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  1. Bluefire4

    Fantasy Football 2018 League

    I am starting college classes back up starting August 20th so as long as it doesn't interfere with my class schedule I would be fine. I also play the organ for a church on Sunday mornings so that wouldn't work for me. A weekend evening would be best. If we did it on a Wednesday evening, I'd only be available after 7 PM
  2. Bluefire4

    Fantasy Football 2018 League

    1. N 2. Y 3. B 4. Yahoo 5. Y 6. Y 7. N 8. N
  3. Bluefire4

    Horseshoe Blue PPR 2018

    I'll play and take the 2nd pick. This is not a great time for me so I probably won't be around for a couple of weeks. If the draft is on the 26th, any time would be good for me.
  4. An extra year on his contract is $32 million dollars in just one year. 7 million dollars a year over four years is $28 million. That means he can make an extra $60 million if he waits until next year. That is "way more" money to me. Every article that mentions that Jimmy Butler doesn't like KAT also mentions that Butler was expected to decline the offer because it makes more financial sense to wait until next year because he can make more money from the Timberwolves, the salary cap is expected to increase, and way more teams will have money next year. Again, if he didn't want to play with the Timberwolves he would already be on the trading block. He's trying to motivate KAT and Wiggins to actually reach their potential so they could have more success this year. They were already the 3rd seed before Jimmy Butler got hurt and that was without KAT and Wiggins playing up to their potential. You think everybody would come to the Pacers. There is no inclination that Jimmy has even thought about coming here. He's recently liked random people's post about joining the Knicks and Spurs, but I still think he's doing that to put the pressure on Minnesota and none of it is serious.
  5. Yep but Jimmy Butler has taken that risk before. He could of signed a 4 yr 44 million dollar deal the year before he won Most Improved Player, but he waited and earned himself a max contract. I think someone in Butler's camp intentionally put the reports out that he is disappointed with the young guys in Minnesota to give them some motivation coming into the season. That team should be contenders next year. Wiggins and KAT need to get to the next level.
  6. He can make $32 million over 5 years if he waits until next offseason. He's had a history of betting on himself and he's taking a risk to do so. I'm not denying that he may end up somewhere else. I have seen the reports. Obviously he is keeping his options open. I think people are jumping to conclusions that he turned down this offer though. Even if he had just won a championship with the Timberwolves I don't think he signs that deal because he can make more money next year. That's the type of guy he is. The Timberwolves would just trade him now if he didn't want to be there.
  7. He can make way more next season from Minnesota so he was going to decline anyway, but there's a chance he could be headed elsewhere. I guess we'll have to wait and see if they put him on the trade block sometime this season.
  8. I think Lance is overrated by this fan base so I'm not as worried about that affecting our chemistry as others are. And you cannot ignore the fact that we went up against LeBron in the first round this year. Next year's playoffs will be much different without him and we have a better bench.
  9. I guess we are using O'Quinn in Al Jefferson's role and are going to use TJ Leaf this year in Trevor Booker's old role. Looking forward to this year. Kevin Pritchard did exactly what he said he would. Keep his top 7 from last year for chemistry's sake, and add good pieces to it in FA.
  10. Alize Johnson is balling this quarter. The offense is basically running through him right now. Trevon Duval has been killing us. He just got hurt so hopefully he's ok.
  11. Aaron Holiday should have 7-8 assists right now but nobody is finishing. I think he only has one right now.
  12. Alize Johnson is having a good showing as well.
  13. First Pacer's Summer League game is at halftime right now. Aaron Holiday is playing great on the offensive end scoring and passing. TJ Leaf has looked horrible on both ends. He's not finishing in close and for all the talk that he was getting bigger and stronger, he is getting dominated by Isaiah Hartenstein and others on the defensive end. Edmund Sumner is struggling to finish at the basket as well which is not good for him because he can't shoot at all. Alex Poythress and Travis Leslie have looked decent so far. Been impressed with Leslie on defense.
  14. Aaron Gordon was always going back to the Magic and I knew GR3 wouldn't be back. Not too upset about losing Lance either. Funny how many on here expected LeBron to stay and PG to go to LA and it was the opposite. I don't think we have enough to sign Tyreke either. We still have a hole at backup SG and maybe backup PF unless TJ Leaf proves he's ready to play this season.
  15. They have bird rights on Capela. They can go over the cap to sign him. They'd just have a high luxury tax bill and would only be able to add players using their exceptions.