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  1. Cain's hands have been iffy in both preseason games. Good amount of drops and bobbles.
  2. Think this signing is just to have enough bodies for the preseason game Saturday with Ya-Sin and Desir out.
  3. Don't know how shocking these moves would be to other people, but one guy I can see being cut that I thought was safe before training camp is Evan Boehm. He seems to be playing with the 3rd stringers in camp behind Josh Andrews, and I thought he was one of our solidified backup linemen for this year. I think an offensive linemen can surprise people and make the roster like Glowinski did last year. I could see George Odum making the roster over Matthias Farley as well, which was not something I saw happening unless there was an injury.
  4. I work weekdays and usually go in at 8:30 AM. When I leave depends on what I have on the schedule for that day. It's usually between 4-6. Mondays are not a good day for me. If we were doing the draft on a Tues-Fri, it would need to be later in the evening. Saturday and Sunday I should be available for most of the day unless something pops up.
  5. Nice. He was one of my favorite running backs in that loaded 2017 draft class. Looking forward to seeing what he can do here.
  6. Anytime Saturday or Sunday is fine.
  7. The August 30th date and time may be doable but it would be close based on my schedule. The other three are fine with me.
  8. I'm free on weekend afternoons most of the time. Saturday at 2 PM Eastern works for me at the moment.
  9. I can see them trying this but I would not take this risk. Even if you wait until the all-star break you are dramatically decreasing the haul you could have gotten if you trade him at the start of free agency this summer. Even with AD I'm not sure how far this team is going to go. I don't know if Zion is going to immediately light up the league like everybody is expecting and I'm not sure about the fit of him and Julius Randle on the same team. I certainly can see why the Pelicans would do all they can to keep AD, but they are playing with fire.
  10. I could see Memphis keeping Conley and trying to add a piece like Barret or Bol Bol to try and make the playoffs next year. However, RJ Barrett is not just as good as Ja Morant. It's really not even close.
  11. Do you take this chance when AD could potentially leave following the next season? I'm not sure I can risk that without a sure answer from AD that he will re-sign. If you don't get anything for him you are setting the franchise back.
  12. Yeah he was talking about Gerri Green. Don't know how I missed that.
  13. Here is an overview of what Ballard said after the draft: -The overall plan was to add speed and competition on defense. Finding fits on defense from a talent and character perspective. -Linebacker was a priority to address in this draft. Needed to add players for defense and special teams reasons. -They loved Khari Willis and thought about taking him in the 3rd round. Ballard thought he was one of the best tackling safeties in the draft. Great fit from talent, character, intelligence perspective. -They see Marvell Tell III as a corner and have worked him out at that position. Thought his 2017 tape was better than 2018. -They did their research into EJ Speed's criminal history. Had a great workout and they see huge potential as a linebacker that can play all 3 spots. Will begin his career at WILL. -They are going to play Ben Banogu at DE. They toyed with Banogu at MIKE linebacker, but think his best position is DE. -Ballard feels like he addressed the offensive line heavy enough last year to not make too many moves this year. Specifically mentioned bringing back the starting 5, and having depth like Joe Haeg, Evan Boehm, Josh Andrews, and Jamarcus Webb. 2 linemen added late in draft add to competition. -Ballard liked the defensive line depth enough to not address it too heavily in the draft. Mentioned that not every player can automatically be great like Leonard or Nelson. Still believe in Turay and Lewis. -They like some UDFA running backs as well as some free agents (Jay Ajayi?) and will be bringing some in over the next couple of weeks. https://www.colts.com/video/nfl-draft-day-3-willis-tell-iii-speed-green-barton-patterson
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