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  1. Some good ones listed here, but it has to be Brooks, and I don't think it's even close.
  2. TonyBungee

    Daurice 'Reece' Fountain

    I agree, Hilton, Inman, Cain, and I'd even say Rogers and Pascal would be ahead of him. And even though Ryan Grant was a miss, I could still see them taking a swing at another FA slot WR (Beasley?).
  3. This is what I've been thinking. I know trading back worked really well last year, but this year it might be worth trading a couple picks to move up, maybe for a guy like Montez Sweat. As for the offense, I was thinking that it'll be nice for Inman to get a full training camp with a healthy Luck, & then realized heck, it'll be nice for the whole offense to get a full camp with a healthy Luck.
  4. TonyBungee

    Media using their hearts or their heads

    I just think we have a Colts D that's been better than expected, but relatively untested lately, against a prolific quarterback who hasn't played in a playoff game. We have a #1 seed at home, playing for one of the loudest crowds in the NFL, but that's lost its last 6 home playoff games. I don't think anybody has a freaking clue how the game is going to go.
  5. TonyBungee

    Reich's approach/gameplan heading into Saturday

    I agree. It's amazing how some coaches seem to forget that the only way to keep the ball is to move the ball.
  6. TonyBungee

    As much as I love Vinny....

    Not sure if he'll be back next year, but Adam will kick another game-winner before this postseason is over.
  7. TonyBungee

    2000s pats vs 2000s colts

    The Colts were a high-precision offense that could not be stopped within the rules of the game. What the Pats did was decide to blatantly break the rules and just hope they got away with it. And it worked.
  8. TonyBungee

    Hey Colt fans

    I agree that he probably stays put, especially now that Meyer's gone. But if the Packers offered, I think he'd be crazy to turn it down.
  9. TonyBungee

    Screw it let’s just win it all!

    Colts / Saints rematch!
  10. TonyBungee

    Screw it let’s just win it all!

    You know, it would be easy to say it's too early in the Ballard/Reich era (it probably is), or that they're just not ready (they're probably not). But here's the thing- some years a great team wins the SB, some years a great team gets upset in the SB, and some years there are no great teams, and somebody has to win it. I think this is one of those years. So why not dream big?
  11. TonyBungee

    In all likelihood it's gonna come down to week 17 @ Titans

    That's not true, but it is guaranteed that the loser of that game won't get in.
  12. TonyBungee

    Here is why we lost...

    I really don't want to oversimplify things, because there are probably many reasons why the Colts struggled in this game. But they lost the game because the best kicker in NFL history wasn't allowed to do his job.
  13. TonyBungee

    So Many Putting This Lost On Frank is Hallarious!!!

    One team got in reasonable field goal range twice and kicked 2 field goals. The other team got in reasonable field goal range at least 3 times and didn't kick any field goals. Which team won? Love Frank, & he'll be fine, but he knows he gave this one away.
  14. TonyBungee

    Enjoy it while it lasts

    Come on Adam, one more year!
  15. TonyBungee

    Colts are reason for new NFL?

    Sports have rules. That Colts passing offense might have been the most precise that the NFL has ever seen, and it couldn't be stopped...within the rules. The hoodie knew this, so he instructed his DBs to hold if necessary, & just hope they got away with it. And it worked. In any sport, when a team wins a championship by not only ignoring the rules, but by intentionally breaking them, the league kinda needs to do something.