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  1. It's ridiculous that you think the defensive player of the year doesn't deserve a big contract. I can't even take you seriously. That just shows how much you discredit the defensive side of the ball. There's nothing wrong with hoping Myles develops into a great offensive player, but that is not what they ask him to do. They ask him to protect the rim and he does it at an elite level. The one game Myles didn't play, Lamarcus Aldridge scored like 35 on us. I personally wanted to see Myles develop a post game, but I've realized that just is not the type of player he is. Offensively, I just want him to shoot when he is open. I don't care how many shots he ends up taking as long as they are good shots.
  2. Oh stop it. Myles does not need to average 20 to earn his contract. Anything he provides on offense is a bonus as he earns his contract by being a top 3 rim protecter in this league. People are scared to get in the paint against him. Last years DPOY Rudy Gobert only averaged 13 and 10 and he's earned his 22 million dollar contract just as much as Myles has earned his 20. If Myles keeps having games like he's had these last two, his contract is a huge bargain.
  3. I agree with Darren Collison. Myles Turner has been the best defensive big man in the NBA this season.
  4. Bluefire4

    Another First Quarter Flop By The Colts

    Knew this thread was coming. Now I'm just waiting on the @GusFring thread talking about Luck's lack of arm strength.
  5. Bluefire4

    Colts @ Texans Game Day Thread

    Yeah I was still thinking about the Chiefs beating the Ravens. You know what I meant.
  6. Bluefire4

    Colts @ Texans Game Day Thread

    TY owns the Chiefs every time. I love it. Wish we had him in overtime the first meeting.
  7. Bluefire4

    Colts @ Texans Game Day Thread

    If the Ravens win this game on the road against the Chiefs they deserve the 6 seed.
  8. Bluefire4

    Colts @ Texans Game Day Thread

    I think this offense just forgot how to play on the road. We were at home for an entire month before playing the Jags last week. It's not been pretty on the road in the last 5 quarters.
  9. Tough loss tonight. Two crucial Darren Collison turnovers created by DeAaron Fox late were the difference. This is the type of game you would love Oladipo to be the closer, but that's not an option. Still went 2-2 on the road trip without Victor. Two days off before we play the Bulls at home on Tuesday. Hopefully that won't be a problem even without Oladipo.
  10. Bluefire4

    Colts vs Cowboys

    Numbers do lie when you realize Darius Leonard has played more defensive snaps than LVE even including Thursday. I just saw more impact plays in Thursday's game from LVE in his 10 tackles and defense on Kamara. Not taking anything away from Darius Leonard and never used our system to downplay his performance. He's been historic for us. I just don't agree with the people who think this DROY race has been decided already. Darius Leonard leads by a hair now. His performance Sunday against Cody Kessler will be important as LVE just did it against one of the best QB's to ever live.
  11. Bluefire4

    Colts vs Cowboys

    Plus LVE has only started 8 games this year as he started the season playing behind Sean Lee. This is going to come down to the wire. I think LVE's performance this Thursday was better than Darius Leonard's 19 tackle performance against the Redskins. Whether Darius Leonard gets the award or not, I'm just glad we have a building block for the future. I think he still leads as of now, but he's going to have to keep up the production the rest of the year.
  12. Bluefire4

    Colts vs Cowboys

    Although I'm surprised at just how ineffective this Saints offense has been, I'm not surprised the game is close. Home teams usually win on Thursday nights and road teams tend to struggle more than they usually do.
  13. Bluefire4

    Colts vs Cowboys

    I haven't watched the Cowboys much this year, and I wondered why everyone was saying Leighton Vander Esch was close or better than Darius Leonard has been this year. I'm seeing why in this game.
  14. This ending to the Raptors-Warriors game is awesome. KD hits two 3's on consecutive possessions to get the game to OT. That man is something else. That's why you give him the ball in crunch time Draymond!