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  1. And coaching the Pacers to 3 ABA Championships?
  2. Exactly. Every play in that sequence was what the defense expected, and what they were prepared to stop. I really like Frank, but he's got to stop being so predictable.
  3. 1. Colts win in a blowout. 2. Mack & Taylor both go over 1,000 total yards. 3. Rock puts it all together, makes Pro Bowl 4. Browns 5. Eagles
  4. The fact that Fulgham was the Eagles’ best WR for a good part of last year says more about the crap that Wentz had to play with than it does about Fulgham.
  5. I agree. On the out route, ball velocity is often the difference between a 1st down & a pick-6. It doesn't matter as much on the deep ball, except for maybe Luck's missile to TY in the KC playoff game. : )
  6. Unless he's injured, I really don't think they would. In the immortal words of Herm Edwards, "You play to win the game."
  7. I honestly expect Nelson to be out longer than Wentz. I know Nelson is a beast, and as soon as re-injury isn't a concern, he'll probably be out there. But his foot will experience a lot more force and stress over the course of a game than Wentz's foot. Not only being 300lbs, but always trying to push against another 300lb guy, almost every single play. (JMO).
  8. If the price was right, I’d rather have Trubiski.
  9. It looks like Houston is still is FA. I know he's past his prime, but I thought he was still pretty solid last year. Do you think the ship has sailed? Or would they consider bringing him back if the $ was right?
  10. Minnesota. I think it would make for a good game, and if we lost, it would at least be nice to see the Vikings finally win one.
  11. If you can sign him for cheap & make him compete for a roster spot? Absolutely! Otherwise, no thanks.
  12. If Mack stays healthy all year, then in terms of overall production 16th might not be too far off for JT. In fact, if both stay healthy I could see both in the top 20 RBs in yards & TDs. If Mack had signed with someone else in the off-season, I would definitely have JT in the top 10.
  13. To me, "balanced" is less about the percentages throughout the season, and more about unpredictability on any given play. I want to see an offense we're you're just as likely to throw as run on 1st down. Where it's not always a given that you're throwing on 2nd & 7. Where the D pays for loading the box on 3rd & 1. Where you sometimes throw out of a 2-TE set and run out of a spread.
  14. I'll say Marlon Mack. I know Taylor is a stud, but if Mack comes back healthy, he can be really good too. And there's a good chance this is his last year with the Colts, so they won't be scared to use him. In fact, I could see him involved in a lot of trade rumors by mid-season.
  15. Atlanta needs a starting caliber RB. Would you trade Mack (& maybe Doyle) for Julio? Just curious.
  16. Favorite- Nelson. Least Favorite- Rock Ya Sin (not really a knock on Rock, I had just hoped they would draft Montez Sweat at #26 instead of trading back.)
  17. I'd love to have Ertz, and I think Reich & Ballard would too. I just think some other team (Cardinals, Bills, Titans?) is going to want him more.
  18. Looking at other threads right now, you would think it was Anthony Castonzo.
  19. I actually think they’re more likely to move Smith to LT than Nelson.
  20. Yes, my hope going in was Paye in the 1st & Eichenberg in the 2nd, but I really thought Paye would be gone.
  21. Wilson seems unhappy in Seattle. Why don’t they just trade straight up?
  22. Drew Brees comes out of retirement, and we finally get that Brees vs Brady SuperBowl.
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