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  1. Handy. Changes look great too. Love the mention functionality. Easier to reply to multiple posts at once than with loads of quotes.
  2. Looking forward to some extended action for our starters tonight!

  3. Source: LB Nate Irving's 3-year deal with the #Colts "is worth up to $9.25M." — Josina Anderson (@JosinaAnderson) March 20, 2015
  4. Cannot wait for Sunday! Good friend of mine is a Jags fan. Pizza, beer, our favorite ref and a Colts blowout! BTM!

  5. Lets move to 7-2! Go Colts

  6. Colts7, you misunderstand my post. I mean there is little point weighing up the worth of cutting Peyton to take Luck a year and a half into Lucks career. The future is unwritten.
  7. This post is at least 5 years too early in my estimation.
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