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  1. I've seen lots touting Colts as contenders
  2. By November, he will be considered number 1.
  3. Don't worry, I'm not one of the ones to take offense
  4. Be careful who you call from the UK. A lot of other Irish people would be veeeeery offended
  5. County Wexford, Ireland Every game on gamepass.
  6. "Beat it, nerd". I got a great laugh out of that when I listened to the interview.
  7. Edge is like all our current backs rolled into one and then some. I believe that he recieved a ring from the organisation after the SB win. Can anyone clarify that?
  8. I'm not. I'm just pointing out flaws in your reply. No panties in a bunch here, hopefully not on your part either. We probably should leave it at this though, we are taking over the thread
  9. Sure, he was pressured more than every other game this season. I'm not denying that. I'm not implying that Luck should throw 20 jump balls per game. That is not sustainable. I'm merely saying it would add another dimension to the offense. A chance to keep the chains moving on a type of play that Chester Rodgers or Ryan Grant are never going to make.
  10. You absolutely are misrepresenting what I said. Firstly, you implied that by taking an interest in recieverd of a certain height that people are looking for a the next Megatron. No, just recievers of a specific skillset Secondly, never did I say I wanted a reciever who can do nothing but jump balls. Thirdly, I said a Wayne-type reciever. Never once did I mention an expectation of hall of fame play. That is a misrepresentation of what I said. Deliberate or not. I respect your opinion, it is as valid as mine, or any other posters.
  11. No one is implying that any of these guys are megatron, or Julio, or Randy Moss. It's just a different skillset than other guys on the team. And the guys who have been mentioned, they all can create seperation. And obviously the chances of finding a Reggie Wayne level talent is nigh impossible, but I was reffering to someone of a similar skillset. A Robert Woods type reciever, for example. Tight ends are not there to be jump ball recievers. Sure, some of them have that skillset, just like some recievers do. You did a good job misrepresenting my points though, kudos.
  12. Ebron was a great, great addition to the team. He was a big difference maker in this offense. That said, he is not without his issues. Namely, in the recieving game, drops. The other side to it is, as a tight end, Ebron will mostly be lining across from safeties and linebackers. Guys like K'Neal Harry, DK Metcalf or Hakeen Butler have that explosiveness to take the top off the defense, or get those RAC yards. They are more than just 6'4+ guys who you are going to throw jump balls to all game. Think about an offense where you have TY, one of those guys to occupy the cornerbacks, and Ebron on the safeties. Could be exciting. That said, there is more than one way to build a championship roster. I would be equally happy with that Reggie Wayne-type I alluded to in the previous post. Edit: Just a reflection on the KC game, all the recievers were struggling greatly to get seperation, it could have been useful to have that big body to make a catch downfield with the db draped all over him.
  13. Match ups. Simple. We have TY who runs great routes and can take the top off a team. We have Hines who is shifty and can line up all over the formation. A big bodied reciever who can go up and make catches over the top of a cornerback would simply add another dimension to the offense. With that said, a Reggie Wayne type would make the offense near impossible to stop. A guy who creates seperation at a high rate. A guy with hands to make any catch.
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