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  1. No looking at the stats for Myles tonight. He was freaking terrific. Still one of the best rim protectors in the league.
  2. The Rockets are getting their butts kicked man. I'm considering changing my MVP pick after one game. If AD stays healthy, it'll be hard not to give him the award.
  3. Love the way they aren't taking the foot off the pedal. This is a very sloppy game where we've had all kinds of turnovers and we are still up 29 points. About ready to see Aaron Holiday, Edmund Sumner, and Alize Johnson in the game.
  4. Victor said he worked on his ball handling and play making on double teams this summer but it doesn't look like it so far in the preseason and this game.
  5. They basically let the bench play the whole second quarter because of the flow they had. Need to get out to the 3 point line better. Everyone's playing well right now except for Collison. 17-point lead at half. Sabonis played 16 of 24 minutes and had 10 points and 9 rebounds.
  6. Terrific D in the first quarter ending with Edmund Sumner coming right in the game and blocking a 3 at the buzzer. TJ Leaf went down about a minute after he got in the game so hopefully he is OK. Edit: Looks like TJ sprained his ankle and is questionable to return.
  7. Ben Simmons is the truth. Haven't seen any proof his jumpshot has gotten any better, but when he figures it out it's over for everyone.
  8. Award Predictions MVP: Giannis Antetokounmpo (leads league in scoring, raises team to 3rd seed) DPOY: Rudy Gobert MIP: Brandon Ingram (Zach Lavine has a chance if Bulls make playoffs) COY- Brad Stevens (Celtics will have best record in the NBA) ROY- Deandre Ayton 6th Man- Eric Gordon
  9. Standings Predictions Eastern Conference: 1. Celtics 2. Raptors 3. Bucks 4. Pacers 5. 76ers 6. Wizards 7. Cavs 8. Heat X-Factors- Bulls, Pistons Western Conference: 1. Warriors 2. Jazz 3. Rockets 4. Lakers 5. Nuggets 6. Thunder 7. Pelicans 8. Trail Blazers X Factors- Timberwolves, Spurs
  10. I don't know about that. I don't think we can afford to sign both if they can't play together. I think they made their decision for the future. I guess we'll see how the rotations go this season and how well Sabonis plays.
  11. Bluefire4

    You're the GM

    It doesn't matter who the fans would have signed because we don't even know which free agents Ballard pursued and didn't get. Players choose certain teams over others for different reasons and fans can't just sit and complain because the player went elsewhere.
  12. Looks like $18 million per year that potentially can become $20 million per year.
  13. Well I figured they'd wait until the offseason to re-sign Myles so they could have more money to sign a max free agent. Either way good for Myles and hopefully he can stay healthy and have a better showing in the regular season than he did in the preseason. Also with the recent news of McMillan saying that Turner and Sabonis cannot play together effectively, I see Sabonis being traded early next season.
  14. Bluefire4

    Colts @ New York Jets Game Day Thread

    I figured this would be a long season because of all the young guys. It's like an NBA team who wants to tank the season by just throwing out their young talent and seeing which ones show enough to stick around. However, I thought with Luck back there was no way we would win less than 6 games. I saw 6-7 wins. I may have to take that back if we can't beat a team like the Jets.
  15. Bluefire4

    Colts @ New York Jets Game Day Thread

    Not looking good here. Can't convert turnovers into touchdowns and the Jets are. Plus the receivers still can't catch.