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  1. If Brady threw 4 int but his team won 10 to 7 the headline would be "Brady does it again"
  2. I read that Watson really wants to be a Jet. You know your team sucks when you'd rather play for the Jets.
  3. His contract alone is worth offering a 3. I wouldn't go any higher though.
  4. I still think the best option would be Jones. He has several flaws but the biggest advantage of it is he would be cheap and wouldn't cost us any draft picks. Colts could even gain picks in a trade down and get him. I am 50/50 on giving up a 1 for Stafford. I know he is realistically the best option vet wise and I hate that. Never give a 1st for 33 year old
  5. This is what I would offer Lions get Colts 21 1 and 22 3 Colts get Matthew Stafford
  6. That's the problem though. If it doesn't work out then you are screwing yourself over when it comes to bringing some of our own greats back. Stafford will help tremendously and I think even with him Colts sign 1 more FA that isn't currently on team but don't expect them to light it up and sign 3 top dogs.
  7. There's no sense in throwing all your eggs into 1 basket. Chances are if Stafford comes over and takes up 20m of the cap Colts are probably not gonna do much else.
  8. The only advantage of Trubisky is the cost. He deserves a cheap contract cause he's not very good.
  9. Love is expendable I would like to get him. I would love to get him
  10. Wentz played there I don't like him but he is still NFL QB
  11. I would offer a 2nd easily. I'm ok giving up 21.
  12. Its very early in the process. Lets hope Ballard doesn't have the same attitude you do. Seems like you have accepted possible failure.
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