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  1. Bluefire4

    Rams (+2 1/2) vs. New England (2-3-19)

    The Rams offensive line is getting bullied.
  2. Jordan Brailford was awesome in the East-West Shrine game and I cannot wait to look more into his tape in the near future. If Hunter Renfrow goes in the 3rd round it would show just how important events like the Senior Bowl and Combine really are to a player's draft stock. I'm just now starting to review receivers so I will reserve my judgment until then.
  3. The only example I can find is that Tony Parker had the exact same injury in the 2017 playoffs and he missed about 6 months. He was a lot older than Victor at the time though. We weren't winning a championship this year anyway and Victor should be ready with plenty of time before next season. This summer is still important in finding a big time player to pair with Oladipo. This year we just need to play our best and develop Aaron Holiday as much as we can.
  4. Here's the official news. Looks like a 4-6 month recovery time. Could be even longer depending on the severity.
  5. Victor Oladipo just got injured. Looks like it's going to be pretty serious. He was carted off and it looked like they covered his knee with a towel so no one could see how bad it was. I wish him the best. It's obviously over for the Pacers this year if it's a season-ending injury.
  6. Oladipo said the next step for this team was to beat the top teams in the league. He's going to have to play way better than he is now if we want to achieve that goal this season. Awful night for him so far offensively and defensively and he has been bad for a while now. I'm starting to wonder if he's still injured. However the only one really playing well tonight is Thad.
  7. You're talking about his numbers over the whole season. I talked about his improvement and how his December numbers were closer to 16 points, 10 rebounds and 3 blocks. Joel Embiid had one good game against Myles. The other game this season Embiid only was 7/16 with 20 points. Myles usually plays him well. I guarantee Embiid will go for 40 again on Thursday if Myles is out. You can take that to the bank.
  8. I'm not trying to say that we got blown out just because Myles Turner was out. The loss to Boston was due to tired legs after playing on a back-to-back and 3 games in 4 days. The Toronto game was just a bad performance on the road which happens to every team. We just went to Toronto a week and a half ago on a back-to-back and had a 17 point lead. The problem I have is the fact you try to diminish Myles Turner's impact. He had as good of a December defensively as any big man in the entire league. His stats were way better as well. If we didn't re-sign him or traded him in the offseason as you suggested, we would be a much worse team this year.
  9. I have not seen one close game this year where Myles Turner was not on the floor. You're gonna have to show me an example of that. He's an above average on-ball defender for his position as a center and the results show how much of a difference he makes on this defense. You can't bring up the argument about how Myles being out last year didn't impact our defense, you know he changed his body this offseason and has been significantly better this year. No matter how you view it Myles is much better than Sabonis at everything on the defensive end. We need him back.
  10. Just don't have the legs tonight on the second game of a back to back. Teams have been shooting way too high of a percentage on us in these last few games though. It'll be nice to get Myles back soon. At least he'll be able to scare people away from the rim.
  11. Two horrible losses in a row for this team after that great stretch. Losing to one of the worst teams yesterday at home, and then leading by 17 and by 13 in the 4th and losing this game to the Raptors. The 4th quarter offense was awful and the turnovers are ridiculous. Hopefully we get back on track against the Nets on Friday.
  12. It's ridiculous that you think the defensive player of the year doesn't deserve a big contract. I can't even take you seriously. That just shows how much you discredit the defensive side of the ball. There's nothing wrong with hoping Myles develops into a great offensive player, but that is not what they ask him to do. They ask him to protect the rim and he does it at an elite level. The one game Myles didn't play, Lamarcus Aldridge scored like 35 on us. I personally wanted to see Myles develop a post game, but I've realized that just is not the type of player he is. Offensively, I just want him to shoot when he is open. I don't care how many shots he ends up taking as long as they are good shots.
  13. Oh stop it. Myles does not need to average 20 to earn his contract. Anything he provides on offense is a bonus as he earns his contract by being a top 3 rim protecter in this league. People are scared to get in the paint against him. Last years DPOY Rudy Gobert only averaged 13 and 10 and he's earned his 22 million dollar contract just as much as Myles has earned his 20. If Myles keeps having games like he's had these last two, his contract is a huge bargain.
  14. Thad Young is so underrated man I swear.