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  1. TonyBungee

    Slot WR?

    With Doyle & Ebron likely to play together at least part of the time, what % of plays do you think will feature a slot WR?
  2. Is Ryan Grant hurt?
  3. TonyBungee

    Touchdown Music

    For Luck's first TD of the season, I'm thinking "Long Time" by Boston, or "Feels Like the First Time" by Foreigner.
  4. I've never really been much of a soccer fan, but I've enjoyed watching some of this year's WC. And I'll be landing in Paris on Sunday, so I'm rooting for France big-time now.
  5. TonyBungee

    If you could..

    I think someone already did this, & my choices were Saquon Barkley and Bradley Chubb. But after thinking about it some more, I think I'd go with Jadeveon Clowney & Leonard Fournette. Might as well take from division rivals while adding guys.
  6. TonyBungee

    The Colts running game

    I think the running game will be better simply because they won't be making it obvious to the opponent every time they plan to run the ball.
  7. TonyBungee

    Tidbits from OTA reports

    Yeah, that sucked. Then 2 months later, the Colts won the Superbowl : )
  8. TonyBungee

    1 Offensive Player and 1 Defensive Player

    Off: Saquon Barkley Def: Bradley Chubb
  9. TonyBungee

    #2 receiver

    If this team was on the verge of a playoff run this year, I'd say sure, adding a solid, smart veteran could help. But I like the talent in this rookie group, and I like the Grant signing. Of the free agent WRs available, Dontrelle Inman might be worth a look. JMO.
  10. TonyBungee

    Biggest rookie defensive impact?

    Matt Eberflus : )
  11. TonyBungee

    True or False: Week 1 Edition

    I'll say false. I think he has a chance, but if it's Cain vs. the field, I'll take the field.
  12. TonyBungee

    Your Surpise Starter(s) for 2018

    Dez Bryant. (J/K, I'll say Chester Rogers).
  13. TonyBungee

    The dreaded screen pass

    Recently, they've been really good at losing 3 yards on a WR Screen. I'm just looking forward to NOT being able to guess the play based on the alignment. I think throughout this next season, it will become even more clear just how bad our last 2 OC's really were. And it will make us hopeful and sick at the same time.
  14. TonyBungee

    [Roster moves] Colts waive seven players

    Or CJ Anderson?
  15. TonyBungee

    The "Soft" Label of our Colts

    Lots of good points here, and I'm sure some of those teams may have deserved the "soft" label. But I also think it's often about perception and attitude. The Dungy era teams typically took on his personality: professional, classy, and tough without being boisterous or showy. Some teams strut, taunt, & crow about how tough they are, and others just kick your butt, shake your hand at the end of the game, then go prepare to kick it again.