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  1. bigt

    Colts have the #1 defense in NFL since week 7

    AFC South is the defensive juggernaut of the league it appears. All 4 teams in top 10.
  2. Pounding the rock with Henry.
  3. bigt

    All Colts PFF Grades

    I looked at the details on Clark vs Castonzo and it looks like they screwed up the math. When I averaged Clark’s run and pass blocking grades, the overall was closer to 65. They have Castonzo as our best pass blocking tackle and Smith as our best run blocking tackle. They have Castonzo graded pretty low on run blocking.
  4. bigt

    All Colts PFF Grades

    Thanks for taking time to post the grades.
  5. Up 5 to number 13 in the power rankings.
  6. bigt

    The test for Smith is over: I’m sold

    Didn’t Q play a little tackle in college as well? I can’t remember.
  7. bigt

    The test for Smith is over: I’m sold

    No arguments here. If I remember correctly, after yesterday’s games, Glow is ranked 4th best guard, Kelly is ranked 6th best center, and Q is currently 16th. Smith is 20th best tackle and Castonzo is 64th. Outside Castonzo, that is one heck of an o line.
  8. 4) Maniac After top 10, they had 15 honorable mentions which includes Nelson, Smith, and Hines. Colts have 4 of the top 25 rookies per PFF. CB for GM of the year.
  9. bigt

    Good Glowinski Breakdown

    PFF has Colts line ranked 6 after 9 weeks. Time to start working on the Dline.
  10. bigt

    Darius Leonard Rookie of the Week again

    Maybe Chase Winovich in the 2nd. He seems to be a tackling machine.
  11. DeAndre Baker - Georgia - 91.4 Kindle Vildor - GA Southern - 90.5 Bryce Hall - Virginia - 90.5 Hamp Cheavers - Boston College - 90.0 Brian Peavy - Iowa State - 89.3 Brian Murphy - Washington - 88.9 CB should be able to get one or two of these guys in round 3 and/or 4 or lower if he decides to triple dip building the front 7 in the 1st 2 rounds. Fingers crossed. I could get used to an 8 man rotation of Sheard, Ward, Turay, Hunt, Ridgeway, 1st rounder, 2nd rounder, 2nd rounder. Assuming he resigns Hunt, etc.
  12. bigt

    What upgrades do we need to be a contender?

    Assuming we pick somewhere between 10 and 18, if we could get Raekwon Davis or Quinnen Williams with out 1st pick. Then snag Jerry Tillery and Chase Winovich in the 2nd, I would be a happy camper.
  13. bigt

    Mike Mitchell Honored

    There are several players he signed to one year deals that CB needs to try and hold on to for both starters and/or depth. Less we will have to try and get through the draft. Hunt, Mitchell, Slauson, Ward. Slauson and Ward, if they both can come back from injuries would be nice depth players. Let Good and Woods walk. Get an upgrade in draft. Rotate Hunt, Sheard, Ward, Ridgeway, Autry, Stewart, 2 other guys (yet to be determined). I’m probably one of the few who likes the oline we used against the Bills to be our starting line for the foreseeable future. We could actually draft CB, WR, RB with 1st 3 picks and give Luck a couple more toys. Our trenches are magically turning into our strength that we may be able to roll with for another year and use this year to focus on our main weaknesses. CBs & WRs. We do probably need another RB to take the place of Mack if he goes down to injury. Hines and Wilkins are ok, but I want someone with a little more elusiveness.
  14. bigt

    Mark Glowinski

    This is how they currently have our Oline ranked. Kelly 7th best center Glo. 11 th best guard Nelson 26th best guard Smith 20th best tackle Clark 30th Castonzo hasn’t played enough games to be ranked yet, but they have him graded in the 50s. He has pretty good pass blocking marks, but not so good with run blocking. On a side note, the new safety we signed has been at elite status the last 2 games and Adams is receiving a good grade as well at LB.
  15. bigt

    Mark Glowinski

    Pff has him ranked as 11th best guard, has Kelly ranked as 7th best center, I think they have Nelson in the mid 20s