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  1. Agreed. There are games where you can't afford to settle for field goals. Jacksonville should not be one of those games.
  2. I still like Wilkins, and outside possible QB protection issues, not sure why he hasn't gotten more chances. If a basketball player is shooting 60% on 3-pointers, he's not shooting enough. Similarly, if a RB averages 5.8 YPC, he's not getting enough carries.
  3. Colts go 12-4, end up the 2 seed, & still have to go to Arrowhead for AFCCG, but Covid's still around enough to keep capacity at 50%. Colts pull out the win. But Blankenship gets hurt, and his replacement Vinatieri kicks game-winner in SB against Brady & Bucs.
  4. Even if it's just 15%, Rivers will still have more home fans cheering for him than he's had in the past 3 years.
  5. Nailed it! Although I wish it was Washington Team Football so they could have a W.T.F. logo on their helmets.
  6. Whew, that was a good one. I'll hold for a bit in case someone else wants to start one. This is fun!
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