our OL
  6. Why no hard count? through out the game our line was struggling and it looked like the defense knew when we were hiking the ball. Hawks defense were keying on something before hiking. I know hindsight is 20-20 but going forward just a thought
  7. To bad they Eagles/Colts didn't find it when they drafted him? All the screening they do with the medical staff
  8. If there is a game every week except your bye week. And your team lets say bye week is week 14 and week 7 your team is full of covid how do they make up the game?
  9. Why couldn't we have gotten picks for Peyton like the Lions did?
  10. Last year it was Tenn that almost made it. So this year who do you think it will be? My heart wants Colts being that said Ravens
  11. Last week the league was saying holding calls down etc etc. Colts weren't suppose to win the game. I am glad they did win
  12. that are consistent year after year, Seahawks Pats Saints Colts
  13. I think zero, i may be wrong though i just can't remember him leading our team back
  14. He was the only Colt defender not to have a grass stain, Hmmm
  15. Analytics, maybe there is a test where they can test bone density on each player before drafting him, or just don't draft anyone from Ohio State, just look at the players coming out that the colts drafted, Cambell, Gonzalez, the OL can't remember his name and i am sure there are a few more
  16. Why not we can see how he is
  17. This season is over. And we are not going to playoffs just not good enough. to many key injuries.
  18. Not bad played 3/4 of a game and made 10 million.
  19. We need to have our defense to play lights out like last year against Dallas
  20. Seems like every year injuries through out all the positions, i know it is the game until you look at some other teams that don't have that same problem, PATS,RAVENS, etc I wonder if it is the turf?
  21. They NFL wants Watson in the playoffs not JB.
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