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  1. I'd love to have Ertz, and I think Reich & Ballard would too. I just think some other team (Cardinals, Bills, Titans?) is going to want him more.
  2. Looking at other threads right now, you would think it was Anthony Castonzo.
  3. I actually think they’re more likely to move Smith to LT than Nelson.
  4. Yes, my hope going in was Paye in the 1st & Eichenberg in the 2nd, but I really thought Paye would be gone.
  5. Wilson seems unhappy in Seattle. Why don’t they just trade straight up?
  6. Drew Brees comes out of retirement, and we finally get that Brees vs Brady SuperBowl.
  7. So many on here I agree with, but here's one: Use the 2014 1st rounder on DeMarcus Lawrence or Davante Adams instead of trading for Trent Richardson.
  8. Agree about the TE. I’m still hoping for Ertz.
  9. Texans 1st pick is in the 3rd round, and they select Kellen Mond.
  10. That group is much better than the tattered remnants that Wentz had to throw to last year.
  11. 4400 yds, 30 TD, 11 picks. 400 yds rushing, 4 TD.
  12. I know money drives everything, but I think the 17th game is a mistake. I like cutting one preseason game, but I think they'd be better off adding a 2nd bye week for each team. You'd still have an 18-week regular season, but it might give guys a chance to give their bodies a little break & make it through the season a little healthier.
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