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  1. I'm not going to act like his offensive line wasn't bad, but quarterbacks can mask that to an extent by being able to maneuver in the pocket and actually sensing pressure. Our offensive line isn't perfect, and the fact that every time there is pressure I would have to hope Rivers doesn't throw it into triple coverage doesn't sit well with me. Don't know where you are seeing "late read deep throws". He throws the ball down the field when there is one-on-one coverage that he sees before the play, which is the greatest advantage he has over Jacoby (football IQ). However, he throws just as many prayers to covered receivers. Had 20 picks and could have had at least 8-10 more. I don't care about how many yards he threw or his completion percentage. When you're throwing the ball 600 times, and have a running back catching 90 passes, you're going to have stats. There was a reason he almost got benched last year. Plus we relied on the running game heavily last year, while the Chargers relied on the pass. Obviously yards per game are going to be in River's favor. Bottom line is I don't think he's worth bringing in because I don't think Jacoby is the QB we saw during the second half of the season. I think he'll play decent while we develop our next franchise guy. If he doesn't, then I'll fess up.
  2. I do agree that Rivers for us would be like Peyton in Denver. The Peyton in the last year who got benched for Osweiler, and then was put back in the lineup and won a super bowl. The questions we would have to ask ourselves is: 1. Is Jacoby on the level of Brock Osweiler in terms of ineptitude? I completely disagree with this and think his MCL injury was a major reason for his awful play down the stretch. 2. Will this Colts team be good enough to carry Rivers to a championship like Denver did for Peyton? I don't think this Colts team is at that level, and unless they make major moves (which would go against their philosophy) and those moves turn out to be great, they aren't going to be at that level next season. With all of that said I honestly think Jacoby is the best option for us next season as we develop our next franchise quarterback. We're all acting like he didn't win 7 games last year and wasn't on the verge of winning more before his injury. It wasn't like this Colts team was perfect and only needed a better QB to be a super bowl team last year.
  3. I personally don't think any QB outside of Brees or Brady that will be (or could potentially be) available will be better than Jacoby next season. If people had problems with Jacoby eyeing down receivers and only throwing it to his first read, Derek Carr is going to get ran out of town because he is the king of it. All of this is just my opinion and I could be wrong. However, it would shock me if the Colts brought in any QB other than a rookie though after looking at the options in FA and the trade market.
  4. In my opinion, the first half of the season Jacoby was much better than Rivers. Second half of the season Jacoby was about equal to Rivers if not a little worse. I don't think Jacoby is our franchise QB and I never did, but the only thing that infuriated me when watching the games last year was his inaccuracy in the second half of the season. However, until proven otherwise, I'm convinced that it had to do with his MCL injury. You don't just get that inaccurate all of a sudden from one game to the next. I'd rather stick with Jacoby on the last year of his contract while developing a rookie than pick up any free agent QB outside of Brady or Brees (who are not coming here).
  5. Austin Eckler had 92 catches this year. A lot of River's throws were one-read, shorter completions that the receivers got RAC on. Our offense doesn't have a lot of that here. It sure would help Jacoby if we added screens and plays to get Hines and Mack open like the Chargers did with Eckler. Phillip Rivers cannot move anymore. It only matters so much how good your offensive line was if your quarterback is not going to evade pressure, make people miss, or do anything outside of the pocket. He doesn't even throw the ball away. All Rivers does is throw the ball into triple coverage or take sacks. His decision making is horrible. I think people just saw his press conference where he said he "throws interceptions at the end of games trying to make plays" and just ran with it. There were plenty of interceptions this year that were just *ic reads where he could have just thrown the ball away. The only thing Phillip really has over Jacoby is his ability to read defenses. It's hard to play at the level he did for so many years without that ability. Half the QB's in the NFL struggle with it, but Colts fans only watch Jacoby so they crucify him for it.
  6. I'm convinced no one on this forum watches any team other than the Colts. Phillip Rivers is done.
  7. I'd like Dalton more than Carr. At least Dalton has the excuse of a horrible offensive line and losing his favorite target as a reason why he was so bad this year. We'd still have to pay him a high salary and I don't think he's going to take the team any further than Jacoby did this year. I honestly think keeping Jacoby, spending our cap space on other positions, and drafting a quarterback high is the best option.
  8. Not a fan of trading for Derek Carr at all. I know this goes against popular sentiment, but I think most people on this forum are being too hard on Jacoby. Especially if you believe Derek Carr is an alternative that would help us win. Jacoby is not our QB of the future, but the only problem I had with him was his inaccuracy the second half of the season, but nobody is going to tell me that his MCL injury didn't have an impact on that. A QB's accuracy doesn't just change that drastically without cause. Also many on here are all over Jacoby about his tendency to stare down receivers and not being able to move through progressions and find open receivers. This is a problem with half the quarterbacks in the league, and nobody is worse at this than Derek Carr. It is why most Raiders fans want him to be cut or traded. I'm still doing draft evaluations and trying to figure out which QB is best for us. I don't think Jacoby is our franchise guy, but I think he is a better option than anybody we can get in free agency this year as long as his accuracy issues were a product of his injury.
  9. I agree. He's one of my sleepers this year in the draft too. I don't know if he has the receiving upside that the top TE's in the NFL have, but he's arguably the best blocking tight end in the draft, and is very underrated for his ability to make plays in the passing game.
  10. Nah. There's a Kareem Hunt without the baggage that we can get with a 3rd-4th round pick. His name is Zach Moss. I don't think running back nears the top of our list of concerns though, and I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't addressed at all.
  11. Derrick Brown is not a nose tackle. If we sign Chris Jones and draft Derrick Brown, they would be sharing minutes at the same position. Also Chris Jones is staying in KC for sure. He wants to be there, and the Chiefs want to keep him. They'll probably cut or restructure Sammy Watkins to make sure of it.
  12. Nah Oladipo or not we weren't winning a championship this year. Period. Our team is not as good as the top 5 in the East. And no trade we made at the deadline was going to help us out. Especially trading our defensive anchor who we give up double the points in the paint without. We'll be fine moving forward though. We're going to play much better than this after the all-star break when we can get rotations straightened out and everybody is healthy. We'll be tough in the first round for anybody.
  13. Edmund Sumner will play against the Pistons tomorrow. I wonder how he factors into the rotation. Either he takes Aaron Holiday/TJ McConnells minutes, he remains out of the rotation, or they go back to a ten man rotation where they do small ball and play all 3 guards together at some points.
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