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  1. Edmund Sumner will play against the Pistons tomorrow. I wonder how he factors into the rotation. Either he takes Aaron Holiday/TJ McConnells minutes, he remains out of the rotation, or they go back to a ten man rotation where they do small ball and play all 3 guards together at some points.
  2. 1. The Celtics are not trading us Jaylen Brown for Myles Turner. 2. You just need to give up on the "breakout" season for Myles. He's not going to average 15 PPG in this system unless he is taking 9 3's a game like KAT is. The other 4 players in the starting lineup are all averaging 17 PPG or more this season. There is only one ball. Myles Turner is not getting the touches and shots necessary to average 15. Goga is a complete liability on defense right now. We should not be relying on him in any regard until he learns how to defend without fouling. If Myles Turner played in this game, he would be contesting all these shots and making it a lot more difficult on Harden. Sabonis just cannot provide that defense and Goga can shot block, but he gives up too many fouls. Myles never has high rebounding numbers because he constantly has to protect against other players on the team getting beat and meeting guys at the rim. The rest of the team is there to rebound the ball. I'm not even thinking about trading Myles until/unless Goga improves to a place where he can be impactful while playing 20-25 minutes.
  3. We are 8th in defensive rating right now. Last year we were 3rd in defensive rating. I don't know who you are contributing this to, but it's clear if you're actually watching the games that Myles is the main reason for these rankings. I didn't say the Pacers would tank if they traded Myles, I said our defensive rating would tank. I'm convinced you guys are just looking at stats now. Myles is not just blocking people from behind. He is making every shot tough in the paint for other teams and making them think twice about coming into the paint. Myles has been trying to work on his body and post game for 4 years now. It's not working. That's just not the player he is. So many on here want him to be a 20 and 10 guy. It's just not going to happen. We need to utilize the strengths he has now which are being able to defend every center in the league not named Joel Embiid or KAT, giving us elite rim protection, and taking his open 3's which he shoots at above 40%. That's how we get the best out of him. That is still very impactful for this team. We have plenty of scorers.
  4. First of all, how are we already claiming that this team can't beat contenders? We lost to the 76ers by 1 without Oladipo, and lost to the Bucks and Rockets with half of our team out. Secondly, I didn't think Vogel deserved to be fired when he was either. It's not Vogel or McMillan's fault that they kept running into LeBron's super teams. We know Oladipo wasn't there for the past playoffs. If we had superior teams in the playoffs and were losing I would get wanting a coach fired. That has not been the case in the Nate McMillan era.
  5. I'm really confused with the fire Nate McMillan crowd after every loss. It's getting annoying. People are really acting like we have a record like the Knicks. Our best player has been out all season and we are 12-7. I don't care who we are playing, that deserves credit. Especially when you see a team like the Bulls with all the talent they have constantly underachieving. We took LeBron's Cavs 7 games in 2017, last year we lost Oladipo and still played our way to the 5th seed, and this year we have a better record than we did through 19 games last year. Every coach has flaws, but I don't see us doing much better with anybody else.
  6. I'm getting to the point where I hope the Pacers trade Myles Turner so you guys can see just how far our defensive ratings tank and you see how big of a mistake it will be when he goes to a team that lets him shoot 8 3s a game and continue being an elite rim protector against 90% of the league. We have plenty of scorers. We only need Myles to block shots and play defense. Goga is not ready and will be fouled out of every game if he's playing more than 15 minutes.
  7. Thank goodness we have an easy schedule right now with all the injuries that have been piling up. Now we have until Saturday to rest up and hopefully we get back Brogdon, Lamb, and McConnell in the process. It will be interesting to see how the guard position plays out when we get everybody healthy. Both McConnell and Sumner were playing well before their injuries, and now Aaron Holiday has found his rhythm while playing more minutes. You know Brogdon and Oladipo are starting. Jeremy Lamb will get one of the backup guard spots. I wonder who will be kicked out of the rotation.
  8. We've had a lot of bad luck this week. Credit to the coaching staff on being able to handle all the obstacles coming their way. Hilton goes down in practice, Kelly and Brissett get hurt during the game, and our punter limped off the field. Somehow we still have the lead.
  9. We had a top 5 defense last year and that was because Myles Turner was protecting the rim and we had a PF like Thad who could actually switch and guard power forwards and small forwards. Sabonis is not going to work at PF. I'd be shocked if he wasn't traded next summer.
  10. To be fair, the coaching staff didn't put him in a great position leaving him in so many 1-on-1 scenarios when he had been getting beat all day. Rock has potential and he is in the right spot most of the time, but he needs to be able to turn and find the ball if he's going to use his hands as much as he does. Usually if you turn and make a play on the ball, the ref will forgive incidental contact.
  11. Courtland Sutton is 6'4 Kenny Moore is 5'9
  12. Luke Kennard killed us. They use him like I wish we would use Doug McDermott. I honestly wish we would have signed JJ Reddick last offseason instead, but he was probably intent on staying with the Sixers. Drummond and D-Rose gave us problems too. Doesn't help that TJ Warren and Jeremy Lamb didn't play well, and we didn't get much from the bench. Didn't expect to lose to a Pistons team at home without Blake, but it's clear that this team needs a whole lot of time to gel together. Bench Scoring: DET: 57 IND: 16
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