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  1. Confession: I've been guilty of that myself, only it was on a WR screen.
  2. True, but I don't think Mahomes or Watson would have been as productive as they've been if they played in Chicago.
  3. I'm trying to think of the last time a WR was traded mid-season and really made a difference for his new team. Anyone I'm missing?
  4. Evans seems like he'd be a better fit with Rivers than with Brady, but it seems hard for a WR to switch teams mid-season and be productive. At this point I'd say the most likely move is for depth on either line. I could see Dallas reaching out about JB, but unless another team gets into a bidding war, I don't see anyone offering the Colts enough to let him go.
  5. Agreed. There are games where you can't afford to settle for field goals. Jacksonville should not be one of those games.
  6. I still like Wilkins, and outside possible QB protection issues, not sure why he hasn't gotten more chances. If a basketball player is shooting 60% on 3-pointers, he's not shooting enough. Similarly, if a RB averages 5.8 YPC, he's not getting enough carries.
  7. Colts go 12-4, end up the 2 seed, & still have to go to Arrowhead for AFCCG, but Covid's still around enough to keep capacity at 50%. Colts pull out the win. But Blankenship gets hurt, and his replacement Vinatieri kicks game-winner in SB against Brady & Bucs.
  8. Even if it's just 15%, Rivers will still have more home fans cheering for him than he's had in the past 3 years.
  9. Nailed it! Although I wish it was Washington Team Football so they could have a W.T.F. logo on their helmets.
  10. Whew, that was a good one. I'll hold for a bit in case someone else wants to start one. This is fun!
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