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  1. I saw that PFF had Michael Onwenu as one of their midway point All American guards. I know Ben Bredesen was ranked pretty high on draft boards as far as guards go, but apparently his counterpart is the best guard currently blazing trails for the RBs. The RBs have got 2 yards past the line of scrimmage before a defender makes 1st contact running behind Owenu. I thought Bredesen looked huge in pads then I saw Onwenu. 6’3”. 375 lbs. If we are going to “run the damn ball”, he might look good wearing the horseshoe next year.
  2. I was hoping we could get Kinlaw and Raekwon. With this PFF draft, all the DL difference makers are taken in 1st round. I like Gallimore as well. Maybe we can get a good edge rusher and CB with our 2 2nd round picks.
  3. Forgot about Lewis. Curtis Weaver is 6'3" weighing in at 266 lbs. Good edge setter and has some pass rushing moves. I was hoping we would get him to replace Sheard.
  4. Good ones in the draft. 1T's: Darrick Brown, Rashard Lawrence, Neville Gallimore, Darrion Daniels, Marvin Wilson. 3T's: Raekwon Davis, Javon Kinlaw, Justin Madabuike. Brown and Lawrence can play 3T as well Edge: Around 14 of them Assuming we will be picking in the 20's plus the Redskins pick, I wouldn't mind these 5 in the 1st 4 rounds if we want to go all out on DL. Never happen, but it would be cool. Keep Turay, Houston, and Autry for sure and add these 5. 1st: Javon Kinlaw - 3T 2nd (from Redkins) Curtis Weaver - Edge 2nd Rashard Lawrence (1T and 3T) 3rd Justin Madubuike - 3T 4th Neville Gallimore or Marvin Wilson (1T) Edge Rushers - Houston, Turay, Weaver 3T's Autry, Kinlaw, Lawrence, Madubuike 1T Gallimore or Wilson and Lawrence could play 1T as well.
  5. Didn't Funch have a lot of drops catching bb's from Cam? Hopefully, he doesn't have the same problem catching fast balls from JB.
  6. I think QW was in the 40's, but he did a pretty good job on Kelce. Maybe we can use him to cover tight ends. He just can't hang on the outside. Great physical tools, but bad instincts when his back is to the qb covering deep routes.
  7. Patriots planet actually showing us a lot of respect right now after we beat the Chefs, surprisingly.
  8. I haven't looked at the grades this year, but finally gave in. I will list 1 and 2 graded players by position group. A few surprises. Safety: Malik Hooker 76.1 Khari Willis 70.8 CB:. Kenny Moore:. Highest grade of 64.2. lowest graded of all position groups. Not counting the brand new guy who actually scored in the mid 70's last night. LB:. EJ Speed. 69.9 Bobby Okereke. 66.0. DL:. Komodo Turay 91.3 Denico Autry 74.2 Justin Houston 73.6 everyone else was below 70, but Tyquan Lewis was close to 70. WR:. TY 77.1 Pascal 67.7 TE: Doyle 72.0 Cox 71.4 RB. Mack 76.0 Wilkins 74.6 OL: Nelson 90.9 Castonzo 85.1 Turay was elite. Losing him is a huge blow.
  9. I thought we may use a full back to clear out the KC Dline like the Pats did in the AFC championship game, but Mack handled it all by himself with all his fast twitch moves.
  10. Yeah, I was watching a few of the replays on NFL Network. He is a freaking earth mover. He was always moving forward pushing multiple guys down field. I like Glow, but I always wondered how Smith would look at guard. Need to draft an OT high for that though and I don't know if Ballard is going to spend a high pick on OT when out OL is already our strength. No doubt, we need some depth. If one of our starting 5 go down, there will be a substantial fall off.
  11. That's what I was thinking. Sign him to the practice squad if he is still out there, but, in the coachs' eyes, Ward may still be the better option.
  12. This may have been brought up already in another thread, but what is everyone's opinion on why the Colt's D-Line was able to bring so much pressure on Mahomes, but gave Carr all kinds of time last week. Effort, difference in skill and/size of opponents offensive line, playing more man to man in the secondary, or something else? I can't remember the last time I saw a Colts defense collapse a pocket like that. Cheers.
  13. There appears to be quite a few quality DTs that will be free agents next year. Could get a couple there as well with all of our cap space.
  14. Our biggest need has to be DL in the draft and FA. Autry and Hunt don't have enough sand in their pants to occupy the big uglies and keep them off our linebackers. Autry and Hunt would be better served playing at the 5T. All we really have is Grover and he isn't very big either. Ray Lewis was good because he always had Goose and a few other monsters demanding double teams allowing him to flow to the ball. Having few big athletic defensive linemen would make everything better. Our speedy linebackers would thrive. I just don't know if the draft is very deep with defensive linemen that would be difference makers at the next level that can play the 3T or 1T. Move Hunt and Autry to play the 5T on obvious running downs. At least we have the trenches in pretty good shape on the offensive side of the ball. Ballard seems to be building the defensive side from the back to the front. We have pretty decent young secondary and linebacking corp, and then Autry and Hunt up trying to stop the run, meh.
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