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  1. I like it overall. I'm a little worried about Montgomery because he burned me in the past but he gets a lot of volume so your top 2 backs are solid. I'm also skeptical with Evans and Juju with all of the weapons on the team just like I'm worried about Godwin and Diontae Johnson on my team. We have to see who gets the most targets. Overall your receiving core is good though. Cook is a sleeper I like but I'm not a fan of Gronk on a weekly basis as an option, maybe when he has a good matchup but the Bucs have so many weapons.
  2. Yeah I agree but that's the risk you take when you go three Rbs and a TE in the first four rounds. It was just too much value when Kelce was in the second, Gibson in the third, and Mixon in the fourth. Receivers were flying off the board.
  3. I did a 10 team half-ppr $50 money league last week with friends and got this roster. QB- Tom Brady, Trevor Lawrence RB- Dalvin Cook, Antonio Gibson, Joe Mixon, Damien Harris, Gus Edwards, Alexander Mattison WR- Ceedee Lamb, Chris Godwin, Tyler Lockett, Diontae Johnson, Tyler Boyd TE- Travis Kelce K- Rodrigo Blakenship DEF- Broncos
  4. It very well could be unless they want him to play a portion of the game Friday. He's only gotten a handful of reps these last two days.
  5. In fairness to Jacob there were no timeouts and the clock was running when it wasn't supposed to. It was only a field goal because the time ran out.
  6. Blankenship hits the kick to end practice. Not sure how far out... didn't have the vantage point. Definitely a decent length kick.
  7. Ehlinger looked like he was mostly with the 2nd team in this 4 minute drill and the team ended up punting. Eason is currently driving the first team down the field in a 2 minute drill. Just set up a field goal attempt. Looked pretty good.
  8. Wentz started very strong on the 7 on 7 red zone drill and the defense tightened up late and forces a few incompletions and a Sean Davis interception. Ehlinger has been very inaccurate in his red zone drill so far.
  9. Isaiah Rodgers is having a great day. Had the interception earlier and has broken up multiple passes.
  10. Neither have been overly impressive. Both had their moments with the first team and struggled with the second team. They both didn't get too many reps with Wentz taking some many in 7 on 7. It feels like every practice I've been at Eason holds the ball too long, but he seems to be improving with going through progressions a bit.
  11. They brought the cart out for Farrod Green but he got up under his own power and is working with trainers on the sideline moving pretty well. Hate to see anyone get hurt, glad he looks okay.
  12. I don't know if this was the case yesterday but I'm at camp today and Ryan Kelly is out there for 11 on 11 drills. Wentz and Nelson not participating as was expected.
  13. Michael Pittman Jr. just got into another fight. The Panthers DBs obviously don't like how he's blocking in these practices.
  14. I understand and I try to have that approach with young players who get off to slow starts; but when it's a guy like Sam Tevi who has a history of being a bad player and is now already struggling against players who are still adjusting to the speed of the game, it is troublesome especially when he may end up being our starting left tackle.
  15. I'm at the camp. I didn't even know anyone was tweeting about it. If you're watching the practice it's obvious that Tevi was bad. Reich was also tearing into the offensive line after practice.
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