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  1. Any chance we get him back after the bye?
  2. I am hoping, against the Jets, if we jump out to an early lead, they switch back and forth between Taylor and Wilkins and keep them in for complete drives. Like they did Taylor last week so each can build an equal amount of familiarity with the Oline and see how each stacks up when the game is still on the line. Who knows, maybe Wilkins will break out like Mo did last week.
  3. Just going off PFF numbers through 2 games, not career stats for offensive linemen. Not sure what criteria they use to grade run block vs pass block. Just saying PFF has Glow and Q rated much higher at run vs pass through 2 games and AC and RK graded the opposite while Braden Smith is in the low 70s for both run and pass which is a good score on both - just through 2 games. That may all change as season goes on.
  4. bigt


    I hope so. I grew up near Ft Wayne, life long Colts fan. Lived in TN the last 25 years. Be nice to see the Vikings hang a loss on the Titans.
  5. 120 attempts for 683 yards. I think his career average ypc trails only that of Robert Mostert over the last 2 seasons.
  6. May have been in garbage time, but he has averaged 5.7 yards per carry over his 3 year career.
  7. Wilkins is better at making people miss and yards after contact. JT is a rookie so, hopefully, he will get better. He only caused 2 defenders to miss last week and averaged 3 yards after contact. He just needs to be more patient and let holes develop.
  8. They have Glow as 4th best guard and Nelson as 6th best guard. It looks like they both have almost elite scores as run blockers and average pass blockers. Kelly is a good pass blocker, but a very poor run blocker for some reason. Smith is good at both pass and run. AC is much like Kelly in that he is good at pass blocking, but poor at run blocking. If Kelly could work on his run blocking we could gut defenses with Taylor and Wilkins. Speaking of Wilkins, he has a score of 81 through 2 games. 9 higher than Mack and 16 higher than Taylor. He needs more touches.
  9. I saw that, in terms of yards allowed and earned on defense and offense combined, PFF has the Colts at 4th overall.
  10. 94.8 grade which is the highest single game score since Gronkowski in week 15 of 2017.
  11. Just saw that PFF had them both on their offensive team of the week. Glowinski was best RG week 2 and Mo was best TE week 2. Mo actually was given the best offensive player overall. Nice to see those 2 get some love.
  12. Good pick. No drop off in run game when Mack steps out for a few plays. Just made our strength stronger with an elite back that can take it to the house on any given play.
  13. I can’t remember the last time the Colts beat Rivers. Glad he is with us.
  14. 34: Gallimore, Blacklock, Madubuike (in that order) 44: Mims, Raegor 75: Claypool I just have a feeling he is going to double dip at DT & WR. I still think he will get a TE in FA. That we free him up to go CB and OL with 4th & 5th pick. LSU has a 6’6” TE that could be had in the 6th or 7th. Maybe take a flier on that QB out of Hawaii in the 6th or 7th.
  15. this is at least a logical responce

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