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  1. https://heavy.com/sports/eagles-carson-wentz-trade-for-colts-philip-rivers/
  2. 1 more day to get picks in before the awful TNF game
  3. I am cautious of why part of our O is constantly getting injured? I know I know injuries happen a lot but after dealing with this for years as a Colts fan I wonder if this has anything to do with strength and conditioning? Parris can't stay healthy to save his life and now Pittman is hurt and Mack is out too.
  4. I'm here to eat crow Metcalf has been incredible with Seattle We drafted the wrong Ohio State guy too.
  5. Has any Colts players or related staff ever posted on this forum besides yourself? And have they ever received the Dear God... response from @jskinnz?
  6. Titans game postponed til Monday or Tuesday
  7. Which WR do you expect to step up with the absence of Pittman and Parris? Do you expect the D to continue to play well when we finally play a top tier O?
  8. Brady would have 9 if not for these guys...
  9. Look at the Ravens with the flying V
  10. At this point if Colts don't get there im hoping for Mahomes vs Wilson
  11. Run first QBs rarely do well playoff time Lamar is gonna have pass the ball better come playoff time
  12. Let's get more picks in for Week 4
  13. Thought I was BOLD picking Jets
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