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  1. Good pick. No drop off in run game when Mack steps out for a few plays. Just made our strength stronger with an elite back that can take it to the house on any given play.
  2. I can’t remember the last time the Colts beat Rivers. Glad he is with us.
  3. 34: Gallimore, Blacklock, Madubuike (in that order) 44: Mims, Raegor 75: Claypool I just have a feeling he is going to double dip at DT & WR. I still think he will get a TE in FA. That we free him up to go CB and OL with 4th & 5th pick. LSU has a 6’6” TE that could be had in the 6th or 7th. Maybe take a flier on that QB out of Hawaii in the 6th or 7th.
  4. Who, besides Burrow, are the most accurate college qbs in the draft? It isn’t Love.
  5. Draftek has Aiyuk at 90 on its big board. May be able to get him in the 3rd. There is a lot of big and tall WRs that can be had in the 4th round on down. They just need to have good hands so the can catch JBs fastballs.
  6. I like your picks. I am one of the few that hopes he goes Kinlaw or Brown with the 1st pick. Pick up a decent RT with the 2A pick and get another good 3T DT with the 2b pick. Keep building the trenches especially with the uncertainty of AC. Try to get a good QB and WR with our 3rd and 4th. Maybe CB can work some magic in the mid rounds.
  7. Justin Madubuike with second 2nd round pick Swift or Taylor with our 34th to play when Mack is out with injuries. Kinlaw with 1st
  8. Curiously enough, Fromm and Btissett had almost identical numbers their last year in college, but Fromm did have a 67% completion rate his sophomore year. Regardless, the top 10 qbs in this year’s draft have a higher completion percentage than Brissett did his last year in college. I think Huntley compares closely to Russell Wilson. Maybe he is worth a shot in the 4th if he is still there. Or Gordon from WSU. Tannehill and Cousins have just proven that a change of scenery can do a slumping veteran a lot of good. Ballard and Reich need to figure out who that stop gap qb will be. Manning, Dalton, Carr, Newton, Brady, or whoever. Anyone but Brissett.
  9. The stats above are all from their senior year in college.
  10. Here is a quick breakdown of the 4 qbs Reich has recently worked with in terms of completions, attempts, interceptions, completion %. Luck 288 404 10 71.3% Brissett 237 395 6 60% Foles 387 560 14 69.1% Wentz 130 208 4 62.5% Burrow 371 478 6 77.6% Huntley 270 301 4 73% Gordon 493 687 16 71.8% Tua 180 352 3 71.4% Hurts 237 340 8 69.7% Herbert 286 428 6 66.8% Ehlinger 296 454 10 65.2% Eason 260 405 8 64.2% Love 293 473 17 61.9% Fromm 234 385 5 60.8% Notable NFL QB College Stats (all these stats are senior year stats) Wilson 225 309 4 72.8% Mahomes 388 591 10 65.7% Brady 180 295 6 61% Brees 309 512 12 60.4% Manning 287 477 11 60.2% Takeaways? My take away = total crapshoot.
  11. this is at least a logical responce

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