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  1. If he's healthy, then yes. He was the 2nd best WR on the team last year, & Brisset has at least been better than Rivers lately.
  2. Definitely agree on AFC. Batimore to East, Miami to South, & Colts to North just makes sense.
  3. Tom Brady Stephon Gilmore Julian Edelman Jamie Collins D'Onta Hightower
  4. I don't know what he'd cost, but I think Emmanuel Sanders would fit in nicely. Sounds like he's on the block, great route runner, great hands. JMO.
  5. Well, considering that NE isn't on the Colts' schedule this year, and the likelihood that they'll end up with a bye, if the Colts even get to play the Pats, I'll be happy. Then you just take your chances, & I'm not counting them out.
  6. I disagree with most of the predictions in the OP, but I gave it a "like", just for knowing the difference between "then" & "than".
  7. Actually, a stupid penalty on the field goal allowed the 1st TD.
  8. I think, if they weren't willing to take a chance on losing Kelly, they wouldn't have signed Hoyer for 3 years. I can't think of anyone on the roster that they would cut in favor of CK. But, in these 1st two weeks, if there's an injury & someone goes on IR, they might squeeze him in.
  9. It's all about the bolded part. I don't think Ballard will shop JB at all this year, but if a desperate team calls, he'll listen.
  10. At the end of last season, the Colts played 3 straight "win or go home" games, all on the road (@ Tenn, @ Houston, @ KC). In those games, Luck threw 14 passes to Inman. He caught 13, for 185 yards and 2 TDs. I get going young, I really do. And I get that he didn't stick in Chicago or N.E. But for the Colts, with the season on the line, he played as well as any other player on the roster. He runs good routes, developed great chemistry with Luck, and he actually catches the football (72% catch rate last year). And he's not THAT old. Maybe he does end up WR5 or 6. If so, you have yourself one heck of a group. JMO.
  11. I know the young guys have a lot of potential, but here's a list of WRs on the Colts roster that we know are better than Inman right now: T.Y. Hilton
  12. Dontrelle Inman (I know I'm a broken record).
  13. So Sweat goes 26, just not to us.
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